The Family Bond! Chapter 2…Segment 3

Goddess Morning Royals. First give praise and worship to the all High.

Doomed from captivity, many knew they wouldn’t survive, so they warned new comers of the hardship.  Many killed themselves to escape while others just escaped.  Some were smart enough to buy out their freedom.  Most wasn’t sure why they had to buy freedom when they came there as a free man.  They couldn’t believe they were now slaves when so much was promised to them.  Many just wanted on the ship to find a love one that was taken so many years ago to start the mend of a broken home.  Some debated and called those “veterans” liars, thinking they wanted the wealth to themselves, but soon learned there was no wealth only hate and poverty.  Some conformed and traded up on their own kind.  This was their way of escaping harm, death, and sales.

This would soon be a different thought process for most, because they wanted freedom.  They have heard that if you travel north that those black were free.  Some fought back and loss their lives but regained their dignity and self-respect in battle.

C – Condemned their own future for their presence

O – Overlooked things that wasn’t right to avoid punishment

N – Neglected their own families for the sake of themselves

F – Fought with “society” against their own kind.

O – Ostracized themselves from the family to fit in with “society.”

R – Replaced family with “society”

M – Manipulated by “society” to believe they were family and accepted

E – Enforcers made sure everyone stayed in compliance

D – Discriminated against the family to please “society”

Years of being passed around is now embedded in their Deoxyribonucleic Acid DNA.  Now their seeds are all over the place and without a mentor to guide their actions.  Predecessors, successors, are now preordained to continue with the lack of the family value.  For those who do fight the urge society has found new ways of ensuring their demise.  Murders their dreams, hopes, and ambitions by incarcerating, and denigrating their minds.  Make them a prisoner of themselves.  How you ask?

Educate them but with a poor integrated system.  Give them just enough education where they feel as though they have learned by not what society learns.  If they exceed what “society” teaches them then denounce them cheaters, evil, bewitched, but don’t accept them as intelligent or intellectuals.  Don’t allow other blacks to teach them of their heritage, ancestors, culture, or religion because they don’t know anything.

Black list them, give them jobs that only servant workers deserve even with “society’s” education.  Underpay them but overwork them causing depression, frustration, deterioration of their body.  Soon deeming them unable to work.  If a man can’t work he can’t eat or take care of his family.  So “society” think they won again, but black people are inventive and creative.  They are the village “society” will never be.

Let’s define “society:” The aggregate of people living together in ordered community.  An organization or club formed for a particular purpose or activity; association, club, circle, fellowship, lodge, guild, fraternity, brotherhood, sisterhood, sorority, league, alliance.

As soon as black gather together they are gang members, thugs, communed ally’s, united, ruffians, hooligans, hoodlums, gangsters, villains and criminals.  Why is my group different from your group?  Is it because of the color of our skin, the difference in our mindset, or is it the fear from “society” that black people have united and become on one accord?  So now they are terrorist.  Isn’t that what being in fraternities and sororities mean?  Just a group of people who terrorize other people who don’t fit into their club?  Same thing goes for “society’s” circles, associations, and alliances.  If your money isn’t right you don’t belong.

When blacks do it, they are conspiring against “society” and must stop at once.  I’ll revisit this in another chapter, back to how “society” tear away the black man.  So now Dad or the black man is frustrated and need someone or something to take it out on.  Since, home is the only place safe enough for him then home it is.  But even there, “society” have a say in what you as a black man can do, say, or even act out.  Either way you will be punished for “society” actions because of your reaction.

Prosecuted because of your reactions for being in the position “society” have placed you in.  Either you will be sold, beaten, or hung until death but surely you are removed from your home or shall we say the life with your family.

Sending you all kisses and love. #GoddessLove

What Women Think Occasionally #3

What Women Think Occasionally #3

Goddess Morning Royals, sorry for the delay in finishing the story but I had a weekend please believe me.

Friday, no transportation to anywhere and Lord know I don’t like asking anyone for a ride so cab, hack and Uber it was.  Had so many errands to run and got them all accomplished, money well spent.

Saturday, cooked and cleaned, washed clothes and everything so I can dedicate my time today to my writing.  Putting my house back together after some well deserved maintenance/renovations needed.  Most of it was accomplished but still have more to do.  

This morning I am blogging because I feel as though I owe it to you all to finish out the story.

So our couple is on the floor of their home after another sexual attack from his wife who continues to fantasize about her stranger.  Well this time there was touching, laughing and grind involve.  As she sat beside her husband she wanted to tell him that she sexually desire another man but she knew it would break him and leave him with insecure thoughts of her.  She said nothing and continued on with her quality time with him. When they were done they both got up and headed upstairs to shower and rest for the night.  He knew it was something he needed to talk to her about but couldn’t remember what it was.

They showered together and then off to bed they both went.  They spooned into a deep slumber.  When morning rose and he woke from sleeping she wasn’t in the bed with him.  She wasn’t even in the house.  He thought she may have had an emergency and didn’t want to wake him.  She was in the wind and without any type of note or anything.  He didn’t allow it to bother him it wasn’t the first time and he knew it wouldn’t be the last.  She did however make him breakfast to eat and made him coffee to drink.  She always did when she had to be out before he woke.

She had boarded a plane to Italy for business and didn’t have time to explain to him nor wake him.  He knew her business was everything to her.  Upon her arrival she called home to let her husband know where she was and her possible return.  He was happy to hear from her and told her he got the fort.  They told one another how much the love each other and to stay safe and out of trouble.  They hung up and when she looked up she was at the hotel.  She checked in called her office for the person she is meeting again and all the details on what it is that she is requesting.  Once she received the information again she studied her notes.  She knew that this client was important as all her clients but this one asked for her personally so she knew she had to get his contract without fail.

Her appointment with her client was at 11 am and she wouldn’t be late.  She was meeting her at the grand suite in the hotel in which she was staying.  She gathered her A game and headed up to the top floor.  She heard the helicopter land on the roof.  Okay this one has a lot of money obviously so get the account and make your money girl.  She spoke to herself.  The concierge let her into the suite and offered her something to drink.  Dominique will be right with you.

She sat down and waited her arrival and when the doors opened.

Last encounter

It was Dominique the stranger that she was fantacizing about.  She knew she was in trouble because she couldn’t run to her husband and release the sexual desire or tension.  She smiled, I didn’t know your name was Dominique.  I also didn’t know you were going to be my client.  How you didn’t know my name was Dominique I told you last night at the bar.  I wasn’t really paying attention like I should have been.   Now that I have your undivided attention maybe I can get you to help me with my business as well as answer my question you left so fast on last night.  She started sweating, her legs buckled, her knees locked and her face blushed.  In her thoughts she knew she definitely was in a world of trouble. She tried to stay focus and do the job she was called there to do but she wasn’t sure which job he was really after.

She sat back down and squeaked out, well.  Clearing her thought, well I can offer you, I mean my company can offer you a great return on all investments we push through for you at all cause.  We just don’t put your money anywhere we put it where it is coming to have a positive payout for your.  We invest to continue to make you more money and build your wealth  as we as your portfolio.  He smiled, that’s great to know show me some sound investments and then give me a pen to sign.  I believe in you and know that you can do all you say you can do.  She grin, knowing her pussy was getting wet by the minute.  She excused herself and went to the restroom for relief.  Hold yourself together and get those thoughts of sex out of your head.  Stay in the game and stay focus.  It took her a minute to pull it together but she got herself back on track and reentered the room.

When she returned he was shirtless and she almost passed out.  She was weak in the flesh and wanted to have him.  He said, where do I sign?  She gave him and pen and showed him where to sign and afterwards he handed her a drink for a toast.  When the glasses touch so did she.  He stepped back and told her don’t make that move if she wasn’t ready for the outcome.  She stepped forward and touched again.  He drawled her in close, kissing her full lips.  The sparks flew and the magic started.  He went down on her and her mind went blank and she didn’t remember she had a husband.  All she could think about was how good this made her feel.  She wanted more but first she had to showcase her skills as well.  She in return went down on him.  He never had a woman who could take all of him oral or otherwise.  He knew he would catch feelings for her if she made him cum so he pulled her off to give her real pleasure.  As he inserted his massive penis she moaned.  She wasn’t sure if she would be able to handle it all but as he continued to push she continued to take.  When he was all the way in her hips started to sway and her juices started to flow.  He was shocked and they both tried to out do one another.  When the fight was over and all the pleasure was released they looked at each other with such lust but knew it wasn’t going to happen again.  They both had to win and they knew sexually it would work but otherwise they both are too damn competitive.  Beside she then remembered she had a husband.

She jumped up and rushed out of the room down to her floor and into her room.  She douche and cleaned herself up well.  Taking the morning after pill and faxing over his signed contract.  She knew she could never tell her husband about this, it would destroy their marriage and lives.  She now had more skeletons in her closet than she wanted but had pleasure upon her soul that she desired.

This encounter she would always remember but had to live with the guilt and shame of stepping outside of her marriage to get it.

Sending you all love and kisses.  #GoddessLove