The Family Bond! Chapter 4…Segment 5.

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

Women have been the ridicule of “society’s” plan because they know that women of color are strong and as long as a male or their mate is out of the way, they can prey on our downfall.  But we are women who are bread and cut from a different cloth, I know I have seen it.  I have seen my mother beaten but still get up and do what she has to do while taking that ass whipping.  I have seen my aunts lose their soul to a man but their children, young ladies not fall victim at all.  So, for “society” to think they got it right they are solely mistaken.  We black women have always endured the heartache and pain of loss whether to the man we love or for child/ren we birth but it is only when there is no one else in our corner is when we crumble.  This is why we as black women must stand strong together to keep our family with or without our black men from being totally destroyed by “society’s” strong hold.  We are the original winners of our families whether submissive or not. We are the Queens that make our Kings who they are.  Without us there is no King or no Kingdom to rule.  We hold the power, the strength, the glory of the love and life within us.  We have birthed the nation and why would we allow anyone to destroy what we have born.

We as black women have been the object of all men affection because we hold the key to the happiness they embellish as such.  We know that what we have between our legs isn’t the answers but what we have in our soul, mind, and heart is.  They don’t know because they haven’t taken the time to realize that.  They compete for the wrong things but then convince or try to convince us this is the true power and when it is no longer theirs, they swear they will always be able to get it.  Keep letting them think pussy is the power while the soul or heart we hold is the key to keeping our home safe.  So, when you steal our innocence, it tells us that you are miserable and your soul belongs in hell but for our soul to give in to you will be a moment of weakness and we aren’t weak by a long shot in fact we aren’t weak at all.

We may have moments of weakness but those moments like time pass and a new strength builds within us and we carry on.  For some of us it takes time but with the right village and foundation we can overcome anything.  The times we can never recover from is when one of our children is taken.  That is the end of our process. We try so hard to bounce back from it, but we never do.  To all you brave, beautiful, broken mother who have endure this type of pain, my heart weeps for you and your soul.  For I can only sympathize with you in this manner but know that I am always here for you mentally, emotionally, physically as a loving supporter.  I pray in the Lord, that you are healed and strengthened to continue with life.  I pray that the Lord makes everyday a little less painful and a little easier to bear for no one deserves to go through the loss of a child, whether to violence or otherwise.

There is a failed system in place to make it seem like we as mothers are at fault when in fact we aren’t. It is the designed to diminish our morals and values that is to be passed down to our children.  Somehow, their system, was created to stop us from growth, parenting, and educating our children on morals and values.  We as the strong black women we all need to fight the system and take back what is rightfully ours, our children, our families and our lives.  They will continue to go to the drawing board to find new ways to keep us from true parenting, some have become so submissive that we allow them to do so.  Wake up and do what you know is in your heart to do and that is be the strong mothers we are and the village we use to be.  We should have never stop being the village at all.  We should have stood strong against the test of time and continue on where the ancestors had left us, watching over everyone and everything.  All I can think as to why we stopped is because we grew tired.  See what growing tired as a single parent does, it made the village crumble.  When we should have been pulling one another up and assisting in keeping the village strong.

We know what we need to do, but aren’t sure how to get back to doing it.  It is not going to be easy because we allowed our young mothers to get out of control and now, we have to get ourselves right in order to get them right, or else we as strong women will be no more.

We make leaders, but they learn how to be followers.  We make adventurers, but they only learn to follow. We create women, but they learn how to be whores. We know by any and all means necessary but you young women as well as some of you old are giving it up for reputation and status.  Now I’m not sure if that will pay the bills, put food on the table, clothes on the children backs or shoes on their feet but I know one thing it will just get you a fucked pussy.

If that is your aim then you have accomplished exactly what you have set out to do.  The only thing that will bring is more of nothing and less of what is needed.  That doesn’t make good for anything but a bad reputation and still a wet ass.  If your sex game is less than as well as or oral game, then you aren’t going to make it in that business.  This will be the perfect opportunity to get a skill that will get you paid. With a skill you can make a career out of it and be able to take care of your family for as long as your body, mind and spirit is able.  Stop allowing men to walk in and out of your sex life just for a reputation.  When the time comes for you to want marriage or a lasting relationship, because we know marriage isn’t for everyone, you will be so destruct, you wouldn’t know how to handle a true thing.  You will treat it as it is a John, Trick, or fast money situation instead of the stability the Lord is giving you.

This is not me putting anyone down for what they do to make money to feed their family but how long does whoring work before there is an incurable disease at play or the game is tiring.  It’s never too late to learn a new game or trick to get you further than you are now.  Honestly, if you are making money hand over fist doing what you are doing just by having sex with anyone and everyone, then by all means do you until you can’t do you anymore.

Fact is not all of us have the capability to “use what we got to get what we want.”  I am not the one to brag but it got me out of some tight corners but so do all the skills I have.  This is why I no longer try for what I want but definitely for what I need.  If I don’t need it, then I don’t break my neck to get it.  We as women have the tendency to want respect but don’t have enough for ourselves.  We want a good man but aren’t sure if we are good women.  We want a decent place to live but visit the slums and call it home.  Stop with all the wants and start with all the needs.  We demand respect because it is a necessity.  We need a good man because we are Queens and only Kings will do.  We deserve and shall have a decent home to raise the Royal family in.  Stop settling for less because you aren’t sure of your worth.  Once you know your worth there is no way you will settle for less than your value.  Redesign yourself for greatness because the Lord built you for just that, greatness.  I am not telling you to look down on those who do what they have to do to survive. No, I am simply saying respect yourself or no one else will.  I am telling you to humble yourself when need be and to know when to be proud of what you have done, from which you have come.

W – Will the grace and prestige that is within you.

O – Operate as the Queen you are and not as the whore, they want you to be.

M – Master your technique so no one will be able to take from you what you have accomplished.

E – Elevate your level with grace and faith in what the Lord created

N – Never allow them to see your pain because they will steal your power.

W – Wants are meant to be broken but needs can never be taken away from you.

O – Own your life, because no one can do you better than you.

R – Redesign your mind, body and soul to fit who you are and not who they want you to be.

T – Transcend the Queen you already are only to rule by the King made for you.

H – Have the life you were meant to have by being the woman you were meant to be, but better.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove


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