Determined By…

Determined By…

Goddess morning Royals. First give praise and worship to the all High.

How is your day determined? How is your life determined? How is your relationship determined?

We base so much off one thing that we almost destroy what could have been or what could be. When you wake in the morning and feel like shit do you determine that this is how the rest of your day is going to go? If so then you have no faith or trust in yourself. You have pretty much doomed your day before it can get started. I bet somehow you do the same thing pretty much with everything that doesn’t start right in your life. Shake that shit off and get your ass up whether feeling like crap or not. If you wake with a headache then take something for it. If you wake with and hangover do something about it. Your day cannot be determined by a mood, but a sickness, and even then sometimes you can beat that as well.

When your significant other mess up one time do you determine that this is the end or do you make a mends and move the hell on? I can see if it destroyed you within then yes you should move on, but don’t give up on having a significant other just because. We get in our heads that, he or she was the one, but if that was the case the feeling would have been reciprocal but it wasn’t, or else that person wouldn’t been able to destroy what you all had. So pack that in the past and move on but not with the intent to find a replacement but with the idea of happiness. Don’t just jump on the first thing that show promise explore that persons life, family, circle of friends, job, place, habits, likes, dislikes, and health. We have a habit of jumping the gun or creating a facade to please the next person thinking we did something wrong in the last relationship. Well don’t because they destroyed you not you destroyed them. You just have to find someone who will take on all your bad habits as well as good ones. Someone who will accept you for who you are and not who you pretend to be with them. So be yourself at all times and if they like it then yes, but if they have problems with it then work with them or work them out of your life. Don’t change so drastically that you don’t know who you are. Stop allowing one bad break up to determine who you are, how you going to be, and most importantly your happiness for love.

Finally, life can be a bitch but it also can be wonderful. In fact life is wonderful, but people make life a bitch. To be honest, birth is a blessing, but people who raise you, where you are raised, and people who birth you can make life a serious bitch and hard as hell to deal with. Don’t give up and don’t give in. Find peace within yourself that no one can destroy, so that you can see the beauty in being born, growing, living, and exploring life, love, and yes children. Just because life was so horrible doesn’t mean it continues when you take control of your destiny. You have the power to determine how the movie is played out. You are your own director, writer, producer. Remember everyone else is actors playing in your movie and you have the right to a great movie. People on the outside is just viewers, they don’t determine how the movie is played just how it is viewed. If you allow the critics to tear you down they will do just that and then copy your movie. You will be in a bad place and they will be in your space taking your life and making it their own. Hey your destiny is determined by you and you only. Start either writing it or rewriting it, it is all up to you.

Sending you love and kisses. #GoddessLove

A Conversation Between Two College Students #2

A Conversation Between Two College Students #2

Goddess morning Royals. Giving praise and worship to the all High.

This scenario could have went so many different way, but since I speak unity and love this is how I wanted it to go. Enjoy.

The second encounter takes place a week later between the same to gentlemen.

School Scenario 2: Same to brothers meet again.

Dark skinned brother – Damn here we go again!  Didn’t I just run into you last week trying to do the same thing.  Oh, do it not get tiring, do it not get tiresome?  Sigh

Light skinned brother – Oh, wait a minute brother.  It’s not even why I am here. I had time to think about what you said to me last week.  Our encounter was kinda scary.  Yeah, I thought I was gonna have to deal with you.  Everybody was putting false things in head about you.  But, now I’m here to extend my hand and introduce myself, be that man.  I’m no longer the same brother from the last time.  Our last encounter was something unbearable, but you spoke truth, you spoke reality.  Now all I wanna do is extend my hand you like a fellow college.  Now don’t get this wrong, I still have that I’m better than you attitude, because you instilled that in me.  To be better than who I was, so now I aint even mad atcha. Now I just wanna do what you extend me to do, help me up, raise me up. Let’s be brothers on this campus of love.  Let’s no longer have this war against our own kind.  I just wanna be the man, the man I came here to be.  The one that’s laying in the back of my mind. I want to bring him to the forefront, because I know I’m better than that.   Naw, I don’t wanna smoke weed, I don’t wanna roll blunts.  I’m not trying to stunt no more! What I’m trying to do is be better than before. Now, don’t get it misconstrued, I’m still a tough person and I still understand that I have those defaults! But they are no longer the parts that I’m trying to work from they are the parts I’m trying to work on.  I’m here to do exactly what I struggle to get here to do.  No, I’m not trying to be the big man on campus.  I have plans! I have goals!  Now that my focus is to get from hell to heaven.  Yeah, I do understand that somebody loved me at one point in my life, that why I was birth.  Somewhere along that line it got fucked up and now I’m here on this planet, called Earth to do my own thing. No, I’m not mad, at first, I was, and allowed the anger build up inside.  Didn’t know where I was gonna, but I had to kill or die, but now, I’m on another plane of existence to do the things I was here to do from the beginning.  You know, work my magic, put my thought into plans.  No long into the man of destruction, but into actions of deliverance.  That’s why I am here, God have found me a new way so I’m gonna use that way. No longer will you have to worry about me being the shoulder that you have to look over, worried about whether or not I’m behind your back. Naw, right now I gotcha back. So, from this moment on, look at me as that brother, from the same or the other mother.  Doesn’t really matter.  You might be right our colors do match! We could be related, but that’s no longer a debate. All I’m worried about now is how far we gonna get together?  How we gonna walk out this campus together as one Unity, Power? That’s where I’m at now.  My heart has stop being sour and started being happy, because you ain’t the one that left me.  That’s where that anger was at, deep down inside.  I knew that I shouldn’t have done anything to anyone, but the anger had taken over.  So, now my anger is in a better place! No longer is it covering me, no longer is it hovering over me, but now it’s right here in front of me, to do nothing but excuse me. Push it to the side and walk pass it.  Get outta my way, now I’m seeing it from my rearview.  I ain’t afraid! I ain’t looking over my shoulder, no need for that.  Now I am a better brother! LOVE

If we don’t stand for something we will be lead by the devil to settle for everything. No one said you have limitations and this is where you have to stop at this moment in you life, so journey on into your greatness and beyond.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

Working on You

Working on You

Goddess morning Royals. Give praise and worship to the all high.

When working on yourself don’t allow others access to your rehabilitation. You have to know what you want and what you need to make yourself a better person. If not then you will be changing yourself to meet others needs and no longer have control over your life. More or less will have no idea who you have become. Don’t try to be someone you know you don’t like and would never like, hints the reason you are working on yourself.

People will try to change you to fit their needs and not your own. They will offer advise that surrounds their ability to like you more but in fact to just control you more. You have to know what you don’t like about yourself and what you love about yourself. You need to know what you need to tweak and can remain the same. If you think that being too aggressive is what needs to be tweaked then do so but don’t become passive and allow people to now step all over you. Remember this is just a suggestion. When you look in the mirror and it is all physical and none mental then you can work on that as well. If you aren’t happy with your nose then you can get that worked on and make it to your liking and not how other perceive you. If it is your stomach then do the same but for you and not to please the onlookers. Whatever you feel that needs to be worked on do it for you and not for others. They will have to accept the new you or find someone else to criticized because aren’t making you a better person for them but for you.

Here’s the catcher though if you look in the mirror and you find that you are perfect just the way you are and you think you attitude or personality is just great then by all means stay the same. If you, yourself though, have been seen things that you don’t like about yourself and see that you have changed in the worst way for others, then try your best to find your way back to yourself. Remember no one really knows you better than you and if you can say they do then, I’m sorry you don’t know who you are and need to really look in the mirror to find who you are.

Always take time to love yourself; care for yourself; embrace who you are; praise yourself; congratulate yourself on something well done; encourage yourself; motivate yourself; and most of all be at peace with yourself.

It is nothing in the world like not loving yourself and looking for others to do so for you. That’s never self pleasing especially if you really aren’t sure what love is or how it feels.

If you don’t care about you chances are other won’t as well. They can only care so much, if you don’t care enough to do for yourself or want better for you.

Honesty, if you aren’t sure who you are and embrace it there is no way you can sell people on who you are. They will see right through the phony and fake facade you display and will use that to their advantage or destroy you will it.

Self praise is the best praise one can offer. When you are down and there is no one around, cheer yourself up. When you think you look at certain way, be confident enough to say either it doesn’t work for you, or compliment yourself, either way remember you have to wear it or deal with it. Don’t give your power away by allowing other to have to tell you how you look to them. They might praise you and then talk about you, which can be damaging to one’s self-esteem.

Congratulations you are on your way. I have no idea where or onto what but I know that you are doing you. Look at you go. When you can do this to yourself and for yourself then you don’t need someone to do it for you, unless you want it. But when you don’t get it from whoever you so want it from or in the way you thought you should get it, don’t be upset. Just congratulate yourself on a job well done, or on your own accomplishment. Beside you were the one that put in the work and you should be the one that feel good about doing so. Yes recognition is one thing but it may not always come in the form you expect.

Encouragement is a hard one but one that goes hand and hand with motivation. Encouraging yourself to do something is easy, just say it and then try to do it. The task is seeing it through, motivating yourself to the end and knowing the reward afterward is what you desire is the trick. It is easy to say you a new year resolution but it is hard to see it through to the end. Learning to be your own motivator is the best reward because when it seen to the end, the only person to thank is yourself. You don’t have to hear, if it wasn’t for me; you wouldn’t have never…. That isn’t encouragement, nor praise that is control. Don’t give anyone that much power over you because they will make you feel very horrible about yourself every time you feel a sense of accomplishment.

My final thought for you is to be at peace with yourself during any and all things. Being at war just mean you are sure and aren’t pleased with your decisions, accomplishments, or improvements. Never say I could have done better, more or tried harder. This make you feel like you are worthless, like what you accomplished is worth praise, acknowledgement or recognition. Now you are less likely to do anything more motivating because you feel as though you aren’t worth the effort. No you done what you needed to do and will do more when the time presence itself. For right now you done what was necessary and that’s is good enough for now. Remember set your goals at a reasonable level and not at a level in which you can’t accomplish or not going to feel motivated to do. This will only damage your self-esteem and not raise it.

Good luck and get moving, keep motivated, and stay focus on the task at hand. YOU!

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove



Goddess morning Royals

Today, I am paying the price. I put myself through so much for the sake of my children and now my temple is saying job well done.

I get up everyone at 4 a.m., to start my day. First, it is to make them fresh bread for breakfast lunch and dinner. Then I get on my laptop and see what Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat and have to offer me. Afterwards, I start my blog at 5 a.m., which is now my thing but before when I was on my writing binge my 5 o’clock hours was used for that. That only take 15 minutes of my time, so I use the rest of the 45 minutes to go to the kitchen once again and start making pasta for dinner, which by the way is being worked on while in the middle of me doing all I need to do.

Six o’clock I begin breakfast for the King, Queen, Prince and Princess in my household. Then back to the web so I can post all my merchandise after sorting it to find out I am willing to display. then to Instagram @beautifulme_Kenya for posting of my shoes, latest hairstyles and upcoming meals for sale. After I have done all that it is time for everyone to be leaving the house. So I gather everyone up and get them to their destinations.

My daughter off to work, she’s a CMA at a local hospital. My oldest son to work, he’s a maintenance worker for a local police department. My youngest son to school, he’s an eighth grader, preparing for High School. My granddaughter to school, she’s in the Pre-Kindergarten and doing well I might add.

At roughly, 8:00 or so I then head to the work room to start working on my fashion line. I am currently putting several jeans and tops into play. By time I give that attention it is time for the pasta to be cooked and sauces to be made. The dinners in which I am selling goes on the menu board and sales start to commence on all products for sale.

Yesterday, my day went just like that with these extras in play. My sons bedroom sets came and needed to be assembled. I did so. The contractor finished the kitchen floor and placed major appliances back in the kitchen. The new refrigerator came and the man connected that, and took the old one. Right behind him came the UPS man with deliveries. When I tell you I didn’t get to sit down until 9 p.m., and was in so much pain. I showered and fell asleep on the living room couch. This is where this blog is being written from at this moment.