The Family Bond! Chapter 4…Segment 4.

Goddess morning Royals. First give praise and worship to the all High.

Domestic violence is never the answer to resolving any conflict, but it happens every day.  A “man” should never put his hands on a woman.  That’s like the King killing the Queen for the kingdom he already rules.  How much sense does that make? None!

When a man who has a woman in his life, decides he no longer wants her in his life, he should say just that instead of beating her and forcing her out.  I know you all think some of these women deserve it, but no one deserve to be treated less than a human being.

A man with girls needs to know that if he beats their mother or any other woman, while convincing his daughter that he loves her, she will believe that is love. She will provoke a man in her life to beat her just to have love from him.  On the other hand, she could end up going in the opposite direction and become the man or become the dominate one in a lesbian relationship and beat her lover, convinced that it’s the only way to show her love.  Either way it’s not good for the girl’s psyche.  Also, men with little boys who see a male beat his mother will go two ways he will be a beater, cheater and punk or a killer and the person in his life will be his target.  Even, if he never kills his father or the man responsible for beating his mother, he will kill in likeness of him.  Meaning he will kill all men who reminds him of the man he cannot kill.

More than likely if the man is abusive to the women, he is definitely abusive to the children.  It may not be physical but if they are witnessing the abuse of their mother then it is definitely mental. Not in all cases but in the majority. Maybe he knows or maybe he doesn’t care but abuse leads to more abuse and soon it is too late the process has begun.

Either way domestic violence leads to so much negativity.  Male children becoming so feminine in their lives that they are gay and still look to domestic violence as comfort, as well as the female child, or they become killers and violence is their comfort and pleasure zone.

Please if we learn nothing else, we know no good can come from domestic violence.

Being a strong black woman means more than words can describe especially after regrouping after a crisis such as sexual assault, child abuse, mental and physical abuse, heartache and life worst case scenario child-birth loss or burying a child.  See no one prepares you for that loss ever.  Whether or not the child lives one day, miscarried, or a half or full life.  When a mother has to bury a child, it is one of the gut wrenching pains that you never come back from.  It feels like a piece of your soul has been cut from you without any pain killers, honestly even with pain killers that is a pain no mother should ever have to experience.  Unfortunately, as black mothers we do almost every day and sometimes more than often.   The murder rate here in Baltimore alone for the past 5 years have been alarming and our leaders the people we put in those chairs have no answers for us.  We are the people and mothers must fight for our own children if we are expecting them to outlive us or at least survive the mean streets of Baltimore…, Bodymore.

Black women we endure so much and with every fiber in us we try our best to keep moving.  For some of us we can’t go on and pain become so unbearable that it kills us physically as it had already consumed us mentally.

When a woman’s mind is gone and she is not within her right frame and thinking, she will do the unthinkable or allow the unthinkable to happen. She will allow someone to take the child/ren life, whether it is physical, mental, emotional, or sexual. She will even participate if she think it will no longer happen to her. She will lose her nurturing spirit to protect her physical frame, mental capacity, moral ethics (if any is left), she will say it was to protect herself as well as others around her. She will convince herself that all that was done to her was for her benefit so she did what she did for the sake of her child/ren. See fucked up in the head from the beginning.

When will it end?  When we as black people realize we are not the enemy of our people nor is the anger we have towards our people for our people.  All that hostility is for those who constantly enslave our minds, body and finances.  Black women motto is I struggle so my children won’t! In reality if you struggle the children will feel it somehow, sooner or later.  Whether it’s when they are burying you or when they are forced to help because your struggle has burdened your body and you are no longer able to provide.

We have been stripped of so much that we ourselves just take and let it go.  Why do we do this?  Why do we allow others to take from us without even a hint of a fight?  Black women we have to stop allowing people to walk over us for what we think is love, happiness, stability, foundation, marriage, joy, and the sake of our children.  Our children cannot be the reason we allow these things to happen to us, for a matter of fact our children should be the reasons we shouldn’t allow these things to take place.

We think that they don’t see our unhappiness, well they do!  We think that can’t see where joy have left us and now, we grin in pain, well they do!  We think they can’t see that we are in an unstable place or that our foundation has crumbled but they do.  They know when love is gone and there is no sign of it returning but we think we’re holding on for them and all along they are holding on for us. They want out just as much as we do and they aren’t saying anything for the sake of us.  Communication can solve all this if we all would just converse and listen to one another.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove


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