The Family Bond! Chapter 2…Segment 3

Goddess Morning Royals. First give praise and worship to the all High.

Doomed from captivity, many knew they wouldn’t survive, so they warned new comers of the hardship.  Many killed themselves to escape while others just escaped.  Some were smart enough to buy out their freedom.  Most wasn’t sure why they had to buy freedom when they came there as a free man.  They couldn’t believe they were now slaves when so much was promised to them.  Many just wanted on the ship to find a love one that was taken so many years ago to start the mend of a broken home.  Some debated and called those “veterans” liars, thinking they wanted the wealth to themselves, but soon learned there was no wealth only hate and poverty.  Some conformed and traded up on their own kind.  This was their way of escaping harm, death, and sales.

This would soon be a different thought process for most, because they wanted freedom.  They have heard that if you travel north that those black were free.  Some fought back and loss their lives but regained their dignity and self-respect in battle.

C – Condemned their own future for their presence

O – Overlooked things that wasn’t right to avoid punishment

N – Neglected their own families for the sake of themselves

F – Fought with “society” against their own kind.

O – Ostracized themselves from the family to fit in with “society.”

R – Replaced family with “society”

M – Manipulated by “society” to believe they were family and accepted

E – Enforcers made sure everyone stayed in compliance

D – Discriminated against the family to please “society”

Years of being passed around is now embedded in their Deoxyribonucleic Acid DNA.  Now their seeds are all over the place and without a mentor to guide their actions.  Predecessors, successors, are now preordained to continue with the lack of the family value.  For those who do fight the urge society has found new ways of ensuring their demise.  Murders their dreams, hopes, and ambitions by incarcerating, and denigrating their minds.  Make them a prisoner of themselves.  How you ask?

Educate them but with a poor integrated system.  Give them just enough education where they feel as though they have learned by not what society learns.  If they exceed what “society” teaches them then denounce them cheaters, evil, bewitched, but don’t accept them as intelligent or intellectuals.  Don’t allow other blacks to teach them of their heritage, ancestors, culture, or religion because they don’t know anything.

Black list them, give them jobs that only servant workers deserve even with “society’s” education.  Underpay them but overwork them causing depression, frustration, deterioration of their body.  Soon deeming them unable to work.  If a man can’t work he can’t eat or take care of his family.  So “society” think they won again, but black people are inventive and creative.  They are the village “society” will never be.

Let’s define “society:” The aggregate of people living together in ordered community.  An organization or club formed for a particular purpose or activity; association, club, circle, fellowship, lodge, guild, fraternity, brotherhood, sisterhood, sorority, league, alliance.

As soon as black gather together they are gang members, thugs, communed ally’s, united, ruffians, hooligans, hoodlums, gangsters, villains and criminals.  Why is my group different from your group?  Is it because of the color of our skin, the difference in our mindset, or is it the fear from “society” that black people have united and become on one accord?  So now they are terrorist.  Isn’t that what being in fraternities and sororities mean?  Just a group of people who terrorize other people who don’t fit into their club?  Same thing goes for “society’s” circles, associations, and alliances.  If your money isn’t right you don’t belong.

When blacks do it, they are conspiring against “society” and must stop at once.  I’ll revisit this in another chapter, back to how “society” tear away the black man.  So now Dad or the black man is frustrated and need someone or something to take it out on.  Since, home is the only place safe enough for him then home it is.  But even there, “society” have a say in what you as a black man can do, say, or even act out.  Either way you will be punished for “society” actions because of your reaction.

Prosecuted because of your reactions for being in the position “society” have placed you in.  Either you will be sold, beaten, or hung until death but surely you are removed from your home or shall we say the life with your family.

Sending you all kisses and love. #GoddessLove

The Family Bond! Chapter 1…Segment 3

Goddess Morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High!

Crime rose but only to a point

M – Maliciously a coward by self-doubt

U – Unaware of potential to be better.

R – Redirecting anger onto others.

D – Disconnected from a community with Love.

E – Economically desensitized by materialistic things.

R – Release into a broken society of poverty to fight for nothing. 

S – Savages who killed, raped, maliciously beaten and denounced my people.

O – Over privilege creatures of ignorance, hate, stupidity, by corruption and manipulation.

C – Cut throats to their own kind and pushes their ways on other cultures for pleasure.

I – Inapt, ignorant and delusional inhumane creatures of terror

E – Economically unstable terrorist of habit

T – Terrorist who govern “society” as the government or higher power

Y – Yours and mine, enemies of the world. 

Where do we all turn when we need help, we call on God or go to church for the support. This is where they are supposed to provide support, so that is what we were told.  Well they do provide to those who give to their “cause” or shall I say to their pockets.  I know that this may sound wrong, but they are supposed to provide service even if you aren’t part of their flock.  I don’t believe God separated us because of our wealth but I could be wrong considering how things look down on earth.  I’m sure that when God gave them their calling, he didn’t say make sure you get a congregation with lots of money, if they don’t have then they aren’t to be ministered to or accommodated.  This why I’m not sure if the spiritual leaders are for the communities or just for themselves.  We rely on the spiritual leaders to help or at least have some kind of answer from God to help with the problems that the black communities faces but without money in your hand, they just turn their backs on you.  I’m not laying waste to them all but the majority of them have shown me that this is what their ministry is really about.  I have seen “Men of the Cloth” turn their back on beggars, homeless people, and even community members who needs help. 

Religion was the grounds for salvation, but are being taught by the DEVIL himself.  “Society” forced their religion down our throats only to led us where they wanted us to go.  When we got there, there was nothing for us but more lies, hate and destruction of black people.  There is no GOD in the hate of judgement, being preached by the shepherds of the flock.  The DEVIL himself relied only on SIN and the SINNERS who follows.  They are being told they are SAINTS, because they came to the house of worship.  All LIES, it doesn’t take a place (building), a person, or two, the good book, and some acknowledgment of what you are reading.  How you interpret what you are reading or hearing is yours and yours alone to decide if this is your faith or path to follow.  Now I’m not saying that the BIBLE is the way to go because it is all up to you and what you want to believe in as far as your HIGHER POWER.  Everyone has the right to choose their own religion but there will always be one Higher Power, no matter what anyone call him.  I’m going to stop here and leave this subject alone.  This isn’t the cause for the book or the reason why we as black people can’t think for ourselves or control our actions.  The problem is we rely on others so much that we have become submissive to what others have to offer and not what we have to give.  We have stop thinking for ourselves and have given the power of thought to those we think may have the answers.  STOP, LOOK, LISTEN AND UNDERSTAND, that no one can do your thinking for you all they can do is offer suggestions and ideas into your thought pattern for you to decide, or lead you to think for yourself.  We have been so badly broken that some of us think it hurts us to think for ourselves.  That if we do, we somehow upset the balance of nature.  So not true, if we weren’t made to think for ourselves then why do we have a brain. 

No one has the right to tell you, you are wrong just because the two or more interpretations are different.  GOD didn’t create any one man the same.  So, why should we all think the same?  No this isn’t an attack on the BIBLE or any religion, just on how people who think of you as a sinner because, your brain is wired different.  Same thing for family, life, and love.  If there is a family, it will never be hard to keep it together and the love cannot be destroyed.  But, “society” has found many ways to try and deformalize the black family values, morals, and love.  They came up with so many avenues, but always run into a brick wall or a dead end.  That doesn’t stop them from trying still to this day. We have been taught how to love one another and to forgive those who harm us, but no one said anything about forgetting nor living with or for that person.

Sending you all kisses and love. #GoddessLove

Unfair Practice..Is It Just in the Workplace?

Unfair Practice..Is It Just in the Workplace?

Goddess morning Royals. First give praise and worship to the all High.

We hate when we feel like we are being discriminated against in the work place. Skipped over for a position you know you clearly deserve and worked hard for, especially when they promote the trainee and not the trainer. They tell you next time and you fall for it. They tell you but you don’t have the education to meet the requirements, and yes you fall for it.

Here’s the thing, if you didn’t have the education then how did you train someone to take that position over you? If you were educated enough for the position then why did they ask you to train? The truth of the matter is you were qualified for that position but something about you may not sit well with management. It might be your attitude, your religion, your nationality, your color, or creed. Now we know this is unfair practice and there is a law against unfair practice, correct!

Now take that same feeling and apply it to the people you deal with everyday or avoid everyday. Isn’t it the same? You don’t talk, interact or mingle with certain people for the same reasons. So unfair practice isn’t just in the work place, it is in our everyday lives and we practice it to almost everyone. Don’t say you don’t, because you do. We all do it and I’m not exception to the problem.

Here it is, we don’t like talking to homeless because of their smell or because we their looks. What about that person at work that smells different than you would like, don’t you do the same thing to them? How about the addict or “junkie” as some would put it? We don’t interact with them because they are high or nodding everywhere. Same go for the person in the office who is overweight or just eats a lot. Here is one, how about the people in the neighborhood you would consider not of your neighborhood standards, because they are loud, messy, or less fortunate than you. Well think about this they live on the block you do and well if you live high standards because of your neighborhood, then so do they. Especially, if there is no eviction notice on their door, I believe that means they are living at the same standards as you are. They may think that you are low maintenance and speak ill about you. What they do with their life is not for us to judge but for us to lend an ear or helping hand. They may just be calling out for help and we are so busy wrapped in our own discrimination bull to hear or see it. So stop judging and start helping.

The same way we judge people in society, bosses judge us in companies. So if you think you are above the people at home but below the people at work its because someone sees that in you. You displace racism, hatred, and disappointment, based on you attitude, walk, look, and actions. If you don’t want to be judged at work then don’t do it in society. Learn to accept people and you might just help someone from the ground to the floor and then to the sky, because it’s only limits and there is not tell how far they go. Next time you see someone down say something pleasant or give them a hand up and maybe that next position at work will be your reward. Maybe your be the boss and then employees will look to you for your fair practice.

Remember this what we practice at home goes with us into the workplace. If we teach our children unfair practice at home then they will accept it in the workplace, and school. Will they know when they are being treated unfair if we treat them like that at home. No, they will accept it for what it is and be miserable in their life, home, work or school. Look into your live and see if you do the same thing to people, especially your family and spouse. All I’m saying is treat people how you want to be treated and if not then prepare for how you treat people from those you respect. You will not like it because you will do whatever to please them but they will care less.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

Deal With Your Own Shit

Deal With Your Own Shit

Goddess morning Royals.

I have been dealing with other people’s mess for as long as I can remember. I have intervened where I was needed and nothing more. I just go where I am allowed or asked to be. Once I have put my two cents in I try to leave it alone but parties involved don’t allow that to happen.

Everyone knows I raised my siblings from children to adults. I even call their children my nieces and nephews/glam babies. Honestly, I have my own problems that come up that I don’t really deal with because I am always dealing with someone else’s shit. Sometimes I don’t mind, but it be times when I just want to yell “DEAL WITH YOUR OWN SHIT!” What pisses me off the most is when they try to be as clueless as hell to their problems, but very knowledgeable about other’s problems. “Oh really, now you have an opinion about what and why?” Then it causes controversy and then there is more I have to defuse or settle. I just want people to at least try to handle it before you all bring me into it. When I get involved all parties are part of the problem and none of the solution. If they were then I wouldn’t be needed at all. The worst part about the whole thing is they want me to take side and when it doesn’t happen, I am the mean one or the bitch of the whole situation. Do you think I care at that point? “Hell NO!” I really don’t have cut cards with people who doesn’t address their issues as they have created their issues. I am a straight shooter and I shoot right from the hip no lie. I have told that I have a temper but I really don’t I just have an opinion that is strong, forceful and blunt. If you don’t like it then don’t ask for my advice, opinion or my intervention. It is 2019, and the way this world is going, we are heading straight to hell in a hand basket with gasoline draws on. Think its a game look out of your box and see what the world went through and still haven’t recovered for us to be about to head into the fire.

Where is the recovery point? When did the recovery happen? It didn’t we are just going to keep spiraling into hell until we get our shit together. Wake the fuck up and pay attention, we cannot keep allowing history to repeat itself. The results aren’t never good but always the same, DEATH of MILLIONS. Are we sure we are ready to say goodbye to millions, with the great chance that hundreds if not thousands will be family, friends or love ones so close you want to kill yourself as well. Enough is enough! Put on your grown folks pants and stand for something because we are failing and at a rapid rate. Extinction is clear and then what? NOTHING! There is not what after the extinction of man! There is no future in this direction so deal with the shit at hand so that there will be a future, even if you can’t see.


Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

A Conversation Between Two College Students

A Conversation Between Two College Students

Goddess morning Royals. Giving praise and worship to the all High.

This is a passage from my book, “The Family Bond.” It is a encounter that could take place on the campus grounds between a “light skinned” and “dark skinned” student. This didn’t actually happen and it is a two part scenario so enjoy.

School Scenario: Two Colored Guys – One is Dark-skinned and stays to himself. The other Light-skinned and always with a group of followers not of color.

Dark skinned brother enters a room – “Good morning everyone.”

Light skinned brother – “And who you suppose to be?”

Dark skinned brother – “I’m a brother like you’re a brother, trying to make it in a dream, where everyone seems to want me to fail.  Who you want me to be?”

Light skinned brother – “Who you talking to?”

Dark skinned brother – “Oh, it’s not a debate my brother. It’s just, I want you to understand I come from almost the same places you came from. Just because I speak properly doesn’t mean I wasn’t raised in the hood.  It just means I was raised by people who cared how I pronounce and announce word and how I sound. That’s about it!  My color is the same as yours.  No, it’s not about color and no it’s not a race war, but a little something more!  Something that we should be doing, we should be Uniting instead of Fighting! We should be wanting more for each other.  I’m here just like you are here, to get an Education.  To walk through those doors, just like you walk through those doors.  I’m trying to better myself and make a way for my people, my young one, my children, the generation coming up behind me.  No, I’m not trying to display you, nor diss you. I’m not even trying to displace you.  All I’m trying to say, we are in the same place. That mean that your grades are just as good as mine grades.  Don’t down play me because I am here to fulfill a dream and you’re here to make a scene.  I’m not about that, I’m about another thing. I’m about trying to help the next, you down here trying to break a neck. Oh, My God, I feel my pressure getting high but why?  Because, I don’t feel like I should be the one that’s about to die.  I didn’t do anything to you!  Are you tired of seeing that?  The same thing on TV. Every time you turn around you see blacks killing blacks, I know that sounds whack.  But in reality, that’s what you are threatening me about.  How you going to take my life.  Yet in still you sit up here worried about the next white man and his life.  You are trying to be better than me.  I’m trying to be better than everybody.  Oh, not saying just you.  I’m trying to be better than him, him, and him.  I’m not trying to be that person sitting over here in the corner singing my “should’ve,” “could’ve,” “would’ve”.  I’m not trying to blame “society” for my down falls.  I’m not even trying to blame my parents for not being able to take care of me properly, but someone loved me because I am here.  Someone loved you because you’re here.  I don’t care if you fought the fight and loved yourself enough to get here.  I fought the fight and someone else loved me enough to get me here. All that really matter is that we are here! So, this way we can better ourselves.  Yeah, I know you want to be the tough man on campus.  I’m not even going to debate it.  Just because I am another brother on campus doesn’t mean I am here to be better than you in the fight race, I’m here to be better than everyone in the educational race.  That’s it!  My mindset and your mindset could be on the same page.  Just because my grades are higher than yours doesn’t mean I can’t get you up on that level.  Why I can’t pull my brother up, because that’s my whole means, the whole reason I am here, is to help better my society.  Help better my people. I’m not here to kill nobody, not here to degrade nobody.  I’m only here to help me. That’s what my loved ones sent me here for.  I’m saying you don’t have none, I’m not say no one cares.  That’s not what I am trying to say, so don’t read into this the wrong way.  I need you to understand. I’m just here trying to be a man, the same reason you are here.  I’m not here to show up nobody, nor raise nobody’s hopes pass where they are.  I’m not here to even the score.  Naw, that’s not what I am here for.  I am here to better me, because that’s who I know.  The only person I know. I don’t know you, but Hi! I would like to introduce myself.  I’m your brother from another mother. My name is “Love,” that’s me.  Oh, you don’t want to shake my hand? That’s fine! Still makes you a man.  It didn’t make you less than, just because you didn’t want to do one thing, introduce yourself to me.  See I already know who you are!  I always know who everyone is, everywhere I go. I make it my business to know who’s around me. I need to know what kind of danger my life is in, whether they are of color or not, because no one can be trusted.  You are proving that to me right now.  Our colors are the same.  You match me perfectly.  Don’t even know if you are related to me. All I know is every black is not black and every white is not white, every green is not green and every blue is not blue. Some are off white, eggshell white, cream but not all white, just representative of white. Some is midnight black, blue black, black but once again just a representative of black.  Some are greenish blue, and representative of green and blue.  Some browns are tan, khaki, beige and cocoa.  So, every color isn’t the same color and every heart isn’t the same heart.  Just like every person of color isn’t the same person of color.  So, what I need you to do is understand this, is that I am here to run the race and nothing more.  So, allow me to run the race and make it to where I am going, and I’ll stay out of your lane.  By the way my brother, you have a great day! PEACE

Don’t look at people for who you want them to be but for they really are. Give them time and they will show exactly who they are and if they then you have met who you are looking at, spending time with, and care for. Change people! this world sure can use a lot.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

This World


This world has some serious problems not oh here we go again problems but why do these type of people exist problems!

Why racism doesn’t seem to be up close and personal to most it is quite the opposite for others. The south and many third world countries are plagued with such discrimination still. We as people are not evolving, our mindsets will not allow us as humans to get alone. To look at each other as one and not as two. To be honest somehow some way we all emerge from one uterus. Think about this; if Eve was the first woman and she was given the task to birth the world, then im sorry people that is one vagina not two. Just because there would be more soon after to birth the world doesn’t mean that’s not where it started. So with that being said you hate your family, you kill your family, you rape your family, you brutalize your family, you rob your family, you curse your family, you assault, hurt, destroy, intimidated, manipulate, criticize, molest, neglect your family! What would it take for you to stop? Because what we have learned as people is that what we put out in this universe comes back to us, whether good or bad, right or wrong, it comes back to us time three, or ten fold. Wow isn’t that amazing that you can do right and get it back times three or ten fold, meaning better than what you’ve done, and in the same breath do something bad and it comes back worst then what you have done.  I know that you all are saying some people get what they deserve but isn’t that for the creator to decide not mere mortals. I know in some circumstances you question his judgement but think about this you would have to if you didn’t do wrong in the beginning. Its just karma, it happens to all of us not just some of us but all of us. We are all born into innocence but not of innocence. We are taught violence, hate, betrayal, love, life, survival, discrimination, happiness, joy, pain and suffering. It is also instructed in our DNA. Its what we choose to do with it that make us who we are and who we become! The question is do you want to live in this world or survive in this world?
Greed will not define me, nor nepotism, jealousy, hatred, plagiarism, or condemnation. I am not profound by others ignorance, beliefs or will of destruction. I shall not be judge by another because of the hate, beliefs, greed or what have you, because of who I am as a human being, because of my heart, likes, beliefs and judgement. I will not dislike, like or harm you because another feels as though I should. I am my own person, with my own thoughts, feelings, actions, abilities, concepts, and views! I don’t need yours in order to live in this world, because struggling stops now! I shall not or no longer be bound and gagged by your ways, your rules or your laws but by those of the Lord shall free me from your strong hold!
This World I laugh at you! Pahahahahahahahaha!