The Family Bond! Chapter 1…Segment 3

Goddess Morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High!

Crime rose but only to a point

M – Maliciously a coward by self-doubt

U – Unaware of potential to be better.

R – Redirecting anger onto others.

D – Disconnected from a community with Love.

E – Economically desensitized by materialistic things.

R – Release into a broken society of poverty to fight for nothing. 

S – Savages who killed, raped, maliciously beaten and denounced my people.

O – Over privilege creatures of ignorance, hate, stupidity, by corruption and manipulation.

C – Cut throats to their own kind and pushes their ways on other cultures for pleasure.

I – Inapt, ignorant and delusional inhumane creatures of terror

E – Economically unstable terrorist of habit

T – Terrorist who govern “society” as the government or higher power

Y – Yours and mine, enemies of the world. 

Where do we all turn when we need help, we call on God or go to church for the support. This is where they are supposed to provide support, so that is what we were told.  Well they do provide to those who give to their “cause” or shall I say to their pockets.  I know that this may sound wrong, but they are supposed to provide service even if you aren’t part of their flock.  I don’t believe God separated us because of our wealth but I could be wrong considering how things look down on earth.  I’m sure that when God gave them their calling, he didn’t say make sure you get a congregation with lots of money, if they don’t have then they aren’t to be ministered to or accommodated.  This why I’m not sure if the spiritual leaders are for the communities or just for themselves.  We rely on the spiritual leaders to help or at least have some kind of answer from God to help with the problems that the black communities faces but without money in your hand, they just turn their backs on you.  I’m not laying waste to them all but the majority of them have shown me that this is what their ministry is really about.  I have seen “Men of the Cloth” turn their back on beggars, homeless people, and even community members who needs help. 

Religion was the grounds for salvation, but are being taught by the DEVIL himself.  “Society” forced their religion down our throats only to led us where they wanted us to go.  When we got there, there was nothing for us but more lies, hate and destruction of black people.  There is no GOD in the hate of judgement, being preached by the shepherds of the flock.  The DEVIL himself relied only on SIN and the SINNERS who follows.  They are being told they are SAINTS, because they came to the house of worship.  All LIES, it doesn’t take a place (building), a person, or two, the good book, and some acknowledgment of what you are reading.  How you interpret what you are reading or hearing is yours and yours alone to decide if this is your faith or path to follow.  Now I’m not saying that the BIBLE is the way to go because it is all up to you and what you want to believe in as far as your HIGHER POWER.  Everyone has the right to choose their own religion but there will always be one Higher Power, no matter what anyone call him.  I’m going to stop here and leave this subject alone.  This isn’t the cause for the book or the reason why we as black people can’t think for ourselves or control our actions.  The problem is we rely on others so much that we have become submissive to what others have to offer and not what we have to give.  We have stop thinking for ourselves and have given the power of thought to those we think may have the answers.  STOP, LOOK, LISTEN AND UNDERSTAND, that no one can do your thinking for you all they can do is offer suggestions and ideas into your thought pattern for you to decide, or lead you to think for yourself.  We have been so badly broken that some of us think it hurts us to think for ourselves.  That if we do, we somehow upset the balance of nature.  So not true, if we weren’t made to think for ourselves then why do we have a brain. 

No one has the right to tell you, you are wrong just because the two or more interpretations are different.  GOD didn’t create any one man the same.  So, why should we all think the same?  No this isn’t an attack on the BIBLE or any religion, just on how people who think of you as a sinner because, your brain is wired different.  Same thing for family, life, and love.  If there is a family, it will never be hard to keep it together and the love cannot be destroyed.  But, “society” has found many ways to try and deformalize the black family values, morals, and love.  They came up with so many avenues, but always run into a brick wall or a dead end.  That doesn’t stop them from trying still to this day. We have been taught how to love one another and to forgive those who harm us, but no one said anything about forgetting nor living with or for that person.

Sending you all kisses and love. #GoddessLove

Unlocking The Truth Within

Unlocking The Truth Within

Goddess morning Royals. First give praise and worship to the all High.

How honest are you with yourself? How much do you lie to get ahead in life, love, and business? How many times have you been caught in your web of deceit?

Honestly we all have done it and frankly gotten away with it at some point. Am I correct? Of course I am. We have all lied to ourselves, to our significant others, friends, family members, our children, and others just to either look good at the moment or just because we can’t help it.

Question: How many of us have gone back and made the lie a reality to stay face or told the truth that you lied? Not many some even pile onto that lie and make it worse. Why in the world would we ever do that but we have? How many of you all are cheating on your significant other, taxes, diets, church, or family? When I say cheating on your family, you pretend that the family you were born into isn’t your family or prefer another family and spend more time with that family. Again everyone have done it, whether it is your significant other’s family because they make you feel special; or you taken on the role of a mother or father to someone else child because they respect your more. How about lied on an application because you thought you were best qualified for the job? Then realize you have over stepped your boundaries. Lied about degrees you don’t have and when it was time to produce them couldn’t. Lied about your abilities to function in a fast pace work environment and well fell short. Still we have all committed some sort of facade in our lives that we aren’t proud of or wish we never done it to begin with, but did and now have to live it out to its fullest.

What to do? What to do? Well I tell you what we can all confess to the mess we have created. We can hold our heads up high and be proud of who or what we are instead of creating a person who we know we can’t live up to. For those who have cheated on someone, just let them go, because clearly they aren’t the one for you or else you wouldn’t have been able to cheat on them, even in revenge. Now I don’t have to tell you about those taxes because the IRS will get you soon enough and at this rate they are going they are more vigilant of those falsifying information. Don’t go to jail or ruin your life over a few hundred dollars. I promise you the lawyer will cost more, so why bother. Unless you are so dumb or cheap to opt out for a public defender, then you already know your fate. As far as life goes, we all want or have wanted to be someone else at a moment in time, but remembered we are just who we are. I say be proud of that and own it. We have all wanted to be better than the person we think people see. Unsure who that is through their eyes we try to make ourselves more and still end up being less. Then feel sorry about it and wallow in self pity, doubt and hatred not only for ourselves but for those we tried to impress.

The thing is I like who I am and don’t need any hallelujah or thank you Jesus from no one to just be me. I am comfortable in my skin and whoever don’t like it then they don’t have to deal with it. When I look in the mirror I see who I am and not who everyone wants me to be. If you start trying to change for other then when you look in the mirror and don’t recognize who you have become, then who are you? You can’t claim yourself because you need validation from whoever you changed for to tell you who you are or have become. Now I get it some of us need change but for yourself not for others. If you know that you are a horrible person then yes by all means change and quickly please. But it you are a good person and don’t quite fit in then you just don’t fit in. Make yourself a magnet and have them try to fit onto you and who you are not the other way around. If they still don’t attach themselves to you then maybe you are trying to fit in the wrong places, and faces.

Believe me there is a group for everyone just like that is a person for everyone. Who knows you might just end up being that life of the party that you were hoping for in the beginning. Then again you might just fine that piece that fits so well that you don’t care if the rest doesn’t match up well at all. You may land that job that you have been wanting for so long that you now have the opportunity to turn them down. You could start that successful business you been working on for years but didn’t have the nerve or will to put yourself out there. Trust it feel good being the boss of your own destiny. No matter what unlock the true you so that you can be happy, and love who you are as a person and not what others think about you. Remember it is only an opinion and not a fact unless you accept it as who you are.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove