What Women Think Occasionally 2

Goddess Afternoon Royals

Last I left you all she and her husband was just finish making love for the second time after her second encounter with her sexy stranger.

She couldn’t help but to think of this man they had a connection in which she could act on but dare to or will she?  She wanted so much to tell her husband about the stranger but she couldn’t because he would know she had interest in another man.  She would have to use her girls for therapy to get herself from under the spell of this man.  Her husband thinking he needed to do something different but the same as before, went back to wearing the same cologne he knows sexually arouses his wife.  He rushed out to the store and brought him the largest bottle they sold of this cologne.  When he got back home he could hear her telling her friends about their encounter.

He heard he say sex with him drives her mad and she need to have more and more of him everyday.  She hope that all her sexual attractions to him doesn’t drive him away because she really like what he does for her.  Think made him very excited and he wanted to do more to keep her excited.  He showered and then put on the cologne that made her crazy for sex with him.  He walked pass the door of her study several times, but nothing happened.  He couldn’t understand it.

He knocked on the door to her attention but she was heavy into the conversation that all she did was speak.  She inhaled and  the aroma captivated her desire to be pleased, so she told her girlfriends she will have to call them back.  She then undressed herself and  began to pleasure herself.  He stood in the doorway and watch as she brought pleasure to herself and he did the same.  Wishing it could have went different, he just ejaculated and went on his way.  Confused as to why she didn’t jump on his and have her way with him again, he just got in the truck and drove off.  He drove to his home boy’s house to talk this over with him.  Homeboy was home, so he decided to drive around and think on what happened.

Third Encounter 

She didn’t know where her husband went but her girls had asked her to come out with them for happy hour.  She didn’t mind anything to get her mind of this guy she never had a conversation with and probably never will.  Even though she had sexual fantasies about him while making love to her husband.  She showered and got dressed to head out to happy hour with her girls.  When she reached the lounge her girls was already there.  She parked right beside one of her girlfriends vehicle or at least it looks like hers. She joined them they had already ordered her a virgin sex on the beach.  She sat down with the saddest look upon her face.  Her girls were now more concern with this problem, but told her they cannot allow it to get in between her and her marriage.  She sulked and agreed.  As the night went on the stranger walked over to her and kindly introduced himself again.  She almost died when heard his deep powerful voice.  She looked up and saw 6’7″ of pure chocolate and melted in her chair.  Almost speechless she gathered herself up enough strength to say hello.  He asked could he be seated with her and before she could answer her girls left the table and offered him a seat.  She blushed and her heart started beating fast, throat got dry, hands started shaking and her vagina got wet.  She didn’t know if she should continue to sit there or should she walk away with her marriage on the line.  He talk to her about everything he could in reference to his business, life, family and wants as well as needs.  She was intrigue because not once did he mention sex.

He asked her to dance and so they did.  She grind on him as if he was her husband and he didn’t mind one bit.  Then he hit her with the question that make all women respond in a manner of like or dislike.  Are you as good in bed as you are on this dance floor?  She took a step back and gathered everything in her to walk away to keep her marriage intact.  She head back to the table with her girlfriends and told them she needs to leave right now before her marriage is over.  Her desire to withstand this man had left the soul she had promised to another.

She got in her car and drove straight home as fast as she could.  She saw that her husband was home and so she knew she would take all this sexual tension out on him.  She walked through the door and he came downstairs.  He said we need to talk but she rushed right to him and kissed him like she haven’t seem him all day.  Not sure what was going on he enjoyed the moment and will talk to her afterwards, if he could remember.

Tearing away his clothes she went down on him and he couldn’t believe it.  She haven’t given him oral sex in years.  He almost forgot the reason he truly could never let her go and this was it.  He couldn’t think anymore, she had stolen his soul.  He almost fell into a coma like stage of pure enjoyment.  He release and she caught it all.  She then walked away and into the shower.   As she walked up the stairs she asked him what was on his mind but as she looked back he was curled in a fetus position sleeping.  She knew she still had it.  She grabbed the blanket off the bed and took it to him so he wouldn’t wake with cold.  After she showered she went down and cooked dinner for the both of them and woke him from his slumber.

He woke and the both sat on the floor and ate dinner.  She knew now she was in more trouble then she thought because all the oral sex she just gave her husband was what she wanted to do to the stranger.

Once again I am going to leave you all right there and return tomorrow with the final conclusion of her last encounter.  


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