Sunday Blessings

Goddess morning Royals.

First give all thanks and praise to the all high for giving me life and the ability to continue on in a stable state of mind.

Second, it is almost a new year and time for new chapters in everyone’s life. Don’t take it for granted that you are able to do more this year than last year by doing nothing at all.

Last, learn something new because knowledge is truly power. Also teach someone something new or what you have already learned. Each one teaches one and the world as we know it will be more aware of love, life, laughter and happiness. We all have the ability to learn something we didn’t already know and incorporate it into our lives whether on a daily basis or when needed.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

Side Note

Once again Goddess Morning to you all, Royals

Now I am not sure why is it that when other people’s life is so fucked up they have a valid opinion of yours, but it seem to be the case.

I can understand to a point why they would have a valid opinion because they have fucked up their life and see that you are heading down the same path, but when they haven’t contributed nothing to the community, their life, nor their family life, how valuable is their opinion.

From their stand point very, because they see they can’t do anything for themselves at this point and know that all they can do is give advice.  They aren’t dumb just out of touch with their mission in life.  They didn’t get to know what they were supposed to contribute to the universe so they have no idea what to do but give advice.  To me they don’t know if that is their contribution to give advice. If you make sense when giving advice even though you don’t have nothing yourself but you then that is your calling to make valid points and give it to those in need.

Most people don’t want to hear what they have to say but I take into consideration everything someone say to me and analyze it to the smallest of points. I then return to them with a Thank You because in so small fraction of understand or over analyzing their concept I found their point of view.  Now I am not say it works for all but it definitely works for most of the ones I come across.

So the next time someone offers their opinion to you and you think they have nothing and you have more than them just listen because it may be a lesson in their teaching or rambling.  It may be a fact in what you make take as useless advise or even a valid point that brings you to a better place in your life.  Not all of them are out of touch with reality, just out of touch with what we consider normal ways of life.

Sending you all love and kisses.  #GoddessLove