Saturday Sit Down with Lady K

Goddess morning Royals 👑. First give praise and worship to the all High.

Today I want to touch on two subjects; one tax season and the ridiculous spending habits that comes with it and social media hype that brings about catfishing. I wanted to speak on these two subjects because I was asked to give my opinion on them.

I’m no expert on either matter but what I see and have witnessed on both is utterly ridiculous. The amount of energy vs the lack of intelligence is astonishing. We as people especially blacks have to do better when it comes to spending vs saving vs investing. We as people have the notion to spend but fail to see the importance of saving or budgeting never mind the investing aspect of finance. Keeping up with the latest fashion vs purchasing stock, bonds, or property scares the hell out of me for our future. With the way the economy is going in this day and time you would at least think a nest egg would be justifiable, but it’s not even a thought process. So where is all your hard earned money going? Well let’s see; you must have the latest Jordans which is the same as the retro Jordan’s you purchase a week ago. Not to mention those jeans that was $130 is now on sale for 30 dollars, I mean you could have waited. What about that new shirt you just saw Chris Brown in, think about it? CB have money to waste because you keep his pocket filled while you live paycheck to paycheck. I mean come on I like fashion just as much as the next but a budgeted outfit can look just as nice as an expensive one. Especially if you know how to bargain as well as dress, if not then we all know where your hard earned money went. Then when tax season hit, yeah I know that tax money hit different; you spend it like you hit the lottery. Hello, you worked all year to give your money to the government only to get a fraction of it back to spend it like it’s nothing. Where is the thought process in trying to remain broke or breaking the bank?

You have to live in a different mindset in order to acquire wealth more important to substantiate continuous wealth. If you hit the lottery once and five years later your broke then you got exactly what you wanted; the opportunity to say you use to have…but do that make sense? Where you are now if you have acquired stability it should shorten the idiotic dream of keeping up with the “Jones.” Remember they have old wealth you have blue collar paychecks, now is the time to think different to live different for sustainable financial freedom. Here’s what you should do and remember this is only my opinion. When tax season blesses you with your money, cause it is your money; even though only a fraction it’s still yours. You should have yearly bills. Let’s say you electric bill is 92 dollars months times that by 12 and pay $1104, so you are paid for year. This way even if you go over you know you don’t have to worry because you already paid. Same thing for your heating bill, water bill, cell phone bill, car insurance and note if possible. We all know that you might not be able to complete the rent/mortgage and maybe car note, but at least when you pay them it won’t be a struggle because the other bills are paid in full. Also if you get paid twice a month then split the rent/mortgage and car note accordingly. Half the first check the rest the second check just in case you splurge a little. This way you can start saving every check because you did the right thing during tax season. Next year you won’t even rush taxes because you are prepared for the year to come. I hope this helped!

Now social media…smh. What is there really say but I’m going to say it anyway? Unhappy people live better lives on social media than in real life! Hear me clearly, people who reinvent themselves to be more than what they are, aren’t happy with their life. They are dangerous, plain and simple. Those who change themselves for the likes of others aren’t comfortable in the body, mind, or soul the was given to them. They will catfish you into believing they take vacations, the have a nice body (thanks for filters), have a nice face as well as a great personality. They believe in the lies they tell themselves and will argue you to the end of their breath that who you see is who you get! When the truth hits it hits different and become harder to face and swallow, think on that!

Let’s get deeper shall we? By now everyone have seen the black-facing catfishing, correct? Need I say more! You want black beauty but have no idea what struggle we go through to maintain just beautiful. You can’t live black if your ancestors owned black people; that’s just fucking wrong! Just like those black peoples who is completely brainwashed into believe that if they whiten their skin somehow they aren’t black any longer or will be treated differently but aren’t. What in the whole fuck are you thinking? Knowing your worth solidify your history to make you work harder and smarter to a better future. Not knowing your worth makes you enslaved in your mind, body and soul; may you receive mercy! Stop trying to be someone or something you aren’t. I know it make you feel good but when the phone or electronic devices goes away and you have to look in the mirror the truth comes back stronger causing pain, hurt, mental anguish and turmoil. You hate more of yourself which could lead to delusions, destructive, hate for others, jealousy, even homicidal thoughts which leaves to detachment from reality. Plus you don’t give the other person on the receiving end a chance to know the real you only the deception you have lead them to believe was you.

Before you start lying again, try looking into the mirror and figuring out who is looking back! Be who you are so that you’ll know who you are! You can’t be Megan because Megan is Megan! You can’t be Cardi B because she is Cardi B. You can’t be Floyd, Bossie, Will, or Michael B Jordan; basic because they are themselves. The really tough questions are…why are you? What do you want for your life? Is impersonating or lying about being someone you’re not, going to help you be a better you? Where do your self-esteem real live within you? Who are you fooling? Asking yourself these questions before you question who you allowed in your circle or shall I say web of lies? If you can’t answer then willing or honestly then you need help finding out who you are and what do you contribute to your life? Not what do others bring into your life but what do you bring to your life? I would say it’s a simple answer but it’s never simple when you have to find you behind all the false advertisement you invented for yourself. Which leads to pain, murder, stalkers, rape retaliation and all sorts of fuckery that one wants, needs or deserves. Ladies this goes for most of you but for those who keeps it 💯 , thank you for staying true. Fellas don’t think you all aren’t doing the same thing and for the same reasons, clout, fame on your name, likes, and women to jump in your inbox, dm, messengers or whatever platform you are using. For my men who keep it 10 toes down, stay that way. It’s not a lot is solid people in this world anymore. Everyone wants fame but not all can handle what comes with it. Good luck and may the all High give you strength, understanding, and peace in your quest!

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove #GoddezzKPublishing LLC


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I am a free spirit! Speak my mind a lot. Published author! Business & Psychology major! AA in Healthcare Administration; BBA in Accounting/Finance. Working on my masters in Psychology. Mother, hairstylist, nail technician and so much more.

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