The Family Bond! Chapter 1…Segment 3

Goddess Morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High!

Crime rose but only to a point

M – Maliciously a coward by self-doubt

U – Unaware of potential to be better.

R – Redirecting anger onto others.

D – Disconnected from a community with Love.

E – Economically desensitized by materialistic things.

R – Release into a broken society of poverty to fight for nothing. 

S – Savages who killed, raped, maliciously beaten and denounced my people.

O – Over privilege creatures of ignorance, hate, stupidity, by corruption and manipulation.

C – Cut throats to their own kind and pushes their ways on other cultures for pleasure.

I – Inapt, ignorant and delusional inhumane creatures of terror

E – Economically unstable terrorist of habit

T – Terrorist who govern “society” as the government or higher power

Y – Yours and mine, enemies of the world. 

Where do we all turn when we need help, we call on God or go to church for the support. This is where they are supposed to provide support, so that is what we were told.  Well they do provide to those who give to their “cause” or shall I say to their pockets.  I know that this may sound wrong, but they are supposed to provide service even if you aren’t part of their flock.  I don’t believe God separated us because of our wealth but I could be wrong considering how things look down on earth.  I’m sure that when God gave them their calling, he didn’t say make sure you get a congregation with lots of money, if they don’t have then they aren’t to be ministered to or accommodated.  This why I’m not sure if the spiritual leaders are for the communities or just for themselves.  We rely on the spiritual leaders to help or at least have some kind of answer from God to help with the problems that the black communities faces but without money in your hand, they just turn their backs on you.  I’m not laying waste to them all but the majority of them have shown me that this is what their ministry is really about.  I have seen “Men of the Cloth” turn their back on beggars, homeless people, and even community members who needs help. 

Religion was the grounds for salvation, but are being taught by the DEVIL himself.  “Society” forced their religion down our throats only to led us where they wanted us to go.  When we got there, there was nothing for us but more lies, hate and destruction of black people.  There is no GOD in the hate of judgement, being preached by the shepherds of the flock.  The DEVIL himself relied only on SIN and the SINNERS who follows.  They are being told they are SAINTS, because they came to the house of worship.  All LIES, it doesn’t take a place (building), a person, or two, the good book, and some acknowledgment of what you are reading.  How you interpret what you are reading or hearing is yours and yours alone to decide if this is your faith or path to follow.  Now I’m not saying that the BIBLE is the way to go because it is all up to you and what you want to believe in as far as your HIGHER POWER.  Everyone has the right to choose their own religion but there will always be one Higher Power, no matter what anyone call him.  I’m going to stop here and leave this subject alone.  This isn’t the cause for the book or the reason why we as black people can’t think for ourselves or control our actions.  The problem is we rely on others so much that we have become submissive to what others have to offer and not what we have to give.  We have stop thinking for ourselves and have given the power of thought to those we think may have the answers.  STOP, LOOK, LISTEN AND UNDERSTAND, that no one can do your thinking for you all they can do is offer suggestions and ideas into your thought pattern for you to decide, or lead you to think for yourself.  We have been so badly broken that some of us think it hurts us to think for ourselves.  That if we do, we somehow upset the balance of nature.  So not true, if we weren’t made to think for ourselves then why do we have a brain. 

No one has the right to tell you, you are wrong just because the two or more interpretations are different.  GOD didn’t create any one man the same.  So, why should we all think the same?  No this isn’t an attack on the BIBLE or any religion, just on how people who think of you as a sinner because, your brain is wired different.  Same thing for family, life, and love.  If there is a family, it will never be hard to keep it together and the love cannot be destroyed.  But, “society” has found many ways to try and deformalize the black family values, morals, and love.  They came up with so many avenues, but always run into a brick wall or a dead end.  That doesn’t stop them from trying still to this day. We have been taught how to love one another and to forgive those who harm us, but no one said anything about forgetting nor living with or for that person.

Sending you all kisses and love. #GoddessLove

I Heard The Village Cry

Goddess Morning Royals.

First, Praise THE LORD for allowing the surgery to go as well as it did for my daughter yesterday and blessing my daughter will continuous life.  Thank him for the blessing the surgeon and keeping him and his mind, body and soul in great spirits.  Bless the staff at the hospital for taking such good care of her.  Thank you Lord, thank you!

Welcome to life and love this Saturday morning.  I’m going to start a small women’s group to assist with life in general.  We will deal with issues of our children, love, life and finances.  We will build on positivity and work on entrepreneurship.  We will start small hopefully and grow into a movement of women empowering other women.

I am calling it #TheVillageCry.  We have to do something because our children, and young fathers are leaving our families to fast and very frequently.  They are ending up dead or in jail, which to me is like been wounded and no one is there to care for them.  I am starting it in a few weeks so I am making plans now this day.  I’m making T-shirts and pamphlets as we speak.  I can no longer standby and watch the destruction of our youth, which is our future.  I am looking for a space to rent until I am able to purchase a permanent space.  This movement is of the Lords because he is the one that sent it to me.  Look for it coming soon.


As I sat down on the steps of my home tired from my day, I could hear weeping.

It was mild but still I could hear it.

At times it would get so loud I could barely think.

I got up from my steps in search of its location

I thought it sounded like it was coming from the West of me.

So, I traveled West.  No, I didn’t find it, but it was strong in that direction I could swear.

Then I return to my home, and the weeping start to form from the East.

So, I traveled East.  No, I didn’t find it, but it was strong in that direction I could swear.

Then I returned to my home, and the weeping started to come from the South of me.

So, I traveled South. Still I didn’t find it, but it was strong in that direction I could swear.

Then I returned to my home, and the weeping started again but now North of me.

So, I traveled North. I did not find it, but it was strong in that direction this I swear by.

Then I returned to my home.  The weeping never stopped but got louder at times.

It sounded like a mother, then again it sounds like a father, either way I wanted to know who was crying.

Then a scream hit me like a ton of bricks almost knocking me to my feet it was harsh.

That’s when it became clear and the sound was now just a steady cry, Why Lord?! Why?!

I had no idea where it was coming from, so I felt to my knees and started to pray with the cry.

Dear Lord

Hear our cry for we are hurting and suffering and asking why.

We want the pain to stop but aren’t sure how but we need for it to stop and now.

We just want to live in peace and walk with joy, for happiness is our goal and love is the mission.

We want to watch our children grow and nourish into families as you have planned, but the Devil is diverting your plans.

Lord we are on our hands and knees asking for your mercy.

Spare your children from the pain and suffering.

Cover them in the blood and protect them from harm.

We have suffered enough and plea on the blood for redemption and mercy.

Stop the violence that plague our communities and the loss that haunt the mother’s and father’s soul.

Provide them with strength and guide them with love so they will have the knowledge they seek to help stop the young children from self-destruction.

Be the foundation for the village needs you and cry out for you in ways that makes the heart bleed.

See the blood shed for we know it is too much, whether it is rap, murder, shootings, stabbings, or vehicular.

Know we understand and is calling on you Lord for guidance, for we are no more.

In the holy name we pray AMEN.

When I rose, I was told to bring the people together and create a new Village and so I am.

Welcome to the Village.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

Freaky Friday

Goddess Afternoon Royals

I saw the weirdest thing today and heard the dumbest thing.

First I saw a man today with a cloak on and a walking stick.  I wanted to ask him was he an actor and getting ready for a play of some sort.  Just as I was about to approach him, another curious person walked up on him.  At first glance I thought that they were together but then from where I was standing they look to be arguing.  Now I am more curious than ever to know what is going on and why is this man with the cloak just standing around.  Yes, it is his free will to dress as he wants but this is the city of Baltimore so to me this is very weird. As the stranger that approached walks away and towards me, I had to ask him what did he say to the man.  He got closer and the anger that was on his face told me not to ask him anything.  But being me I didn’t listen to m instincts and asked anyway.

“Excuse me what did you say to that man to make him so mad?”

The Stranger: “I asked if he was in a play or some sort and the asshole said it was none of my damn business.”

In my head: “It isn’t any of our business but how rude.”

The Stranger:  “I then told him well you look like a damn fool standing her with a cloak and walking cane.”

The man to the stranger: “Who gives a fuck am I bothering you?”

The Stranger: “I do psycho.”

In my head: “I didn’t ask for a whole damn story, just what did you say to him.

Me: “Well it is crazy as hell that he looks like he is either going to bite someone or in a Harry Potter film.”

Then I just turned and walked away.  I then just walked to the other side of the street to continue to watch the man.  After all the children are emerging from school and I don’t know if he is in his right mind.  I stand in the rain under my umbrella watching his every move like I was 5 0.  I’m not sure if he noticed me watching him but if he didn’t he sure as hell didn’t care.  What he did next made me want to call the police.  He then threw the cloak over his head with his arm raised above his head and walked down the street towards me.  I just stood there because I had no fear of him.  He walked by me and looked into my face.  As he walked by our eyes locked and he spoke, and I spoke back.

He slowly crept pass me and then walked behind the bush.  Now at this point I know this mother fucker know I am just as crazy as his ass is and if he doesn’t know, he will soon find the fuck out.  I waited for him to play stupid but he never did.  I went to check behind the bush and he was gone.  How weird was that? No I didn’t look around to see where he went, because at this point it wasn’t none of my damn business, as he previously stated to the stranger.  As long as he didn’t bother me or those children in my sight, I wasn’t going to bother him.  Now on to the dumbest shit I heard today.

While strolling through Facebook today, I read and post with a video attached that said a 19 years old male was arrested for having sex with two female Pitbulls.  Now how sick and twisted do you have to be to have sex with a real female dog.  Wrong Bitch dummy!  I think he got Bitch; meaning female dog; confused with someone who is called a Bitch.  Anyway he was arrested and is charged with bestiality.  The worse part about the whole thing is the lady who dogs it was helping the young man out to get his GED.  She paid half his tiution for GED classes and all he had to do is work for the other half to being able to better himself.  She trusted him with her home and he made advances on her dogs.  She was very much hurt and in disbelief of what she watched on video tape.  How dumb do you have to be to literally spit in the face of the person handing you your future?  Well I guess not everyone is appreciative of a hand up.

Sending you all love and kisses  #GoddessLove

Wicked Wednesday

Goddess Morning Royals.

So I know it is hump day but I want to weigh on topics on my mind.

First, people and their lies. I mean come on if you know you are lying then just don’t say anything.  I witness this shit every day.  Motherfuckers don’t know how not to lie once someone believe in their first lie.  I just want people to learn to live in their truth.  I’m saying if you are married then be married, don’t be unhappily married and looking.  Stop playing games with other’s intelligence, hearts and lives.  This is how people are dying every day.  The world is made up of people who are looking for real love and willing to kill and die for the right person.  When they feel as though you are the right person but you are holding onto your married significant other and the shit hits the fan.  Lord have mercy.  Why make life that much difficult for you, your significant other, and the third-party.  This side business isn’t a joke and I witnessed it destroy people lives.  So please learn to live in your truth before someone isn’t living at all.

Secondly, you sad sacks of shit who play on people’s hard-working money just to get high.  Now you know no one is for that bull shit.  If you want to get high then you should be able to buy not beg for money to get high.  If you cannot afford to pay for your highs then I suspect this is your time for recovery.  No one should be losing their lives because you have an addiction.  If you don’t go somewhere with that shit already!  Why is it that you are the one with the problem and everyone else around you have to pay for it?  The worst part of it all is when you say stupid shit like, “I can quit whenever I want to.”  but continue to do so and think everyone is against you.  No everyone is tired of paying out of the ass for your addiction.  You know what really turns my ass is when they go to rehabilitation and come back to doing the same exact thing.  Wow and with support that wants to keep them clean and healthy!

Third, money hungry people.  Okay everyone wants to make money and should but when you take advantage of others just to do so, I want to punch you in your face.  People who keeps other’s income and tell them they can’t live with them or come to their house.  Who in the hell does shit like this?  Or when they don’t have an income but live off someone else’s income and demand shit?  I know you are lying.  If you don’t get your ass a job or a career, hobby with benefits and get the fuck out of my face with that nonsense, I am going to clock you one good time.

Fourth, you cowards who just murder people for no reason, just to get street creds.  Now you know where is the morals and values for life that needs to be taught in the homes.  I’m not sure what happened and when the communication and value of life fell but I know it needs to be picked back up and fast.  Family members murdering one another over nothing or for stupid shit that could have easily be avoided.  This isn’t time change this is ignorance, stupidity, and blatant disregard for life.  Realize you are taking away someone’s child, love one, father, sister, daughter, son, grandmother, grandfather, and definitely someone’s future.  Carjacking, gang violence, illegal drugs, prescription drugs, money, mistaken identity, clothes, shoes, chains, watches, and just because doesn’t give you a reason or a cause to murder someone in cold blood.  Then like a coward run and hide.  The Lord sees everything so judgement will be handed down whether you believe it or not.

Last but not least, you miserable as people who hate everything about life.  You don’t want anyone to advance because you are afraid of advancements or you are stuck in life.  I’m sorry your feet is stuck in cement but I didn’t plant you there and I didn’t trap you in.  I will help you out but you are so angry with the world for your mistakes that you believe that everyone owe you something for nothing.  I mean you have done anything for yourself but expect someone to give you something.  My famous quote is “I can’t be your everything and you be your nothing!” by Kenya Spann.  That doesn’t make any sense at all.  You all need a hand up and all you want is a handout.  I’m sorry that isn’t going to happen.  I can offer you a hand up but a handout mean you are incapable of doing anything.  If you are capable of begging then you are capable of doing something with your life.

Finally, these child molesting, raping ass, they need to kill themselves, motherfuckers.  I can’t with none of them.  They all need to be hung by the balls and split from dick to throat.  I have no remorse for anyone being male or female who prey on children or the unsuspected.  They really should be killed on sight either in the act of violence or once proven guilty.  Nothing else to say about that.

Sending you all love and kisses.  #GoddessLove

The Life of Parenting

Goddess Afternoon Royals.

We as parents take on the role of everyone in our children’s life.  We are their, parent first, friend, preachers, therapist, lawyers, defenders, protectors, judges, spiritual guides, we are their everything.  We are all these things and more because when we first was told we were going to be in charge of someone’s else life besides our own, we first panicked a little, then smile, started naming them, then purchases all we could for them. Next decided what kind of parent we wanted to be.  As time went on we learned to do things differently, but the same as our parents who raised us.

We had to learn for ourselves even though they were there to guide us, we had to learn.  Now we know more than we wanted to know but still learning and growing.  We love our children with everything in us and will do everything we can for them.  Then the moment come when you realize you can’t do anything for them but be by their side in their time of despair.  When tragedy strikes fear in us all and anger become our line of defense. But all we really want to do is hurt whoever hurt our baby, because honestly they maybe growing or grown, they are still our babies.

Well this morning my daughter was almost taken from me and all I could do is cry, and fall to my knees with my eyes to the sky, and my heart on the floor.  You know that call you dread but get anyway.  Now I know for some of you that call was way worst than mine.  I send prayers to you all for before now I knew the feeling of loss.  My condolences to you all and may the good Lord find favor in your heart to heal it with love, your mind with great memories, and your spirit with joy.  I know it won’t bring back your love ones but I still pray for your strength just the same.

My daughter was the one who got to call me which mean for me there was hope.  She said Ma I was in an accident and you were right.  At this moment I wasn’t sure if that was the end or not.  I asked her if everyone who was in the car with her alright.  She said yes, I asked her did she hit others and was they alright.  She said yes,  I then asked her where I needed to be.  She wanted to tell me about the car.  All I was worried about was lives, that car means nothing to me.  It is replaceable, your life however, isn’t.  She ask the ambulance attendant where they were taking her.  She said Harbor Hospital.  I would like to take this moment to thank all the first responders who do their job and without fail.  Thank you all for your time and efforts as well as your commitment to your jobs.  Secondly, I would like to thank the staff at Harbor Hospital for taking just great care of my baby and seeing this as an emergency and not stashing her in the corner like her injuries didn’t matter.  Thank you for your time, efforts and commitment to your jobs as well.  Especial thanks to Dr. Chris of the Emergency department of Harbor Hospital, job well done.

I know that our children who are coming up on this generation doesn’t like to listen or hear us nag, but I just pray that the nagging get to them mentally before tragedy gets to them physically.  I just want them to make better decisions and not need to show the world that they have materialist things and need to impress those who aren’t even looking and even to those who are looking.  It is really none of their business.  Why ask or entice haters?  They only want what you have and if they can’t get it then they will take yours by any means necessary.

I preach to my children all day and they swear all I do is fuss.  After she was release she told me I could fuss anytime I want now because she can hear me loud and clear now.

Well Royals that is all I have to say until I don’t want to say anymore, I am just glad we as a family made it through this tragic situation to see better days.

Sending you all my love and kisses.  #GoddessLove

Fun in the Sun

Fun in the Sun

Goddess Afternoon Royals.

While is it heaven to me, it may be hell to others.  I enjoy this weather and wish it would stay this way forever but I do realize where i live some years we get all four season and then others we only get two.

Some of you all prayed for this heat now you are complaining but not me. So while it is a great time to enjoy some of us aren’t taking care of ourselves properly.

  1. Remember heat can be detrimental to your health and can cause all kinds of problems and complications.  So while you are out please drink plenty of water and try to stay cool.
  2. While traveling I know we all seem to be in a rush to get where we are going but this time of the year cyclist comes out and enjoy riding their bikes.  So be mindful, careful, and respectful of cyclist enjoying the weather as well.
  3. I can’t stress this enough please, please be careful and aware of our children who are walking, running, play and trying to be children.  While they may know better than to be playing in the streets they aren’t being as mindful as they can be and they aren’t watching as they should. So if you are driving, walking, or just sitting out enjoying your day, please watch out for the children.
  4. Well it’s the law and I shouldn’t have to speak on it but I guess I will.  If you are texting, going live, or snapping pics while you are driving then you aren’t paying attention to the children, cyclist or the other motorist on the road.  At this point you are an accident waiting happen. It is sad to say and even sadder to witness.

I am not going to bore you with all the precautionary measure to take but I will tell you to enjoy life and the people around you.  Remember everyone deserve to life and have just as much fun as you, don’t destroy theirs by thinking yours is more important.

With that being said, sending you all love and kisses.  #GoddessLove

Making Your Mark on this World

Goddess morning Royals.  First I need to address a mistake I made yesterday but not paying my respects to the woman who have a great hand in raising me.  Happy Belated Birthday to my Grandma Mildred Moore, may you continue to Walk with the Lord.  Also sending love and birthday wishes to my twin cousins, Anthony and Antoine Moore.  Enjoy fellows and may the Lord bless you with many more.

Now down to business.  I wasn’t sure what title fit these post so if you think I need to change it say so.  These thoughts woke me out of my sleep so this post is actually being written at 12:25 am.  Anyway, we as parents, as people of color needs to learn how to use our voices to be heard.  We don’t speak up for the things we want, as well as the things we need.  We need to speak even louder for those who have no voice and scream if you have to for those who have a voice but are special and will not be heard.  We are their advocates and if we don’t speak, scream and fight for what they need our future and theirs are even more lost then what we face at this moment in time.

We tend not to want to fight so we don’t rock the boat but sometimes the boat needs to be rocked in fact it needs to be tilted the hell over.  If we don’t show them you are their strength then they will show us.   If we don’t show them respect, how can they display it.  If we don’t show them At this moment that is what they are showing us but they are doing it wrong and who are allowing it, us.  They are killing one another at an alarming rate and if you think that the government is going to really step in you are clearly mistaken.  To them all they see is savages doing exactly what savages do, destroy, kill, be destructive, display their ignorance amongst other things.  If we don’t show them peace, how can they live in it.  If we don’t show them love, how can they give it.  If we don’t show them a better way, they surely will make one, even if it isn’t better.  If we don’t bring peace to them now how can we say rest in it later, if they damn sure didn’t live in!  I am not a great fan of violence but I will fight when I have to, so I don’t allow people to put me in that predicament.

If you don’t back yourself in the corner than there is not reason to feel like you have to come out swinging.  Take pride in what you have to offer this world, because when we show weakness is when they strike.  Get that fear out of your heart for what you fear is what you think you cannot have or believe that you should not have.  When you speak fear in existence then it shows in everything you do and it becomes failure.  Not all failures are disappointing some are just lessons that you did something wrong and should go back and correct it.  When we allow the failure to defeat us is when we have allowed fear to take over and we dare to try again.  That is that weakness showing its ugly head and we break into a daily routine.  Just to keep ourselves from trying again.  Yeah I know it was scary but not living is even scarier, not fulfilling a dream is horrifying, not learning from mistakes is devastating.

Don’t be that person because we show the children that fear and then they take matters into their own hands.  Without knowing what is really going on, they by all means necessary, become our protectors but that is in reverse.  We know it but our fears are now what we are using as excuses, shields, and barriers to keep us from getting hurt again.  In all retrospect that isn’t the way, we have to take back that fear and raise our children properly, efficiently, productively, spiritually, mentally, and physically, with love, respect, determination, and patience.  We as parents aren’t doing that anymore we are allowing the streets and the system to do it and frankly have the audacity to get upset when they aren’t doing such a great job.  HELLO, they are doing your job.  STEP UP AND DO YOUR OWN JOB.  YOU MADE THEM THEN YOU SHOULD TAKE CARE OF THEM BY ALL MEANS NECESSARY.  If the children can adopt this concept why the hell can’t we.  Because of fear the system will not allow us to do so.  So we give up and allow the system to have their way.  I’ll be damn!  The system didn’t go through my hours of labor, nor was they there for my time of pleasure.

I am going to stop here because I have too much to say on the subject.  I would love to hear you feed back on this one.  Am I wrong or do you think I am just venting?

Sending you all love and kisses.  #GoddessLove