The Family Bond! Chapter 6…Segment 3.

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

Since we know we can’t be in all places at the same time with our child/ren, let’s see who is there when are aren’t.  If your child/ren are stealing and they are arrested that is the law/ “government” being there for your child/ren.

If your child/ren is lost and cannot find his/her way back home or refuse to come back home (run away) then the community helps you to look for your child/ren.  Whether it is on social media, now, or through the police, amber alert, or whatever. 

If your child/ren gets in to a fight, hurt or misses school, all types of people also are involved in your child/ren’s safety, education, and safe return. 

So, with that being said without your knowledge or consent, somehow the community is still doing their part but not on the scale that they could.  This is because we as people have become untrusting in our judgement towards people.  I don’t blame you with what is going on in our communities I can’t blame you, but where and when does all the negativity, pain, blame and finger pointing stops.  When do we get back to being the village because our child/ren are the ones suffering behind the lack thereof? 

I know because I have experienced it myself as an adult and saw this:

I just saw a 11 years old girl with make up on her face and hair to her ass.  Now I know that when I was young if it wasn’t mine then I shouldn’t be there nor should I look like a prostitute.  The village would have dragged my ass to my parents and I would have received an ass whipping I couldn’t believe.  Not to mention I would have definitely got my ass whipped on my way home to my parents.  When I asked her how old she was she rolled her eyes and said, “Why you wanna know?”  First Ms. Grown ass, who English is broken, it is who wants to know and secondly, because I asked.  She said, “11, why what’s it to ya?”  At this point I want to shake the shit out of this little girl.  I said because you look like a clown and I wanted to know what circus you were performing from and where can I catch your next act.  She said, “Ha! Ha! you not funny!”  Little girl, where are your parents and where do you live? She said, “I don’t talk to strangers and I don’t tell them where I live!”  First, I give her credit for lying in my face because I just saw her trying to get with a 19 years old boy.  Secondly, you need to take your fast ass home.  The boy just laughed at her and told her to take her young ass somewhere.  I commend him for turning her away but not for not trying to explain to her that one of these little guys will try her. 

She then walked off shaking her ass and mumbling under her breathe. 

I was not going after her but I ask you all this, where was the parents when she walked out of the house looking like that?  No one can tell me she didn’t walk out of the house like that because of her smart ass mouth she probably at this point do mommy’s make up as well.  She was caked on like a clown.  If it wasn’t for that fact, I have raised children I would have given her a little older than that.  She needs some home training and is getting very little.  Her respect level was out of control and for those who know me, you all know I would have snatched her and taught her a whole new lesson in manners.  But in this day and age people who needs the village are the same people who tell you not to correct their children nor put your hands on them.  The worst part about that is that someone in the village could be the same person that save or change that young lady’s life.  This will be the same child in a few years that is whipping her mother’s ass in the street because she has no respect for her and the one that will tell her father to kiss her ass because he wasn’t never there to protect her from what she has become.  She will be the same young lady we will read about in the paper either for murder or dead somewhere because her mouth caused her fate!  I pray none of this is true and she is just going through a phase.  I also pray that she turns her life around and be the best person I ever had the discomfort of meeting.  Surprise me!

The most important part is that if we do nothing to save this child from the street or jail and she becomes product of her environment. That is now the excuse for everything that happens in the streets.  They are savages because of where they live.  That is bullshit and you all know it. 

No, they are out of control because of how they are or aren’t being raised.  Either they aren’t being raised properly, or this is exactly how they are learning to raise themselves.   As the people of the community where is the heartache for the lost generations that is coming up and will soon be our future.  Hold up because at the alarming rate of homicide in Baltimore, there may not be a next generation for us to raise or turn to if we keep sitting back doing nothing; until it hits home.  Oh yeah, we done nothing, and is doing nothing so they are dying at a rapid rate.  So, in reality consider yourself the last of our generation, because there will be no future if we don’t stand together and for something now!

We are all, I mean most of us, are living our own lives to the point we can’t see how bad they need us and is calling out for us to help them.  Of course, they aren’t going to come straight out and say it but their actions are speaking loudly.  Stop being so high maintenance that you can’t hear the call.   

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

The Family Bond! Chapter 6…Segment 2.

The Family Bond!  Chapter 6…Segment 2.

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

There are two kinds of people in this world; the doers and the procrastinators.  What is a procrastinator it’s a person that delay or put things off today for tomorrow?  He/she will not try to think about doing actually what they need to do because they have already decided it can wait until tomorrow.

Now what we are going to do is break down why there is two groups and who they are?  We are going to find out which one of these categories we fall into as people.  The unbelievable part is that some people are both.  These people know what they need to do but does things in segments and then feel like they took too long and now the results aren’t what they could have been had they done it sooner.  They find themselves feeling overwhelmed from a lack of accomplishment due to the time frame they took to complete a task that could have been done sooner.

Don’t feel as bad though because if got done just learn from this incident and do things differently.  At least it got done and you aren’t still putting it off until the next day or next time you have time.  People in this state fail to give themselves at a little credit for accomplishing a task or goal that they accomplished.  Stop beating yourself up about it and allowing the frustration of getting it accomplished manifest into a negative when in fact it is a positive.  We as black people have the tendency to want to keep going over things even when it should be behind us.  Let it go and move on to the next task because the longer you dwell on this problem, that has already been taken care of, the less time you could have been doing the next task. Meaning now you procrastinating in a different way, by dwelling on the past and things that already is or has been.  Same thing about being an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend or ex-husband or ex-wife.  Let it go so you won’t destroy the next relationship; worried about what went wrong in the past ones.  A lot of us do it and end up missing out on the relationship we’re currently in because we have become obsessed with the past.  LEARN, LAUGH, AND MOVE on to the next chapter, because there is nothing you can do about the past but except it and learn not to repeat it. Like now I am moving on from this subject and onto the next.

We are going to explore the different types of men, women, and children (families) in the black community. 

We have moms that believe in being moms and only moms. They are the moms that no matter what they are the first and only thing that matters to them.  They can care less about anything else.  Their focus in life is to make sure that their children and grandchildren have more than they ever had.  They are stay at home moms that loves to cook and clean, while their significant others work to pay the bills. Their only purpose so they feel, on this planet is to protect and love the children in which they have birth. 

Then there’s the working moms, that believe in their family that’s why they work as hard as they do.  She tries her best to make meetings and school functions but her job requires a lot attention from her.  She tries to make up for it by giving the child/ren whatever they need or wants. This is her way of expressing her love in turn for her absence.  All in all, she lacks the communication on some strong factors but she doesn’t see things when she has the moment.  She pays attention when it is reported to her or brought to her attention.   

Then there’s the moms that work don’t pay the family no attention.  They can’t cook, cleaning is not an option, nor is paying bills.  They really had children because they felt alone and needed someone around to fill a void.  These moms are selfish in their own beliefs and self that they forgot, they had children.  These are then moms I call the invisible moms. They are seen but never heard from when their children are in trouble or needs then.  Their attention span is always focused on what she has and the next woman doesn’t have.  She is always in competition with the next woman who isn’t paying her no attention.  She is seeking to be seen by the wrong people. Her only bragging rights is that she has a job.

Then we have moms that are super busy with their own lives that grandma, grandpa, auntie, uncle, or someone else is raising their children.  Maybe, the children are raising themselves.  Mom is getting full benefits, receiving payments out the ass for these children, whether child support, tax credit, social services, or where ever the funds for these children are coming from, she’s benefitting.  However, someone else is putting in the efforts, time, love, dedication, education, and growth with these children.  She is more concern about her body, hair, and make-up that she doesn’t even remember that she has children.  She parties all the time and uses the children for beneficial purposes only to satisfy her bad habits.  This mom is just an egg donor and she should not be able to reeks the benefits of having children when she isn’t the one taking care of them.  She is just like a baby machine because she keeps having the children but none of the responsibilities falls on her at all.  She is totally not responsible for her own life and could care less about those she births. 

Here is where I think the father of the children should and wants to step in but the mother makes it way too hard for that to be a factor.  They are so scared of the law that they refuse to press the courts for their parental rights.  They believe or think that the courts are going to side with the mother and thinks that she is a better fit for the children.  This where so many men fail because if you can show just cause and how you can better serve your child/ren then the courts will side and favor you over a mother whose only in it for what benefits her.   She is the mother that talks bad about the father at all cause, but as soon as that child support, alimony, or whatever source of income is support her life style, she is quick to call the authorities, as well as him a bunch of names.  She is the one that put all the negative thoughts in the child/ren’s head about the father.

We have the dads, that’s in the home and does nothing to help.  He doesn’t lift a muscle or finger to help in any way possible.  He is where the term “dead beat dad” comes from.  He is like a child; all he wants to do is lay around and play video games.  He is in no shape or form going to look for a job or consider helping his family, but this is what some of you women have conformed to so that you can have a male in the home.   Why struggle harder with an extra mouth to feed but no help in feeding the family.  If a man cannot bring food to the table, he shall not eat, ask what’s for dinner, nor sit down at the table. The audacity of some people to allow this to happen.  If we as women who live like this allow this to happen then the results are exactly as you want them.  Because if you are motivating him to do better then he will not want nor try to do better and if you are and still no results have changed him or his drive then you need a different male in your home and life.  No matter how much you love him!  This is a bond that isn’t for you, sorry!   

Then there are dads that’s in the home and does everything.  He’s at every doctor appointment, every game, play, school event, church event, social gathering, family gathering, and more.  He cooks, clean, comb hair, cut hair, wash clothes, iron, clothes, shop for clothes, shoes, groceries, pay bills, read bed time stories, dance, sing, role play, and dress up for and with his children, and has a full-time job.  I call them super dads.  There is no task to big or small and no activity to girly or manly for him when it comes to quality time with his child/ren. 

There are the dads that aren’t in the home and does everything super dad does except bed time and stories.  He wants to be a family for the children sake and to rekindle the love he once shared with the mother of his children but that just aren’t in the plan.  He is exactly where he is supposed to be in his mission with his child/ren.  His function is that of an outside dad but a dad nonetheless.  He has no limitation when it comes to his child/ren, for the exception of being with the mother.  

The men are who are taking care of someone else children because his fucking the mothers but will not lift a finger to help his own damn children.  What the hell you think this makes you a good father no in fact it makes you the worse kind of man/father there is next to the deadbeats.  See how in the hell you out here struggle hard and doing all the right things for another family but refuse to help the ones that is of your DNA.  You aren’t even in the right mind, and if it is because you aren’t fucking their mother then you aren’t a man at all you are what “society” have made you a whore.  You are not even worth talking about because you are less than scum.  How do that make sense just because you are getting you penis wet by a woman that you can’t take care of your child/ren.  So instead of being in charge of your responsibilities you are only responsible for getting a nut?  Weak ass!   

Then we have what you all call a deadbeat.  He’s not in the home and does absolutely nothing.  He doesn’t claim the child/ren or even want to see them.  If he sees them on the street, he doesn’t acknowledge them.  This male should be ashamed of himself but he can’t because the woman and the children allowed him to get away with this type of life.  He is the worst of the worst.  I don’t usually recommend jail for anyone but this type of male is why the family bond in most homes cannot be repaired or is so broken most wouldn’t know where to begin to mend it.  He is the father of the child/ren who are out here turned up and doing the exact same thing to their child/ren that was done to them.  No wonder the cycle continues because no way there was any morals or values taught in this process.  Mother’s don’t help either because they talk so bad about him that even if he wanted to mend the bond that all she said would confuse the child/ren any way.  She has the right to express herself but when you do it to the child/ren they lose just as much hope in their bond ever been mend as the mother.  It became apparent to them that this is their life, especially when the mother bitter ass tosses it in their face all the time.  Believe me she isn’t saying sweet things about him to the child/ren or around them to others.  All she has is negativity and hate which is then instilled in the child/ren to have the same feelings.

Then you have the child support dads that only want to see the child/ren because “society” forced him to take care of his child/ren so why not see how your money is being spent.  He just wants to see how well his money is being spent.  He doesn’t want anything to do with the mother and he is the one talking bad to the child about the mother.  These child/ren are not you all confidant, what you have negative to say about the other parent shouldn’t be said to the child.   He can’t really enjoy quality time with the child/ren because of all the hate he has to express about the mother to the child/ren.  He makes it his business to also down play any other male that she may have in her life just because he is being forced to pay child support.

We as parents have fell down a slippery slope and have yet to see a way to climb out of the very hole, we have dug for ourselves.  We have these children that is growing up way to fast and it is because the family structure is weak.  Single parents are raising teenagers without a village is all wrong.  Children of all ages needs structure and stability.  If you think that you are a mother or a father that doesn’t it all on your own, you are wrong.  Someone, whether it is “society,” the “government,” or the community that is helping you even if you aren’t aware of it.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

The Family Bond! Intermission

The Family Bond! Intermission

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

School Scenario: Two Black Guys – One is Dark-skinned and stays to himself. The other Light-skinned and always with a group of followers not of color.

Dark skinned brother enters a room – Good morning everyone

Light skinned brother – And who you supposed to be?

Dark skinned brother – I’m a brother like you’re a brother, trying to make it in a dream, where everyone seems to want me to fail.  Who you want me to be?

Light skinned brother – Who you talking to?

Dark skinned brother – Oh, it’s not a debate my brother. It’s just, I want you to understand I come from almost the same places you came from. Just because I speak properly doesn’t mean I wasn’t raised in the hood.  It just means I was raised by people who cared how I pronounce and announce word and how I sound. That’s about it!  My color is the same as yours.  No, it’s not about color and no it’s not a race war, but a little something more!  Something that we should be doing, we should be Uniting instead of Fighting! We should be wanting more for each other.  I’m here just like you are here, to get an Education.  To walk through those doors, just like you walk through those doors.  I’m trying to better myself and make a way for my people, my young one, my children, the generation coming up behind me.  No, I’m not trying to display you, nor diss you. I’m not even trying to displace you.  All I’m trying to say we are in the same place. That mean that your grades are just as good as mine grades.  Don’t down play me because I am here to fulfill a dream and you’re here to make a scene.  I’m not about that, I’m about another thing. I’m about trying to help the next, you down here try to break a neck. Oh, My God, I feel my pressure getting high but why?  Because, I don’t feel like I should be the one that’s about to die.  I didn’t do anything to you.  Aren’t you tired of seeing that?  The same thing on TV. Every time you turn around you see black killing black; I know that sounds whack.  But in reality, that’s what you are threatening me about.  How you going to take my life?  Yet in still you sit up here worried about the next white man and his life.  You are trying to be better than me.  I’m trying to be better than everybody.  Oh, not saying just you.  I’m trying to be better than him, him, and him.  I’m not trying to be that person that is sitting over here in the corner singing my “should’ve,” “could’ve,” “would’ve”.  I’m not trying to blame “society” for my down falls.  I’m not even trying to blame my parents for not being able to take care of me properly, but someone loved me because I am here.  Someone loved you because you here.  I don’t care if you fought the fight and loved yourself enough to get here.  I fought the fight and someone else loved me enough to get me here. All that really matter is that we are here! So, this way we can better ourselves.  Yeah, I know you want to be the tough man on campus.  I’m not even going to debate it.  Just because I am another brother on campus doesn’t mean I am here to be better than you in the fight race, I’m here to be better than everyone in the educational race.  That’s it!  My mindset and your mindset could be on the same page.  Just because my grades are higher than yours doesn’t mean I can’t get you up on that level.  Why I can’t pull my brother up, because that’s my whole means, the whole reason I am here, is to help better my society.  Help better my people. I’m not here to kill nobody, not here to degrade nobody.  I’m only here to help me. That’s what my loved ones sent me here for.  I’m saying you don’t have none, I’m not say no one cares.  That’s not what I am trying to say, so don’t read into this the wrong way.  I need you to understand. I’m just here trying to be a man, the same reason you are here.  I’m not here to show nobody, nor raise nobody’s hopes pass where they are.  I’m not here to even the score.  Naw, that’s not what I am here for.  I am here to better me, because that’s who I know.  The only person I know. I don’t know you, but Hi! I would like to introduce myself.  I’m your brother from another mother. My name is “Love,” that’s me.  Oh, you don’t want to shake my hand? That’s fine! Still makes you a man.  It didn’t make you less than, just because you didn’t want to do one thing, introduce yourself to me.  See I already know who you are!  I always know who everyone is, everywhere I go. I make it my business to know who’s around me. I need to know what kind of danger my life is in, whether they are of color or not, because no one can be trusted.  You are proving that to me right now.  Our colors are the same.  You match me perfectly.  Don’t even know if you are related to me. All I know is every black is not black and every white is not white, every green is not green and every blue is not blue. Some are off white, eggshell white, cream but not all white, just representative of white. Some is midnight black, blue black, black but once again just a representative of black.  Some are greenish blue, and representative of green and blue.  Some browns are tan, khaki, beige and cocoa.  So, every color isn’t the same color and every heart isn’t the same heart.  Just like every person of color isn’t the same person of color.  So, what I need you to do is understand this, is that I am here to run the race and nothing more.  So, allow me to run the race and make it to where I am going, and I’ll stay out of your lane.  By the way my brother, you have a great day! PEACE

As he tried to keep their attention from the fear that is building in his heart and showing in his sweat. Then taking his exit before allowing any of them a word or a chance to react.

School Scenario 2: Same to brothers meet again.

Dark skinned brother – Damn here we go again!  Didn’t I just run into you last week trying to do the same thing.  Oh, do it not get tiring, do it not get tiresome?  Sigh

Light skinned brother – Oh, wait a minute brother.  It’s not even why I am here.  Had time to think about what you said to me last week.  Our encounter was kinda scary.  Yeah, I thought I was gonna have to deal with you.  Everybody was putting false things in head about you.  But, now I’m here to extend my hand and introduce myself, be that man.  I’m no longer the same brother from the last time.  Our last encounter was something unbearable, but you spoke truth, you spoke reality.  Now all I wanna do is extend my hand you like a fellow colleague.  Now don’t get this wrong, I still have that I’m better than you attitude, because you instilled that in me.  To be better than who I was, so now I aint even mad atcha. Now I just wanna do what you extend me to do, help me up, raise me up. Let’s be brothers on this campus of love.  Let’s no long have this roar against our own kind.  I just wanna be the man, the man I came here to be.  The one that’s laying in the back of my mind. I want to bring him to the forefront, because I know I’m better than that.   Naw, I don’t wanna smoke weed, I don’t wanna roll blunts.  I’m not trying to stunt no more! What I’m trying to do is be better than before. Now, don’t get it misconstrued, I’m still a tough person and I still understand that I have those defaults! But they are no longer the parts that I’m trying to work from they are the parts I’m trying to work on.  I’m here to do exactly what I struggle to get here to do.  No, I’m not trying to be the big man on campus.  I have plans! I have goals!  Now that’s my focus.  Yeah, I do understand that somebody loved me at one point in my life, that why I was birth.  Somewhere along that line it got fucked up and now I’m here on this planet, called Earth to do my own thing. No, I’m not mad, at first, I was, anger build up inside.  Didn’t know whether I was gonna have to kill or die, but now, I’m on another plane of existence to do the things I was here to do from the beginning.  You know, work my magic, put my thought into plans.  No longer into man of destruction, but into actions of deliverance.  That’s why I am here, God have found me a new way so I’m gonna use that way. No longer will you have to worry about me being the shoulder that you have to look over, worried about whether or not I’m behind your back. Naw, right now I gotcha back. So, from this moment on, look at me as that brother, from the same or the other mother.  Doesn’t really matter.  You might be right our colors do match! We could be related, but that’s no longer a debate. All I’m worried about now is how far we gonna get together?  How we gonna walk out this campus together as one Unity, Power? That’s where I’m at now.  My heart has stop being sour and started being happy, because you ain’t the one that left me.  That’s where that anger was at, deep down inside.  I knew that I shouldn’t have done anything to anyone, but the anger had taken over.  So, now my anger is in a better place! No longer is it covering me, no longer is it hovering over me, but now it’s right here in front of me, to do nothing but excuse me. Push it to the side and walk pass it.  Get outta my way, now I’m seeing it from my rear-view.  I ain’t afraid! I ain’t looking over my shoulder, no need for that.  Now I am a better brother! LOVE

This may not be how it goes in the streets or in a real-life situation but this is how it should go.

Sending you all love all kisses. #GoddessLove

The Family Bond! Chapter 5…Segment 3.

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

I will be taking a break after this post for back to school. I have to prepare for a child attention freshman year at high school. This is going to be a small three week break.

There is more to life than just a good fight, or war or a battle.  Be more polite and courteous to yourself so you can share that feeling with others.  I think “society” battle so much with their own demons that they don’t know how to give them to the Higher Power so they project hate onto others.

Why must we fight, argue, debate, or murder one another over our own lives.  That makes no sense to have to debate with someone other than the Higher Power over your life.  Please, put down the gun, if you believe or don’t believe a person life is worth more than a bullet and a funeral. They are worth a chance to live out what the Lord has given them, life. Whether you deem them not worthy or just worthy enough for death. Give them the opportunity you would want someone your position (standing behind the gun) to give you. Because as soon as you turn around your life will be in the hands of another. Then you will be looking for mercy and if you gave none then none will be returned.

We must do more than try because trying isn’t working, we must do it!  Be like the tennis on your feet and just do it!  It’s in you to do so, you just have to dig deep down and pull it to the surface.   When a woman puts a man on child support it tells the “government” and “society” my home is broken   It also says that the child/ren father is not able to take care of his child/ren.   It leaves all types of stereotypical evidence that the black family is no good.  They believe that every black family in America is lazy and freeload off them for whatever they have to offer or don’t have to offer. 

We as black people need to look out for one another.  Think about this if we all did just a little more than our part the world, our world would be a better place for us all.  This may seem racist but that is what my people have suffered for more than four-hundred years and still face today.  Who cares, if I sound a little racist, I’m just trying to improve my black family’s mindset.

Yes, I know that “society” aren’t going to want to publish this book or stop it from print, but that’s only because they know I am right.  Rage against the system that binds my mind, body, spirit, and mouth.  You will not stop the truth from reaching my people’s ears and minds. 

If they want to stop something, how about the abortion clinics started by a Klu Klux Klan woman because she was scared that her children wouldn’t be afford the best education as a black babies or children.  That since black are already smart by nature that they will be more advance than her children and grandchildren.  She decided that anyone can donate to the clinic Planned Parenthood with the idea of killing black babies as the target.  If you stop letting black people raise your children then you wouldn’t have to worry about your children not being as smart as black people children.  You should raise them yourselves and see how dumb they really would be.  The crazy part is that most of you don’t even know that they take your eggs and fetus for stem research to cure whatever disease “society” children develop at birth. 

Yes, honey we are the cure for so many man-made diseases.  We have natural essences and sub particles in our DNA that we cure ourselves before we even get sick.  It’s not until we allow them to shove their poisons in our bodies that we become sick pass our natural ability to produce a serum in us to cure us.  That’s the real reason they draw our blood.  They test it on all kinds of disease they create so they can see how formulate a cure to help themselves not us, because we are the cure.  Everything about us is better than them and they know it, we just don’t know it.  Therefore, I am telling you now.

Did you know that “society” donate to those clinics with the motive just to kill black babies?  How many abortion clinics are there in “society’s” neighborhood?  The answer none, they believe their children are the chosen ones.  How many are in our neighborhoods?  Plenty, and more is going up every day.

Now they offer poison called birth control because they say we are over populating the Earth.  Dummies we are the beginning population that created you, stupid people.  Therefore, they are okay with genocide of black and other races that doesn’t fit into their social group.  It’s it true that “society” children went crazy and shot up a whole school, not once, not twice, but several different times.  Okay, I’ll be the first to admit the sniper Mohammed was a surprise but honestly, we were just as shocked as the nation.  Let’s be real they killed Mohammed, but “society mass shooters” killed themselves so they aren’t as bad huh, Bull shit! 

Pay attention people, as soon as birth control came about more black women became withered with cancer.  Most of the birth control leads to cancer.  I think they are trying to kill us before we have the chance to conceive.  If our uterus isn’t damaged before conception, we fall for it by allowing them to test trial all their poison on us.  Every new contraception on the market they push off on the black populated clinics and hospitals.  Our doctors whom are supposed to protect us are the same one using us as escape goats to push the poison are lining their pockets.  What an inhumane way to get rid of us? 

If we don’t love ourselves then love the children have bared.  I know it seems like every Government Agency has it out for people of color.  I know a lot of you work in these agencies, because I once worked in a few myself.  Have you ever noticed that the ratio doesn’t quite equal out, unless it is the jails, or prison systems?  Be conscious of your surrounding and know that they only hired you to say that they did their part.  How many of you know that you are way more qualified for the position your supervisor holds but because of your “nationality” you aren’t in that position? 

First, they lie and tell you it’s, because of a lack of education. Then you go and get this education, then they say you need certification and then you do that.  Then they say you need the years of experience or it’s no positions available for your classification.  Why did they wait until you did all this school and certification to tell you that there is no position?  Promotion time comes around and they ensure you that the person they chose was there longer and had the years of service.  When you find out they don’t even have the education that you have, you feel like an ass and don’t feel like it was worth getting the education.  In real life they are never going to accept you in a higher position wherein you supervise over “society.”  I mean let’s face it you will have to file a grievance and once you do they will give you a supervisory position but when you look at who you are supervising they look just like you or a little lighter, never that of a non-black complexion, if so they consider them less than you.  

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

The Family Bond! Chapter 5…Segment 2.

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

Now if I don’t discipline them and they become out of control, meaning “society” doesn’t have a grasp on them, then “society” can lock them away in their prison or drug them with their poison so they can control them.  Either way our children are in danger in “society’s” hands. 

“Society” beats them with whips and chains like dogs, collectively speaking, “society” treats dogs better than they treat our children, but nevertheless as soon as we as parents beat them not like you all have, then its abuse.   Then someone comes and take our children away from us like we have no say so in the matter.  As soon as we are violent for protecting and defending our families then we are bad parents, criminals, and savages.  Our homes are no longer a safe haven for the children we birth.  The craziest part of it all, is that we as blacks or less fortunate people fall for the bull shit. 

This is justice, so you say, where was this system when “society” was killing our babies by the dozen.  If we engaged this behavior, we too were punished but now if you engage in our disciplinary actions of our own children then we are abusers, negligent, and murderers.  Where is the justice for us?  It doesn’t exist! 

We can’t put children in a room and tell them they are punished but your “society” can put them in a jail cell and control all they do.  Isn’t that child endangerment?  You tell us it is and we go for it, but then you turn right around and do the same thing and it’s to taught us a lesson.  Where in the hell is that the same thing or even right?   We as people need to open our eyes and unite to take care of our own.  Do for us as one nation as one family. 

But don’t get it twisted we as a community, a nation has done nothing to help ourselves.  We hate on what the next brother or sister has because we don’t have it in match.  Instead of breaking down the next man/woman we as a community needs to uplift one another.  We have done exactly what “society” has done to us.  Now we do it, on a much higher scale. 

Genocide isn’t just a word with a meaning, it is a dysfunction that we have placed in our lives and for what?  To be better than the person you have murdered but, you’re not you’re actually worse!  At this point I can say with a disconcerting heart that you are worse than “society” and their mass murdering of our people.  You have become the “dog” fetching the bone that another “dog” has pissed on or deemed not good enough for him. 

We as a community must be better than that, better than “society” have categorized us. 

Where is the village raising the children?  Where is the community that pulls together and defend again genocide?  We are not supposed to murder one another but love and live for one another.  When I eat everyone around me eats and that is how it is supposed to be with others.  I can honestly, say I have seen the same people I feed turn their backs on someone else who is in the same position you were in before I fed you.  How can this be and then turn around and talk bad about them?  The nerve!  Are you, serious right now? 

If we don’t raise our children, they will do it for us and not how we would like for them to be raised.  Looking down on his/her own people and refuse to help them up when they see them down.  Come on people we are smarter than they want us to be and we know it, now it is time to show it.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

The Family Bond! Chapter 5…Segment 3.

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

Child Support a black man’s nightmare.  What the fuck is that?  It is the devil and women know it but seriously guys, why do you have to be forced to do what you know you are supposed to do.  No one should be force as a man to take care of his own child/ren.  More importantly mothers should not use child support as a tool to hurt fathers.  Also, name calling doesn’t make it all better either.  Yes, I know she is a bitch and he is a dog, but neither one of you are either.  It is all hurt and frustration from the past, break up and lies from not getting to know one another.  In all fairness ladies, he wasn’t all that when he was giving you his love muscle.  He wasn’t a bad person when he was taking care of you.  Now for you so called men if you don’t want to be on child support then be the same man you were when you were laying pipe and take care of your responsibilities.  You shouldn’t have wanted to hit it and quit it, raw!  You should have used protection to protect your wallet, freedom, and most of all your dick.  Hello, you nor she had any idea what the other had if anything, but hopefully, nothing.    If your motive was to just get the pussy then you should have been the responsible one and protected your life from the drama you are going through now.  If you wanted the woman and the child/ren then do you part and keep that family happy, but if all you wanted was to keep it moving, now you must move that child or those children along with you. 

When you were bumping and grinding you wasn’t being responsible not wearing a jimmy hat.  I know it takes two but that’s more reason why it will take two to raise those children or child.  Don’t punk out now that there is a new life on the way to take care of or already here.  Punk asses!  You are just the bitch who decided not to step the fuck up and be a man and raise your child/ren.  When you don’t it’s like saying kill my bloodline or saying I’m not shit! 

Stop with “society’s” bull shit to force you to pay child support for a life you created.   “Society” say pay and you pay but that’s not supposed to be the reason.  “Society” say don’t pay then they will lock you up and take away a lot of your worldly possessions.  Take note stupid people there was no child support before black were freed.  It is because no one cared if “society” men didn’t care for their children or family.  Now that black is free, they decided we should be forced to pay to do exactly what we should do. 

Please, look at the jail systems all over the United States which is full of predominantly black people and mostly for ridiculous and senseless crimes or misdemeanors.  The prison systems are just as worse.  The federal prison systems are a joke.  They set you all up from the word go and then put you where they think you belong.  Even after all the kicking and screaming you did for help before the system failed you.  No matter how much you beg for help the system finds some way to ignore you until you have fallen prey to their power and they can finance off your down fall.   Which better way to do that then to imprison you and hope that you don’t get rehabilitated so they can have another swing at you, another go-round.  You are a commodity to them and everyone knows you make money off commodities.   Then they offer oh I mean, place you on probation, meaning you still are locked up but without the bars.  They mean they are just waiting for you to do something else so they can give more time on the time that you have left from a sentence you didn’t complete.  In other words, they still control your every movement.  They are still the “slave masters” they have always been just in another form.  Yes, I know that most of your P.O.’s is “black” but the system controls them as well.  See you can be doing good but if they think you are doing wrong, they run down that person’s back to find out what your every move was for the last week or 24 hours.  Why?  Well they don’t trust you nor the probational officer they hired.  They believe that all “black” people are in cahoots together.  So, believe you, me, they are watching them just as close as they are watching you.  What do you think all the cameras in the City is for, to watch you?

This system is designed to keep the black people imprisoned and unaccomplished.  Employers will not hire most people who have been imprisoned even if it was for a misdemeanor.  Let’s explore how “society” even foreigners try their best to bully black but call the police when we fight or strike back the law is always needed.  When we have the strength to stand up for ourselves but never called when we are being stepped on.  Usually, that’s when the “police” are the ones doing the stepping.  Don’t be afraid now that you have started something you cannot handle nor finish.  Stop starting wars you don’t want and making enemies of people you live amongst!  Damn what does it take to keep you off our damn backs! 

Especially, if you’re not sure you can win the war, or handle the consequences.  Most black people know when the battle isn’t theirs. 

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

The Family Bond! Chapter 5…Segment 1.

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

Chapter 5.  Reoccurring Cycles and Systems Put into Place to Keep the Family Apart

This isn’t hard for “society” because they aren’t as family oriented as most black families are, so, they designed several systems to keep the average black family apart. 

Child Protective Services Child Support
Jail Prison
Unemployment Abortion Clinics
Social Services Birth Control
Prescription Drugs Illegal Drugs
Government Agencies Taxes
Probation Pegan Holidays

I know you say these systems are for everyone, but understand they weren’t designed until after the freeing of black.  Once black was free, “society” decided as a unity we would be powerful and undefeated.  First, they designed the Constitution of America which isn’t for black people at all because we were slaves during this signing and believe you me, we weren’t in thought.  Secondly, those Amendments didn’t say anything about us specifically.  For us to benefit from them they would have to include us in their little circle and since that isn’t happening, they decided to come up with laws that defines us and prevent us from doing anything that might disrupt their lives.  We once again fell for the okey-doke.  See they can break laws but cannot violate the Constitution or they will be punished to the highest of the law, the Supreme Court.  This is when shit has hit the fan, but you must look at those who sit on the bench to know if there will be justice for you at all. 

Let’s start with CPS “Child Protective Services” as it is named and it’s speak for itself in the name.  As you consider this bull shit of a service there is always a loop hole for “society” but not for the less fortunate.  It was okay for you “society” to beat our children and murder them without cause, but it is wrong for the mother and fathers to discipline them?  Don’t as a parent discipline your child, we as “society” will be the ones to do that by making money off them, by once again selling them to the highest bidder.  How you ask?  They take your children from you to only give them to another family or person that can well let’s say “take care of them”.  Hello, you have a problem with how I raise my child/ren but don’t have a problem with how another person raises them.  How dare you?  The audacity of “society” to decide who shall raise people children, if money is involved, they can care less.  See the “Government” supposedly pay someone else to do exactly what you were already doing but with a price of imprisonment.  If the child misbehaves or gets into trouble, not the person they so thoroughly background checked, but your child goes to jail or is replaced with another child.  That isn’t how it works in the home of the parent so why does it work like that in Foster Care. Why is it a short term stay as well as a definite placement put in place but only a one page reunification contingency for parents. They weren’t never planning on reuniting you with your child/ren in the first place.

Come to find out your child has been placed in the home of a rich predator and the “Government” could care less.  Is there really a background check done on rich people like it is done on the working class?

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove