Saturday, Sit Down With Lady K.

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

We as parents, grandparents, great-grandparents are failing. We are failing the descendants that will come. We aren’t allowing ourselves to be the village and put our foot down so that they will not destroy what the ancestors fought so hard to overcome. We are allowing children to ruin not run the world. They are making messes everywhere they go and the future isn’t looking so bright for us. We can pray and pray but if that is all we are going to do then it will not work. Some of you is so worried about how it will look if you pulled a switch from the tree or a belt from the drawer, that you are allowing these children to run over top of you. I understand what Child Protective Services is for but I also know what labor and delivery was about as well. If you knew you were going to take care of them when why go through the pain of having them.

We seem to be so caught up on making the law do something that we as parents should have been doing from the beginning. We should have been teaching them morals and values, not shopping and selfies. Now all they want is technology and clothes with no real way of earning it. They expect you to break your neck, bank and ass to get it no matter the consequence or threaten you with I will get it myself. Then you will get this asswhipping with it. See you all got afraid and now you expect for someone else to clean up after you, but this is your mess so get your ass out there and clean it up. If it is too late then you must give your all to allowing the law to do what they are going to do, modern day lynching. There is nothing you can do about because if it was, you would have done something about it before it got to this point. Yes, they are going to hunt your child down, and lock him or her up, may even kill them depending on how this turns out.

No I am not saying all children are out of control but you as a parent know if your child is out of control or not. You know if your child is whipping your ass then there is no way he or she is being respectful out in the streets until they are a psychopath then you know exactly what to do. We know if our children are out of control just take a hard look into the mirror. If you are all about the party scene, hanging with the girls, never home even though you work, or just want to be their friend then yes your child, or children is out of control. If you are all about yourself then you are the problem and I can’t blame the child nor the children for your lack of parenting. No don’t just blame your parents because you knew what you went through as a child and you should have had enough of that and wanted better for your child or children. If you are blaming them then you haven’t learned a damn thing in your dysfunctional upbringing. Your children will be the direct replica of you.

Don’t cry for help if all you are giving is exactly what you are seeing. Growing up is a learning process and if you aren’t teaching them what you learned then don’t cry for help when they are making your life a living hell. Remember you did that already and now you’re doing it again, but this time as an adult, or what is supposed to be an adult. Now you are grown and no one really wants to be around you, it isn’t because you smell or anything, it’s because you are still childish and need to grow the fuck up. I bet you this they all talk about you behind your back, which is also childish, but they are playing at your game and not theirs.

If you want a future then I think it is time you take control of your present so that you can secure a future, if not then say your goodbyes now. These children don’t have a future if they keep on this path of destruction.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

When Life Have You on Pause

When Life Have You on Pause

Goddess morning Royals.

Sometimes we get stuck and then fall into a world of despair and leave no room for repair. We get lost in our own imagination and thoughts that it becomes overwhelming. We think the worst and fear it as well. We just want life to go back to the way things use to be. We rather live in the past and hope that we don’t change much in the future. We pray for things to remain the same in this time of hopelessness. We start to shut ourselves off from the rest of the world. We go into a dark place and dare light to shine anywhere near our comfort zone. Is this what we really need or want for ourselves or is it this is what is safe at the moment? Do we wish the safety zone could last forever because we fear the unknown?

The truth of the matter is we need repair or rebooting. We need that little push or hint to get us going. We need to feel wanted in order to have a sense of self worth. Many people say that don’t need any validation but we do need acknowledgement of our existence. We might not want to be seen all the time but we do want to be remembered occasionally. We want to be liked by at least one person in our life time to have a sense of love, happiness, and even life itself. Someone who knows that you were nice, loving, caring, thoughtful, and alive. Most people who have disassociated themselves from this reality, was hurt by someone whom they really loved, cared about and gave their all to, but didn’t received it in return or maybe that  special person died with their love. This doesn’t mean that you check out, that mean that you have been validated in the fullest of life, love and experienced true happiness. Don’t give up on people just because death came between you or hurt found your doorstep. Remember not all people are hurtful, destructive with their words or selfish. As for death we all have to meet the creator someday. Sad that some go sooner than others but it is of the great design. While you here though make the most of it and enjoy it.

Getting lost in your imagination isn’t always a bad thing. Some times it is a great thing, especially if you create something wonderful from it. Don’t slip into a fantasy that will never come true or in a reality you can’t make it come true. This can be very damaging to your psyche, giving you false hope of any future. Dream big and then do something about it. Create hope for generations to come and know that you have done something you never thought would happen in reality, change. Everything you have seen whether good or bad had came from one idea, dream, or someone’s imagination. So don’t allow time to freeze you but allow it to show you where you are and where you are going. Head for the future!

I know we love a certain point in our lives wherein we were our happiest, brightest, fun loving, caring and most inspirational selves, we could have been. We want to relive that moment over and over again. Once it happened we want it to last for a life time, but when it doesn’t, we feel hurt and wish for that moment again. Stop! Create new moments when you start to feel like all the excitement and joy is gone. Every moment should mean something to you but it shouldn’t be a place you stay. Memories is just that a place to revisit but not a place to stay. The fact of the matter is if you relive the good time then eventually you will have to relive the bad as well. So remember the good and move on into a new memory to look back on and say “good times,” but don’t stay. You can come back whenever you feel like it but remember keep looking forward because you never know where you are heading.

If you don’t explore what the world has to offer you will miss your calling. Don’t just assume because you are good at one thing you wont be great at something new. Don’t get hooked on what people say you are good at but get into things they say they can’t see you doing because it isn’t you. Explore what greatness you haven’t master yet and discover things about yourself even you weren’t aware of, passivity is creativity. Motivation is self contagious. Dreaming is just what you haven’t created yet. Darkness is just a closed door waiting to be opened, or a empty space wanting you to shed light to fill it. Your possibilities are infinite.

Don’t live or love in your should’ve, could’ve would’ve and regret not doing it but just dreaming it.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove