Wait A Minute…What’s The Plan Again?

Goddess morning Royals 👑. First give praise and worship to the the all High.

I know I have missed a lot of meetings, memos and gatherings but can someone fill me in on the plan!

From what I’m seeing; and this might just be me and my eyes playing tricks on me but the plan is to annihilate the human race for the sake of the planet or for the sake of mankind? Scratching my head!!! Now I know I’m no genius and in this case I don’t need to be, but is that just dumb! #MakeItMakeSense

Okay, let me wrap my head around this concept. Warring over territory just to make someone just like everyone else, isn’t that bullying; bureaucracy. I’m going to tell you how to live and well you’re going to live that way and love it or else! How are you mad 😡 upset 😠 angry 😤 when someone wants to escape that tyranny? Isn’t enough that our lives are governed by democracy? Even the elected ones don’t get it right, but to be forced to do it without a choice is even worse. When the rules aren’t followed then it’s death as a punishment; clearly most of the time the punishment never fits the actions/crime of the accused.

So that is always going to happen because there will always be someone on a power trip but no one should have to live as a slave to someone else’s bullshit. Unless? Unless everyone say enough is enough! Soldiers put down their weapons and start thinking for themselves, citizens say in tired 😪 of being forced into a life that isn’t meant for me, and standup for what is right and no longer what is dictated. #NoWarIntended #PeaceIsTheMission #LivingIsTheGoal #WarIsNeverTheAnswer

Then you have this civil war, police against citizen, husband (lover) against wife (lover), parents against children, children against parents, children on children, family against family, man against woman, woman against woman, man against man; whether heterosexual or homosexual! Then the political war last but not least government against citizens against government! IT’S TOO DAMN MUCH! Once again if there is no human race; the planet still stands, still turns, still exists; it’s the race that doesn’t! Stupids!!! #ThinkPeopleForYourselves

Everyone is concerned about the next race existence but fail to see the extinction of their own race. I hear it all the time from every race on the planet “why not stay (live, love, procreate) within your own race?” BECAUSE STUPID YOU KILL SO MUCH WITHIN YOUR RACE AND AMONGST YOURSELVES…YOU FORCE PEOPLE TO LOOK 👀 OUTSIDE TO SEE WHO’S SURVIVING THE RACE WAR!!! Well guess what…no one is! The craziest 🤪 part of it all is the same shit that happens within my race happens within all races.

We think it doesn’t but it does! Sorry guys there’s not one race that doesn’t have the same problems (poverty, suffering, hate, discrimination, tyranny, democracy, violence, criminals, drugs, crime, death, racism, homosexuality, addiction, disease, depression, anxiety, pain, and genocide) within their culture, country, cities or homes! ITS EVERYWHERE! There’s no escaping, we just have to find a balance, harmony, peace, justice, love, and way to live, deal or override it. I’m sorry to say we as the human race is fucked all the way up! There’s no other way to say and everyone knows it’s true to heart, mind, spirit and soul!

So was the plan again, to kill everyone and wait for the return (creator) wherein no one lives to tell the story so someone can come along and make it up again. WAIT DIDN’T WE TRY THAT ALREADY AND LOOK WHERE IT IS GETTING US…NOWHERE! I MEAN THE TRUTH IS RIGHT THERE IN YOUR FACE IF HISTORY REPEAT ITSELF. What are you waiting on…the good because shit when was it good? From what I have read, researched, lived and learned…it’s always been bad! There’s never been any good! If one person can tell me when, I’ll listen but first I’ll wait…….

That’s what I thought 💭…all bad. The question is when do we as a human race stop pointing fingers and start making it good so it can be great? Still I’ll wait….

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove #GoddezzKPublishing #FamilyBond #StreetSymphony #TheTruthAboutHer #TheOtherWoman #TheOtherMan #TheStruggleToSurvive #TheBloodLineEnds #TheLonelyEnglishman #AllComingSoon from #GoddezzKPublishing


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I am a free spirit! Speak my mind a lot. Published author! Business & Psychology major! AA in Healthcare Administration; BBA in Accounting/Finance. Working on my masters in Psychology. Mother, hairstylist, nail technician and so much more.

One thought on “Wait A Minute…What’s The Plan Again?

  1. Thank you for always sharing… I’m sure this has reached so many people that’s truly benefiting from this because I am. ❤

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