Black History Facts

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

Haitian Revolution 1791 – 1804

  • Successful anti-slavery and anti-colonial insurrection overthrowing the French.
  • Let to the West pulling out of the institution of slavery throughout the Americas.
  • Only slave uprising that led to the founding of a state, free from slavery, and ruled by non-whites and former captives.
  • Self-liberated slaves destroyed slavery, fought to preserve their freedom, and with the collaboration of mulattoes, found the sovereign state of Haiti.
  • Challenged long-held beliefs about Black inferiority and enslaved person’s capacity to achieve and maintain freedom.

Harlem Renaissance Harlem, New York: 1920s – Mid 1930s

  • A cultural, social, and artistic explosion, “New Negro Movement.”
  • Grew out of the changes that had taken place in the African-American community since the abolition of slavery.
  • Period of time when African-Americans were encouraged to celebrate their heritage, racial pride, creative expression, and intellectualism.
  • Significant figures included: Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Claude McKay, Zora Neale Hurston, Bessie Smith,Paul Robeson, and Langston Hughes.

Without anything but their life on the line, many people of color did what was necessary and right to live. They fought to the death so that we (people of color) could live how we live today. What are we doing to pay honor to their struggle? How are we re-paying them for their blood, death, and sacrifice? What are we doing to make a future for those who will come behind us? If you cannot answer these questions because there is no mark you’re leaving for your future generations, then the answer is nothing. We have to do better since we have more than what they had to make what we have a reality.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove


Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

We all have a family whether big or small; good or bad; blood or not. It could be someone or a group of people you grew up with or the real deal. See in my family I have 23 siblings, hundreds of cousins on my father’s side and equal as many on my mother’s side but I only beginning to realize the intensity of having so many family member. I thought having 23 siblings was tough imagine having hundreds of personalities to deal with and trying not to burst. See we are a close knit family and get even closer when we are threatened.

We all have our own lives yes but we can’t seem to stay out of each others lives as well. We fuss and fight sometimes with the physical but we always manage somehow to work it out. We dance, sing and eat together more often than most families. We share our history with our new generations. The one thing we haven’t done is abandoned one another. We have yet to see our family out on the streets or in rare form suffering. We weren’t raise to leave one another behind and so we don’t. We bare and grin but we don’t close our doors nor turn our backs on one another. We have our grandparents to thank for that passion and compassion. Even though there have been some abandonment involved by those who shouldn’t have the rest of the family picked up the slack.

We have nursed our sick and elder into health or made it comfortable in their last days with us. We have fed the whole family and didn’t care the cost. We have adopted other’s babies within the family so that no one else will have to do what our family can do. Some have slipped through the cracks but we never stopped looking for those ones. We teach our children the meaning of family with hopes that they continue on the traditions and love. We are an affectionate bunch and show it as well as say it. We gather in honor of graduations, great achievements, proud moments, births, as well as death. We are a enormous family but we have big hearts and large shoes to fill. So when we leave we pray that the ones we leave behind will remember us like we remember the one’s who have went on.

So on this day and everyday, I honor my family with love, encouragement, dedication, determination, motivation, reconciliation, passion, compassion, empathy and sympathy. I glorify them because of their achievements, persistence, ability to get back up when it seems as though the world has knocked them down. I praise them for not giving up on themselves and the others around them. I accept that some need more help than other and I don’t deem them less worthy of being praised because it take a lot of courage to ask for help or to receive it when you feel as though you don’t deserve it. I commend them on going after their goals and passion. To make life better for themselves and their families. To show our children that any and everything is possible if you just believe in yourself and allow other to believe in you as well. I cherish your dreams as if they were my own. Follow your heart to the fullest because we got your back.


Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

Greetings Wednesday

Greetings Wednesday

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all high.

I greet Wednesday with a smile in my heart and a dance in my walk. To me you are the glass half full as well as the glass half empty. Meaning I haven’t drank it all and there is still more to drink. I see you as the work week almost done and the weekend yet to come. I honor you because I know that eve though I am not finished with the week I have time to prepare for my weekend.

I greet you because you are that hump I can get over and the hill I have already climbed. I see you as a metaphor for life’s challenges. To me you are done and yet to come in the same breath. No matter how close you are to the end you still at the beginning. You give a chance to finish and well a end to what I have started. I know it sounds weird but to me it is what it is.

So to you Wednesday I salute you and welcome you every week with open arms and a smile.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

Timeless Tuesday

Timeless Tuesday

Goddess Morning Royals

Well we are back with another Timeless Tuesday and all I can say is how thankful and grateful I am to have timeless moments to share with the people I love. I have always had someone to share in special moments with because I have an enormous family.  We may all get along but I get along with them all and some more than others.  See I love my family and pray they love me as well.  If not I can deal, but I still love them.  Every now and again I spend quality time with someone who wants me to be around, and we manage to always have a great time.

We all may not have a wonderful time as a whole but in parts it is just wonderful.  I understand that not all personalities can get along even though they are from the same tree.  I understand that not all the branch like to be bonded together by the bark of that tree but the leaves on tree can get along and sway in the wind together just fine.  Still I try my best to make every moment count and worth my attention and love.  I can only continue to pray for the day when we all can just get along and be the family in which the Lord have made.  That my friends will be the ultimate Timeless Tuesday that will warm my heart until the Lord calls me home.

Sending you all love and kisses.  #GoddessLove

Surviving 2012

God bless to all that made it to 2012 despite all the nay sayers. I don’t believe in all when the world is going to end but nevertheless it is going to expire well at least life anyway. However, this planet of “ours” have survived for billions of years but those who dwell upon it hasn’t so if nothing more make those who say 2012 is our end a liar. Learn from all the mistakes of the past and make the present and future different. Mankind has killed, destroyed, and suffered long enough and still we are nowhere as better human beings, just out technology has advanced but our thinking, living, survival instincts, love, hearts, productivity, possessions, will, drive, beliefs, and judgements remains the same. If we could do better and its in our power to do better than why don’t we? Because it is our selfishness that prevails over our love that is greatly instilled in us. We believe we should receive for whatever service or act we provide or commit, but life doesn’t always work like that or in our favor, at least that what we believe, because it doesn’t happent right then and there. But God does without devine favoring and we are created in his image so why can’t we as God’s people (children) do the same. We I challenge myself this year to be more than I ever been because he has done no wrong to me or by me. When I call him or needed him he was there even when I didn’t call or thought I could handle things on my own he was there. So now its time to restore faith in mankind not only for my sake but for Jesus sake because if not then Jesus died for nothing and I very much cannot handle that idea! I believe in my God and his ability to restore goodwill, hope, love, and faith in all so we will live to see our grandchildren’s children growup and get married. So we can be the elderly with wisdom to pass down to them. But that cannot happen if the only thing on our mind is parties, playtime, selfishness, revenge, hate, destruction, war, money, power or greed.
So in order to survive 2012 and be more than what you are we need to love, care, honor, trust, beleive, respect and help more than just ourselves, because we never know when we will be on the

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Friendship can only mean a much as the friend holding the relationship at value!

If your morals and values are low or pointless so is the friendship! You can value anything in life if you have no real value within yourself. Understand that your opinions are just that if the y carry no weight or point then why verbalize them to any conversation or matter concerning others. Friendships should hold merit to everyone not just the one with love and honor but to the one who comes up short. This way no one come up short in a real friendship.
If I can give 100% then you should be able to match that in every aspect of the word friendship!

I hold my friendship as well as my relationship in the greatest of standards but not the same standards. However, my friends are there forever; my relationship is not a guarantee! Men and women are going to come and go I begin your life but once you claim true friendship it is always and forever.