Freaky Friday – Solve The Mystery! Game

Goddess morning Royals 👑. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

Help Detectives solve this mysterious murder. Remember it’s only fiction!

A group of eight college students are partying in a dorm room on campus. They always party together because people on campus call them the elite eight. Joshwin Morgan (Chemistry major); Annabell Pete (Sociology major) Danielle Fig (Astronomy major); Mitch Michaels (Psychology major); Kevin Gope (Neurology major); George Weng (Biochemistry major); Ingrid Louts (Physiology major); Andre Willis (Astrophysics major), all were friends who were inseparable. Together they were a powerful force. One night while partying Joshwin Morgan, chemistry major comes up unresponsive. A panic call is made to 911. The medics arrives but unfortunately they are too late. Homicide is then called in because medics finds the scene and Joshwin a little odd.

Upon the police arrival, the medics explain that he was murdered, and someone; more than one person had sex with him while he was dead. There’s a condom in his rectum as well as on his penis. They collected bodily fluids as well as pubic hairs. We suspect foul play and since these are the only people here, these are your suspects.

“I’m Detective Johnathon and this is my partner Detective Sweets. We are here because our forensics says this is a homicide. Since we know it was only you 8 here then we know it’s only you 7 involved. My partner will take statements from you all.”

Detective Sweets pills out her pad to take notes. “You with the long black hair, you go first.” “I’m Annabell Pete (Sociology major).” “How do you know the victim?” He used to date a few months back. He was my first love. His name is Joshwin Morgan and he’s a chemistry major. I can assure you that no one here murdered Josh. We all love him and look up to him. This has to be a mistake.” “How old are you?” “Twenty-eight, today. It’s my birthday, reason for our gathering; otherwise we would be studying. Annabell storms off in tears. The detective sends a officer after her. “Next, you with the soft baby blue eyes and small frame.” “I’m Danielle Fig, Astronomy major; and I too once dated Joshy.” “We were soulmates, until I failed my mid-term. He told me we had to break up because it was a distraction from the goal.” “What goal is that?” “Me becoming an Astronomer.” She froze silently and sat down. “I guess she’s done, come on pretty boy; you’re next.” “I am Mitch Michaels, Psychology major and Josh best friend. We didn’t play in the majors but we both batted a few times in the minors, if you get what I’m saying.” “Are you telling me, you and Mr. Morgan we lovers?” “No not lovers just experimented a few times, that’s all. I love women! In fact I’m have been seeing Annabell for the last year.” A shocked Detective walked over to the next suspect. “You are sir?” “I’m Kevin Gope, Neurology major; and George’s boyfriend.” “Who is George?” “The extremely sexy guy sitting in the corner. But I should tell you that I use to fool around with Josh before I came out.” “Why am I not surprised!” She wispered as she walked away. “I am a very disturbed George Weng, Biochemistry major and lover to Kevin; how can I help?” “Did you ever have sexual relations with the victim?” “Yes, I was the one who told Joshwin he was bi-sexual. He didn’t want to believe he was attracted to both sexs but after a secret love affair with me, he knew.” Before she could ask. “I’m Ingrid Louts Physiology major and this is Andre Willis Astrophysics major, we are lovers and he only speaks sign language. He’s deaf as of 2 years ago. Freak accident in chemistry caused a bacterial infection which made him lose his hearing. We have been working to restore his hearing and find a cure for the infection.” “Your fields have nothing to do with that area.” “Detective science is science and since we all are friends as well as scientists; we’re doing the research as a group. Hello chemists, sociologist, biochemist, neurologist, physiologist, and astrophysicist! We are the elite eight, so I think we got this!” She grabbed Andre’s hand and walked off.

Who do you all think did it? Who had motive we will find out as the weeks goes on. Solve the mystery!

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

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