The Family Bond! Chapter 4…Segment 3.

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

We are taking back our homes and lives for us and the sake of our children.  We will no longer be any one’s doormat but someone’s life preserver.

While we are on the subject of abuse let’s talk domestic violence. 

Domestic Violence Case scenario: Where I live there is this “Muslim” man and woman with several children they will remain innocent in this case even if they weren’t in real life.  He beats her and curse her in front of the children all the time.  She so in love with him that she doesn’t see him hurting the children.  So, one night while I was sleeping, I am woken from my slumber with loud noises.  I go to the door to see what is going on and he is beating her and tossing her around in the street,while the children are at the door screaming for her.  She wants to go back in the house, but he wouldn’t allow it.  They are concerned about their mother’s safety even if she wasn’t.  She told them to back to bed and sleep, but how can they if you are in danger and making all this noise.  The neighbors and I all are now outside witnessing this horror in a neighborhood where this type of violence doesn’t exist.  We do have violence in the surrounding blocks but not in this block, specifically.  She has no shoes on her feet because he has beaten her out of those.  So, me being me I called the “police” because something other than this needs to happen. 

While waiting for them to come another child’s father comes and then the situation escalates into more violence and fighting.  A car window is busted and now there is words of guns being tossed around between the two males.   I will say males and not men because neither one of them were men.  As I was told by other neighbors is that they lived somewhere else and were asked to move based on these same acts of violence.  As the “police” arrive the male, who lives at the house shows no fear and no intent on stopping with the abuse.  He still pushes the female and still threatens the other male right in front of the “police.”  Long story short, he ends up tasered and thrown in the back of a “police” wagon, facing domestic violence charges and resisting arrest.  I wish I could say that was the end for these two people but that will only be the beginning of what I had to witness from this family.

Black on Black/Domestic Violence scenario: Another night this “Muslim” male wants to show his masculinity, but that will soon fail for him.  The woman who is attached to this male, goes to another neighbor in friendly conversation and he ends up taking it as an attack against his manhood.  After his woman tells him that she and the girl wasn’t talking about him, he still wants to show his aggressiveness.  He approaches the woman; which he is not attached to; and grabs her by the throat, wrapping both hands around her neck.  Now everyone is trying to get this male off her and call for help.  Her brother being close by is the first call for help and he comes running.  When he gets to the situation, he asks what happened.  He approaches the male and the male “bitch” up like he didn’t do anything.  The first thing out of the “Muslim” male’s mouth is you are going to get a gun and you are going to have to kill me.  The brother did not like the response so he takes off garments and proceed to beat the male up like he has done his woman companion so many times before.  He never had a chance or the will to fight back because he wasn’t beating a woman.  The fight last roughly about ten minutes before he was down on the ground needing help.  After that he went into hiding for a while but he would return to beat more women up but not the one with the brother.  He no longer evens looked in her direction.  May seem funny at first but violence has consequences. 

Domestic Violence scenario final: Now this last time I had to witness the domestic violence coming from this home, was terrifying to me.  I thought I was a young child again watching my father beat my mother and there was nothing I could do about it.  I quickly remembered that I was grown and had more strength in me than when I was a child.  “Muslim” male comes out the house with a hammer in his hand, starts beating one of the children’s grandmother in the head with this hammer.  Take note that it is broad day light and everyone is home and outside.  He hit the grandmother three times in the head, so I immediately called the “police” on him.  As I was doing so her daughter-in-law comes and try to assist her.  He turns and hit her with the hammer in her head and toss her across the street.  Then focus his anger back on the old lady, continuing to beat her now with his fist.  The hammer slid out of his hand and the woman attached to him runs and retrieve it from the ground.  Taking it in the house, now I’m not sure if that was to protect him from getting in trouble or protecting them (the ladies) from getting hurt again.  However, she never assisted the two women at all.  He tells them to get away from his house and that she can no longer see her grandchild.   She’s begging and pleading with him to see her grandchild, all while bleeding from her head.  They got in the car but he isn’t done with them yet.  As he approaches the vehicle, he grabs the front passenger door and breaks it so it cannot shut.  Once again grabbing the woman from the car.  The daughter-in-law drives off to save the grandmother and without fail.  He chases the car down but I tell them they cannot leave because the “police and ambulance” are on their way.  I plead with her to get medical attention before she passes out.  They turn the car around and he once again attacks them, hitting the woman once again with the hammer in which he retrieved from the house.  They get the car far enough away from him and then the “Calvary” arrives.  He runs in the house and barricade himself and the children inside.  This time the “police” isn’t so nice and they are in large numbers.  They knock on the door and says, “Come on out so you can go to jail!”  Now, I’m not too sure if he knew he was in Baltimore, or not but that will not get a black male to come outside at all.  In fact, it will have him start to act irate.  They have to set up a perimeter around the house, because they were told that there were children in the house.  At this point it has become a hostile situation and moving rapidly into a hostage situation.  They stormed both doors at the same time.  When they enter, he was in there whipping one of the children.  Now he has a child abuse charge to add onto the enormous charges already pending.  He doesn’t leave without a fight and take a swing at several of the officers.  At this point I am convinced he wanted to die by “police.”  They however, did not give him the satisfaction and tasered him and more than once.  End of the story, he goes to jail with a book of charges, and the grandmother and daughter-in-law get medical treatment, the children almost ended up in foster care.  The woman has to move out of the house because she cannot afford to live there without him, and the “police” did not kill or murder another black man.  See consequences! I haven’t seen neither of them since but I pray they are all getting the well necessary treatment and care they need to continue on in this life.

When a woman morals and self-esteem is ripped out from her, she basically has nothing left to live for in her life.  She just wants to shut out the memories and kill the light.  Sleeping isn’t a choice because the nightmare makes you relive the trauma repeatedly.  Going out leads to more hurt and maybe more rapes, abuse, violence and definitely fear; especially if the suspect or suspects aren’t apprehended and the search for them has died down.  Thanks law and order to protect and serve my ass.  She thinks the worst of herself and really could care less of the world she lives in at this point.

When it is a constant trauma then it leads her to believe she is a bad person or why would God allow this to happen all the time.  She starts to doubt God, her parents and those sworn to protect her, especially if it’s a relative that is causing her pain.  This leads to prostitution and polyamory.  She believes everyone is welcomed to her at their choice or with a price or bribe.  This simply isn’t true!  No one should ever feel like this.  So now we must do something to help our women regain themselves.  Help our child/ren trust in family again.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove


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