Saturday, Sit Down With Lady K.

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

Community Health Check is something that people do not do any longer. I know I get really concerned when I don’t see a neighbor for a while. I start asking questions because I care about my neighbors, after all they are human beings. I know that if I was missing for a while that my neighbors would come and check on me. We are people have the tendency to want to mind our own business, but as soon as police is on the scene, then we want to be noisey. When the yellow crime scene tape then we want to know what is going on. We even have the audacity to want to speak as if we were very friendly or close to whomever it is that is now no longer with us or a criminal. Why?

If they are questionable from the beginning then you keep your eyes on them from the moment they move in. If they have been around for a long time and things change quickly then you should make a note to go and check on them or see why the change has come about so rapidly. Get involved because you could be saving someone’s life. It might now even be a neighbor life you save but someone who is being harmed by your neighbor or held captive by them. You could be saving a older neighbor who have falling ill and need some attention or have even died in their home because they had a heart attack or someone has killed them. Who knows they could be young as well and in need of some assistance.

Being a good neighbor and knowing who your neighbors are is important for your safety as well as theirs. You could be the one in trouble and in need of some assistance. Just happened no one have seen you in a while and wants to know if you are okay, they knock but no answer. They know you are supposed to be home by now and is very concern. They call for help or notify your closest kin of your status. See you never know who is watching and who is noticing your movement. They could be saving your life as well as you saving theirs.

Stay connected in your community so that you know if you neighborhood is in danger or someone is in need of your help. #TheVillageCry

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

Freaky Friday – Are You What He/She Really Want In Bed/Life?

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

I know you think that you are the best thing that God could have put on this planet. You should think that about yourself, but not with the intentions of putting someone else down to do so. I know you think that your sex skills is top notch and you should have that confidence. I know I do, but not at the expense of making my mate feeling like shit.

Question: Is sex different now then it was last month, six months ago or a year ago?

If you answer is yes, then you need to ask questions. Not are you cheating but what is different about our sex life? Why is it that we don’t have as much or where are you learning these new things from? If they can’t answer then you need a different approach. You want to know because inside you already have an inclination. You are suspecting they are stepping out on you and your relationship so why just say it out loud. Even if sex haven’t happened just yet you still have the notion that things aren’t the same as before. It could be you but then again it might nothing to do with you at all. They could just be tired of you and want more for themselves. Selfish ass!

Well don’t fret none, you know what is best for you so do you. If you don’t know what is best then I advise you to look in the mirror and see what you offer. Now go out and find someone who will appreciate all that you have to give and want to give. You might just finally get what you want and need in return. So Stop trying to do what is best for others and start doing what is best for you. You never know you might have been right all along. You were the best in the bed and in someone else’s life. Good Luck

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

Confession Thursday – Admitting When You Are Wrong & Apologizing.

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all. I hope the time with family and friends was as fulfilling as your meal.

Admitting when you are wrong can be a hard thing to do, but not impossible to be done. I know that we have pride but that sometimes gets in the way of life. Especially, if you have wronged a love one or someone you care deeply about. The key is admitting that you have done something wrong and apologizing for it.

We know when we are wrong and really don’t need anyone to point it out but sometimes we need to called on our bullshit. It is when you get caught and can’t admit to yourself that you know you are wrong, where the problem comes into play. You know you did it but then you try to justify your actions or reason for doing it. Knowing you were going to do it beforehand but when you get caught you try to pretend you didn’t do anything. You act as if it is all new to you and you couldn’t have possibly done or said anything like that. It just doesn’t sound like you. Please that is definitely you and you know it!

Then you play the moment of weakness card like it is shocking news to you. Oh you are good but you also are grown and teaching the wrong things if you have children. Admit, confess, and apologize for what you have done, because in the end it will only get worse when it is done to you. You will not like it when it is done in reverse. You are going to be the one looking for an apology but since you didn’t give one, all you gave were excuses, that is what you are going to receive. Don’t allow it to spiral out of control to a point there is no recovering, coming back or a lost to your deception.

Do the right things by being a grown ass person. Growup!

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

Timeless Tuesday! Appreciating Your Significant Other

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

We take things that we have so easily for granted. We taking knowing that a person loves us unconditionally for granted. We believe that if they love us they will never leave us. We believe that if we are married and they chose us then we are set for life. We think that if they haven’t cheated by now we are safe.

That isn’t true! If you appreciate having someone to come home to will make you safe then you haven’t lived until you don’t have someone to come home to. You learn to appreciate not only have someone to come home to but someone who wants you to come home to them. It isn’t all about what you want and need it is also about what that person want and needs from you. If they have no desire to see you they will not be there when you get there nor will the rush to get there knowing you are there.

If you appreciate having someone to eat with makes cooking worth the time then keep doing that. It is when you cook and they never come to eat it, or when you cook and they have already eaten someone else’s dinner. When you appreciate them they will not only be home for dinner but they will be there to help or have already made you dinner. It’s the little things like, you cook and they wash that lets you know you are appreciated. Not you cook and they put their dish in the sink and leave it for you to wash.

If you appreciate your significant other and they appreciate you the same. You adore the little things and be humble to the bigger things that they do for you, because they know that it goes without saying. They can see the love in your eyes, smile, face, and actions; your words aren’t needed.

So how much do you appreciate your significant other?

It’s when you have a bad day and they can see it so they make it all go away without you even saying a word. It’s when you come home tired and they have done everything you would have done for them. It’s when you need a break and they offer it without you asking or without them saying. It’s when you are tense and they make you feel relaxed. It’s when you crying and they console you or cry with you. It’s when you laugh and they are so happy they laugh with you. It’s when you are blessed and they know they are as well. It’s when you are filled with joy and somehow they know it is because of them and they feel the same because they know it’s because of you.

So how much do you appreciate you significant other?

When you use the car and fill it up afterwards. It’s when you give them money for lunch knowing they have their own. Better yet its when you got up and make them breakfast and lunch, just because. It’s when you get new tires for their vehicle because he saw the other ones losing tread. It’s when you kiss them on the forehead and say thank you for no reason at all you are just happy to have them in your life. It’s when you initiate sex and they have no idea it was coming. It’s when you get tickets to their favorite show, musical, play or concert. It’s when you in the car and you play their favorite music to put a smile on their face. It’s when you wear their favorite perfume/cologne. It’s when you notice the little things, changes, and the big life changes as well. It’s when you are there when they feel no one else will be there. It’s when death is knocking and you are standing blocking the front door.

Appreciation goes a long way.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

Sunday, Let’s Talk Food With Lady K.

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

Is dieting necessary? Is it though, because if you really look at it not everyone is born the same, live the same, eat the same things, nor are they active the same. So is it necessary/?

As for me it doesn’t work. So I can say yes and no. It depend on the person and their health. Let’s look at it like this, if you are overweight according to your body type and height then you should concern it, but it not then don’t do it. If you are slightly overweight and think that you are fat just because, then change the way you eat and the move. I wouldn’t say exercise because any movement is consider exercising in my book.

If you clean your house from top to bottom then you are exercising. If you walk your children to school each morning and get them in the evening you are exercising. If you like to dance and no matter what you find yourself moving while cooking, working, shopping, or etc., then you my friend is exercising. Walking the dog is exercising, taking the baby out for a stroll is exercising, even marketing is exercising. So yes you do a lot in a course of a day which is considered exercising.

However, if none of this is what you do in a course of a day, then we need to get you moving. If you have problems walking because you don’t have the motivation to do so, find someone who loves to walk and take one daily with them. If you find you don’t like to go for long walks then just take one around your block to start to explore, after while other things will grab your attention and soon you will be exploring and walking without realizing this isn’t something you like to do. When it become second nature to you, you will find yourself doing it without planning it. When you walk and talk you find it hard to eat. So your metabolism starts to increase and the weight starts to shed.

When you feel yourself getting hungry remember to bring out a fruit and water. What people fail to realize is that drinking water help them to lose weight. It flushes your system and help rejuvenate your electrolytes, restoring your ability to function and move one. Oh course you could always hit the gym and spend lots of money for a membership which make you feel forced into it, or you can just find things around the house or neighborhood that you can use to help you on your journey to the a healthier you.

So eat right, walk, dance, shop, or just keep moving, drink plenty of water, grab life and well do you because you are doing great.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

Saturday Sit Down With Lady K.

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

Children are a gift and a blessing, but can feel like a curse. A Gift, because we are fortunate to be able to have what some people cannot produce. Remember there is always someone willing to take what you don’t want. Let’s think about that though. If you didn’t want the gift then you shouldn’t have unwrapped the package. I hear this a lot, “well me and my last boyfriend/girlfriend didn’t get pregnant and we have sex raw all the time.” Well here the thing about that may your chemistry wasn’t as strong as this one. Maybe her eggs didn’t reproduce or maybe his sperm count wasn’t high. Either way what happened in the last unprotected encounter doesn’t mean it will happen in every unprotected encounter. Either way it was a risk you were willing to take and now you have the opportunity to show that you are responsible for your actions. But unlike most, you wont and either abort the baby or give it up for adoption. Then again you might just have the child and push it off on someone else to raise while you still be irresponsible and have more by someone else who doesn’t want children, it works both ways for a man or a woman. Doesn’t really matter who is considered the irresponsible one, all i know is it took two make it and is should take that same two to raise it. I do know that sometimes we all need a little help so we hope for the #Village to rally around us for that support.

My, my my, isn’t having a village such a blessing. Without those children the village and family would not have reached out their hand to you to assist you with anything. It is amazing how many people will help out when children are involved. Then you do the unamaziable and leave those children with the family to raise by themselves. Sorry that isn’t how it works but being as though people hearts ❤ are bigger than your selfishness they keep it moving and do what needs to be done. They continue to be the support the children need and try their best to do your job. Then when things look just right you swoop in and try to be the parent the children doesn’t even know. You come in to make things even more difficult than what it already is. Why be that person with the negative vibes that isn’t needed nor warranted? You believe that you can do it now and well that is great. So then you come in and try but realize you can’t deal and leave again. I can’t stand these times of people. They will wreck a home and it’s harmony. Life is already hard enough for the child without you in their life and then you are going to show them a little love here and a little there. Make them happy for a while and then sad again. Children know when they are wanted and when they aren’t. They know when they are loved and when they aren’t. They will be loyal to a person for all the wrong reasons and have hate towards the wrong people. They will love the one who isn’t always there and like the one who is there breaking their necks. Until reality hits and then they will hate both. It take a tragedy to happen before they realize that the hate they have isn’t towards the one who care for them but towards they one in and out of their life. Children are fragile until we make them tough. They are vulnerable until we make them resilient. They are innocent until we make them hateful. Why destroy a blessing and then pray for more? You can’t appreciate the one given then you won’t appreciate any others that you are requesting.

Why a curse you ask? I don’t know but I have been told by so many, “I wish I didn’t!” “I wish I would have wrapped it up!” I wish I could have flushed it!” “I wish I could have swallowed it!” “I wish I would have never meet him/her!” At this point I’m thinking to myself that maybe the hate is towards the other parent, but then I look at the person and say it is for themself. They wasn’t thinking at the time and thought that they could have it all. They wanted something out of life and what they got wasn’t what they had bargained for, and now they can’t handle it. So they cry their past mistakes as present pain. They feel as though their life is cursed and the Savor isn’t being fair to them. They ask the question, where did I go wrong in life for this to be happening to me. Instead of learning how to make this work within their life. They haven’t a clue that this is a blessing and how to be thankful for it. So when they cry and pray for another blessings or a new blessing, the Savor cannot give it to them because they haven’t learn to appreciate the first one.

Before you cry out for love, and say things like I want children, who they are a great responsibility and if you are that person don’t pray for it.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

Freaky Friday – Is Your Mate On Your Sex Level?

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

I wish I could say the older you get the less sex you want. I wish I could say that if you two have been together for a while then he/she will either gain this craving with you or lose it with you. I wish I could say that young mean more sex, but I can’t. I wish I could but in fact it all depends on the person.

I know that there is more things to do in a day than when you were young but sex is definitely one of those things. Now if you never had sex then I am not speaking to you specifically. If you are a veteran then you know exactly who I am referring to. I know that we are busy as hell and with children even more busy, but somewhere along that line of chaos we crave, think about, want, need sex. Am I right? If you are anything like me, I want it more than the average 46 years old woman. I stay busy all the time with writing, cleaning, cooking, working, designing, hair, nails, counseling, children, and my husband; that sometimes I forget to eat. No lie, I get so busy I forget to eat.

During the course of my day I think of sex though. I refuse to lie to you and it’s a good thing I have someone that is one my level. I know that is rare considering but it is true. He is awesome when it comes down to the time we have or make to give each other for that pleasurable moment. Our connection is worth the time we put in to make it happen. But I know for a fact because I hear it all the time that’s not always the care. “She isn’t on my sex level.” “He isn’t where I am sexually.” So yeah I get it but do you really need a level? Can you just compromise and meet on one level for the sake of your relationship?

I mean if it is more than sex that is keep you all apart and you all are using sex as the excuse then I get it, but if it is only sex, please get in where you fit in. Especially, if you are old enough not to make life about sex, then don’t lose someone over sex. If that is you only focus then it might be you and not the other person. You might think your level is way up there in your mind and they may have a different opinion base off the experience or there the lack of, you display.

If sex is what got this relationship start then yeah, you all missed the connection. It may be best to let this one go because there was no spark there from the beginning, just sex and if that is gone then so is the relationship. You have to get to know a person before sex. You cannot build a relationship around sex, because it will be your downfall every time.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove