I Heard The Village Cry

Goddess Morning Royals.

First, Praise THE LORD for allowing the surgery to go as well as it did for my daughter yesterday and blessing my daughter will continuous life.  Thank him for the blessing the surgeon and keeping him and his mind, body and soul in great spirits.  Bless the staff at the hospital for taking such good care of her.  Thank you Lord, thank you!

Welcome to life and love this Saturday morning.  I’m going to start a small women’s group to assist with life in general.  We will deal with issues of our children, love, life and finances.  We will build on positivity and work on entrepreneurship.  We will start small hopefully and grow into a movement of women empowering other women.

I am calling it #TheVillageCry.  We have to do something because our children, and young fathers are leaving our families to fast and very frequently.  They are ending up dead or in jail, which to me is like been wounded and no one is there to care for them.  I am starting it in a few weeks so I am making plans now this day.  I’m making T-shirts and pamphlets as we speak.  I can no longer standby and watch the destruction of our youth, which is our future.  I am looking for a space to rent until I am able to purchase a permanent space.  This movement is of the Lords because he is the one that sent it to me.  Look for it coming soon.


As I sat down on the steps of my home tired from my day, I could hear weeping.

It was mild but still I could hear it.

At times it would get so loud I could barely think.

I got up from my steps in search of its location

I thought it sounded like it was coming from the West of me.

So, I traveled West.  No, I didn’t find it, but it was strong in that direction I could swear.

Then I return to my home, and the weeping start to form from the East.

So, I traveled East.  No, I didn’t find it, but it was strong in that direction I could swear.

Then I returned to my home, and the weeping started to come from the South of me.

So, I traveled South. Still I didn’t find it, but it was strong in that direction I could swear.

Then I returned to my home, and the weeping started again but now North of me.

So, I traveled North. I did not find it, but it was strong in that direction this I swear by.

Then I returned to my home.  The weeping never stopped but got louder at times.

It sounded like a mother, then again it sounds like a father, either way I wanted to know who was crying.

Then a scream hit me like a ton of bricks almost knocking me to my feet it was harsh.

That’s when it became clear and the sound was now just a steady cry, Why Lord?! Why?!

I had no idea where it was coming from, so I felt to my knees and started to pray with the cry.

Dear Lord

Hear our cry for we are hurting and suffering and asking why.

We want the pain to stop but aren’t sure how but we need for it to stop and now.

We just want to live in peace and walk with joy, for happiness is our goal and love is the mission.

We want to watch our children grow and nourish into families as you have planned, but the Devil is diverting your plans.

Lord we are on our hands and knees asking for your mercy.

Spare your children from the pain and suffering.

Cover them in the blood and protect them from harm.

We have suffered enough and plea on the blood for redemption and mercy.

Stop the violence that plague our communities and the loss that haunt the mother’s and father’s soul.

Provide them with strength and guide them with love so they will have the knowledge they seek to help stop the young children from self-destruction.

Be the foundation for the village needs you and cry out for you in ways that makes the heart bleed.

See the blood shed for we know it is too much, whether it is rap, murder, shootings, stabbings, or vehicular.

Know we understand and is calling on you Lord for guidance, for we are no more.

In the holy name we pray AMEN.

When I rose, I was told to bring the people together and create a new Village and so I am.

Welcome to the Village.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

Weekend Warriors

Weekend Warriors

Goddess Morning Royals.

On this Sassy Saturday I say be as gorgeous or as handsome as you possibly can be.  Walk a little different today, talk a little different today, groove a little different today but be as Sassy as you can be.

Sway only in the directions you choose and not in the direction someone else chooses for you.  Wear your best you and don’t allow anyone to divert you from doing so.  If you feel sexy then by all means be sexy.  If you feel brave then by all means be brave.  If you feel seductive then be seductive but as long it’s you being you.  By all means be you.

Today I like no other day and if this is you all the time then this day be a little more you.  Just because you can.  Enjoy the life you have because no one else is in control of your destiny, life, love nor happiness but you.  Take this moment and look into the mirror and be proud of what and who you see looking at you.  If you can or can’t carry a note, rejoice in the glory of you today.  Grab a partner or a friend and allow them to share in your Sassy Saturday so they can know what is so wonderful about you.  When others are looking and your think they are, don’t be embarrassed nor ashamed.  They aren’t looking to make fun, they are looking because you are wearing you.

Tell me how you plan on spending your Sassy Saturday.

Sending you all love and kisses.  #GoddessLove

Simple Sunday

Simple Sunday

Goddess Afternoon Royals.

Usually, my Sunday’s are just washing clothes, cooking for the family and deep cleaning the house, but today I made it a simple Sunday.

I went to the market this morning, cooked breakfast for the family, and now sitting with my sister listening to music and watching her paint.  If you don’t know much about me know that I am very family oriented.  I love my family and try to do different things with different ones.   Dinner is a collaboration today, she and I will cook together.  I enjoy her company and her pleasantry she have when she comes to visit.  Soon she won’t be visiting she will be living with me and I will get to enjoy her every day.  How awesome is that.

So I didn’t blog yesterday, and yes there is a reason why.  I was doing hair all day yesterday.  I didn’t even get a break one time but I am not complaining by any means at all.  In fact, I am very grateful for the blessing of having such a talent under my belt.  Fun fact, all my siblings can do hair and have amazing talents.

I can cook, bake, published author, financial adviser, psychologist, dancer, and counselor.

My sister Nishie, can paint, draw, sculpt, sew, knit, crochet, cook, dancer, and bake.

My sister Kia, is a licensed daycare provider, demolition, and cook.

My sister Lisa, is a professional ballet dancer, professional signer and psychology.

My sister Mooney, is a comedian

My sister Starr, is a fashionista, experience, retail, singer, and make-up artist.

My brother Rodney, operate forklift, backhoe, demolition, woodwork, construction, drywall, electrician, dancer, and carpentry.

My brother Ronald, experience in retail.

My sister Reba, can draw, bake, and professional dancer.

My brother Sonny, professional gamer, comedian and singer.

We get our talent from our parents, both of them were as talented as we are if not more.  We are now passing on our talent to our children.  They maybe young but I can see the talent coming through.

My daughter Cashmere, is a Certified Medical Assistant, dancer, paint, draw, sculpt, sing, and model.

My son Ryheem, is a great drummer, draw, and dancer

My nephew Sean, professional rapper, video blogger, can draw, comedian, dancer, and auto mechanic.

My niece Deirra, is a professional singer, Tai chi, medical dental hygienist, dancer, can draw, and daycare provider.

My niece SweetPea is into techology and the Army

My niece She-She is a tech geek

My nephew Trelly, is a dancer, football player, rapper, comedian, singer, basketball player, and can drawer.

My niece Deborah, can dance, sing, can drawer, and bake.

My son Dre, is a comedian, brown belt in Karate, video blogger, gamer, and

My nephew D’Mone is a boxer

My nephew Dy’On, is a dancer and gamer

My nephew Syion is a gamer

My niece Kiyah is a dancer and gamer

My niece Iyannah is a dancer

My niece Dy’Ae is smart at technology

My nephew Tybarius is still growing and learning

My nephew Tyreik is still growing and learning

My granddaughter London is still growing and learning

My niece Rain is still growing and learning

I hope soon I will get to know the rest of my family as I continue on within this life.  Remember it is never to late to get to learn, love, and grow with your family.  All it take is time.

Sending you all Love, and Kisses.  #GoddessLove

Timeless Tuesday

20160722_211500.jpgGoddess Morning Royals.  How are we doing this morning?

Well we got swept away last Tuesday, this Tuesday let’s sweep someone else away.

How about a great dinner for two, or a romantic getaway on a budget?  A bed and breakfast will be the perfect little get away.  Just the two of you on a quiet one day outing, filled with excitement and adventure.  It only takes one day for you all to be drowned into each others eyes.  How about a long walk along the beach or a night out with dancing not clubbing but dancing or poetry night.  Either way, don’t allow your relationship to sour just because it is a Tuesday.

Read to one another in the comforts of your own bedroom, snuggle up under a warm fire or on the patio deck to a lemonade, ice tea or whatever your pleasure of drink is but as long as you all do it together, what does it matter.

If you really want to make it “timeless” see how many time you all can make one another smile and that means by all means necessary.  Now I am not saying make a baby because that will be a memory you will always remember but if that is what your family needs then by all means bring joy into your family as you both need and want.  As long as it is mutual and enjoyable then please do so.

Bring life into this Tuesday that will make a mark on your relationship for the rest of your life.  Maybe this is the Tuesday, that you both say I do, or may it is the Tuesday that you ask you to be his wife.  Just be open for anything and all things possible.

Love you all, Kisses and enjoy your “Timeless Tuesday.  #Goddess love

When in need!

When in need!

Goddess Evening Royals.  Sorry for the late post, really long day.

People seem to forget when they were in need of you or your services to the point they start to believe that you have a problem with them instead of the other way around.  When they get in a bind or in trouble they seem to remember you are the family, friend and resource.  As long as you are needed they are sweet, kind and humbled, until the moment you finish fixing their problem then they are rude, distasteful, disrespectful, obnoxious, and ignorant.

They seem to forget in that moment that you are the one who just save their home, car, life, job, hopes, dreams and maybe their relationship.  They seem to think after you have solved their problem that you needed them.  They can’t remember favors you have done for them, money you have lend them, or a place you have given them.  They gain amnesia right fast and will have the audacity to challenge you to the time they returned some of your money, like they lent it to you.  They will recall they time they gave you a ride after they have borrowed your car a million and one times.  They will recall watching your child after you have been the daycare provider to all their children.

They will turn tail and run when you recall all the things you did and still are doing for them.   As soon as you decide you aren’t doing for them or anyone else no longer then you are the worst person they have ever met.  You are no longer loyal or family.  You are a two-faced person or maybe even a liar and petty, but they can never understand until they are the ones in the position they put you in.  Then they want to come to you and tell you all about how someone always need them.  All you can do is look because you know you just had this discussion with them not even that long ago.  It may have gotten ugly but you still being you listen and then walk away.

Here is what I say to you when you are always the giver.  Learn NO!  It may sound cruel but it will save you a lot of arguments, and headaches.  It may even say you heartache depending on the person in questioning.  If you just can’t say NO then you are in for a long life of the same thing for the rest of your life and from all people who are just users and never will be givers, well not to you at least.

Stop being the welcome mat and start being the leave your problem at the door mat. Make a mental note this vessel isn’t for bargaining if you are for giving as well as taking.