Confession Thursday! Are Bad At Parenting Or Winging It?

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

We have allowed these children too much freedom of expression. They are now whipping parents asses, killing grandparents, murdering children, and all while being high. They know we’re not saying anything because we don’t want them upset. I know that’s shit is wrong, I could care less about them being upset. We are the parents and we need to be teaching, educating, and whipping asses and setting the boundaries.

What is going on? If you were raised correctly then you know what the rules are as well as what right and wrong. Why is it that parents now days try to be their children’s friend? Forget all that get your own damn friends your own damn age and raise you fucking children!

Here’s the thing girls are taught not to go off with men they don’t know but boys aren’t taught not to be the predators that wants to take girls off. If you are educating our daughters then we better be double educating our sons. We tell them not to me whores and not to give it up so early. Father’s get mad and want to grab the gun when they find it they are dating but no one does anything about these boys. We aren’t teaching them that no mean no. We aren’t teaching them that’s their hands belongs to themselves. We are teaching them how to wait. We aren’t teaching them safe sex. We are just hanging them condoms and telling them not to get the girls pregnant! We get happy when the son start dating when we should be getting upset as well. We should be grabbing the gun for his ass as well. Not to run off the gun but to let him know don’t be a sex offender, predator, creeper, pervert, or child molester. Where is their speech? Where is the concern that maybe you aren’t raising them correctly reason why they are out here doing more than society can handle?

As soon as they are dead, in prison or hurt then its free him or not him or he was a good boy. Maybe not! Maybe you just didn’t know your son as well as you thought. Remember we are the parents and we need to step up and be that even when they are grown because they are more confused then ever. Don’t just kick them out onto the world without guidance and tell them they can do it because if you weren’t that great of a teacher then they can’t do it. Yeah you did take care of the house, cook, clean, and keep a roof over their heads as well as for in their mouths but while you were doing it did you ever teach them? Or were you just hoping they were watching and learning on their own.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

Wednesday – The Millennials

Goddess afternoon Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

The run in that people are experiencing with these “Millennials” is ridiculous. The reports are astounding and I only can ask who is raising them.

I believe that the parents of these Millennials are those who got the short end of the stick. By the time they were having babies real Mothers and Fathers were not available they were to busy working. They forgot about helping as grandparents and so the millennials are not being taught respect, given proper love nor are they being educated by the system correctly. Technology is their babysitters, corner stores is their kitchen, the streets it’s where they live and sleep comfortable, peers are they guides and the Higher Power isn’t a factor.

They are in desperate need of assistance because they are becoming victims of their own self hate. Predators are walking them into sex trafficking situations. Parents are losing them by the dozen and they are dying faster than they are being born. Where and who can they turn to if Mommy and Daddy isn’t around, they only place no one told them about, the street and everything it has to offer. Drugs, sex, unsupervised nights, lack of school, diseases and murder is all they know because it’s all they are shown. No one cares anymore.

Let’s pray that the children of today see tomorrow because they don’t believe in tomorrow. They believe and live for the right now, the moment, the last day is today. They don’t have to though we are adults should be teaching them better ways, showing them better days, and giving them hope for tomorrow.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

Saturday – Sit Down With Lady K.

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

Respecting one’s individuality! I know it may sound cliche but believe me it isn’t. I have been in homes of all kinds of people and what I have realized is that most people believe that if they are raised that same then they must be the same. They believe that if they go to the same church then their beliefs are the same. They believe that even though they are all raised to be one religion that trying or believing in another religion is going against the family. They believe that born one nationality means that you are supposed to act a certain way and cannot love another who isn’t of your nationality. I hate to be the bare of bad news but it is 2020 and you can be whoever you want to be and love whoever makes you happy and loves you back. That is what is wrong with the world today, no one wants to believe that people are of their own mind, body and spirit That if they were raised or born of a certain status that is what they are supposed to be of. Well it isn’t working out in most of our favors.

Take for instance, I am a homebody, who believe in strong family bonds, values, morals, and love, while giving a person room to be who they want to be, respectively. My sisters on the other hand have different outlooks on who their children are supposed to be as well as how they treat their siblings. Remember that there is 25 of us, so how they expect for all us to be the same is a mystery to me. One of my sisters, thinks because she doesn’t socialize with her family that her children should either. Even though when they do get to come around they enjoy being around their family and have a great time. She removed herself from the family because she did unspeakable things. Why should her children be the result of her horrior? I don’t know but they are suffering at the hands of her mistake. She has it in her mind that everyone is against her for what she done to another sibling of ours. We had our take on it but then we let it go because it is in the past and we can’t do anything about it.

Then I have a sister that blames everyone for her misfortunate. She never looks in the mirror to see that she is the cause of what she doesn’t have or what she does. She refuse to believe that she dealt her own hand or that she can change it. It just feels better blaming others. She doesn’t make her children do more than she does because she doesn’t want to sound like a hypocrite. So she just goes on about her day blaming her lack of on others, instead of applying that energy to make things better for her and her family. She wants the youngest to be exactly like her and mad at the other for not being exactly like her.

Then there is another sister who believes in the individuality too much that she forgets sometimes that she even have children. She goes on about her day as if she has no worries in the world. She has to be given a reality check every now and then. She just do her and well that is the definition of individuality but not the definition of parenting. Remember we don’t want to be like us, we want better for them, but also we have to remember that we have them.

I have sister who have lost everything including her way but she doesn’t let that effect her day. She just goes on about her business as if she doesn’t have a care in the world. She lives as though nothing has happened and since she does well I do as well. Remember the process have to start with wanting help not just jumping the gun assuming that they want help. I make sure she is okay and leave it at that.

Then there’s my brother who I can say came a long way. He has really turned his life around in more ways than one. He only have himself, but cares about everyone to a point. If you show him that you don’t care about yourself then you are no longer a thought process for him. He writes you off like you have written yourself off. He will not show any concern if you refuse to care enough for yourself. I love that about him because he takes care of himself and stay in his own lane.

My youngest brother is a different story, he has issues. After our mother died he took it the worst, and while we as a family rallied around him for moral, and financial support, we had to realize that he is a con artist. He was playing us with the whole heartache thing. He just wanted our money and sympathy so we wouldn’t say anything about his abuse of drugs. He used my mother’s death as a coping mechanism to get high. Well we caught on to that fast and then allowed him to destroy his life if he wanted to and not to bring down ours. He is trying to get clean or so we think but it could just be another con.

My other brothers however is doing well I might add. Well as far as I can see they are doing well. I have one that has did a whole 180 in the art of growing up. He was a terrorist when he was a child. I mean he was bad as hell, now he is about his family and raising his daughter to be the best she can be. He is about promoting non-violence and help brothers get their life right. No he isn’t a preacher but he is a better individual than what he was as a child or a teenager. In his adult life he has made me proud.

I know that we are all of my parents and some have adopted their mentality but we all are individuals and all we can really say about being raised by them is that they tried and failed. I wish I could say that they did their best but I would be lying. I will say this though, what we learned is what not to do but some of us have test the theory anyway. Some have become my parents and well that isn’t working out in their favor just like it didn’t work for my parents. So they followed the process of being raised to be your parents and living it, or should I say struggling in it. While other have adopted their own individuality and living the life that is theirs.

Parents this is a message to you. If you know your life isn’t great or going the way you planned then don’t push it onto your children. Allow them to live their life but instill those morals and values needed to know the difference between right and wrong. If you yourself aren’t sure what they are please get them professional help now so that you won’t be responsible for your children’s downfall.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

Confession Thursday – Revenge

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

To be vindictive to others just mean that you store hatred in your heart for something someone did to you or someone you love. In many ways revenge hurts you more than the person who you seek revenge on as well as for. I know sometimes we feel like we have to be their Noble warriors and safe the day, honestly that’s not true. Sometimes you have to sit back and watch mysteriously how the Lord works. It will amaze you and have you wondering if you done anything to make him mad or upset enough to bring this much vengeance upon you.

We don’t see it until it’s too late because we intervened where we should have prayed. The walk when we should have stayed still. The plot and preyed when we should have been educating and reaching. We get in the way and then ask, “Why God.” If only you could really hear because you were standing in the way and I didn’t want you to get hurt too. You would understand that every battle isn’t yours to fight and every war isn’t to be won. Sometimes you have to allow your heart to hurt and your mind to wonder in order for justice to take place.

Isn’t that what you do when you seek revenge, apply your justice where there was none? Of course we do, we know best or so we think, but aren’t really thinking at all. We think that if we take revenge for whomever or ourselves then we are fighting back. What happens when someone with the same mentality does the same thing? Continuous war, death, innocent lives lost, was that you plan? Is this what you really wanted? You must ask yourself will others seek their justice (revenge) after you implement yours.

Sure they are because they will be angry just like you are now, but that doesn’t matter at this time because all that matters is your pain. Do you know what caused their pain to start? Do you know what would have made them do what they did? How innocent is the person you seek revenge for? No one is worthy of hate or pain so think before you deliver what someone had already brought you.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

Timeless Tuesday! Appreciating What You Have

Goddess evening Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

Listen not all lost is bad as well as not all gain is good. People believe that if they lost something or someone that they are losing which isn’t true, but thing that if they have gain something that they are winning. I can tell you that isn’t always the case. Sometimes it is the opposite of what it is. Let’s see if I can help make a lost timeless as well as a gain the opposite.

Do you feel like a winner when you have lost your money to someone or an casino knowing that it was greatly needed? No you feel like an ass for losing and tell yourself that you aren’t going to do that again. Do you feel like a looser when you have lost a boyfriend/girlfriend that you found out was using you the whole time or that you were their side piece. No you feel like you won in a sense but lost because you wasted all that time on that person. Well, if you are no longer carrying the weigh of that person’s problems, bad habits or mess on your shoulders then I believe that is a win. Take the time that you lost on that person as a lesson that you had to learn becauses if you didn’t then you would still be in class getting played. Take that lesson of losing your money as a rehabilitation that gambling is not for you and you shouldn’t play with the money you already have. Not everyone was born to gamble and win, some was meant to gamble and lose so that they an learn the lesson of not gambling.

Honestly, you take a chance everyday with life and if they aren’t destroying you within or otherwise you have to learn to be grateful for them. You have to learn to appreciate what you have in order to get more of what you want or need. If your greed out weigh you knowledge and appreciation then you will lose every time. When learning lesson pay attention to the end results so that you will not repeat them if they are of lost and not of gain. If you gain something bad from it then maybe you shouldn’t tried to so hard to get it. It simply mean that it wasn’t meant for you from the start. Don’t worry we all have been there getting played for some of us it has been worse and for other just enough. it is nothing to be ashamed of, but if you are still doing it then you shouldn’t be ashamed because you have made getting played your way of living. You have learn to adapted to feeling like shit and worthless that you believe that it is how love is.

If while getting played you contracted a disease and you chose to still stay because it wasn’t as bad as it could have been then you will get worse. The mere fact that you accepted that as a gain mean you don’t know what a lost is. When you found out you should have questioned yourself and took the answer on you should have got the cure and then cancelled his/her ass. When you continued on you let them know it was okay to walk all over you and that you are willing to accept their bullshit. The cure was the gain the disease was the lost. Sometimes there is no cure so don’t go back just to find out if you can contract more disease your heart and body deserves more.

I know there are so many winning and losing situations in the world but you have to know what is a win for you and a lose. If you just accept life and move on as it is then you are losing because is so much out there to win then again there is so much out there to lose. When you do more for yourself and less for others you will find out how much you are winning and gaining and how much you have lost. They too will know how much the lost when they don’t have you to fall back on as well as take care of them. You need to learn what love really is and what is just lust.

Learning your worth for your and understand your worth to them is a timeless moment because find yourself and understand your purpose in your like as well as other’s life.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

Manic Monday! Yes, It Showed Up Again

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

No matter how many times you get angry and or upset, it is going to keep coming. Every week it will come just like that Friday you can’t wait to come, or that Wednesday because they said you all were having a big meeting referencing “promotions.”

So saulk now, have fit, throw whatever you want, but deal with it. You have shit to do today. I have a great idea instead of hating Mondays how about accepting them because aren’t going away unless you perish before it arrived then you don’t have to do with them ever again. I just want you to know in your absence they are still coming for everyone else. Monday is just a way to let you know you made it through a crazy otherwise dangerous weekend. You know that give the second chance you may not have made it out of. You escaped death, jail or an accidental suicide that someone would have left your ass to your demise. So stop with the “I hate Mondays blues” and get the fuck out there and handle Monday like you handled that weekend.

Facts are that in six days if you survive them you will see it again. You can make Mondays exciting, a great start to an awesome week and a even better weekend. First, you have to get the fuck up and enjoy life because it is too short to keep hating it just because it is a Monday. I only call it manic because everyone hates it, even me sometimes, but I make it my Bitch and own it so that I can get through it.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

Confession Thursday – Are We Supporting The Violence?

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

We are all guilty! We have all supported the violence in one form or another. Can’t say you haven’t, either you the cause or the enabler. I know you don’t see it or want to admit to it but we have all done it.

We either know of something that has happened or we have cause something that has happened. If you say no, then think back and see what you have said and who you have said it to. Something may have happened to you or someone you know and you told someone and they told someone and they told someone. Either way it got to the wrong or right person depending on how you see it, and they took care of the problem or situation. I know you don’t think that you have anything to do with it but you kind of did. Maybe it went another way, maybe someone couldn’t hold it in and told you of a situation wherein they did harm to someone. You hold this person in high regards so you just ignore and let it be in the pass. You look at them a little different but nevertheless you know what they told they did. Then somehow it is confirmed but you don’t say a word. See we all know of violence or violent offenders but we don’t say or do anything.

I am not tell you to snitch or to tell, I am simply pointing out the fact that we all know of violence and violent offenders so we all support it. If you didn’t say anything to them about turning themselves in or told not to do it then we enable them and allow them to do what they did or have to do in order to make themselves feel better. But in all retrospect do they feel better or just numb? Do they learn from it or fuel from it? Note: Did we just give them enough ammunition to go out and do it again or did they learn from it and now is so afraid they can’t look at themselves. Somewhere along the line we have to ask ourselves what kind of people are we really.

I know somewhere someone is thinking maybe the person deserved it. Are we now playing GOD and deciding who is worthy to die or what punishment they should receive? Ask yourself did you make the right decision or are you making the right decision? Did you enable the violence or did you encourage the violence? Know this we all do it either way! Question is what are we going to do about it now?

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove