The Truth About Her


Have you ever met a woman who you just had to have?  Have you ever wanted her to yourself?  If she had children, you wanted to send them away to be with their father or just away period?  She was the kind of woman who made you laugh, cry, smile, blush, shy away, nervous and horny all in one breath.  She could make the muscle in the pit of your stomach hurt for days and you had no idea why.  She could make you desire the deadliest poison even if in your right mind you knew it could kill you.  If not then let me introduce you the Mercedes Walker.  Her body alone makes you want her but her mind in its self is a whole other concern by itself.  She let you know from the beginning it will only be about sex and then when you do, you forget about life and want only to do what she wants and says.

Mercedes Walker was born ordinary but she grew to learn that it’s Mercedes’ world and she used that power to where she is today.  Did she use the numerator to get to the denominator?  The truth is she know things that most know but are afraid to use it to the best of their abilities.   So, the answer is simply, yes.  Without lifting a hand, she always gets what she wants because she always has someone and everyone to answer her every waken beck and call.

What do you asked could a woman do with so much power and why would any want to rule in such a dysfunctional manner?  Well Mercedes is not your average woman and she will never be any less than what she can be.

No Self-Defense in MD

Ok Marylanders, I need your help!
So it has come to my attention that your representatives doesn’t care about you at all. There is no self defense law in Maryland for those who wants to know. There is no way to protect your family other than being in the house. So if your on the street and gang members or ass holes walk up to you and your family and decides to beat you all to a pulse then that’s what it is. There is nothing that protect you or them from animate danger. If by chase you happen to harm then more than they harmed you, guess what you are the one in trouble with the law.
So I am taking the initiative to write Maryland’s first self defense law. I don’t know about you but I will not live in a state where anyone is allowed to do anything to me and I can’t according to Maryland protect myself. But here’s the catcher, are you ready, we have a gun law in Maryland, but can’t use it in self defense. That like saying you have steak in front of you but you can’t eat it. Wow wtf!
So if you all will help me in writing this law, give suggestions that might or should be incorporated, I will gladly appreciate it. However, I am quite familiar on how to write it not sure all I should incorporate in it. Don’t want to make it where we give criminals the upper hand with this law.