Saturday Sit Down With Lady K.

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

Getting to know your neighbors. How many of you can say that you know your neighbors well? How many of you can say you know anything about your neighbors other than their names. How many of you can say you know anything about your neighbors other than what you see?

I can. I know my neighbors because I spend time getting to know them. I would say because I am noisey but that isn’t the case. It is because I have children and a grandchild. I need to know who lives around my family. Just because I see nothing is going on in their home doesn’t mean that they are who i want around my children or grandchild. I know more about my neighbors then the average because I converse with them and not gossip about them. I need to know who I can trust around my family. Not only that but I am very observant of their behavior, their body movement. The way the speak to certain children, people and their family.

There are child pediphiles living in your neighborhood and you don’t know it. It is people who sex traffic children on your block and you don’t know it. It is murders living right next door and you don’t know it because you don’t care. You just want to mind your business and let your children be children. Playing with the neighbor’s children and not knowing that that child is being molested or abused because you mind your business. Don’t know that your neighbors wife is being chained to the table while the husband goes to work. Don’t know that while you away from your home the neighbor has been in your house. Why because you don’t care to get to know your neighbors. Can’t remember the last time you shall Mr. So In So, up the street and he is in there dead. Ms. So In So house has been robbed three times and she is in the hospital fighting for her life.

See not only getting to know your neighbors will allow you to know who is living around your family, but also know when something is wrong and you need to be aware as well. I know if I haven’t seen my neighbors in three days to ask about them or go and check on them. I know that if my neighbors don’t see me for three days they come check on me. The reason I live in a good block, we have our neighbors we have to keep our eyes open for as well as those we have to keep our ears open for but we know who lives on our block and who is doing what. We can’t control their household but we definitely don’t allow them as much access to our children or homes as those we know we can trust.

We have community gatherings, we go to each others house for lunch, dinner or just a drink. We know which children are supposed to be where. We watch closely as they mature because we know that just because they look innocent doesn’t mean that they are. How the old saying goes, when the cat’s away the mice will play. We watches each other house for packages, and we have one another’s cell. We all converse on a daily and help each other out when possible.

Yeah, I know my neighbors do you?

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

Freaky Friday – I know I/You Want Sex

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

Yes, I know that everyone can have sex, but do they really want it. I know I do. It doesn’t matter if it is in the form of making love, a quicky with the significant other or self pleasuring until the next time you too can get it on. The reason I say this is because sex helps you relax, release endorphins.

Sex isn’t just for pleasure it helps, mentally, physically, and emotionally with daily life. It is a known fact that your sex hormones relieves your estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone; nerve hormones relieves your serotonin, mixed ratio, and melatonin; while behavior stress/actions, sexual arousal (estrus) and growth, development, and relaxation.

If with the right person, it bring joy, happiness, a sense of togetherness, love, and peace of mind. With the wrong person you feel cheated, unsatisfied, relieved but disappointed, hatred, anger, and hurt. You crave more and with other people. You don’t care with who at this point because you are already upset and disorganized that having sex with anyone will be just a want and not a need. You just need to feel a sense of comfort and if you don’t find it soon you want to hurt someone else so they can feel your pain. You can’t and don’t understand why this happening until you find the right person to have sex with. Then your sense of insecurities kicks in because of all the wrong you have done to others. You tend to think that they are always cheating because you aren’t sure how to accept this new feel all you know is that you don’t want to let it go. It is the right feeling and instead of expressing yourself mentally and emotionally, you start physically and verbally (abusive). You figure if you diminish your partners spirits also while comforting them then you are keeping them from cheating but in reality you are forcing into doubt of their connection to you.

Sex is very powerful and can cause extreme damage to the body, mind and soul of another. Be very careful who you play sex games with because it could be your last, or your captivity. Meaning you imprison yourself to the wrong person. Take in account that you do like sex and know how to please another but they may not ever experienced what you have to offer, which could lead to good things for both or bad things just for you.

Remember though releasing is a great thing just choose wisely with who.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

Manic Monday! Alcoholism

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

Alcohol Addiction is when a person goes through withdrawal physically from not drinking. Alcoholism is a mental, physical, and spiritual dependency with negative repercussions that affect marriage, families, children, jobs, careers, relationships and sexual performance. It can also trigger violence behavior that cause harm to yourself as well as others. There episodes can land you in prison, jail, hospitals or even in an early grave.

We all know of someone who is suffering from this terrible affliction. We ourselves may have a problem but cannot recognize it because it is you looking out and not in. Asking for help is no reason to be ashamed, everyone needs help every once in a while. It is when you don’t ask or aren’t willing to seek help that your self-esteem plays the roll of embarrassment. You start to believe that you got it under control but if you look into the eyes of those around you, the truth will alarm you. Unless you are in denial and your self-hatred will not allow you to see what is really there.

Alcohol is a socially approved poison that people are taught to want and drink. it can lead to a holistic craving. This poison causes the liver to become inflamed which is hepatitis. Then if untreated cause it to get hard which mean not it is cirrhosis. Once it is in that state it is moving to being dead within your body. Drinking not only kills your liver, but it damages all cells, tissue, nerves, organs and bones, while destroying your brain cells as well.Social” drinking causes the liver to lose the ability to produce digestive enzymes, metabolize oil soluble Vitamin A, D, E and K, neutralize toxins, store energy (glycogen) and absorb fats and proteins. The FDA (Food Drug Administration) approved this recreational drug, in the form of beer, wine, and whiskey, which is all anti-health and anti-life.

Procreation is not recommended for anyone who drinks, it affects the sperm as well as the egg leading to birth defects. I will not encourage someone to drink and neither should you. When you do their death is on your hands.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

Saturday Sit Down With Lady K.

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

Children are a gift and a blessing, but can feel like a curse. A Gift, because we are fortunate to be able to have what some people cannot produce. Remember there is always someone willing to take what you don’t want. Let’s think about that though. If you didn’t want the gift then you shouldn’t have unwrapped the package. I hear this a lot, “well me and my last boyfriend/girlfriend didn’t get pregnant and we have sex raw all the time.” Well here the thing about that may your chemistry wasn’t as strong as this one. Maybe her eggs didn’t reproduce or maybe his sperm count wasn’t high. Either way what happened in the last unprotected encounter doesn’t mean it will happen in every unprotected encounter. Either way it was a risk you were willing to take and now you have the opportunity to show that you are responsible for your actions. But unlike most, you wont and either abort the baby or give it up for adoption. Then again you might just have the child and push it off on someone else to raise while you still be irresponsible and have more by someone else who doesn’t want children, it works both ways for a man or a woman. Doesn’t really matter who is considered the irresponsible one, all i know is it took two make it and is should take that same two to raise it. I do know that sometimes we all need a little help so we hope for the #Village to rally around us for that support.

My, my my, isn’t having a village such a blessing. Without those children the village and family would not have reached out their hand to you to assist you with anything. It is amazing how many people will help out when children are involved. Then you do the unamaziable and leave those children with the family to raise by themselves. Sorry that isn’t how it works but being as though people hearts ❤ are bigger than your selfishness they keep it moving and do what needs to be done. They continue to be the support the children need and try their best to do your job. Then when things look just right you swoop in and try to be the parent the children doesn’t even know. You come in to make things even more difficult than what it already is. Why be that person with the negative vibes that isn’t needed nor warranted? You believe that you can do it now and well that is great. So then you come in and try but realize you can’t deal and leave again. I can’t stand these times of people. They will wreck a home and it’s harmony. Life is already hard enough for the child without you in their life and then you are going to show them a little love here and a little there. Make them happy for a while and then sad again. Children know when they are wanted and when they aren’t. They know when they are loved and when they aren’t. They will be loyal to a person for all the wrong reasons and have hate towards the wrong people. They will love the one who isn’t always there and like the one who is there breaking their necks. Until reality hits and then they will hate both. It take a tragedy to happen before they realize that the hate they have isn’t towards the one who care for them but towards they one in and out of their life. Children are fragile until we make them tough. They are vulnerable until we make them resilient. They are innocent until we make them hateful. Why destroy a blessing and then pray for more? You can’t appreciate the one given then you won’t appreciate any others that you are requesting.

Why a curse you ask? I don’t know but I have been told by so many, “I wish I didn’t!” “I wish I would have wrapped it up!” I wish I could have flushed it!” “I wish I could have swallowed it!” “I wish I would have never meet him/her!” At this point I’m thinking to myself that maybe the hate is towards the other parent, but then I look at the person and say it is for themself. They wasn’t thinking at the time and thought that they could have it all. They wanted something out of life and what they got wasn’t what they had bargained for, and now they can’t handle it. So they cry their past mistakes as present pain. They feel as though their life is cursed and the Savor isn’t being fair to them. They ask the question, where did I go wrong in life for this to be happening to me. Instead of learning how to make this work within their life. They haven’t a clue that this is a blessing and how to be thankful for it. So when they cry and pray for another blessings or a new blessing, the Savor cannot give it to them because they haven’t learn to appreciate the first one.

Before you cry out for love, and say things like I want children, who they are a great responsibility and if you are that person don’t pray for it.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

Confession Thursday – Tell The Truth To Someone You Wrong!

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

Have you ever wronged someone and knew that no matter what they would still be there for you? Have you ever lied so bad that you created hate for one person to have towards others? Have you ever took something from someone that you knew they needed even though you yourself didn’t? Have you ever hurt someone so much that you can’t stand to be around them because it hurts you to your core or because you just can’t face the truth?

Well here is your chance to make things right. Confession Thursday is just the day to make life right and peace within yourself. Take this time to get up the nerves to do what should have been done a while ago or shouldn’t been done to begin with. Now is the time to get right with your Higher Power as well with yourself, especially, if that person don’t know you were the one that wronged them. You are living in misery and they are living their almost best life. You are the one that know what you did and you are the one that knows how to fix it.

They aren’t aware of your evil or mistake so go and make yourself feel better for you and not for them. If you thought this was to make someone else’s life right no, it is to make yours right. You know why you can’t sleep, you know why it feel as though your life is shitty. You know why your wife looks at you different. You know why the kids are disrespectful. It’s because your spirit isn’t right with the Higher Power or the Universe and karma is a bitch.

Believe that if you work harder it will get right, NO! Believe that if you ignore it, it will go away, NO! Believe that if you say nothing then no one will ever suspect you were the one, NO! Believe that if you got away with it this far then why say something, WRONG AGAIN!

It is eating you up inside. You are fussing with the children for no reason. You can’t really make love to the wife/girlfriend husband/boyfriend like you use to. Do you think he/she doesn’t notice? You sweat for no damn reason. Every time you see that person you feel sick and nauseous. You want out of this life and you swear you will take it to your grave with you. Well if you keep it bottled up an early grave it is.

For all you know that person, might be pass it and don’t care about it any longer. The one reason you do care, is because you are the one that did what you did, not them. Be better than who you were when you did it and move into greatness and confess your doings so you can relax and enjoy life. If it was illegal then jail it is. I know it doesn’t sound fair but guess what, that should have been a thought when you were doing it.

Confess your mess now and get it over with before it is really too damn late.

Sending you all love and kisses #GoddessLove

Timeless Tuesday! Quality Time With The Children

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

Have you ever spent quality time with the children doing the things they wanted to do? Have you ever gave in to their wants and allowed them full control of what they wanted to do as a family? Or have you give them the options of doing what you think children should be doing and as long as your money was paying for it that was what they were going to do?

When asking the question what do you want to do as a family allow them to tell you and then do what they suggested. As long as it is legal why not? If they just want to go to the mall and hang out do that. If they want to go shopping and get their nails and toes done do that. If they want to go to the Arcade then do that. If they want to lay around and do nothing but watch tv, well get you ass on the couch and do nothing with them.

While you all are out, do not and I mean do not embarrass them! I can not express this enough, if you do they will never trust you with anything else. Be cool and laid back, they will not try anything stupid especially if you are one of those parents that don’t play. If you play it cool you will learn friends, hangouts, foes (even if they can’t see them), potential girlfriends or boyfriends, hobbies, and their lifestyle I know you don’t think they have one.

Sometimes we just need to enter their world. No not force your way into their life but enter their world so that we as parent can understand our children. We need to know what they are into and what they like to do when we aren’t around. It is still parenting but you are learning who your children are. No don’t become a best friend to them but be that person that they can trust to come to you with everything, honestly. If they want to drink and smoke then you need to march their ass to rehab and fast. That is a cry for help, especially if they are underage. Peer pressure is one thing but if they think they can drink and smoke with you that is a whole other issue that needs to be address. Like the lack of respect that they have for you knowing you are their parent, but if you haven’t been doing much parenting then that is another day for another discussion. If you have been trying to be their friend more than their parent you have lost the battle and the war already, as a parent. There is no turning that around at all.

So make family night about them and not about what you as a parent want to do but including them. No not this time make about them and let them feel like they are including you. They will respect and love you more for being a part of their life and not having to alway be apart of yours. In doing so you will learn signs of when your child is going through things that aren’t for them, like depression, anger, hate, peer pressure, bullying, frustration, broken heart, liking another person of the same sex or the opposite. Yeah I know fears we don’t want to face but as parent we need to address. In turn they learn things like family values, who they can trust with issues and concerns instead of trying to turn to their friends for the answers. They also learn techniques of how to deal with things on another scale and understand who really got their backs.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

Manic Monday! Don’t Panic It’s Monday!

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

I know this is my topic for today, but I am only writing it because my son experienced something dramatic Friday and made him dread Monday. You want to talk panic! On Friday my son’s school had to experience a threat of a mass shooting.

It was too many police on Friday when I dropped him off to school. He said Ma it looks like our school was in another school on school fight again. I ask him do he get involved in those fights and he told me no. He said I have no beef with no one at another school, because I have friends that goes to those other schools. Looking at how many officers were on the perimeter I told him no this is something else. I told him to find out just in case I had to come back and get him. He got out and an hour later he calls me and tell me I need to come get him because he fear for his life.

I didn’t even want to know what was going on at that time so I rushed to the school to get him. While I was driving he calls me back and say Ma, there is a child here talking of shooting up the school, that’s why the police was on the campus today. I couldn’t even thing at that moment. I know that the night before a 14 years old had shoot several people in a school in California. Prayer are with the family and the victims of that shooting and all of the previous shootings. SideBar: What is going on with our parents that we can’t see the hurt and distress before it comes to a mass shooting? Why is it that we choose to ignore the signs of a mentally disturb child or an abused child until something tragic happens?

I got to the school and was as calm as possible. It was still several police on the campus and I asked them if the situation resolved and one of them said yes but the other said the perpetrator is being sought. Which to me means no. I am not one to blame anyone but those who needs the blame and well I didn’t have have time at that moment. The only person on my mind is my son who was in the bathroom with his cellphone calling me for help. I got him and got out of there. I wasn’t the only one, I saw about 50 other parents getting there children as well.

Now today is Monday, Manic Monday at that and his nerves are all over the place. I am dealing with the situation but I know that he needs more support than just me. So I am calling in the troops and since it is a lot of us we are going to rally around my son for support. Our mission is to help him get through this and back in school, because he told me his isn’t ready to go back just yet. I can understand his concerns especially since we aren’t sure if they have the child in custody. To make matters worse my son told me that he knows the child because they are in the same French class together. He said the child confides in him but he never thought things were this serious. I told him to pray for him and ask the Lord to guide him and send him the necessary help he needs. People talk to your children. Listen to your children. Hear your children even when they aren’t saying anything. Don’t ignore your child’s cry for help or attention.

That’s my Monday so far, what is yours looking like. I tell you one thing I will not panic because it is Monday. I will live this day as any other but more productive than the last.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove