Unfair Practice..Is It Just in the Workplace?

Goddess morning Royals. First give praise and worship to the all High.

We hate when we feel like we are being discriminated against in the work place. Skipped over for a position you know you clearly deserve and worked hard for, especially when they promote the trainee and not the trainer. They tell you next time and you fall for it. They tell you but you don’t have the education to meet the requirements, and yes you fall for it.

Here’s the thing, if you didn’t have the education then how did you train someone to take that position over you? If you were educated enough for the position then why did they ask you to train? The truth of the matter is you were qualified for that position but something about you may not sit well with management. It might be your attitude, your religion, your nationality, your color, or creed. Now we know this is unfair practice and there is a law against unfair practice, correct!

Now take that same feeling and apply it to the people you deal with everyday or avoid everyday. Isn’t it the same? You don’t talk, interact or mingle with certain people for the same reasons. So unfair practice isn’t just in the work place, it is in our everyday lives and we practice it to almost everyone. Don’t say you don’t, because you do. We all do it and I’m not exception to the problem.

Here it is, we don’t like talking to homeless because of their smell or because we their looks. What about that person at work that smells different than you would like, don’t you do the same thing to them? How about the addict or “junkie” as some would put it? We don’t interact with them because they are high or nodding everywhere. Same go for the person in the office who is overweight or just eats a lot. Here is one, how about the people in the neighborhood you would consider not of your neighborhood standards, because they are loud, messy, or less fortunate than you. Well think about this they live on the block you do and well if you live high standards because of your neighborhood, then so do they. Especially, if there is no eviction notice on their door, I believe that means they are living at the same standards as you are. They may think that you are low maintenance and speak ill about you. What they do with their life is not for us to judge but for us to lend an ear or helping hand. They may just be calling out for help and we are so busy wrapped in our own discrimination bull to hear or see it. So stop judging and start helping.

The same way we judge people in society, bosses judge us in companies. So if you think you are above the people at home but below the people at work its because someone sees that in you. You displace racism, hatred, and disappointment, based on you attitude, walk, look, and actions. If you don’t want to be judged at work then don’t do it in society. Learn to accept people and you might just help someone from the ground to the floor and then to the sky, because it’s only limits and there is not tell how far they go. Next time you see someone down say something pleasant or give them a hand up and maybe that next position at work will be your reward. Maybe your be the boss and then employees will look to you for your fair practice.

Remember this what we practice at home goes with us into the workplace. If we teach our children unfair practice at home then they will accept it in the workplace, and school. Will they know when they are being treated unfair if we treat them like that at home. No, they will accept it for what it is and be miserable in their life, home, work or school. Look into your live and see if you do the same thing to people, especially your family and spouse. All I’m saying is treat people how you want to be treated and if not then prepare for how you treat people from those you respect. You will not like it because you will do whatever to please them but they will care less.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove


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