The Family Bond! Chapter 3…Segment 2.

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

How fucked up do we have to be to know there is a home for him and continue like it doesn’t matter.  Our responsibilities to ourselves has be to in question at this point.  Why are we allowing this to happen to us?  What has gone so wrong in our life where we think this is a good idea?  How many other women have he done this to since his relationship has soured?  Are we this desperate for a companionship to allow this to go further?  When are we going to step our lives up and be more than a side piece?  How much do we really value our lives?  Is this what we want for our children; our sons to dog women like so, or for our daughters to be dogged like so?

Once we can answer these questions honestly, then we are ready for the next step in our lives.  Getting to know who we really are and what we want from our husbands could help us in choosing and making better decision about our relationships.  We will no longer think on a scale of boyfriends, side men, lovers, one-night stands but as long-term life partners, husbands.  For we are women who deserves to be treated like so by our married Kings; no not married to another Queen but to us.

Some people expectations are different and some have other Queens but the fact remains, just be the only one.  If your man/woman isn’t loyal then dethrone them.  Remember wait for your King because the Higher Power only really sends you one.  All the others are imposters, playing a role, but you must be the writer, director, producer, and narrator of your story, if not then you yourself will just play a part in a role not fit for you.  I guarantee you will not like the ending!

Look at it like this, life is a movie.  You can make it short and sweet or you can make it long with twists and turns to keep the audience (on lookers) guessing.  The cast is your choice but remember there is always a price for the more actors you put in place.  Being the director of your life as well as the producer means when the movie isn’t cast as you want you can change the people.  When it’s not written to your pleasure you can rewrite the script and when it’s not being played out in your favor redirect your characters.  This mean that you will lose some friends and family, but remember it’s your life so plan it accordingly.

People you do have the power to change so do it, you do have the will to live differently and the strength to help change others.  We know better so why don’t we as a black race do better.  Our mental capacity is blocked by the world’s and “society’s” chaos.  We give “society” to much credit for all their materialistic crap and then follow suit.  What we haven’t figure out just yet is that “society” cannot survive without us.

All the money we spend and all the trouble our kind get into feeds “society,” putting food on their tables, and their children through those Ivy League schools.  So technically we are their bread winners.  We still make and take care of them and deny our own.  The worst part is when one of us makes it we all are supposed to make it, but we don’t.  The one’s who makes it give “society” all their praise but leave their own kind behind to starve.  The one thing they do know is that without the less fortunate or the little people they wouldn’t have achieved anything, but we get stepped on. 

We as women have been putting up with “society’s” and black men bull shit since the beginning.  We know we are the back bone to the household without our strength the black man would fall.  What we see today is a lack of black women standing behind the black man because they are fed up.  We now stand in front or alone because the black man has fallen and felt hard.  As a black woman, I cannot standby and allow any of my black men to continue to fall.  If we as black women would learn to pick them up when they fall, they will be grateful but only if those single women stay out of your way.  Single ladies be alert for their own King; everything will go accordingly.  I must try to stand him up and uplift his spirits and motivate his mind, believe in his ability to do better than what he has shown me.

If I am of his “rib” then when he fails, I fail and I don’t believe in failure.  No more, when he fails, I am to give him life and restore what has caused the failure.  I shall not criticize nor ridicule him of his manhood or his mistakes.

C – Cast aside his strength, tries and abilities.

A – Abuse them mentally, and physically

S – Sexual denial of his woman from her man, please.

T – Testimony of his/her betrayal afterwards

R – Referencing negativity repeatedly.

A – Afraid of responsibilities for your actions.

T – Torment and taunt the soul when it’s fragile.

E – Embellish the truth to stay faced.

Now is the time to stand up and tell our men, son, brothers, and fathers, be a man and take your throne back.  I will fight by your side but only for the right reason.  I can no longer ride or die for you for negative or unproductive shit.  Tell them you are going to die alone and for nothing because you have nothing, no morals, values, self-respect and now no life.

Sending you all kisses and love. #GoddessLove

The Family Bond! Chapter 1…Segment 7.

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

Now remember children learn from what they see.  So, if a young girl only sees men running in and out of her home and no longer is her father there what do you think she is going to want to do?  If a young boy sees men running in and out their home with their mother what do you think they are going to do?  It may not seem like it but it is a psychological cycle of damage and will soon or later be the reason or cause of mental break downs, pain, frustration and unwarranted abuse. 

Women will believe this is how a woman is supposed to get money when there is no man in the house or no education for her.  A man will believe this is the way you treat women who has a lack of education and no man in the house.  Also, he doesn’t want a family nor want to be in the house of a woman who has family whether they are his or not.

First, there was no man without woman since Eve bit the forbidden apple in the Garden of Eden.  Now there is women for women, men for men, whores for everyone, and good people for everyone to dog.  Where in the hell did they start this trend and when?  Sorry it has always been there since black was enslaved by “society” and forced to perform sexual favors to please the master sometimes at their own will and then other time it was taken at the owner’s discretion. 

Someone asked me recently, if Eve came from Adam, when did man start coming from woman?  I stated when GOD decided that since she wasn’t obedient that she would birth the world and suffer the pain and challenges of child birth.  That’s when man became of woman and no long the reverse.

You would think that now that man was of woman that they would act differently and they have.  They have completely decided that they would destroy the very fiber of what woman was since she had destroyed the existence and what man was.  According only to Eve and Adam, because as a Queen I hold faith in my man and only because he is of God and God fearing. 

Families had the man in the home growing the fruit, herding the live stocks, planting the seeds, building the stables, working the fields, and making the babies.  Mothers were raising the children, cooking the meals, mending the clothes, educating the children, making sure they attend to their studies, and they all was praying for the next day, while thanking the HIGHER POWER for the day HE had made.

Some sort of worship was on the Sabbath and then home to start the week again.  Then when the children were of age chores was put into place.  Dad and Mom extended to the children, their know how, boys went out and did what fathers knew and girls learned what mothers knew.  Either way a learning system was formed from generation to generation until the sixties somehow those sixties changed so much about people as well as families.  Men got separated from what family is and then somehow got very close to what Child Support would mean to him from that moment on.

Dads couldn’t be in the homes no more; mothers were doing more to keep the families together.  Grandparents started stepping in more.  The elderly wasn’t retiring anymore and social services was booming with more black families.  Oh, by all means don’t get it misconstrued poor “non-black” families were suffering just as much as the average black family, if not more.   The system was winning and the black families were losing at an alarming rate. 

You think this would damage the average black family but some just adjusted their standards while other adjust their income by working and getting paid under the table.  While some young boys in the home of single parent mothers could look at their mother struggle as much as she did for his family most of them turned to the lifestyle of hustling.  They didn’t just hustle drugs they hustled whatever the fuck they could.  They hustle hustlers if need be.  They rob and stole if need be.  The crime rate was increasing and murder wasn’t their only problem anymore.  Some learned to just take from the same “society” that started the crime cycle.  As devious as they were as criminalizing as colors were.    

Black leaders called out to communities for help and most answered but “society” had their claws in the black families to deep.  We went from slavery to racism to poverty placement, to genocide and now back to mind slavery.  I can see this cycle is about to repeat itself again. 

Where can we go from here?                            

We need real leaders, community leaders not ones who looks like us but act like them.  They’re the ones selling us out now.  They are the ones who don’t care about the black families.  They are the ones who believe we are the minority.  Excuse the fuck out of me but we are the majority that’s why they need us gone.  With us out of the way then they surely would be the majority, but that’s not going to happen.  As much as they want us out for the same reason they need us so badly.

They brought us over here because they had already wiped out our kind and knew our kind would be the only friendliest people they could enslave.  See we were already here just spoke another language.  That’s how they knew what type of people they are really in need of and went in search for them.  They still doing it to this day.  They still go to South Africa “The Mother Land” and steal South Africans from their homes and make false promises to them only to enslave them wherever they end up and sell to the highest bidder.  People lives aren’t an auction and should never be valued as such or less than.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

The Family Bond! Chapter 1…Segment 6.

Goddess morning Royals. First, give worship or praise to the all High.

I know myself, whether my parents wanted to be believed it or not, had plenty of issues and problems.  Because, I was always a thinker, my parents told me it was all in my head.  I was soon convinced that it was all in head but when things happened and my parents was upset, I told them now it is all in reality, and no longer in my head.  This caused me to get beatings but that didn’t solve nor resolve any issues or concerns that I was experiencing.  My parents then wanted to blame everything on someone else instead of taking the blame themselves.   I took the blame and the ass whipping so why was it so hard for them to take a little credit for not listening to me in the first place?  Because then they would have to admit to themselves that they had poor parenting skills.  In reality, “society” didn’t have to tell them this I could have given them this information from my standpoint.  I wish I could say that I had a great childhood but then I would be lying to myself.  Like I said before it was good on the outside but dreadful on the inside.  I lived with my parents most of my childhood and then I stayed with my Godparents other times.  I wish I could say it was much different there but also, I would be lying.  The difference was no drugs or people running in and out all times of the night.  The same was all the fussing and cursing.  No wonder when I was young I could curse like a sailor, it was already embedded in my psyche.

People “society” say all we can do is our best and the rest is up to them.  If that was the case the village was dead long before it began, but that isn’t the case, is it?  We as black parents know that when the road gets rough for our children or family we pull together and find a better way.  We don’t turn our backs on our own kind but we step up to the plate and bat, praying for a home run.  For those families that don’t is why I am writing this book.  Those rips in the very fiber of the family bond is the reason that “society” moves into your psyche and take over.  We have to want to be a family in order to continue on in the black communities as a family.  Right now, “society” has torn the very fiber of the family values, code, honor, trust, love and relationship from the household.  The glue has come loose and the structure is starting to shake, brick by brick, nail by nail, and wall by wall, the black family and community is coming down.  It’s not completely down but it is on shaky ground and the very hate that we now are carrying for one another is the same quake that making it a natural disaster area of hell for all. 

How and when did this start is the question?  I may not have all the answers but I have a theory.  This will open your eyes and for most you may already know this or more than this, but it is worth a try if this mean we get back a bond that should have never been broken.

So back in the day roughly around the early 1700’s or so, black families consist of man, woman, child, plus a grandparent or two.  Why the grandparents, because back then the grandparents were always the wisdom and head of the house, even though they gave the responsibility to the man, they still were the wisdom.  Where do you think you learned of your heritage and understood why the struggle of all those before were important?  Your grandparents taught your parents and now have time and patient to teach you as well. 

See patience is a thing of the past these days.  Everyone wants what they want and they want it now.  Well if you don’t wait on your turn then you are going to miss what is really for you.  You will bypass importance and only receive what you want.  Somehow that have been failing a lot of you and then you want to blame someone but, in your life, you have no one else to blame but you.  So, why am I blaming “society” right? I’m not!  I am taking the blame for people of color because they allowed “society” to enter the psyche and destroy what they knew to be true. Now they are filled with lies, hatred, false hope, and anger but for no reason at all. When all they really have to do is pay attention to the elders and learn from what they teach.  Now days children disrespect what they have to teach and offer, to the point of no return.    

I remember when there was no disrespecting the elders of the family because your disrespect led to punishment by whippings.  Yes, dad would take you out back and give you a switching you would never forget.  Even though he didn’t want to you had to be taught a lesson on manners and minding them. I have noticed that black people disrespect what they don’t know and what they refuse to believe in as far as they are concerned.

Usually it only took the one, because he made sure the understanding was clear.  Your bottom was sore for a while but you thought long and hard before you spoke and what was to come out of your mouth.  This might have silenced children but they knew when and where to speak.  They knew their place and when to step out of it and with whom.

This has always been an unwritten law of the black people.

You earned your right to be noticed by properly implementing your input and where needed.  Now days children curse the parents and elderly as if they were dogs or less than.  The children are telling the parents and the grandparents what to do and how to do.  They also are defining them by not doing what they are told.  They speak when no one is speaking to them.  They voice their opinions to the wrong people and at the wrong time.  They even tell them what time they will be in the house and not where they are going.  Where’s the manners?! Where’s the respect?! Where’s the discipline?! Gone!  Why?  I think because no one is the authoritative figures no longer and children have no clue on how to act when they haven’t been properly taught.  Once again, they learn from sight.  If you do it, they will want to do it.  They learn from what they hear, if you say it then they will say it.  They are the sponges that you don’t want them to be in the time you are being defiant, but they are they pick up on everything we as parents do, even when don’t want them to.  They don’t use it on us until they have used it in the streets and gotten away with it.  Remember our children are a direct reflection of us and everything we do.  When they are out of your sight and being ill-mannered, where do you think they got that from?  

They’re not being properly educated not taught manners.  Our people believe ignorance is bliss but it isn’t.  See in the early day, black family’s Dads was in the house.  Welcome to 1933, the market crashed but because black people on had but so much then lost a lot.  This hurt them because they were really just getting started and what they were making now was gone.  Times got hard and mothers and father were now in the workforce doing what had to be done in order to provide for the family.  Because women were still the minority they couldn’t work and make as much as a man could and jobs were far and few.  What they did in their own homes became work for “society” in their homes.  Roughly around the sixty’s men started disappearing from homes.  These left women to do what they had to do in order to provide.  If what they knew was laying on their backs then this was what they did to provide for their families.  The sixties were about peace and war which is a conflict for all to comprehend.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

The Summer Is Upon Us

Goddess afternoon Royals 👑. First, give praise and worship to the Lord.

Secondly, hope all is well with you all.

The birds are up early. The trees are in full bloom and the sun is brightly shining. The warm days are among us and I’m loving it. Summer is a great time of the year. It’s when families comes together and fill the atmosphere with joy and laughter. It’s when children get their break from school and get to stay up longer. Days are longer and nights are beautiful; full of romance. It’s also when the pest of bugs and bees makes life a little uncomfortable, but we manage.

With all that Joy and excitement comes, what we in Baltimore, call hatred. It’s when the killings get worse and right now we can’t afford any worse. Right now we can use all the good and love in the world. If a person could get rich from the words “REST IN PEACE”, they would be there richest in the world because that’s all we see and hear in Baltimore. I’m tired if it! We as people seem to think one person shine, sparkles more than another, but no one knows the hurt , pain, blood, sweat, not tears that went into that shine.

Why turn someone else’s smile into frown because you aren’t sure how to get that shine? Why ruin what someone else worked hard for because you are lazy as fuck or just too distracted by their shine to get yours? Why destroy lives because you refuse to focus on your future?

Don’t make what they believe to be true, a fact! Us killing us Genocide is a horrible way to live. There is no love in killing the next man, woman, nor child to get shine when your grind should get you where you want to be. Who knows with the right mindset your shine might be greater than the one you want to kill for his.

Just know this, the universe is horrible with karma and she will deliver unto you a fate worse than the one you put out there. The Lord himself will allow the vengeance that you seeked when you started the war you wasn’t prepared for. He will allow a death far worst than the one you created to fall upon you or your love ones. He will take from you more than you took from another. Be careful of your karma!

Summer is among us but so is either the serpent of hell or the angel of happiness. The choice is yours.

Sending you kisses and hugs. #GoddessLove

Let’s Hump This Day

Goddess Morning Royals. Excerpts from the books “The Perfect Man” and “The Truth About Her”

“The Perfect Man”

You sleep as I stare. I lurk, crave your move, your look, your touch, your beat, your passion. Why must I want you so bad? Just a glance and I’m yours for the taken. I’ll be your private dancer if you’ll let me. Slowly I’ll grind and thrust for you. Don’t touch just watch. See how you make my hips sway from side to side. You make me drop it down ever so gentle for you. Grind back to the top. Watch me as I make it clap for you all the way to the floor. Wow, didn’t even know I could do that. Giggle just a little with this ass as I wiggle. Do you want to spank me?!

Now i shall take all these clothes of for you while you watch me. Oh baby did i wake you didn’t mean to just wanted to fantasize about you staring back at me while i make it wet for you. It doesn’t take much, it’s yours lover.

Look deeply into my eyes, hands soft in my back. Our bodies so in tune with each other they move like a note being played. not only do you capture my mind, you capture my body, and essence, love me uh!

“The Truth About Her”

I tear up just thing about you when I’m away from you I crave you, I want you, I have an orgasm, I fucked you, I suck you, I have an orgasm. Damn I love you!

The journey will blow your mind but the finding will stimulate your soul. Come explore. You’re welcome! My mind, body and soul is a terrible, but powerful tool any time of the day. So be careful where you tread for you may like where I take you. Just be ready for anything because anything might happen. I’m a wonder of great possibilities. Limitless and endless discoveries.

Side Bar: Working on these two books together is almost like living to different lives. I can’t wait until you all get the finished project of them both. I hope you all enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

The Truth About Her


Have you ever met a woman who you just had to have?  Have you ever wanted her to yourself?  If she had children, you wanted to send them away to be with their father or just away period?  She was the kind of woman who made you laugh, cry, smile, blush, shy away, nervous and horny all in one breath.  She could make the muscle in the pit of your stomach hurt for days and you had no idea why.  She could make you desire the deadliest poison even if in your right mind you knew it could kill you.  If not then let me introduce you the Mercedes Walker.  Her body alone makes you want her but her mind in its self is a whole other concern by itself.  She let you know from the beginning it will only be about sex and then when you do, you forget about life and want only to do what she wants and says.

Mercedes Walker was born ordinary but she grew to learn that it’s Mercedes’ world and she used that power to where she is today.  Did she use the numerator to get to the denominator?  The truth is she know things that most know but are afraid to use it to the best of their abilities.   So, the answer is simply, yes.  Without lifting a hand, she always gets what she wants because she always has someone and everyone to answer her every waken beck and call.

What do you asked could a woman do with so much power and why would any want to rule in such a dysfunctional manner?  Well Mercedes is not your average woman and she will never be any less than what she can be.