Prayers for the Less Fortunate

Prayers for the Less Fortunate

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

I can’t help but to hurt for those less fortunate than most right now. My heart is in agony for those who have nowhere to live, and nothing to eat. It is very inhumane temperatures threatening our country right now and all I can think about is those who have no place to call home. I understand that there is shelters for them but they fill up so fast Most get turned away and is force to sleep in this frigid weather. I usually take blankets out but since my bad luck with my vehicle it has been a challenge this winter to do so. I did however, gather all my children and I old clothes and had a friend take me to two shelters to drop off clothes for them. I gave them what I had in coats as well. Didn’t have blankets ready at the time so I felt bad about that.

With this government shut down going on, I just wonder if all the shelter across the U.S. will be affected by it. They get funding from the government in order to house, feed and cloth most of the homeless. We just have to pray for the best because this shutdown is affecting everyone and soon more will feel the pain. The elected officials have no idea how much the little people or the unfortunate hurts from their spat, tantrum, and constant inadequacy. I know we can only do but so much considering we are all affected somehow by this move on their behalf but if you can, please help with what you can and how you can.

Lord, I beg of you to watch over those who have nothing right and cover them in the blood. I praise for their health, strength, hunger, love, life and soul. I pray for their safety in this time, when the world is in constant crisis. I pray for their wealth, love ones, and their families who do have to give them a little more than usually, and open their homes and hearts in this time of need. Amen!!!

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

Freaky Friday

Goddess Afternoon Royals

I saw the weirdest thing today and heard the dumbest thing.

First I saw a man today with a cloak on and a walking stick.  I wanted to ask him was he an actor and getting ready for a play of some sort.  Just as I was about to approach him, another curious person walked up on him.  At first glance I thought that they were together but then from where I was standing they look to be arguing.  Now I am more curious than ever to know what is going on and why is this man with the cloak just standing around.  Yes, it is his free will to dress as he wants but this is the city of Baltimore so to me this is very weird. As the stranger that approached walks away and towards me, I had to ask him what did he say to the man.  He got closer and the anger that was on his face told me not to ask him anything.  But being me I didn’t listen to m instincts and asked anyway.

“Excuse me what did you say to that man to make him so mad?”

The Stranger: “I asked if he was in a play or some sort and the asshole said it was none of my damn business.”

In my head: “It isn’t any of our business but how rude.”

The Stranger:  “I then told him well you look like a damn fool standing her with a cloak and walking cane.”

The man to the stranger: “Who gives a fuck am I bothering you?”

The Stranger: “I do psycho.”

In my head: “I didn’t ask for a whole damn story, just what did you say to him.

Me: “Well it is crazy as hell that he looks like he is either going to bite someone or in a Harry Potter film.”

Then I just turned and walked away.  I then just walked to the other side of the street to continue to watch the man.  After all the children are emerging from school and I don’t know if he is in his right mind.  I stand in the rain under my umbrella watching his every move like I was 5 0.  I’m not sure if he noticed me watching him but if he didn’t he sure as hell didn’t care.  What he did next made me want to call the police.  He then threw the cloak over his head with his arm raised above his head and walked down the street towards me.  I just stood there because I had no fear of him.  He walked by me and looked into my face.  As he walked by our eyes locked and he spoke, and I spoke back.

He slowly crept pass me and then walked behind the bush.  Now at this point I know this mother fucker know I am just as crazy as his ass is and if he doesn’t know, he will soon find the fuck out.  I waited for him to play stupid but he never did.  I went to check behind the bush and he was gone.  How weird was that? No I didn’t look around to see where he went, because at this point it wasn’t none of my damn business, as he previously stated to the stranger.  As long as he didn’t bother me or those children in my sight, I wasn’t going to bother him.  Now on to the dumbest shit I heard today.

While strolling through Facebook today, I read and post with a video attached that said a 19 years old male was arrested for having sex with two female Pitbulls.  Now how sick and twisted do you have to be to have sex with a real female dog.  Wrong Bitch dummy!  I think he got Bitch; meaning female dog; confused with someone who is called a Bitch.  Anyway he was arrested and is charged with bestiality.  The worse part about the whole thing is the lady who dogs it was helping the young man out to get his GED.  She paid half his tiution for GED classes and all he had to do is work for the other half to being able to better himself.  She trusted him with her home and he made advances on her dogs.  She was very much hurt and in disbelief of what she watched on video tape.  How dumb do you have to be to literally spit in the face of the person handing you your future?  Well I guess not everyone is appreciative of a hand up.

Sending you all love and kisses  #GoddessLove

Wicked Wednesday

Goddess Morning Royals.

So I know it is hump day but I want to weigh on topics on my mind.

First, people and their lies. I mean come on if you know you are lying then just don’t say anything.  I witness this shit every day.  Motherfuckers don’t know how not to lie once someone believe in their first lie.  I just want people to learn to live in their truth.  I’m saying if you are married then be married, don’t be unhappily married and looking.  Stop playing games with other’s intelligence, hearts and lives.  This is how people are dying every day.  The world is made up of people who are looking for real love and willing to kill and die for the right person.  When they feel as though you are the right person but you are holding onto your married significant other and the shit hits the fan.  Lord have mercy.  Why make life that much difficult for you, your significant other, and the third-party.  This side business isn’t a joke and I witnessed it destroy people lives.  So please learn to live in your truth before someone isn’t living at all.

Secondly, you sad sacks of shit who play on people’s hard-working money just to get high.  Now you know no one is for that bull shit.  If you want to get high then you should be able to buy not beg for money to get high.  If you cannot afford to pay for your highs then I suspect this is your time for recovery.  No one should be losing their lives because you have an addiction.  If you don’t go somewhere with that shit already!  Why is it that you are the one with the problem and everyone else around you have to pay for it?  The worst part of it all is when you say stupid shit like, “I can quit whenever I want to.”  but continue to do so and think everyone is against you.  No everyone is tired of paying out of the ass for your addiction.  You know what really turns my ass is when they go to rehabilitation and come back to doing the same exact thing.  Wow and with support that wants to keep them clean and healthy!

Third, money hungry people.  Okay everyone wants to make money and should but when you take advantage of others just to do so, I want to punch you in your face.  People who keeps other’s income and tell them they can’t live with them or come to their house.  Who in the hell does shit like this?  Or when they don’t have an income but live off someone else’s income and demand shit?  I know you are lying.  If you don’t get your ass a job or a career, hobby with benefits and get the fuck out of my face with that nonsense, I am going to clock you one good time.

Fourth, you cowards who just murder people for no reason, just to get street creds.  Now you know where is the morals and values for life that needs to be taught in the homes.  I’m not sure what happened and when the communication and value of life fell but I know it needs to be picked back up and fast.  Family members murdering one another over nothing or for stupid shit that could have easily be avoided.  This isn’t time change this is ignorance, stupidity, and blatant disregard for life.  Realize you are taking away someone’s child, love one, father, sister, daughter, son, grandmother, grandfather, and definitely someone’s future.  Carjacking, gang violence, illegal drugs, prescription drugs, money, mistaken identity, clothes, shoes, chains, watches, and just because doesn’t give you a reason or a cause to murder someone in cold blood.  Then like a coward run and hide.  The Lord sees everything so judgement will be handed down whether you believe it or not.

Last but not least, you miserable as people who hate everything about life.  You don’t want anyone to advance because you are afraid of advancements or you are stuck in life.  I’m sorry your feet is stuck in cement but I didn’t plant you there and I didn’t trap you in.  I will help you out but you are so angry with the world for your mistakes that you believe that everyone owe you something for nothing.  I mean you have done anything for yourself but expect someone to give you something.  My famous quote is “I can’t be your everything and you be your nothing!” by Kenya Spann.  That doesn’t make any sense at all.  You all need a hand up and all you want is a handout.  I’m sorry that isn’t going to happen.  I can offer you a hand up but a handout mean you are incapable of doing anything.  If you are capable of begging then you are capable of doing something with your life.

Finally, these child molesting, raping ass, they need to kill themselves, motherfuckers.  I can’t with none of them.  They all need to be hung by the balls and split from dick to throat.  I have no remorse for anyone being male or female who prey on children or the unsuspected.  They really should be killed on sight either in the act of violence or once proven guilty.  Nothing else to say about that.

Sending you all love and kisses.  #GoddessLove

Making Your Mark on this World

Goddess morning Royals.  First I need to address a mistake I made yesterday but not paying my respects to the woman who have a great hand in raising me.  Happy Belated Birthday to my Grandma Mildred Moore, may you continue to Walk with the Lord.  Also sending love and birthday wishes to my twin cousins, Anthony and Antoine Moore.  Enjoy fellows and may the Lord bless you with many more.

Now down to business.  I wasn’t sure what title fit these post so if you think I need to change it say so.  These thoughts woke me out of my sleep so this post is actually being written at 12:25 am.  Anyway, we as parents, as people of color needs to learn how to use our voices to be heard.  We don’t speak up for the things we want, as well as the things we need.  We need to speak even louder for those who have no voice and scream if you have to for those who have a voice but are special and will not be heard.  We are their advocates and if we don’t speak, scream and fight for what they need our future and theirs are even more lost then what we face at this moment in time.

We tend not to want to fight so we don’t rock the boat but sometimes the boat needs to be rocked in fact it needs to be tilted the hell over.  If we don’t show them you are their strength then they will show us.   If we don’t show them respect, how can they display it.  If we don’t show them At this moment that is what they are showing us but they are doing it wrong and who are allowing it, us.  They are killing one another at an alarming rate and if you think that the government is going to really step in you are clearly mistaken.  To them all they see is savages doing exactly what savages do, destroy, kill, be destructive, display their ignorance amongst other things.  If we don’t show them peace, how can they live in it.  If we don’t show them love, how can they give it.  If we don’t show them a better way, they surely will make one, even if it isn’t better.  If we don’t bring peace to them now how can we say rest in it later, if they damn sure didn’t live in!  I am not a great fan of violence but I will fight when I have to, so I don’t allow people to put me in that predicament.

If you don’t back yourself in the corner than there is not reason to feel like you have to come out swinging.  Take pride in what you have to offer this world, because when we show weakness is when they strike.  Get that fear out of your heart for what you fear is what you think you cannot have or believe that you should not have.  When you speak fear in existence then it shows in everything you do and it becomes failure.  Not all failures are disappointing some are just lessons that you did something wrong and should go back and correct it.  When we allow the failure to defeat us is when we have allowed fear to take over and we dare to try again.  That is that weakness showing its ugly head and we break into a daily routine.  Just to keep ourselves from trying again.  Yeah I know it was scary but not living is even scarier, not fulfilling a dream is horrifying, not learning from mistakes is devastating.

Don’t be that person because we show the children that fear and then they take matters into their own hands.  Without knowing what is really going on, they by all means necessary, become our protectors but that is in reverse.  We know it but our fears are now what we are using as excuses, shields, and barriers to keep us from getting hurt again.  In all retrospect that isn’t the way, we have to take back that fear and raise our children properly, efficiently, productively, spiritually, mentally, and physically, with love, respect, determination, and patience.  We as parents aren’t doing that anymore we are allowing the streets and the system to do it and frankly have the audacity to get upset when they aren’t doing such a great job.  HELLO, they are doing your job.  STEP UP AND DO YOUR OWN JOB.  YOU MADE THEM THEN YOU SHOULD TAKE CARE OF THEM BY ALL MEANS NECESSARY.  If the children can adopt this concept why the hell can’t we.  Because of fear the system will not allow us to do so.  So we give up and allow the system to have their way.  I’ll be damn!  The system didn’t go through my hours of labor, nor was they there for my time of pleasure.

I am going to stop here because I have too much to say on the subject.  I would love to hear you feed back on this one.  Am I wrong or do you think I am just venting?

Sending you all love and kisses.  #GoddessLove


Goddess Afternoon.  Excuse me for a minute but I have something to say.

I don’t want to go to deep but I do need to say this.  I am so sick and tired of people saying Rest In Peace to those who are lost to violence.  How can they rest in peace if they did live in peace.  What is more unrealistic is that individuals are killing their own family and for what a lack of drugs they couldn’t get or because they needed money to get high and the family member refuse to support your habits any longer.  This city Baltimore in which I reside it way out of control.  I hear people saying they are leaving Baltimore but in all honesty there is killings amongst blacks all over the world.  It just seem more frequent and higher because you live here.  It is sad that most of the time all we here is that there is another black man, woman or child shot down in the street of Baltimore.

I am so horrified by it and I know that there is something that we can do.  We want our family members freed, until they are the ones that is laying face down in these streets.  We all have cried the sound of freedom of one of a family members locked away but honestly if you know this family member needs to be locked away or is need of some help, please stop asking him or her to be freed, instead as for prayer for this person.  Not all of them are guilty and some do need to be freed but I am referring to the one who brags about shooting individuals for no reason just because, you know the saying “I or we plays with those guns.”  Because honestly it is a smile and a laugh until you are the one that is screaming RIP or SIP to that same individual.  Then you want prayers for your family.  How about we start prayer long before we have to say it over his or her cold dead body.

I know we all have a bad ass member or several bad ass members of our family but who family doesn’t.  It’s just we don’t need for them to show up and out all the time.  Most of all isn’t out here trying to prove we have the baddest family in Baltimore or on the planet for that matter.  To clear some things up, no I didn’t recently lose a family member to violence, I am just tired of it.  When you turn on family and they are the ones supporting you or fighting for your rights, freedom, and a place to rest your head, you don’t kill them in cold blood.

All I am asking is for the violence to stop.  When is a enough, enough?  When we are all dead or in jail.  Sorry but I am not built for either before my time.  I wasn’t made for jail so I personally don’t do shit to go and if I did, I pray it wouldn’t be for murder.  I do know how to defend myself and also how to walk away from a situation before it escalated into death for either me or the other individual.  Because I don’t want no one to have to debate on what to put on my tombstone.  I want them to already know that I am a caring, loving, and devoted family woman.  But there is so much more to me that of what to put on my tombstone or in an obituary.

Please people I am asking even if they aren’t, pray for your family as well as mine.  Pray the right prayer because some of you may not be praying the right prayer.  Some of you may be praying for their downfall and if so then you are a warrior of prayer but a lost cause of broken hope.  Someone needs to be praying extra hard for you.  For a matter of fact you need to pray harder for yourself and see if God can meet with you on a one on one basis.  No joke and none intended.

I am sorry for the rant but I had to and needed to because this city of ours is gone to hell in a basket and I’m not sure who’s doing the shopping.  #GoddessLove

Economic Hardship

We as Americans are facing hard times as a whole but individually you can say your situation is different. That’s understandable considering no two families live alike or think alike nor received the same income. But as the head of the household we must learn how to adjust our spending habits, eating habits, waste habits, as well as living habits to the custom of our finances. The government adjust our needs for us when they aren’t sure what our needs are. They have a poverty chart that tells us how much a household size is suppose to make in order to not live in poverty according to an expert, but once again not all live, eat, and think the same so that chart is truly inaccurate. No one know your live status or life style but you so you are the one that needs to adjust or accommodate your life to suite your needs. Remember prices are going up but increase of living in your pay isn’t. Most of us have to hold down two jobs just to make ends meet. So readjusting our life styles is to most a task w/in itself but for others its common sense. So if the government is your shoulder to lean on remember just lean don’t let it become your support blanket because you will fall victim to its side effects; lazy, content with depression, associate it with permanent income and not temporary income. Allow yourself to become economically financial again instead of entertaining economic hardship.

So if your trade or talent is one that can bring you income then turn that into your

business! Not matter what it is; cooking, cleaning, doing hair, doing nails, fixing up houses, or whatever the case

maybe then that is where your income should come from and don’t worry about all the other people in the world that can do the same thing just remember they might not doing as great a job as you


So the next time the government says no you say yes!