The Wants of Woman

The Wants of Woman Women want a man that is not afraid to cry.  Women want a man who have no doubts about being a man and can show his boyish ways.  Women want a man to kiss her with passion and know what is going on in his mind.  We want to roll overContinue reading “The Wants of Woman”



Relationships It’s funny how advice is always given to you even when it’s not needed, by someone who is either in a bad relationship or have no significant other.  They can tell you what’s messed up about your lover.  Can give you the ramifications of your life but have no idea what’s going on inContinue reading “Relationships”

When Murders are Justified by: Manifest Da God

When murder’s are justified “Chapters One” “Kellie” “Introduction” “Look muthafucka, if you have some money then and only then can get’cha dick sucked. You don’t have no money to get’cha shit and get outta my house.” I sat in the middle bedroom and listened to my mother Bridgette Evans as she argued with the guyContinue reading “When Murders are Justified by: Manifest Da God”

The Unknown Poet

Embrace  perchance I could taste of your thoughts sample every predilection of elegance in emotion on all extremes also savor  all the different shades……. of what’s in-between capture them at the peak of their freshness……..nibble them straight from the heart embrace your etiquettes… simultaneously interpreting their means molding myself in co-existence ……..into  your special beingContinue reading “The Unknown Poet”

Loved by The Unknown Poet.

Having been loved I have experienced being loved depth beyond reasoning so  now its hard to imagine  being loved receiving such a thing again receiving such a pass living alas, instead of reflecting succeeding love of the past not reborn, but anew making past, present an effortless task heart swiftly beating , love that’s livingContinue reading “Loved by The Unknown Poet.”


Deep inside of my nature you discover my wilderness. It is like a new found creation. Oh my word you are a great explorer and I’m just the specimens to explore. Dig deep for there is no boundaries when you are the seeker. Enjoy my caves, volcanoes, oceans, and historical landmarks.