Business As Usual 2022

Goddess morning Royals đź‘‘. First give praise and worship to the all High.

Fresh into 2022, and yes there’s murders already. Homicide case ink haven’t dried from last year before business as usual. This cliché “ I must get them before they get me!” Bull shit has to stop because no one is out to get you if you’re not out there doing shit to others or affiliating yourself with those who are. I know people have died or was murdered because of what another has done directly or indirectly to another. The saying … is a lie!

What you eat doesn’t make me shit!


Most deaths are indirectly the result of someone else’s doing, at least in Bodymore they are. Baltimore is famous for being called Bodymore or Bloodymore just like it’s famous for it’s harbor, Orioles and Ravens; not to mention the Black in Wax. Yes it is equally famous for its murder rate isn’t that crazy. The same thing that put Baltimore in the limelight measures out to the same thing that makes Baltimore a scary place to visit. Yet, they still visit despite the murder rate. It seems to be the attraction for people.

Baltimore story lines isn’t enough or news that’s viewed world wide, people still wants to experience it up close and personal. I don’t and will never understand the fascination with death. Me personally love and is fascinated by life. Even though “The Wire”, “Homicide”, and “The Corner” give perspective into the danger and life within Baltimore, people still travel to see if it’s true or not. For some they get what they bargained for but for others they get to live it or shall I say unexpectedly experience it and well they are the ones returned to their loved ones in body bags.

I’m not going to say stay out of Baltimore because there are some greatness to Baltimore but I say proceed with caution when entering. The idea is visiting is exciting as you have entered but with a clear understanding where you belong. If not welcome to Bloodymore or Bodymore, Murderland you’re death wish away from home. This jungle isn’t like other jungles even though there is murders happening everywhere. I can only speak for this place because this is where I reside. These inhabitants are not the same as everywhere else nor do they live the same. I can’t put them down without putting myself down so I won’t but I will say they can smell outsiders and their fear. Come to visit leave to survive, it’s just that simple.

Before you think about taking a life. Think about this man’s family not once but twice. Just think before you do what you’re about to do. Put yourself in this man shoes! Before you pull that trigger. Just think what would you do if you were this man’s mother, brother, sister or father. Before he hit the ground, remember for your children or family you can no longer be around. You are now on the run. Missing out on your family’s growth, worth, and life. All because you didn’t think twice. Scared to be a man, afraid to throw them hands, not sure how to make that stance. Played yourself instead of taking a loss. Had to go and get a gun to show you are the boss. But you’re not, you’re a coward. Couldn’t take that ass whipping and learn how to fight back. Now all do is look over your shoulder and watch your back. Took that man from his loved ones. All because you couldn’t fight so you grabbed a gun. Now you the one! Target in your back, ducking and dodging bullets. Always looking paranoid and stupid, thinking you could have done something different. Before you killed that man, maybe you should have squashed it. Thought about it and just shook that man hand.
Maybe next time. What next time you already did the crime?! Now do the time, either way life or death, because there is nothing left. Before it got this far, you could have walked away and both could have survived to see another day, because there’s always a better way.

Everyone claims maturity but no one shows it. If you stay in grown folks business then you develop grown folk status. If you brag, boast, and flash your business like a child; jealous, thirsty and hungry disrespectful mother fuckers are going to come for you and all you have. You have to move different when you are successful. You have to give back without needing the spotlight or glory to do so. It’s only when you advertise you are better than others do they know to come after you for what you have. Other than that they see you and keep it moving. You don’t have to hide yourself success just don’t flash it or you bring unwarranted attention that you neither want nor deserve.

Find peace within yourself so you are proud of who you are and what you have accomplished. like Biggie said

You’re nobody til somebody kills you! I don’t wanna die.

Biggie Smalls

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove


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