The Life of Parenting

Goddess Afternoon Royals.

We as parents take on the role of everyone in our children’s life.  We are their, parent first, friend, preachers, therapist, lawyers, defenders, protectors, judges, spiritual guides, we are their everything.  We are all these things and more because when we first was told we were going to be in charge of someone’s else life besides our own, we first panicked a little, then smile, started naming them, then purchases all we could for them. Next decided what kind of parent we wanted to be.  As time went on we learned to do things differently, but the same as our parents who raised us.

We had to learn for ourselves even though they were there to guide us, we had to learn.  Now we know more than we wanted to know but still learning and growing.  We love our children with everything in us and will do everything we can for them.  Then the moment come when you realize you can’t do anything for them but be by their side in their time of despair.  When tragedy strikes fear in us all and anger become our line of defense. But all we really want to do is hurt whoever hurt our baby, because honestly they maybe growing or grown, they are still our babies.

Well this morning my daughter was almost taken from me and all I could do is cry, and fall to my knees with my eyes to the sky, and my heart on the floor.  You know that call you dread but get anyway.  Now I know for some of you that call was way worst than mine.  I send prayers to you all for before now I knew the feeling of loss.  My condolences to you all and may the good Lord find favor in your heart to heal it with love, your mind with great memories, and your spirit with joy.  I know it won’t bring back your love ones but I still pray for your strength just the same.

My daughter was the one who got to call me which mean for me there was hope.  She said Ma I was in an accident and you were right.  At this moment I wasn’t sure if that was the end or not.  I asked her if everyone who was in the car with her alright.  She said yes, I asked her did she hit others and was they alright.  She said yes,  I then asked her where I needed to be.  She wanted to tell me about the car.  All I was worried about was lives, that car means nothing to me.  It is replaceable, your life however, isn’t.  She ask the ambulance attendant where they were taking her.  She said Harbor Hospital.  I would like to take this moment to thank all the first responders who do their job and without fail.  Thank you all for your time and efforts as well as your commitment to your jobs.  Secondly, I would like to thank the staff at Harbor Hospital for taking just great care of my baby and seeing this as an emergency and not stashing her in the corner like her injuries didn’t matter.  Thank you for your time, efforts and commitment to your jobs as well.  Especial thanks to Dr. Chris of the Emergency department of Harbor Hospital, job well done.

I know that our children who are coming up on this generation doesn’t like to listen or hear us nag, but I just pray that the nagging get to them mentally before tragedy gets to them physically.  I just want them to make better decisions and not need to show the world that they have materialist things and need to impress those who aren’t even looking and even to those who are looking.  It is really none of their business.  Why ask or entice haters?  They only want what you have and if they can’t get it then they will take yours by any means necessary.

I preach to my children all day and they swear all I do is fuss.  After she was release she told me I could fuss anytime I want now because she can hear me loud and clear now.

Well Royals that is all I have to say until I don’t want to say anymore, I am just glad we as a family made it through this tragic situation to see better days.

Sending you all my love and kisses.  #GoddessLove


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I am a free spirit! Speak my mind a lot. Published author! Business & Psychology major! AA in Healthcare Administration; BBA in Accounting/Finance. Working on my masters in Psychology. Mother, hairstylist, nail technician and so much more.

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