People are People

Goddess morning Royals 🌞. First give praise and worship to the all High.

I’m learning life most valuable lesson. “No matter what you do for people they will never appreciate it for it’s worth.” If they cannot appreciate the gesture there is no way they can appreciate the person. #Facts!!!

When they need the favor you are the world to them. You are Gods gift to mankind, you are the water to their thirst; but when the deed or favor is done, you are nothing! You disappear into the background like you never existed. Now we all know you didn’t do it for clout or recognition but out of love.

Then something happens and you are in need of a favor or deed but there is no one to call on or turn to. You feel alone, abandoned, shut out, cut off from the rest of the world; but you know that can’t be right. You know you have friends, family, associates that you have done plenty for so why can’t you get any help?

They aren’t your friends, family or associates; they are leeches. Parasites that crawl into your world when they need to feed or shall I say beg for what you have; what you can do for them; what you will do for them and then like magic they are gone. They leave like they were never there.

They turn their backs on you like you are the plague; like you are a disease they don’t want to catch. The best part is when they say, “You should have called me, I would have, could have…” What they fail to realize or maybe neglect is that you have evidence that you did reach out. Here comes the excuse, “Oh that day I was busy. I meant to call you or text you back but I forgot.” Right, that shit right there; only because right now in your presence they need you for something but aren’t sure of your mindset so they play along and butter you until you are just about greasy enough they can slide their #Bullshit into your lap.

“Look I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you, but I promise the next time I’m so there, all you have to do is reach out.” Then they hit you with their problem and sadly say “if you can it would mean a lot to me. I’ll never forget what you have done for me and my family. You are our savior and I mean that. If it wasn’t for you, I don’t know where we would be without you. But only if you can; if you can’t I’ll understand.” You have been buttered, marinated, and cooked by the time you are ready to go or be alone.

Being the big hearted person you are and not learned your lessons, you leaned a hand again only to realize you’re not really being appreciated. You will never be able to get the support you give in return. It’s just like the #Love you give will never be the love you get in return. What are you supposed to do? Choose what and who you do favors and deeds for because even family turns a blind eye when you are in need. Friends aren’t always friends. You may be their friend but they might not be yours. Yeah you all have been through somethings but think back and see if it was always you rescuing them and never the other way around. Then see where your friendship really stands. You have to stop being the escape goat for everyone.

Stop being their everything while they are their nothing!

By Kenya Denise Spann

Then you will know of happiness and self awareness. You will find people you can rely on in your time of need the same way they can rely on you. Don’t get so bitter in your quest for better friends that you become the people you are leaving behind. That isn’t the mission at all. The mission is to find people of your caliber who can do like you do and who is willing to be there even if you don’t ask.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove


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I am a free spirit! Speak my mind a lot. Published author! Business & Psychology major! AA in Healthcare Administration; BBA in Accounting/Finance. Working on my masters in Psychology. Mother, hairstylist, nail technician and so much more.

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