The Family Bond! Chapter 3…Segment 3.

Goddess morning Royals. First give praise and worship to the all High.

We have nothing!!

We have nothing to give our children, to leave with them to carry on the family name.  Where is our dignity and decency, courage, and love for our children and ourselves to leave to our children?  Family is all we have, but it’s better than anything we need.  The black family legacy is what our people need to build a better world for our kind.  Stand strong, stand as one, stand for love, life, laughter, and togetherness; “society doesn’t win.  Now woman are the bread winners of the household and doing both jobs, well at least trying to do both.

Growing up with my father in my house meant restriction but as soon as he was no longer there, I kind of got out of control.  Doing as I pleased and staying out all night for days.  Now mind you he was an addict but he wasn’t to be played with as a man or a father.  He whipped ass and asked questions later.  I received all the ass whippings my siblings didn’t get.  If homework needed to be done and I didn’t help them then I got my ass whipped.  He told me it was because I am the oldest, and I should always help my little sisters and brothers in anything they may need.  He told me that I was to help them with everything, and I tried my best to do it all after while I just did it as second nature.

When I turned sixteen, my parents were really in bad shape and was no longer able to care for us but with all I learned and did as well as overcame, I stepped up and took on that responsibility, not sure if I had it in me, but I pushed.

It wasn’t easy but we persevered.  We fought and cried our way through but we did it together.  I wanted so bad to give up and admit defeat, but I couldn’t because who else would they have to support them.  As a woman, I knew that my family was the most important thing to me, but I made a lot of mistakes.  I gave those who needed me most, almost the same treatment I received as child, I was angry, hostile, cruel, unjust, disrespectful and hateful.  I love my siblings but I also had so much rage within me

I have been growing and learning where I have hurt and discourage.  I am therapeutically cleansing myself, but I now I need more time and help.  Without any help, I know I done what I can, but without our father in our lives like a man should, I also know there were a lot missing.

But what I knew most is that without our mother, loving, caring, and nurturing soul we weren’t going to be as strong.  We really needed her but she was gone.  The streets had her completely.  We had no choice but to come together as one and do the best we could.  We survived but we didn’t really make it.  We may be alive but, in a way, we are dead.  I’m trying to bring us to life but I can’t do it all by myself.  Now that they are grown with children of their own, they need to want to live as a family.  We as blacks need this.

Our goals must change as well as our mindset.  We are not perfect but we also aren’t even trying.  We’re not trying for better, instead we’re only looking out for number one.  Yes, I know you all think this is the way but think of the consequences when we are in this mindset.  We breed haters, people who want what you have and will kill to get it.  No, their mindset is not to work harder to get what you have but to take a quicker route and just take what you have.

We as mothers are burying to many of our children because of these predators, and our children are their prey.  Why do it have to be like this from the start?  We as black people have no love for the next black man or woman.  Our children are so confused about their lives and purpose upon this planet that they take the wrong paths.  Once on those paths we as strong black women need to sit our young men and women down and guide them to a new and different path, or we will continue planning funerals.

If our men aren’t going to step up to the plate then we as loving and caring mothers need to do so.  We cannot keep allowing this act of genocide to continue.  If it does there will be no black men left on this planet to produce a child, no one to carry on a legacy or family name. 

Moment of truth: Strong black women are being murdered by weak miserable men.  Our babies barely old enough to speak are being beaten and abandoned by both selfish ass mothers and fathers because they are unsure of the love they should give to the child.  Predators are moving in on black women’s children, they themselves aren’t aware of their abuse and sexuality.  They rather inflict pain on someone else because someone forgot to protect them from their attackers.

Now we have these women and men who have contracted HIV/AIDS but will not protect the spread of this horrible disease.  Why?  They figured no one protected them, but what they fail to realize is it’s the price you pay for not protecting yourself.  Love making is not about fucking raw, but about the connection between two people.  Yes, we all are guilty of this act at least once, twice or maybe continuously but it is a choice to protect or not to protect ourselves. We have to teach our children through actions as well as doing what we already preached. If not, the streets will teach them whatever and who are we to blame, but ourselves.

Keep in mind that all actions have a reaction whether good or bad.  When choosing raw sex, consequences are pregnancy, disease, death, incurables disease and a sense of loss.  No raw sex does not keep a man, woman nor do a baby.  Remember this if he/she is fucking you raw he/she is fucking the next one raw as well.  Be smarter and love yourself more.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove


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