The Family Bond! Chapter 9…Segment 3.

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

How do we do that you ask?

Put our money back into our communities.  We build it, grow it, sell it, finance it, borrow it, price it, redirect it, film it, produce it, make it, and love it.  Then we will be able to keep it and leave it for our families and future generations.  They would fight for nothing because they have everything and knowledge on how to keep it, reproduce it, and leave it for the generations yet to come.  They know we are the people!  Don’t be fooled people we are still making America what it is, ever since the beginning.  We built the United States on our back and still building it on our dime.

Here’s the catch though they hate us but I don’t think we were the ones who ask to come here nor asked them to come here.  If Europe was so much better than the “savages” they stole this land from why didn’t you all return to this great place?  From my understanding, all who fled couldn’t return and if they tried.  They would be killed on the spot.  They themselves are the “savages, the outcast, the black sheep.”  They didn’t want to follow the rules there and then came and enforce those same rules upon the Natives of this land.  Didn’t they come and kill, rape, punish and ravage the people already here.  How can Christopher Columbus discover something someone had already found as well as inhabited? 

What they should have said was that they discovered a different type of race but they already knew of our people because the people of Spain made them fully aware of us.  The Spanish people couldn’t conquer us so they figure they would give it a try.

History already told us this correct?  What history left out was the land was ours and ours alone.  Technically, I stand corrected it is of the people, but when did God sell the natural elements, water, gas, electric, so forth and so on.  When did he sell the Earth?

He said it was for the “meek.” Are you telling me that “society” think they are the only “meek” God intend to inherit the Earth?  I think not!

I remember living in East Baltimore and most of the corner store as well as the markets were black owned and operated.  Black people had a future and something to leave the generations under them.  They had jobs when “society” decided they wouldn’t dare hire a black man.  The black community stood behind them and what they believed in.  What happened to those days?

“Society” happened to those days.  First, they poison the black community with cigarettes, then marijuana, then alcohol, and finally drugs.  Being as weak and unproductive as we could we went for it all.  Now we have it all plaguing our communities but it is spilling over into “society,” but they will find a way to control it, within their communities while still infecting our families.

Since we don’t educate our children of their heritage because we ourselves wasn’t educated nor had the will to know, our children are blinded by “society’s” history.  The only history they know is of other’s accomplishments.  Believe you, me all black families have a story, history of their own, not just the ones “society” chose to recognize but the ones they left behind or out of the history books.

We damned our elders for not having much when we should have been paying attention to their struggle to survive.  Listening and learn the stories told by them from their elders.  I too am guilty of somewhat listening but not fully.  Thinking how boring and unexciting those stories was ambushed by “society” games and television or just too wrapped up in wanting to play in the community with all my friends.  This isn’t an excuse and I dare to use it as one. 

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

The Family Bond! Chapter 9…Segment 2.

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

Educating our children isn’t a hard task but first we ourselves need to educate and empower the next adult on what we now or have learned.  Since people of color was the first people on the planet then it is safe to inform you that “society” is of us and not we are of them.  This isn’t the reason for this book and this chapter.  We must have as parent already figured this much out for ourselves.  History itself isn’t all wrong just fabricated to fit “society’s” actions and to make themselves look superior.

This much we know without them tell us so.  We have eyes and ears so we can pretty much hear and see them to think and says this for ourselves.  What we do need to educate our children on is not to allow this to side track them.  “Society” feeds off this type of negative energy every day.  They actually make money off people of colors bad habits, negativity, and frustration.  How?  Because they have it set in their mind and wallets that we will do something stupid that is against the law instead of making a positive out of our situations no matter what they are or how bad they are.

We need to learn not be selfish; wield the knowledge and wisdom thrust upon us.  Rebuilding the community will not be easy, but if we educate our children and teach traditions then they too can carry on in our absence.  We are the indigenous people of this Planet and the only ones who haven’t found ourselves to know we are the rulers of Earth.

The education you supply your children with today could save their lives in the future.  What they learn today will be what they teach their children tomorrow so the legacy will live on but will it be a good legacy or bad one it’s up to you.  Redeem our heritage for a promising future.  If we are to have anything then we need to start somewhere and right now.  We have roamed this Planet since the beginning of Mankind, and still haven’t become distinct yet.  Why you think that is?  You can’t kill what is made to be, we will repopulate just like the earth heals itself we repopulate to keep the Planet from dyeing.

I could lie to you all and say we as people have come along way but like I said I could lie.  Only thing we have done is murder one another, destroy what our ancestors fought for and accomplished.  I can honestly say as a whole we have nothing, but even less as individuals.  Yes, we have homes on land we don’t own, cars and money, but so do “society.”  When you eat, do everyone else eat or do you eat alone.  You might feed them but do they really eat.

Eating and being fed is two different things.  Eating meaning, I can feed myself and those around me, being fed means they can only eat when you are hungry or when someone decides you should eat.  Not the same thing!  Teach the children that if they don’t bring anything to the table then don’t expect to eat.

Show them that if they don’t make something of themselves then they will be exactly what “society” deem them; “nothing!”  We have to show them a new way so they can think differently, preaching but not doing, is just talking.

H – Helping one another to cross bridges.

A – Assaulting each other no more.

R – Raging against “society’s” imprisonment

R – Reaping what you sow.

I – Implying your actions as what they are

E – Embowing the black people structure of unity

T – Tracing our lives to see where we been and where we can go. 

Not all men of our past were who they were and was the hero, we gave credit for their achievements and accomplishment.  Some of the truth was hidden from us but why?  Was it to protect us or to embarrass us later when we found out?  To demolish what hero life, they had in them from our eyes or because “society” knew of their wicked ways and was paid to keep quiet.  “Society” is without a doubt cruel and very unjust to any race except for their own that fits into “society.”  I do believe it’s because they are incapable of humanity, and love.

There only resource is money and power but only because we as black give it to them.  If we turn off the faucet then they can’t drink. If we blew out the polite, they couldn’t eat no warm themselves. 

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

The Family Bond! Chapter 9…Segment 1.

Goddess afternoon Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High on this rainy day. I see rain as an opening to heaven for all that have fallen victim to the grim reaper, Death! I see it as the All High opening his doors and inviting in his Soldiers.

Chapter 9.  Educating the Children of Their Heritage

All nationalities have enslaved the black man by one way or another.  It makes no sense though, because we as black people have the power and creativity to have not ended up as anyone’s property.  Thus, we have though and now we want to be slaves to them all over again.  Why?  We give them our money at these “society” owned stores to treat us like we are less than their non-spending customers.  We have made it hard for them to respect us by giving them all the respect we have.  When we don’t even have that much respect for ourselves.  If we did then we would know that they stole all from us.  We will know that they can’t make it without us. 

See they know of their heritage, but do we?  No, we don’t and that because they robbed us of such a gift and then decided to full us with lies.  What we do know of is slavery and we know of it all too well.  What they keep from us is what we know within ourselves and that is family love, happiness, and togetherness.  What they can’t have it for us to know of any of that.  “Society need our hate in order to thrive on our wealth, and misfortune, as well as our miseducation.  See they are the same people who stole our history from us and decide to educate us on it so they can leave out how much we already knew and had.  They refuse to educate us in the arts that once was ours.  Their science is ours.  Their wealth is ours.  Their land is ours.  Their fortune belongs to us and they know we just don’t know it. 

Educate them of the greats people who have made life a little more affordable, manageable, free, and peaceful for them by giving their own life.  See they know of the sacrifice but they can’t really feel their pain.  Why because we chose to give them everything under the sun that we didn’t have but at what cause.  We are now sacrificing our bodies, heartache, time, love, morals and values so they won’t know of the struggle.  It has become so much of the normal some even turn the blind eye to the pain and hurt they see you go through.  They have no care in the world of how much you suffer so they can have and some don’t even care what it takes they are just okay with it. 

These are the children that need to know how to share, care, and understand that just because mom and dad do it all doesn’t mean that the world is easy.  Then it’s those children who see the struggle as well as feel the struggle and they are the ones who will step up and try to help the family by any means necessary.  This is when you need to let them know the difference between doing it to lift the family versus doing it to lift yourself. 

Both sides of the coin need to know that life isn’t about materialistic things. When children aren’t taught this lesson, they seem to do whatever it takes to not feed the family but to cloth the family.  They seem to not know the necessities of life versus the wants of life. 

N – Needs are just things needed to survive

E – Everything isn’t for everyone

C – Circumstances calls for thought and not just actions

E – Essential to continue to live

S – Sacrifices made so you don’t have to change the game

S – Situation that calls for payments you can’t afford but you make them

I – Income is what you make it of your life’s choices

T – Testimony of your survival is to be seen and not bragged.

I – Improvement is of one’s self and not one’s wallet

E – Enjoyment is of one’s success and not another’s downfall.

S – Sight is seeing and boosting is convincing.

You don’t have to show your wealth directly because people who have been watching you will see it for themselves.  When you show your success in a derogatory manner it tells your spectators you have plenty for them to take and you won’t miss it at all.  When this happens, you do miss it because you had to flaunt it in other faces who don’t have or isn’t as successful as you are.  Then you are upset because they took from you.  Why?  Instead of bragging you should have been educating them in a different manner.  If you found a different way to manipulate the system then show others as long as it is within a positive manner.  Especially, if you know the system is designed to fail us all, black people.  Not everyone is afforded the same opportunity as others because not lives as we all think.  Just because we live in the same neighborhood doesn’t mean we all live the same.  Behind closed doors is what makes life different for all people. 

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

The Family Bond! Chapter 8…Segment 3.

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

When you get home remember work doesn’t come home; also, you may have a visitor from the neighbor so be prepare to either be that listening ear or that conversationalist you offered early.  Also remember homework needs to be signed and looked over.  Meanwhile, dinner needs to be cooked or ordered, plus you need to at least learn what your child/ren did today.  You need to hear all their complaints, feel their pain, congratulate their accomplishments, on jobs well done. 

We as parents are judges, jury, police, therapist, counselors, dictators, shoulders, healers, helpers, disciplinarians but most of all the glue to hold it all together.  When you are overwhelmed you need to vent so find a good friend to vent to.  If there is a significant other, please I can’t stress this enough, let them that be your first line of defense as well as your line of communication.  If there is no significant other, this is why we are supposed to be a village because we, ourselves need support as well.  The village isn’t only for the children it is also for adults. 

If you know that you are a real sharer and divulge to much information and afraid that it might spread throughout the village be careful who you share certain information with.  If you know Ms. So-and-So is a real gossiper then don’t give her the juice, just give her the water.  Especially, if every time you turn around, she is giving you someone else’s juice.  Know who to talk to and about what.  Everything isn’t for everyone in the village and everyone in the village doesn’t get everything.  Even if Mr. So-and-So is a good man, if you know he gossip more than the women, maybe he isn’t the one for the juice but great for the water.

Our healing process have to start somewhere, why not within ourselves.  Once we forgive ourselves then we can continue the healing process by forgiving others an accepting their apologies.  Let’s not relive the hurt but embrace the joy within ourselves and if there isn’t any then we need the Higher Power, village, family and friends to help restore what has been damaged.  It is time to make happy memories to combat the ones we no longer want to dwell on or relive. 

Fathers it is time to return to the home and if you have more than one baby mother, then unite your children in your own home.  Mothers it’s time to be better than what you have been.  If you have more than one baby father then your home needs to be the place fathers are allowed for visitation or pick up.  The family bond has been broken for far too long.  This is a new day and a new way.  We can no longer allow “society” our misery because they are getting rich from it and we are remaining poor behind it

If we stop trying to win a race that no one else is running then we will be winning.  There is no competition on making babies for someone else to take care of, so chill.  There are plenty of competitions of categories to compete in but baby making isn’t one of them.  First work on taking care of the ones you have before venturing off to make more babies, that you know you’re not going to take care of, ever.

If either of you know deep in your heart that brining a child in this world is not going to keep you all together then, truly don’t do it.  The child/ren are the only ones that really suffers at the hands of selfish parents.  Then your unwanted burdens become someone’s else burden and destroy whatever plans they had for themselves. 

We are no longer in competition for a race to the poor house while “society” walks to the rich house.  Stop buying all the merchandise they have to offer and dare to support the black businesses.  I keep seeing it and it is just not right black people, and you all know it.  I see so many people right now who have come up with their own fashion line and business that is for the black community and the very people in his own backyard will not support them but will go out of their way to make it to the store to purchase what “society” has to offer at whatever cost. 

How is that bettering the community, it’s not?  It is nonsense like this that weakens the community and keep us in the strong hold of poverty.  The only way the fashion can be a hit is if we support it.  That is exactly what we did for those fashion moguls that is top of the line today.  Without our support they couldn’t have made it and wouldn’t have made it. 

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

The Family Bond! Chapter 8…Segment 2.

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

The black family foundation is the unity of life, gatherings, fun, and love.  We enjoy a good family get together.  You know a good barbecue, where you are going to see the whole family, it be like a family reunion.

We be laughing, hugging, dancing, playing card and eating.  Auntie is showing you how to do the latest dance or so she thinks.  Uncle is telling about back in his day.  Reminiscing on the loves ones we lost and giving thanks to the Higher Power for all the ones who made it through the storm.  We learn of the new babies in the family, new husbands and wives or significant others.  There’s singing and feasting on good news and mourning for our elderly getting weary and tired. 

Yes, we love a good get together, everyone knows we as black people love to party.  Give us good music and a nice environment and we will have a great time.  Then there’s always the one person who will always have that chip on their shoulder.  They cannot forget nor forgive anyone, or anything in their past.  Those are the ones we need to focus positive energy towards.  Those are the souls we know we are losing or have lost but there is always a way to find your way back to love, life, family and happiness.  Yes, there are cliques in the family, and yes, they do try their best to do all they can to start their mess.  Grandma don’t want no mess and Granddad ready to whip some ass if Big Momma say so. 

Everyone knows, neither one of them plays a game with anyone there.  You think you can get away with things but you don’t because they have eyes on everything.  You swear someone has snitched on you but they didn’t, it just they are just that good.  We, who pay attention learn and master this technique because we ourselves have been on the end of this watchful eyes.  We dare our child/ren to try to get away with anything.  You have those bitter ones that try their best though.  They are the same people who wants for nothing and have nothing because they are so angry with everyone, and blame everything that has gone wrong in their life except for the one person they should blame; themselves.  I’m not sure their motive for coming but they show up at every event with a nasty attitude like the whole family owes them something.  No matter who tries to cheer them up they refuse to be happy. These people need more than one person they are the ones that need family intervention and all the love they seem to be missing.  They want help but are afraid to ask because everyone sees them as the black sheep, or so they think. 

So now we are no longer working on being the black sheep and the family is trying to intervene as much as possible to make everyone’s presence enjoyable.  So, we show them love and in a different way because what they were used to getting isn’t working.  We teach them that not all people are angry all the time and not all who are smiling are happy nor are they fooling anyone.  We let them know we all have our bad days but we don’t allow them to hinder us.  We also let them know of our good days and how we try to use those to combat the bad days.  The intervention should always be about starting a new and leaving the old in the past where it belongs. 

We want to start a new day. First ,we need to have a new attitude and disposition.  See if we can do these little steps day by day, until it becomes second nature. 

Step 1.  Wake up and give the almighty praise.

Step 2.  Stretch and take in several deep breaths.

Step 3.  If there is a significant other next to you roll over and look at them then thank the Higher Power for them.

Remember we are starting a new.

Step 4.  Hygiene is the best gene wash; body, face, and hands.  Brush teeth and then rinse.  Floss teeth and then rinse.  Now you are ready to say Good Morning to that significant other.

Step 5.  Say Good Morning even if he/she is still sleep.

Step 6.  If there is child/ren and it’s time for them to rise, wake them with a good morning and a smile.  Now say I Love You.

Note* They are going to wonder what’s going on with you in the beginning and may even ask if you are okay but reassure them that everything is well.  Then tell them why you are happy.  Tell the how blessed you are that everyone is alive and healthy.  Then reassure them how blessed you are for the Higher Power blessing you with them, the precious gifts they are.

Step 7.  Breakfast because it’s going to fuel the body if it is no more than a fruit, because we are leading by example now.

Step 8.  As everyone is heading out to their perspective destination greet a neighbor or a passerby. 

Reason being is your greeting may save someone’s life.

Step 9.  Ask them how are they doing but mean it and if they say not good don’t be impolite and tell them things aren’t that bad.  If time is of the essence then let them know you will be home later and will love to finish them discussion.

Say well when I get home tonight if you want, I am available to lend a listening ear and here to converse with you.  Once again you may have, brightened or lifted someone’s spirit.  Now it’s up to them to accept it or reject the offer but at least you in harmony with your karma. 

Step 10.  Repeat the method at work but here to catch to it all.  No one business once upon your ears is anyone else’s business.  So, once they entrust you with their life don’t share it with anyone else.  We as black people have the tendency to make people life story the “tee” of the day just to have gossip to make conversation.

Step 11.  Now you have a great day and put all worries and unpleasantness on the Higher Power because that burden isn’t yours.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

The Family Bond! Chapter 8…Segment 1

The Family Bond!  Chapter 8…Segment 1

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

Chapter 8.  The Reconnection of the Family

Hey black people it’s time to come together as one.  One unit, one nation, and one love.  If all Black Lives Matter then so do yours and the brother who stands across from you looking down the barrel of your gun or thrusted upon the end of your blade.  We want to reconnect on life, love, and brotherhood.  Embrace this man as your brother, uplift this woman as your sister.  Remember his struggle might be as hard as yours but he hasn’t turned to the life of crime to lessen the blow.

Besides that’s doesn’t really lessening the blow but exploding it, making matters worse for you and your family as well as for the family of the man life you are about to steal.  Black people are now rapping other black families of the black man without “society” even forcing them in to it.  What bull shit is this?  How can we as black people advance and better ourselves if all we do is hate on the next man because of what he has?  Instead of hating and hurting the next man, how about you ask for help or a hand up, man instead of turning your back on one another.  How about you offer a hand or healing heart.  Let us see how far we can get with that action. 

In order for us to eliminate crime we first must learn how to help, accept, and care for the next man.  Yes, we are our brother’s keepers!  I believe that we can empower the next generation lives by believing in the next generation and life.

B – Being more than just a black man or a figure head. 

U – Uniting the family core and build the bond.

I – Initiate a plan and follow through with it.

L – Loving from the heart and not from the wallet.

D – Driving a force of enlightenment.

I – Intercepting the negative and false hopes of young people

N – Narrowing the death of black men on this planet

G – Gathering in the name of the Higher Power as one.

A – Apart from the Rest of the World.

F – Forgive one another for life’s past mistakes.

O – Operate as a unit.

U – Underline problems then solve them.

N – Neutralize personal attitudes towards black.

D – Donate time to families of men/soldier’s loss.

A – Ascertain a relationship with the Higher Power

T – Teach skills to those without any.

I – Introduce children to new things.

O – Open black owned and black operated businesses.

N – Navigate young ones lives to a brighter future.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

The Family Bond! Chapter 7…Closing Argument

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

In the beginning of this book I asked three questions and they were as follows:

  1. If all men are created equally then why is it that Black Men are born with 2 strikes against then and others aren’t?
    • Because all men cannot be created equally for the simple fact we are Gods and Goddesses descended from our ancestors and because we have such they prefer we don’t know of it so they continue to try to brain wash us into believe we are less than, unworthy, even ape who have been evolved. 
    • Well that is all lies to keep us from taking our rightful places are the rulers of this planet.  Therefore, they keep us from growth and unity to prevent a natural takeover.
    • They will even have you believe it is just of this country but it is all over this world. 
    • They will make you believe that you aren’t worth the sweat that your ancestors bleed to build what is not their but rightfully yours.  
  2. If all men are created equally then why is it that only Black or black people walked around with a tree on their backs or died by the hands of society?
    • Because they couldn’t allow you all to find out the truth, of your natural birth rights.
    • This is why they beat their beliefs into your ancestors so they can spread their lies, and hate into your psyche as your history.
    • They refused to be lied to any longer and demanded the truth and freedom. 
      • If they all man are created equal then why were they slaves in the first place?  Because all man is not created equal it’s all lies to get you interested in their other lies, they have to tell you.  We are not their equal; we are their SUPERIORS and they know it so they have to create lies to embed into your psyche for you to continue to fall victim to their mayhem.
  3. If all men are created equally then tell me why all men weren’t chosen to rise after death?
    • Just more lies for you to listen and pay attention to them while they pull the rabbit out of the hat. 
    • They learn new tricks every day to confuses you and shield you from the truth, that you are the true Rulers of this planet.
    • Why would they tell you a story of Black men who made a comeback so you can have hope?
      • That would just make you strong so why not give it to one man and not all men. They needed you to praise then and worship them and so we all did.  When they already knew that we were the Gods and Goddesses. 

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove