The Family Bond! Chapter 9…Segment 3.

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

How do we do that you ask?

Put our money back into our communities.  We build it, grow it, sell it, finance it, borrow it, price it, redirect it, film it, produce it, make it, and love it.  Then we will be able to keep it and leave it for our families and future generations.  They would fight for nothing because they have everything and knowledge on how to keep it, reproduce it, and leave it for the generations yet to come.  They know we are the people!  Don’t be fooled people we are still making America what it is, ever since the beginning.  We built the United States on our back and still building it on our dime.

Here’s the catch though they hate us but I don’t think we were the ones who ask to come here nor asked them to come here.  If Europe was so much better than the “savages” they stole this land from why didn’t you all return to this great place?  From my understanding, all who fled couldn’t return and if they tried.  They would be killed on the spot.  They themselves are the “savages, the outcast, the black sheep.”  They didn’t want to follow the rules there and then came and enforce those same rules upon the Natives of this land.  Didn’t they come and kill, rape, punish and ravage the people already here.  How can Christopher Columbus discover something someone had already found as well as inhabited? 

What they should have said was that they discovered a different type of race but they already knew of our people because the people of Spain made them fully aware of us.  The Spanish people couldn’t conquer us so they figure they would give it a try.

History already told us this correct?  What history left out was the land was ours and ours alone.  Technically, I stand corrected it is of the people, but when did God sell the natural elements, water, gas, electric, so forth and so on.  When did he sell the Earth?

He said it was for the “meek.” Are you telling me that “society” think they are the only “meek” God intend to inherit the Earth?  I think not!

I remember living in East Baltimore and most of the corner store as well as the markets were black owned and operated.  Black people had a future and something to leave the generations under them.  They had jobs when “society” decided they wouldn’t dare hire a black man.  The black community stood behind them and what they believed in.  What happened to those days?

“Society” happened to those days.  First, they poison the black community with cigarettes, then marijuana, then alcohol, and finally drugs.  Being as weak and unproductive as we could we went for it all.  Now we have it all plaguing our communities but it is spilling over into “society,” but they will find a way to control it, within their communities while still infecting our families.

Since we don’t educate our children of their heritage because we ourselves wasn’t educated nor had the will to know, our children are blinded by “society’s” history.  The only history they know is of other’s accomplishments.  Believe you, me all black families have a story, history of their own, not just the ones “society” chose to recognize but the ones they left behind or out of the history books.

We damned our elders for not having much when we should have been paying attention to their struggle to survive.  Listening and learn the stories told by them from their elders.  I too am guilty of somewhat listening but not fully.  Thinking how boring and unexciting those stories was ambushed by “society” games and television or just too wrapped up in wanting to play in the community with all my friends.  This isn’t an excuse and I dare to use it as one. 

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

The Family Bond! Chapter 9…Segment 2.

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

Educating our children isn’t a hard task but first we ourselves need to educate and empower the next adult on what we now or have learned.  Since people of color was the first people on the planet then it is safe to inform you that “society” is of us and not we are of them.  This isn’t the reason for this book and this chapter.  We must have as parent already figured this much out for ourselves.  History itself isn’t all wrong just fabricated to fit “society’s” actions and to make themselves look superior.

This much we know without them tell us so.  We have eyes and ears so we can pretty much hear and see them to think and says this for ourselves.  What we do need to educate our children on is not to allow this to side track them.  “Society” feeds off this type of negative energy every day.  They actually make money off people of colors bad habits, negativity, and frustration.  How?  Because they have it set in their mind and wallets that we will do something stupid that is against the law instead of making a positive out of our situations no matter what they are or how bad they are.

We need to learn not be selfish; wield the knowledge and wisdom thrust upon us.  Rebuilding the community will not be easy, but if we educate our children and teach traditions then they too can carry on in our absence.  We are the indigenous people of this Planet and the only ones who haven’t found ourselves to know we are the rulers of Earth.

The education you supply your children with today could save their lives in the future.  What they learn today will be what they teach their children tomorrow so the legacy will live on but will it be a good legacy or bad one it’s up to you.  Redeem our heritage for a promising future.  If we are to have anything then we need to start somewhere and right now.  We have roamed this Planet since the beginning of Mankind, and still haven’t become distinct yet.  Why you think that is?  You can’t kill what is made to be, we will repopulate just like the earth heals itself we repopulate to keep the Planet from dyeing.

I could lie to you all and say we as people have come along way but like I said I could lie.  Only thing we have done is murder one another, destroy what our ancestors fought for and accomplished.  I can honestly say as a whole we have nothing, but even less as individuals.  Yes, we have homes on land we don’t own, cars and money, but so do “society.”  When you eat, do everyone else eat or do you eat alone.  You might feed them but do they really eat.

Eating and being fed is two different things.  Eating meaning, I can feed myself and those around me, being fed means they can only eat when you are hungry or when someone decides you should eat.  Not the same thing!  Teach the children that if they don’t bring anything to the table then don’t expect to eat.

Show them that if they don’t make something of themselves then they will be exactly what “society” deem them; “nothing!”  We have to show them a new way so they can think differently, preaching but not doing, is just talking.

H – Helping one another to cross bridges.

A – Assaulting each other no more.

R – Raging against “society’s” imprisonment

R – Reaping what you sow.

I – Implying your actions as what they are

E – Embowing the black people structure of unity

T – Tracing our lives to see where we been and where we can go. 

Not all men of our past were who they were and was the hero, we gave credit for their achievements and accomplishment.  Some of the truth was hidden from us but why?  Was it to protect us or to embarrass us later when we found out?  To demolish what hero life, they had in them from our eyes or because “society” knew of their wicked ways and was paid to keep quiet.  “Society” is without a doubt cruel and very unjust to any race except for their own that fits into “society.”  I do believe it’s because they are incapable of humanity, and love.

There only resource is money and power but only because we as black give it to them.  If we turn off the faucet then they can’t drink. If we blew out the polite, they couldn’t eat no warm themselves. 

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

The Family Bond! Chapter 9…Segment 1.

Goddess afternoon Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High on this rainy day. I see rain as an opening to heaven for all that have fallen victim to the grim reaper, Death! I see it as the All High opening his doors and inviting in his Soldiers.

Chapter 9.  Educating the Children of Their Heritage

All nationalities have enslaved the black man by one way or another.  It makes no sense though, because we as black people have the power and creativity to have not ended up as anyone’s property.  Thus, we have though and now we want to be slaves to them all over again.  Why?  We give them our money at these “society” owned stores to treat us like we are less than their non-spending customers.  We have made it hard for them to respect us by giving them all the respect we have.  When we don’t even have that much respect for ourselves.  If we did then we would know that they stole all from us.  We will know that they can’t make it without us. 

See they know of their heritage, but do we?  No, we don’t and that because they robbed us of such a gift and then decided to full us with lies.  What we do know of is slavery and we know of it all too well.  What they keep from us is what we know within ourselves and that is family love, happiness, and togetherness.  What they can’t have it for us to know of any of that.  “Society need our hate in order to thrive on our wealth, and misfortune, as well as our miseducation.  See they are the same people who stole our history from us and decide to educate us on it so they can leave out how much we already knew and had.  They refuse to educate us in the arts that once was ours.  Their science is ours.  Their wealth is ours.  Their land is ours.  Their fortune belongs to us and they know we just don’t know it. 

Educate them of the greats people who have made life a little more affordable, manageable, free, and peaceful for them by giving their own life.  See they know of the sacrifice but they can’t really feel their pain.  Why because we chose to give them everything under the sun that we didn’t have but at what cause.  We are now sacrificing our bodies, heartache, time, love, morals and values so they won’t know of the struggle.  It has become so much of the normal some even turn the blind eye to the pain and hurt they see you go through.  They have no care in the world of how much you suffer so they can have and some don’t even care what it takes they are just okay with it. 

These are the children that need to know how to share, care, and understand that just because mom and dad do it all doesn’t mean that the world is easy.  Then it’s those children who see the struggle as well as feel the struggle and they are the ones who will step up and try to help the family by any means necessary.  This is when you need to let them know the difference between doing it to lift the family versus doing it to lift yourself. 

Both sides of the coin need to know that life isn’t about materialistic things. When children aren’t taught this lesson, they seem to do whatever it takes to not feed the family but to cloth the family.  They seem to not know the necessities of life versus the wants of life. 

N – Needs are just things needed to survive

E – Everything isn’t for everyone

C – Circumstances calls for thought and not just actions

E – Essential to continue to live

S – Sacrifices made so you don’t have to change the game

S – Situation that calls for payments you can’t afford but you make them

I – Income is what you make it of your life’s choices

T – Testimony of your survival is to be seen and not bragged.

I – Improvement is of one’s self and not one’s wallet

E – Enjoyment is of one’s success and not another’s downfall.

S – Sight is seeing and boosting is convincing.

You don’t have to show your wealth directly because people who have been watching you will see it for themselves.  When you show your success in a derogatory manner it tells your spectators you have plenty for them to take and you won’t miss it at all.  When this happens, you do miss it because you had to flaunt it in other faces who don’t have or isn’t as successful as you are.  Then you are upset because they took from you.  Why?  Instead of bragging you should have been educating them in a different manner.  If you found a different way to manipulate the system then show others as long as it is within a positive manner.  Especially, if you know the system is designed to fail us all, black people.  Not everyone is afforded the same opportunity as others because not lives as we all think.  Just because we live in the same neighborhood doesn’t mean we all live the same.  Behind closed doors is what makes life different for all people. 

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

The Family Bond! Chapter 7…Closing Argument

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

In the beginning of this book I asked three questions and they were as follows:

  1. If all men are created equally then why is it that Black Men are born with 2 strikes against then and others aren’t?
    • Because all men cannot be created equally for the simple fact we are Gods and Goddesses descended from our ancestors and because we have such they prefer we don’t know of it so they continue to try to brain wash us into believe we are less than, unworthy, even ape who have been evolved. 
    • Well that is all lies to keep us from taking our rightful places are the rulers of this planet.  Therefore, they keep us from growth and unity to prevent a natural takeover.
    • They will even have you believe it is just of this country but it is all over this world. 
    • They will make you believe that you aren’t worth the sweat that your ancestors bleed to build what is not their but rightfully yours.  
  2. If all men are created equally then why is it that only Black or black people walked around with a tree on their backs or died by the hands of society?
    • Because they couldn’t allow you all to find out the truth, of your natural birth rights.
    • This is why they beat their beliefs into your ancestors so they can spread their lies, and hate into your psyche as your history.
    • They refused to be lied to any longer and demanded the truth and freedom. 
      • If they all man are created equal then why were they slaves in the first place?  Because all man is not created equal it’s all lies to get you interested in their other lies, they have to tell you.  We are not their equal; we are their SUPERIORS and they know it so they have to create lies to embed into your psyche for you to continue to fall victim to their mayhem.
  3. If all men are created equally then tell me why all men weren’t chosen to rise after death?
    • Just more lies for you to listen and pay attention to them while they pull the rabbit out of the hat. 
    • They learn new tricks every day to confuses you and shield you from the truth, that you are the true Rulers of this planet.
    • Why would they tell you a story of Black men who made a comeback so you can have hope?
      • That would just make you strong so why not give it to one man and not all men. They needed you to praise then and worship them and so we all did.  When they already knew that we were the Gods and Goddesses. 

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

The Family Bond! Chapter 7…Segment 4.

The Family Bond!  Chapter 7…Segment 4.

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

Everyone that looks good on the outside but may be sour as shit on the inside!

The first impression could be a façade.  I don’t go on first impressions; I need details and time.   It could be well glued together on the outside and torn apart on the inside.  People wear mask all the time, it isn’t until the mask comes off, you find out she/he is a bundle of hell, nervous wrecks, or homicidal.  Take more than a year to know your significant other before you declare he/she is the one and let them into your safe world only to destroy it. 

Time really doesn’t heal all wounds that’s another lie.  It just covers them up with other shit until they are forced to be revealed.  Take responsibilities of your life and destiny so you have no one to blame but yourself.  When you don’t you develop a nasty tongue and we all know words hurt.  Don’t want to get to know who they are after the destruction and horror.  At that point, it is too late and the family is now destroyed and under scrutiny of all that views it, because you move faster than life itself.  Knowing yourself and what you can and cannot take will help you understand who you are willing to deal, settle and conceive with for a life time.  Knowledge of yourself and ancestors, and family will prevent family mistakes, because a cousin is a cousin whether he/she is first or last, unless he/she is married into the family. 

Regaining yourself worth is the first step in knowing who you are.  Without knowing your worth means you can be tricked into thinking and believing you aren’t worth nothing not even the dirt beneath your feet from the ground you walk upon, worthless.  Don’t get to arrogant and forget just why you had to find your self-worth in the beginning.  Being too arrogant can lead to your loneliness as well as your demise.  Not everyone is impressed about you, as you are about finding yourself so be humble, when you know, your not a fool.  To some they will pump your head up pass where you have it causing you more pain than pleasure.  It happens to the good ones some of the times. 

In this life, we are looking for quantity to have better quality.  Let me clarify so the more of our people pull together as a nation the better quality of life we shall and will have.  As a whole, we are mighty as I draw this hand…

Opened it is able to help all


Some need a slap with all the force created by this hand, to ensure they get the message clear.  As I hold it open, I can offer you all these things and more, but as soon as I close it.

Closed it is as strong as it is opened but deadly


I now cover my people in the palm of my hand with all that I offer I haven’t raised my hand in disrespect nor closed my hand in hate.  I give you my hand in friendship and closed it in a bond that can never be broken.  I place your life in my hand I conceal it to keep others from harming you while I’m around.  I now can carry you open or closed without any concern for your safety because I offered you this hand in honor of my faith in my people.  But stand in front of it and your life is no longer yours to worry about.  It’s mine to do something about it.  Punch!

Be more than a friend to someone, be a resource, a shoulder, a listening ear, a safe haven from themselves, not just a party friend, cuddle buddy, friends with benefits that only suits you.  None of that matters when he/she is hurt or is in intensive care fighting for their lives, on their death bed, down and out or just want to give up on life.

Where will your friendship lay when the true test is upon you?  Better yet where will you be when the hammer comes down and you are really needed?  Place yourself in their shoes and see what kind of a friend you would need and where you would want that friendship standard to be?

I feel like that your judgement day, the true test of your character.  Some of us will pass, but some of you are going to fail miserably, but then your day will come and guess what!  Because of your hand wasn’t there neither will anyone else’s.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

The Family Bond! Chapter 7…Segment 3.

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

If a woman is single and meet a man who is single then they must learn how to be each other’s support system but only if they have decided to title one another.  If it’s only pure sexually then so it shall be, but remember there’s no soul in that.  It can only lead to heart ache and loneliness.  Eventually you will want more for yourself and of your life. 

The phrase I was born alone I will die alone isn’t true.  You were born with your mother right there, the only thing is you were born single, not alone.  Now the choice to die alone is yours.  It’s up to you as a person to take a road of solitude.  There are plenty of options in life as you grow to ensure you don’t have to die alone.  Once the relationship has been proven then and only then can the real support begin.  Guys remember that women had a life before this commitment and ladies remember that men had one as well.  Now you must be reminded that you have to fill a void in one another’s life.  Just a reminder that she had her girls before you came along.  She was around her girls and had someone to vent to and cry to.  Always had a listening ear and someone to shop with so now you must be all that to and for her. 

Ladies just a reminder he had his boys and always had going out partners.  Someone to go to the gym with as well as men to talk out things with.  So now if you hold that title you will have to be all that and more to him.   You both have new roles to play in each other’s lives, if neither of you call fill the bill nor are willing to take on the challenge then leave each other alone.  It can only end in misery, hatred, and heart ache.  You should think and act how you want this person to treat you and tell them so they can know.  Honestly, no one is a mind reader, so no one really knows what you want until you say.  No one knows you but is taking the time to get to know you.  Please don’t do it the physical first, when the mental is unstable singing yours should’ve, could’ve, would’ve, when all you had to do is observe and ask questions in the first place.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

The Family Bond! Chapter 7…Segment 2.

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

We know what we need to do but we aren’t sure on how to do it, since we are radical thinkers.  They know the family bond in our people isn’t strong anymore, so they use that against us.  They know that if they save us from us then we will turn on them.  Therefore “society” has no mean of saving black people.  They make too much money from our demise and self-destruction to want to save us.  In reality who are they saving us from but our own kind.  As a nation, we are strong and a force of determination, with the will to do anything and everything we put our minds to.  The only way to continue to keep us down is if they continue to beat us down.

They force us to feel guilty about not being able to support our families the way they think we should.  In reality, they are controlling our homes and family’s lives.  Let’s be honest here what is guilt; the fact or state of have committed an offense, crime, violation, or wrong especially against moral or penal law; culpability.

We have no reason to feel guilty because we committed none of these things.  We do more than our best on what we have to offer our families and if we come together as a community, “society know we would have more.  When your child doesn’t get all that they want, remember this, they still have a roof over their heads, clothes on their backs, shoes upon their feet, food for their hunger, water for their thirst, and a person to provide it all for them, you.  Take pride in knowing your best is good enough for now.  Never thirst after what the next man has because you never know their struggle to get it.   

Learn to be disciplined in your spending, living, learning, growing, and waiting because not all thing is for everyone.  Like the old saying goes be careful what you wish for because you never know the cost of their fortune.  Preying on what the next man have could leave you with a bad taste in your mouth, pain in your heart, misery in your life and death at your door.  Be careful what you are willing to give up just to get what you want.

For me I’ll stay with the necessities.  I’ll gladly move pass the basics when the Higher Power guide my footsteps.  Moving without him causes two spaces ahead then drops you five spaces back so you end up worse than before you started.  Learn to be patient in your walk, talk, drive and relationship for you could end with nothing which is less you may have started with, when starting this journey.  Reminder, the Higher Power does things in decency and order.  You can’t run before you learn to walk and can’t walk before you learn to stand and you can’t stand properly without balance and understanding.

You must understand the process before you do a job, or before you buy a car or before you move to a new home or buy a new home.  There is a systematic order to do these things, thinking you are getting ahead of the game when you’re not.  You are actually setting yourself up for failure.  You ruin your own chances of success by not taking the necessary precaution to prevent failure.  So anxious to make it you forget that not all things come together as planned but if you’re not prepared for obstacles then you already failed before you began.

Knowing your status, stance, and prospective on success as well lost will have prepared you for anything life throws at you.  Understanding your goals not just achieving them, but really know them makes for a better business, work environment, and boss, also a better person, mother, father, neighbor, and activist.  My goal is to help black families come together and stay together.  To learn to face trouble head on, to overcome obstacles that they come to, and jump hurdles they encounter.  To love, pass the physical and enjoy the mental, to join in the spiritual and touch the soul.  To reunite the village and communize the unreached the lonely souls.  To rejuvenate the weary and idolize the helpers.

We can only tolerate so much before our tolerance level have reach a level of no return but with God’s help, we can reach a level where we can tolerate anything as long as it’s for our people.  I mean why not, we’ve tolerated all “society” gives or shall I say throw at us.  We have endured their shit for over 400 plus years but have a level when it come to our own kind, please are we serious!

The only reason “society” have the power is because we give it to them, or so they think.  The real fact is we as black hold the real power.  The power of spending, building, giving, sharing, and taking.  We spend over fifteen billion dollars a year in this country and they get rich from it, so if we stop spending on what they have then they will feel the pain.  No more movies, no more cable, no more cell phones, no more crime, no more corner stores, no more name brand clothes, or tennis, no more cars, no more drugs, and no more dinning out/partying.  They will feel the pain and know of the struggle.  They would know of our pain and hurt.  They would have to work themselves.

If we built our own banks for just us, made our ow movies just for us, communicated face to face, designed our own clothes and shops just for us, cars and grow our own food.  We ourselves would feel better, think better, do better, and recycle our money through our communities.  We would stabilize our families and increase the power of black thus decreasing the crime rate and the power “society” has over us.  We would finally be able to stand as a nation; a very proud, productive, and creative nation.

Stability is what we don’t have even those who have jobs.  Those jobs aren’t secured, they think we are expendable.  Make sure we are irreplaceable by being our own bosses and creating job for our own kind.  What we know is that it won’t happen overnight but with everyone joining in and putting forth the effort this could happen within three to ten years?  We ourselves have a lot of work to do on us for us to make it happen.

It’s not a hard task if we revert to our natural roots!  Not physically but mentally to take pride in our color and what we have to offer as a proud race.  Yes, I know you aren’t giving up on your cell phones but we as black need black own and black operated businesses that feeds our needs.  Our communities have suffered long enough, I remember when all the corner stores in East Baltimore was black owned and operated.  There wasn’t another culture or race that own another store in East Baltimore.  Now that’s all that own the same stores I use to buy my family’s goods from.  However, the carryout was owned by the Asians but that was for those like myself, who ate Yakami, Lo Mein, Egg Foo Yung or other Chinese cuisine; even the bars were owned by black.  Where did our status go?  Why did we as black fall so hard?  Because, those who couldn’t do for themselves didn’t want for those who could to continue with their success and “society” helping hand didn’t help at all.  For a matter of fact, they hurt the most by forcing crack cocaine and heroin into the city and then started a campaign for the war on drugs.  Are you serious and black people fell for the hype?  While “society” was pulling the wool over our eyes and pushing their drugs harder in our communities, we decided that forcing them down our own people throats, shooting them in their veins, or shoving it in their noses to get rich was the best thing for the neighborhoods.  But in all honesty, where are those drug dealers now?  Oh, yes in jail, prison, dead, or users themselves.  Yes, “society” knew exactly what they were doing we just didn’t have a clue. 

It was fast money and that is the problem with black people.  We all wanted that fast money, the get rich quick scams, but at what cost it didn’t matter to us.  We were suffering and didn’t even know it.  We were infecting our own lives and didn’t care because the fast money made everything look different.  At least when the dealers ate, I can say the neighborhood ate as well.  We have the audacity to think fast money is the best money, but we are slowly learning it isn’t.  It’s all comes with a price and sometimes that price is worse than living, death is the not a reward that equals a come up.  It is a sentence that equals exactly what it is; death!  Now look at our communities in the worse conditions that have ever been in since I can remember. 

I see our young children no longer the pushers but as junkies buying prescription drugs from addicts. 

First, they gave you a taste then when your power got big, they pulled the plug away and threw you in their prisons.  Making more money off you and all the while this was their plans from the beginning.  Either way they made money off us whether it was selling it, buying it, or locking you up for it.  Until this day they still profit what they can from the black communities. 

We lost our way because everything flashy looks good.  Plus, it looked good against the poverty we were facing.  Somehow, when the flash come, we missed the picture behind the glitter and gold.  We couldn’t see the future for the present looked appealing.  Now look where we are still scrapping for scraps and begging for more.  Why when we had it all, by supporting the black businesses, that was already established?  We missed our boat but the one thing I do know is boats and ship must dock to load and unload.  When it our turn, remember our best features we have is communication.  If we band together verbally, then our psyche tells us to do it mentally, and then physically. 

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove