Goddess Morning Royals.

Okay so first off my glam baby is gone.  She is in North Carolina with her family but I get to talk to her when she have a free moment.  So I take it she is having a great time.  Still miss her like crazy though.

Up next is my book I have finished chapter 11 and now working on 12.  I am also working on “The Truth About Her” as well as “The Other Woman” and “The Family Bond”.  Which I believe I am going to have to release this year because so much is going on that I believe it is needed.  However, I have taken a break from “The Train Rider” as well as “The Lonely Englishman”.  I have to pace myself now because I am really sketching out the plans for The Village Cry.  I am seeking my non-profit license to make it all come together.

I have been extremely busy but I am learning to make sure I give everything a portion of my time if only to say hello or ask how others are doing.

Well how are you all doing?

I think that is it for now, if I remember more I will share more.

Sending you all love and kisses.  #GoddessLove

Lack of Sleep

Goddess Morning Royals.

I am not sure what is going to happen today but I can tell you this, I haven’t been to sleep since 2:30 am.  I am not sure what that is all about but I do know one thing and that is I am tired as I don’t know what.  I just want to get a little rest, but at last I know it isn’t going to happen.  I haven’t been this tired in a while.

A lack of sleep does strange things to and for me.  I walk around zombified without the proper amount of sleep. I am very sluggish and unfocused.  I have a very delayed reaction to things and I am off-balance.  My writing is terrible and my sense of direction is gone.  Literally, I am a mess, so today I will try my best to do my best.  I hope I have no clients today, no request to cook food and no one to ask me to do their hair.  Which means no counseling sessions, no cooking and no hair, just a relaxing day wherein I doze off into my own world and catch up on some well needed rest.

Have a great and wonderful day.  Sending you all love and kisses.  #GoddessLove

Where are we now?

Goddess Evening Royals

We have been so many place and seen so many face but still we live in selfishness.  I am not going to say all but I will say some.  It make no sense to have and refuse to want to give.  Some have nothing and give so much while some have so much and gives nothing.  Is this who and where we are now?

I have been a person who gives of myself all the time and without a need from anything in return.  It is called unconditional giving.  I don’t want or expect anything in return. It has to be without praise, conditions, compromise or even influence that you all give.  It have to be from the heart.  This is where we should be but we aren’t.

We as human beings believe that we should give in order to receive, or receive in ordered to give.  We look for what we give to be returned to us, well most of us, but then when it isn’t we have to talk about what we did for someone instead of keeping it to ourselves.  We have to be praised or recognized by someone in order for someone to know how badly someone else needed our help or assistance.

For those who doesn’t need praise, glory or recognition I salute you in all you do for your family, friends, community and for those who you don’t know.  I want to say “Thank You”  because the world could use some more of you in this day and time.  For a matter of fact continue to do what you do so that it will become contagious and others catch on.

You are the HEROs of the millenium and I am more than thankful and appreciative of you and your services you provide to the family, friends. and communities around you.

What do you do that make you a HERO of today, tomorrow and forever.


Update on My Existence

Goddess Morning Royals

Sorry I haven’t been sharing with you all and yes I know I missed “Timeless Tuesday and Monday as well which is usually Manic but what can you do.  I have a reason but not an excuse.

My son has an amazing opportunity to do STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) at the Naval Academy for this week and so we have been getting up extra early and leaving for Annapolis to do that.  It is only for a week but it is a grueling week for him.  Then we he is finished there he has been accepted in the STEM Robotics program as well STEM Technology programs for the summer.  This child of mine is great and showing.  On top of all that he will be perfecting the Violin and competing in Karate as a Brown belt.  So yes I have been extremely busy.

My daughter has re-enrolled in school to get her Doctorate in Pediatrics while continuing to work at the Private practice she works now, nursing.  This mean I have become a full-time Grandma now and have to keep up with the glambaby.  She is my life anyway so I am already to do that.

My oldest son will be perfecting his craft in drumming and electric Keyboarding.  He also received his BAHA attachment which mean he will be hearing clearer now.  So I am excited about that.  He will continue to work and love life he tells me.  No arguments there.

As for me, myself and I slowing down on my PH.D in Neuroscience once again so my children can pursue their dreams. I have no problem in doing so because I have a wonderful family.  I may fuss and yell but they are my world and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. I am however proceeding with The Village Cry foundation to help family rebuild, restore and return to the strong family and community we need to keep our children future alive.

There you have it what I have been doing and why I haven’t been blogging.  Not to mention for a few days I was under the weather but I am alive and on my feet so I am still able to make things happen.  So #GOTEAM on all fronts.

Sending you all love and kisses.  #GoddessLove

Hump Day

Goddess Morning Royals

I know it is hump day but today I decided to make it passionate day for me.  I love myself but I need to be in love with who I am as a person.  So today I am taking a day for me to pamper and love up on me.

I am going to do my nails, hair, feet, eyebrows and exfoliate my body.  No I am not going to the spa, I am doing it to me for me.  Then I am going to take a nice love over bubble silk milk bath.  Afterwards pull me out a never before, brand new outfit out of the closet, head out and have me a day with me.  I will be doing lunch in quiet little corner of someone’s restaurant and then a light shopping for a piece of jewelry because I deserve to treat myself.  After all I love diamonds and they love me as well, especially since all the bills are paid and on time.  Next a dash home to get my grand baby and spend some time with her because she loves me and I love her for life.  Finally, as evening wears down curl up with a good book or movie because I have wore myself out enjoying life and falling back in love with me.

Sending you all love and kisses.  #GoddessLove

Timeless Tuesday

Goddess Afternoon Royals

This morning I had a very interesting walk through the city and discovered there is a lot of beautiful and unique things to see in this city of ours.

First off I didn’t know that many small businesses was in the City of Baltimore.  I was amazed to see so many different company open and operating in the city. Buildings I would never saw otherwise if I was driving but since I am reduced to walking and not complaining at all about, my walk was interesting.

Then I didn’t wouldn’t have noticed that the art students have really been busy making Baltimore look colorful and interesting as it have if I haven’t seen it with my own two eyes.  I also got to meet some people of different nationalities that I otherwise would have just drove by, not saying I’m not interested in meeting other people, but the fact is fact.  Most of the time when I am driving I am focused on the road, pedestrians and my destination, but when you are walking, you seem to get more out of life.  I know it sound cliché but it is what it is.

So for my Timeless Tuesday, I got to know a little more about my city other than the violence and horror that plagues it or is betrayed on social media as well as the news outlets.  I am happy I got to see it in a different light but still I know that is so much more that can be done for this city and to improve it, but for now I am happy to know it isn’t all bad.

By the way what did you do to make your day Timeless this Tuesday?

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

Just One of Those Days

Goddess Morning Royals

First giving praise to the Lord for blessing me with another day to enjoy life, love and the pursuit of happiness for financial growth. Second, sending condolences and blessings to all the families of those who have suffered a loss. May the Lord provide you with strength mentally, spiritual and physically to continue on with the absence of your love one.

Have you ever had one of those day you wish you woke with a different attitude or feeling? This is that morning, I do declare. I wish that the headache I woke with wouldn’t have been there. I already prayed that the Lord take it away but in the meantime I am cooping. I didn’t sleep well last night and for the life of me I have the foggiest notion of why. I know one thing with all that I didn’t accomplish, good sleep, well rest body and mind, headache (well that I accomplished but didn’t want) it is going to be one of those days. I am not going to be up for much nonsense today I can tell you that.

However, I am blessed with this day and I will not squander it just lying around. I will do something if not much today but hair or clean my room. Something light will be done today. Wish me luck on accomplishing something meaningful today. Anyway, dinner was great last night. Oh and I don’t know about you all but leftovers of a great meal mean twice as nice for me.

You all have a great, blessed day and don’t allow the rain to get in the way of your sunshine.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove