False Advertisement

False Advertisement

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

Ladies and gentlemen we have a problem that can be solve as well as resolved. See what I have noticed is that we have this certain persona that we display when we are in the company of various people. We give off a scent that attract people in all the wrong ways and send them all the wrong messages. Well some of us at least, the rest just like to be messy and it shows.

We flirt and giggle or smile in a manner that tells someone who is on the other end of this flirtation or smile we are available. If you are available that is fine but if there is only one thing you want out of this encounter please say so? If you aren’t available then there lies the problem? Don’t led someone down a path of uncertainty just because you yourself is confused about what you want, or what it is that you think this person can give you. Don’t get stuck in a triangle that you created, then pretend you don’t know how it came about. If your game plan is just sex then say just that, and if it is only the one time, then make sure you can handle the encounter. After all this was your mission, and not the person on the receiving end. If money is the only thing you are after, then don’t catch feelings when it is nothing there, because you thought the look was money. See all things that shine isn’t fine, and all things that glitter isn’t gold. So if platinum is what you were looking for, and all you found was copper? That’s your problem! Maybe you should have done your research before you executed your pursuit.

Diamonds definite are a girls best friend but if all you really are is cubic zirconia then that is all she will treat you like. Dog are man best friend so if she bark like a dog and howl at the moon then you got your friend. Don’t try to trade it in when that is exact what you were looking for. We as people put on such a facade to make ourselves look more appealing than what we really are, then tell the other person you knew what you were getting into when you met me. How could they know, when you were in costume, pretending to be more than who you are and had more than what you have? FALSE ADVERTISEMENT!!! Don’t get me wrong we all have done it and it is the reason so many people end in heartache, hatred, anger, name calling, court, death, or in a dead as relationship going nowhere fast.

It’s like being on a stationary bike, you pedal hard as you can, but get nowhere, and know you’re not going nowhere. It is great exercise, but that is all it’s every going to be. Now pat yourself on the back for a workout, and a waste of time. For some of us it works, but for the most part it ends in disaster. Then to keep the facade going you continue on so you can look good in those around you eyes, but in reality you are suffer miserably, and want out. Because you don’t want to be the bad guy, you stay, and try to make something work that have no business being together. To top it all off some of you take it as far as marriage, and then cheat to make the marriage worth the effort. HOW DUMB DOES THAT SOUND? What is the purpose of marrying someone if you know you made a mistake in the beginning? After time the marriage fail, but now children are involved, and hell has broken loose. Now it is war, and you have no other alternative, but to go all in with war instead of admitting defeat, and throwing in the flag.

Pride won’t allow you to admit when you are wrong, hurt, or defeated. You rather just die then to allow someone else a victory. When you don’t even know if you leave now with your dignity, sanity, and heart intact you are the winner of the war, and the battle. Ladies and gentlemen, please stop with the bull and maybe you will send the right signals to the right person and get the results you were hoping for in the beginning. Not the look, but the results; happiness, love, excitement, great sex, laughter, joy and someone to share it with for the rest of your life.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

Fighting the Good Fight


Everyday I try to fight a good fight. I try to win battles I know isn’t mine, but still I rage on. I have been down lonely streets, and streets filled with others whether friend or foe, still I wage on. I have been beaten, cut, shot, and sexual assaulted still I live on. Why is it that I must endure all this and still aren’t nowhere, but where I am? I ask for nothing but still receive the worse. I pray for so very little, and work hard to get even more, but still I just survive. Every chance I get I assist others in their war in life. I have fought for so many and not in the physical or hurtful sense, even those some times war have led to such, but I try my best for it never to end in violence. I walked away from pain, but still carry the hurt. I have cried my last tears, but still carry the sorrow of others. I have begged and bargained with the Lord, and still things haven’t gone in my favor. I have questioned my life, and still I am here. Everyday I fight the good fight until I am called home, I will continue to fight the good fight.

Personally sending you all love, kisses and blessings for all who have fought the good fight and remain fighting. #GoddessLove

A Little Seduction

A Little Seduction

Goddess morning Royals.

Here we go again and in public but that means nothing to either one of us If you keep kissing her like that, all the passerby’s will know of her sweetness. You just keep her so juicy with flavors of all kinds.

Deep inside me nature your discovery of my wilderness is like a new found creation. Oh my word, you are a great explorer and I am must the specimen to explore. Dig deep to find out what is there to know but read the sign with for there is no boundaries when you are the seeker. Enjoy my caves, volcano, oceans and historical landmarks.

We talk, we laugh, we role play, we joke, we smile, we cry, we dance, but when we make love we go to war and when we are done we are best of friends, but while we are making love we are enemies. What is that?

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

What Women Think Occasionally #3

What Women Think Occasionally #3

Goddess Morning Royals, sorry for the delay in finishing the story but I had a weekend please believe me.

Friday, no transportation to anywhere and Lord know I don’t like asking anyone for a ride so cab, hack and Uber it was.  Had so many errands to run and got them all accomplished, money well spent.

Saturday, cooked and cleaned, washed clothes and everything so I can dedicate my time today to my writing.  Putting my house back together after some well deserved maintenance/renovations needed.  Most of it was accomplished but still have more to do.  

This morning I am blogging because I feel as though I owe it to you all to finish out the story.

So our couple is on the floor of their home after another sexual attack from his wife who continues to fantasize about her stranger.  Well this time there was touching, laughing and grind involve.  As she sat beside her husband she wanted to tell him that she sexually desire another man but she knew it would break him and leave him with insecure thoughts of her.  She said nothing and continued on with her quality time with him. When they were done they both got up and headed upstairs to shower and rest for the night.  He knew it was something he needed to talk to her about but couldn’t remember what it was.

They showered together and then off to bed they both went.  They spooned into a deep slumber.  When morning rose and he woke from sleeping she wasn’t in the bed with him.  She wasn’t even in the house.  He thought she may have had an emergency and didn’t want to wake him.  She was in the wind and without any type of note or anything.  He didn’t allow it to bother him it wasn’t the first time and he knew it wouldn’t be the last.  She did however make him breakfast to eat and made him coffee to drink.  She always did when she had to be out before he woke.

She had boarded a plane to Italy for business and didn’t have time to explain to him nor wake him.  He knew her business was everything to her.  Upon her arrival she called home to let her husband know where she was and her possible return.  He was happy to hear from her and told her he got the fort.  They told one another how much the love each other and to stay safe and out of trouble.  They hung up and when she looked up she was at the hotel.  She checked in called her office for the person she is meeting again and all the details on what it is that she is requesting.  Once she received the information again she studied her notes.  She knew that this client was important as all her clients but this one asked for her personally so she knew she had to get his contract without fail.

Her appointment with her client was at 11 am and she wouldn’t be late.  She was meeting her at the grand suite in the hotel in which she was staying.  She gathered her A game and headed up to the top floor.  She heard the helicopter land on the roof.  Okay this one has a lot of money obviously so get the account and make your money girl.  She spoke to herself.  The concierge let her into the suite and offered her something to drink.  Dominique will be right with you.

She sat down and waited her arrival and when the doors opened.

Last encounter

It was Dominique the stranger that she was fantacizing about.  She knew she was in trouble because she couldn’t run to her husband and release the sexual desire or tension.  She smiled, I didn’t know your name was Dominique.  I also didn’t know you were going to be my client.  How you didn’t know my name was Dominique I told you last night at the bar.  I wasn’t really paying attention like I should have been.   Now that I have your undivided attention maybe I can get you to help me with my business as well as answer my question you left so fast on last night.  She started sweating, her legs buckled, her knees locked and her face blushed.  In her thoughts she knew she definitely was in a world of trouble. She tried to stay focus and do the job she was called there to do but she wasn’t sure which job he was really after.

She sat back down and squeaked out, well.  Clearing her thought, well I can offer you, I mean my company can offer you a great return on all investments we push through for you at all cause.  We just don’t put your money anywhere we put it where it is coming to have a positive payout for your.  We invest to continue to make you more money and build your wealth  as we as your portfolio.  He smiled, that’s great to know show me some sound investments and then give me a pen to sign.  I believe in you and know that you can do all you say you can do.  She grin, knowing her pussy was getting wet by the minute.  She excused herself and went to the restroom for relief.  Hold yourself together and get those thoughts of sex out of your head.  Stay in the game and stay focus.  It took her a minute to pull it together but she got herself back on track and reentered the room.

When she returned he was shirtless and she almost passed out.  She was weak in the flesh and wanted to have him.  He said, where do I sign?  She gave him and pen and showed him where to sign and afterwards he handed her a drink for a toast.  When the glasses touch so did she.  He stepped back and told her don’t make that move if she wasn’t ready for the outcome.  She stepped forward and touched again.  He drawled her in close, kissing her full lips.  The sparks flew and the magic started.  He went down on her and her mind went blank and she didn’t remember she had a husband.  All she could think about was how good this made her feel.  She wanted more but first she had to showcase her skills as well.  She in return went down on him.  He never had a woman who could take all of him oral or otherwise.  He knew he would catch feelings for her if she made him cum so he pulled her off to give her real pleasure.  As he inserted his massive penis she moaned.  She wasn’t sure if she would be able to handle it all but as he continued to push she continued to take.  When he was all the way in her hips started to sway and her juices started to flow.  He was shocked and they both tried to out do one another.  When the fight was over and all the pleasure was released they looked at each other with such lust but knew it wasn’t going to happen again.  They both had to win and they knew sexually it would work but otherwise they both are too damn competitive.  Beside she then remembered she had a husband.

She jumped up and rushed out of the room down to her floor and into her room.  She douche and cleaned herself up well.  Taking the morning after pill and faxing over his signed contract.  She knew she could never tell her husband about this, it would destroy their marriage and lives.  She now had more skeletons in her closet than she wanted but had pleasure upon her soul that she desired.

This encounter she would always remember but had to live with the guilt and shame of stepping outside of her marriage to get it.

Sending you all love and kisses.  #GoddessLove

What Women Think Occasionally 2

What Women Think Occasionally 2

Goddess Afternoon Royals

Last I left you all she and her husband was just finish making love for the second time after her second encounter with her sexy stranger.

She couldn’t help but to think of this man they had a connection in which she could act on but dare to or will she?  She wanted so much to tell her husband about the stranger but she couldn’t because he would know she had interest in another man.  She would have to use her girls for therapy to get herself from under the spell of this man.  Her husband thinking he needed to do something different but the same as before, went back to wearing the same cologne he knows sexually arouses his wife.  He rushed out to the store and brought him the largest bottle they sold of this cologne.  When he got back home he could hear her telling her friends about their encounter.

He heard he say sex with him drives her mad and she need to have more and more of him everyday.  She hope that all her sexual attractions to him doesn’t drive him away because she really like what he does for her.  Think made him very excited and he wanted to do more to keep her excited.  He showered and then put on the cologne that made her crazy for sex with him.  He walked pass the door of her study several times, but nothing happened.  He couldn’t understand it.

He knocked on the door to her attention but she was heavy into the conversation that all she did was speak.  She inhaled and  the aroma captivated her desire to be pleased, so she told her girlfriends she will have to call them back.  She then undressed herself and  began to pleasure herself.  He stood in the doorway and watch as she brought pleasure to herself and he did the same.  Wishing it could have went different, he just ejaculated and went on his way.  Confused as to why she didn’t jump on his and have her way with him again, he just got in the truck and drove off.  He drove to his home boy’s house to talk this over with him.  Homeboy was home, so he decided to drive around and think on what happened.

Third Encounter 

She didn’t know where her husband went but her girls had asked her to come out with them for happy hour.  She didn’t mind anything to get her mind of this guy she never had a conversation with and probably never will.  Even though she had sexual fantasies about him while making love to her husband.  She showered and got dressed to head out to happy hour with her girls.  When she reached the lounge her girls was already there.  She parked right beside one of her girlfriends vehicle or at least it looks like hers. She joined them they had already ordered her a virgin sex on the beach.  She sat down with the saddest look upon her face.  Her girls were now more concern with this problem, but told her they cannot allow it to get in between her and her marriage.  She sulked and agreed.  As the night went on the stranger walked over to her and kindly introduced himself again.  She almost died when heard his deep powerful voice.  She looked up and saw 6’7″ of pure chocolate and melted in her chair.  Almost speechless she gathered herself up enough strength to say hello.  He asked could he be seated with her and before she could answer her girls left the table and offered him a seat.  She blushed and her heart started beating fast, throat got dry, hands started shaking and her vagina got wet.  She didn’t know if she should continue to sit there or should she walk away with her marriage on the line.  He talk to her about everything he could in reference to his business, life, family and wants as well as needs.  She was intrigue because not once did he mention sex.

He asked her to dance and so they did.  She grind on him as if he was her husband and he didn’t mind one bit.  Then he hit her with the question that make all women respond in a manner of like or dislike.  Are you as good in bed as you are on this dance floor?  She took a step back and gathered everything in her to walk away to keep her marriage intact.  She head back to the table with her girlfriends and told them she needs to leave right now before her marriage is over.  Her desire to withstand this man had left the soul she had promised to another.

She got in her car and drove straight home as fast as she could.  She saw that her husband was home and so she knew she would take all this sexual tension out on him.  She walked through the door and he came downstairs.  He said we need to talk but she rushed right to him and kissed him like she haven’t seem him all day.  Not sure what was going on he enjoyed the moment and will talk to her afterwards, if he could remember.

Tearing away his clothes she went down on him and he couldn’t believe it.  She haven’t given him oral sex in years.  He almost forgot the reason he truly could never let her go and this was it.  He couldn’t think anymore, she had stolen his soul.  He almost fell into a coma like stage of pure enjoyment.  He release and she caught it all.  She then walked away and into the shower.   As she walked up the stairs she asked him what was on his mind but as she looked back he was curled in a fetus position sleeping.  She knew she still had it.  She grabbed the blanket off the bed and took it to him so he wouldn’t wake with cold.  After she showered she went down and cooked dinner for the both of them and woke him from his slumber.

He woke and the both sat on the floor and ate dinner.  She knew now she was in more trouble then she thought because all the oral sex she just gave her husband was what she wanted to do to the stranger.

Once again I am going to leave you all right there and return tomorrow with the final conclusion of her last encounter.  

What Women Think Occassionally

What Women Think Occassionally

Goddess Morning Royals

First of all I am writing this because I received an email asking me am I always nice or do I have a naughty side as well.  No I am not talking about writing I am talking experience.  I replied yes and I will share with you. So here it goes.  Don’t judge me because it was when I was much younger.

Now ladies, you all know that I will never try to steer any of you in the wrong direction but let’s be honest here we all have experienced it once or twice.  Whether on not you acted on it is between you and your judgment day.

Okay so you and your significant other and you are in good space but not as great as it use to be.  The fire in your relationship is barely a spark but you keep trying to rekindle the flame.  Still it is just a spark!  So you think maybe a night on the town with the girls will and time away from one another will make you want them as bad as ever.  Now you know your girls and what they think of your significant other but still they are your girls and as long as they don’t speak out of tone with you in reference to it you really don’t care what they think.  Of course you go out and you know the bantering is going to start so you prepare for it.

First encounter

As they are going on and on you see him.  The mold that the Lord had made from his own hands.  Everything thing around you moves into the background and the only thing you can do is speak.  Hello you both say as you walk pass one another.  The immediate look at the package happen and then you smile.  Yes, fellows we check the junk and see if it is worth the time.  The package is looking full and you are not in the market but boy if you only could order you up some of that.  Then you are snatched out of the fantasy by your girls who is still going on about your significant other, but all you can do is smile.  They look back and caught why you are smiling.  They give you the okay but you already know it’s only because they hate the one you are with.  You all continue on with your night but the guy is still lingering in your thoughts.  You felt a connection but only want the package.  Then it happen, he have sent a friend over to tell you his name and give you his number.  Your girls are encourage the misbehavior but you just don’t know what to do now since it is a reality and no longer just a fantasy.

You tell the friend, I am sorry but I am involved.  One of your girls speaks up for you, takes the number and tell the friend, she’ll be calling him.  You are stunned by the look and the package of this man but in your heart of hearts you know you have a significant other at home.  The night ends and your girl slips the number in your pocket and say good night.  When you get in you significant other shows interest in your night but not really paying much attention.  You however, never mention the stranger or the encounter at all.

Second encounter

You and your significant other is out and who do you see while trying to fire where there were once flames, the fantasy.  You get aroused and asked your significant other isn’t it a nice day to be a little naughty.  He says yes and then kisses you in public, thinking that is naughty to him.  You kisses him back with such passion and he is then turned on but at the same time a little embarrassed.  The whole time your eyes is focused on the prize at hand.  He pulls you back from his lips only to inform you that you haven’t kissed him like that in a while.  He wants to know what have come over you.  All you want to do right now is tear his clothes off and have sex with him but he’s not there.

The stranger sees and speaks to you.   You see him coming your way, afraid he will come and speak you avoid eye contact.  He walks right by you.  His scent captures your nose and it is the cologne that drives you crazy.  Your significant other smells it and knows that it makes you horny.  He quickly ask are you hungry because I am starved.  You tell him no, food isn’t want you are craving right now.  The look in your eyes tells him exactly what you need so you both head home.  The whole ride home you are panting, he drives faster.  The moment you all pull in the driveway you jump on him and go for it.  Not caring if the neighbors see or not.  You have to release and now.  He never saw you like that and  damn he is loving it.  Afterwards you stagger into the house, to clean up and eat.  He follows, but the idea of the stranger is still on your mind so you attack him again, taking what you need and nothing more.  Twice he says, wow I need to go back to that cologne.  You never reply, you just need to release again.

I am going to stop right here but I will be back Thursday for more encounters and how I survived the whole scenario, winning the battle, but losing the war.  

Sending you all love and kisses.  #GoddessLove

Continuous Prayer

Goddess Morning Royals

I come to you with a heavy heart but still full of love.  I have been on my knees with the Lord asking him for understanding and leadership.  I need for him to help me understand when he wants something from these people and have something to give in replace why is it that they don’t sit in wait for it.

My daughter has been injured twice in a two-week period.  I had to ask her what didn’t you do that the Lord asked of you for the devil got close and burned you.  She didn’t respond because she really had none.  She just nodded her head in shame and went on about her business.  I come to the realization that I have done all I can do until I can’t do no more.  She have to want better for herself and not glam and the wrong attention.  She has to want more out of life than what she is getting and the only person you can make her see is the Lord.  I just pray she sees before it is too late to open her eyes to anything.

As a mother or a parent period we have to guide them but we can only lead them part of the way.  They have to find the rest of the way on their own.  There are some that aren’t being show even a step of the way and that’s where I believe my journey is going to lead me.  All I know is that wherever the Goddess is needed is where I shall be.  I am never done is home but I have to step aside and allow the Lord to do his work for I think I have overstepped my work and tread into his lane if you will.

I shall continue to pray for all and listen to my message from the Lord to come through, until then love, support and be a blessing to someone other than yourself.

Sending you all love and kisses.  #GoddessLove