Sexual Desires or Hidden Secrecies

Goddess Morning Royals.  This may get graphic but not out of control.

A few questions on this hump day Wednesday to see if your significant other is who they are or are they hiding the true them from you as well as themselves.  This is for both sexes so don’t think they are focused on one sex.

  1. Your significant other request you to do the freakish, nastiest sexual act possible would you do it? Yes or No What is your limitations?
  2. Is it important to fulfill your significant others most wildest fantasy?
  3. Is he gay because he allowed you to finger him or because he requested it?
  4. Is she turned out because she like the threesome with the other woman or was she always bi-sexual?
  5. Would strip for your significant other on video?
  6. Would you have sex with your significant other on video?
  7. Are you the better lover or is your significant other better in the sack?
  8. How sexually advance are your skills?
  9. Who submits first you or them?
  10. Is masturbation the highlight of your sexual pleasure or are sexually fulfilled?
  11. Does size really matter?  Why?
  12. Do you prefer oral or actual intercourse?
  13. Do you have sex or make love?
  14. Is it better when you’re angry or calm?
  15. Can she really handle what you are giving her or does she fake it?
  16. Do you really enjoy sex or love-making with your significant other?
  17. Do you fantasize about someone else while you are with your significant other?
  18. Rate your significant other?
    1. Worst ever needs lots of work
    2. could be worse
    3. okay
    4. fair
    5. good
    6. can improve
    7. alright
    8. damn
    9. awesome
    10. Thank you Lawd, best I ever had
  19. Rate yourself
    1. It is what it is
    2. alright
    3. okay
    4. fair
    5. could be better
    6. I rock
    7. skills is off the chain
    8. best at it all
    9. bed rock
    10. If I could I would love to have sex with myself.  Out of this universe.
  20. If you could change one thing about your sex life what would it be?

To be honest with other is to be honest with yourself.  It would explain a lot about why you aren’t as happy sexually as you are mentally.  If there are some things you would like to see improve start at home and then venture out.  I would like to hear what you think about the questionnaire.

Sending you all love and kisses.  #GoddessLove


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