Destroying Your Community

Goddess morning Royals 😘. First give praise and worship to the all High.

It amazes me how people will destroy their own communities but have the audacity to go and fix someone’s community up! What the fuck are you thinking?

Real talk it’s like when people stick their noses in other people’s business when their shit isn’t right either. GTFOH!

Example: I hear people crying and whispering about drug boys in their communities all the time. They only come because you aren’t treating the neighborhood right anyway. If you care about your neighborhood, I mean really care about it there is no way they are moving in. Think about it. If they see you all keep it clean, no abandon houses, cars, or trash cans; the boys will not want to come into that neighborhood because they know you all aren’t going to play that. But if it’s dirty, loud, ran down homes aren’t being properly taken care of, then they will move right in and make it worst. They know the community doesn’t care because of the look of it. Especially, if the neighbors are always arguing and not pulled together, then that is the community they want to be in and run.

You make it easy for them to come in and hard for them to leave. Then you want the police to do something about it but what? You all didn’t do or haven’t done anything about it. You all are selfish and only think of self so they pick and choose who to respect in the community but that’s not how it works. It’s all or nothing either way the community as a whole falls victim.

As soon a the real violence happens then the lives loss, the deterioration happens and property value goes down and what you thought you had is no more. Next thing you know the bulldozers are on the way and what use to be a beautiful community is now a vacant lot; home for dead bodies and more junkies. there is no village without a stand and no community without people.

If they see you all working together then they will pull away because they know you aren’t going to allow the junkies in and they will have no business to run there. No junkies no drugs. It will dry up and they will move on.

A strong community is a village together.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddesLove


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I am a free spirit! Speak my mind a lot. Published author! Business & Psychology major! AA in Healthcare Administration; BBA in Accounting/Finance. Working on my masters in Psychology. Mother, hairstylist, nail technician and so much more.

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