Goddess Afternoon.  Excuse me for a minute but I have something to say.

I don’t want to go to deep but I do need to say this.  I am so sick and tired of people saying Rest In Peace to those who are lost to violence.  How can they rest in peace if they did live in peace.  What is more unrealistic is that individuals are killing their own family and for what a lack of drugs they couldn’t get or because they needed money to get high and the family member refuse to support your habits any longer.  This city Baltimore in which I reside it way out of control.  I hear people saying they are leaving Baltimore but in all honesty there is killings amongst blacks all over the world.  It just seem more frequent and higher because you live here.  It is sad that most of the time all we here is that there is another black man, woman or child shot down in the street of Baltimore.

I am so horrified by it and I know that there is something that we can do.  We want our family members freed, until they are the ones that is laying face down in these streets.  We all have cried the sound of freedom of one of a family members locked away but honestly if you know this family member needs to be locked away or is need of some help, please stop asking him or her to be freed, instead as for prayer for this person.  Not all of them are guilty and some do need to be freed but I am referring to the one who brags about shooting individuals for no reason just because, you know the saying “I or we plays with those guns.”  Because honestly it is a smile and a laugh until you are the one that is screaming RIP or SIP to that same individual.  Then you want prayers for your family.  How about we start prayer long before we have to say it over his or her cold dead body.

I know we all have a bad ass member or several bad ass members of our family but who family doesn’t.  It’s just we don’t need for them to show up and out all the time.  Most of all isn’t out here trying to prove we have the baddest family in Baltimore or on the planet for that matter.  To clear some things up, no I didn’t recently lose a family member to violence, I am just tired of it.  When you turn on family and they are the ones supporting you or fighting for your rights, freedom, and a place to rest your head, you don’t kill them in cold blood.

All I am asking is for the violence to stop.  When is a enough, enough?  When we are all dead or in jail.  Sorry but I am not built for either before my time.  I wasn’t made for jail so I personally don’t do shit to go and if I did, I pray it wouldn’t be for murder.  I do know how to defend myself and also how to walk away from a situation before it escalated into death for either me or the other individual.  Because I don’t want no one to have to debate on what to put on my tombstone.  I want them to already know that I am a caring, loving, and devoted family woman.  But there is so much more to me that of what to put on my tombstone or in an obituary.

Please people I am asking even if they aren’t, pray for your family as well as mine.  Pray the right prayer because some of you may not be praying the right prayer.  Some of you may be praying for their downfall and if so then you are a warrior of prayer but a lost cause of broken hope.  Someone needs to be praying extra hard for you.  For a matter of fact you need to pray harder for yourself and see if God can meet with you on a one on one basis.  No joke and none intended.

I am sorry for the rant but I had to and needed to because this city of ours is gone to hell in a basket and I’m not sure who’s doing the shopping.  #GoddessLove


Published by missk22

I am a free spirit! Speak my mind a lot. Published author! Business & Psychology major! AA in Healthcare Administration; BBA in Accounting/Finance. Working on my masters in Psychology. Mother, hairstylist, nail technician and so much more.

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