Good morning Royal đź‘‘. First give praise and worship to the all High.

The life of Peter Jones was cut short because of a lie. Ashley Montes is a beautiful
young lady but only on the outside for on the inside she is a horrible person. A liar
if Peter Jones ever met one. She is going make life for everyone every difficult.
People life styles will change but their conscience will remain the same. They will remember
what they have done but dare to speak of it again.
he night that Peter Jones goes missing will be the night life changes for all in Baton
Rouge, Louisiana. They will have to live with a lie or die from it, either way their
lives and the lives of their family members will be different forever.
shley will pay the ultimate price for her mistake and lose everything she ever had for
one lie she couldn’t keep herself from telling and to the wrong people. She will not
only ruin her life but the lives of those who know her and her family.
eter will not allow her to ruin the life of the family that loves him and accepts him for
who he is. He will fight for what he believes is the right thing to do, even if that means
murder for revenge. He will rest when his deed is done and his spirit is at peace with
the lie that has be bestowed upon his name and soul.

Peter Jones’ Beginning
eter Jones is a small boy with a big heart. He loved playing with everyone but his
parents warned him that not everyone will want to play with him. They told him
that Louisiana had a different way of living then what he sees on the television. His
father expressed how different he was then those children with lighter and white skin.
Peter heard and listened to his father for his father knows best. Still Peter just wanted to
play and befriend everyone. He didn’t notice the difference in the children skin he wanted
to play with just that he wanted to have fun and enjoy being a child. Peter father was a
carpenter and everyday went to work for the same people he was warning Peter about.
Some days Peter even went to work with his father. They would go to some of the
most elegant homes. Homes that was so big that it would take them a while just to walk to
the door. Peter would ask his father why didn’t we just drive the car to the front door and
his father would tell him we aren’t allowed to park our car in this people driveways. Still
Peter thought it would have been smarter and easier just to have drove, but like always his
father knew best. Peter was learning how to do what his father was known best for in their
Parish. The people house they went to was smitten with Peter’s manners, charm and
cuteness. Some of the ladies would take Peter away from his father just to feed hm and
show him off to their guest. Peter father had a problem with that but he learned from his
father don’t talk back and to make sure he had an exit strategy whenever things didn’t feel
right within himself.
Time was moving fast and Peter was growing into a handy helper for his father. He
asked less question and paid more attention to what was going on around him. His father
had noticed the difference in Peter and wanted to know if anything had happened to make
him change his mind about wanting to play with the children. Peter told him that he was
just trying to grow up and learn to earn his way like his father do. This made his father very
happy but he didn’t want to take away his childhood either. So, every once in a while, he
would leave him with his mother to help around that house and have the opportunity to go
out and play with the children in the neighborhood.
Peter like helping both of his parents and learned a lot from them both. He was
learning how to cook and keep house if need be as well as how to build and repair a house
when he had to. Peter was almost 8 years of age his next birthday but he had already
learned a lot for such a child his age. He loved school and all that the teachers were
teaching him. He like being around children his age but didn’t understand why they had to
play separately. When he would ask the teacher, they would just tell him to mind his

manners and he would do so. Knowing that means that as a child he had stepped out of
place he would just go and sit down to collect himself. Peter never wanted to be in trouble
with anyone not even the teachers, because they wouldn’t let you do anything anymore and
wouldn’t call on you in class to participate. Summer was coming and Peter knew if he got
in trouble in school, he definitely wasn’t going to have a summer of fun.
One day while Peter was having recess he walked up to a white boy and asked him if
he wanted to play. The boy told him that he doesn’t play with darkies and Peter had no
idea what that meant so he asked again. Anger that Peter didn’t go away the boy turned
and called Peter a nigger as loud as he could, telling his to go away and leave him alone.
Peter was never called a nigger but somehow it hurt his feelings. As Peter stood there
trying to process what just happened, he lunged out and pushed the little boy down to the
ground. Before he could apologize for doing so the other little boys that was standing
there with him started to beat Peter up collectively. Peter yelled and screamed out for his
teacher but she didn’t come to his rescue. When the boys were done beating him up, she
came over and told him that he done something very bad and needed to go home.
The teacher then called his mother and told her what had happened at the school.
She also told him that the little boy Peter pushed was the son of a man who was friends
with the local sheriff. Peter’s mother knew exactly what that meant so she hung up the
phone and rushed to the school to get Peter. When she got there a deputy sheriff was
already there. Fearing the worst, she walked into the school with her head down while
praying softly that didn’t do anything to her son. She reached the principal office and Peter
was in handcuffs sitting with a bloody nose, scars and scratches on his body. She rushed to
his aide.
“Peter are you alright? They didn’t hurt you did they! Is anything broken on you,
are you in pain?”
Peter as frightened as he could be replied no. His mother then asked the deputy
was it necessary for her son to be in handcuffs and he told her yes. She asked why and he
told her that he was a violent offender. She looked at him in disbelief,
“No, not my son. He is the sweetest, kindest child in this parish, I promise you
She said as softly as she could without raising her voice to this very white deputy.
She knew that if she raised her voice her and her son would be going to jail. They could
afford to get Peter out so to get both of them out would be costly.

That very may be ma’am but that doesn’t excuse him of what he did. He pushed a
child down for using his words to him. He then started a riot in the school, disrupting the
entire recess.”
“I find that hard to believe sir, like I said he is quiet, sweet and very nonviolent. If
he pushed a child down, he must have been defending himself. I guarantee he is sorry and
would never do it again.” Peter’s mother pleaded with the deputy.
“Well, if he apologizes if guess everything will be alright.” The deputy replied.
Then he walked over to Peter and told him to apologize for his actions and then he
would be able to go home with his mother. Peter looked up and said,
’I am sorry for pushing my classmate but I did nothing wrong. He called me a bad
word and then the other boys started beating me up for no reason.”
The deputy told him to just apologize without an excuse or back talk. Peter did and
so he was free to go home with his mother. As they exited the school, Peter’s mother
looked back to see the looks on the deputy and teacher’s face was not inviting. She knew
that it meant trouble. She didn’t know when or where but she knew that what Peter done
would cause them trouble. This is Louisiana and no black child is going to push a white
child down without their being repercussions. She quickly got him in the car and told him
When they got there, she called his father immediately to tell him what had
happened. He told the owner that he had a family emergency and that he would have to
finish the work tomorrow. The owner of the house told him that he would only pay him
for the one day and not a cent more. He agreed and rushed off to his family. When
Peter’s father arrived at the house, he told Peter’s mother to gather him a going away bag
and get him in the car. He then called his sister in New Orleans and told her of the
problem Peter had caused. She told him to bring Peter right away and she would look
after him for a while. Knowing she is ill; she didn’t mind protecting her nephew from the
danger that will be following. She then hung up the phone and went to get the room ready
for him to sleep in and rest up. It was going to be a long road ahead of them.
Even though the ride was only an hour away it felt like an eternity for them. They
were shipping off their only son and days before his eighth birthday. They promised him
that they would come back and get him for his birthday to celebrate

This is a sample of my up and coming book, Twelve.

Sending you all kisses and hugs. #GoddessLove #GoddezzKPublishing


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