Freaky Friday – Solve The Mystery! Game

Goddess morning Royals 👑. First give praise and worship to the all High.

Recaps: Kevin gives all the information he knows about the night of the party wherein Joshwin Morgan was mysteriously murdered. Recalled a fight between Andre and Mitch. He told them Ingrid was yelling say joshwin how Joshwin research ruined Andre’s life. and

Now the Detectives are back in their precinct pulling all the information they can on both Danielle and Joshwin. “Partner do you think Ingrid killed Joshwin because he stole her lover/ best friends future?” Sweets asked. “No I believe it was Danielle, she seem to have to clear motive.” Jonathon replied. “Yeah, what’s that?” Sweets asked as the information was coming across the fax. “Our girl Danielle was trying to sell Joshwin’s research on the black market.” “That’s not really motive for murder.” “It is when you already been paid but haven’t delivered the goods.” He said as he grabbed his jacket to head back to the campus.

In the car they tried to make sense of it all. “Here my thing, why would she promise something to someone if she didn’t have the goods?” ” Because she was going to steal it but then Joshwin got hipped to what she was doing and confronted her. She panics, give him a speech, he’s not buying, she looks him.” “Great theory but still where’s the real motive. If he only had a clue and no real proof then, why would she panic? From what we observed she doesn’t look like the panic type.” “Well we’ll find out when we get there and you can ask her those questions yourself!”

They arrived back on campus on to find the ambulance there as well. As they exit their vehicle to see what was going on, they noticed Danielle in the stretcher. “Well I guess she isn’t our suspect!” “I believe she is and I think she diff this to herself. Let’s go find out what happened.” They walked over into the crowd to see Ingrid and Andre. “Hey you two come here. What happened here?” “Someone attached Danielle with a knife. They cut her up pretty bad. It doesn’t look good.” Ingrid hugged Andre and they both walked away. “Don’t go far we still have questions!” Johnathon yelled. “Now what?” Sweets asked. Johnathon scanned the crowd Kevin and George standing together but apart. “Look there what do you see?” “I just see the gay couple but not comforting each other.” “Maybe because they aren’t gay.” “Unless your meter is broken those two are gay as hell, but maybe there’s trouble in paradise.” They looked at one another and headed their way.

“George and Kevin, may we have a word with you two?” Sweets asked. “Sure!” Kevin replied. “That’s your problem now!” George argued. “Don’t start with me, George! I’m not in the mood!” “Can you all tell us what happened here?” “All we know is some man came on campus looking for Danielle. When he found her, her tried to kidnap her. She was yelling and screaming; “Don’t let them take me! They are going to kill me!” So when people tried to help her, the man pulled out a knife, started stabbing her and screaming something in Yiddish.” They both explained. “Yiddish, are you sure?” Sweets asked. “Yeah, took it for a half semester, hard language so I dropped it.” Sweets gave Johnathon a weird look and told him they had to go and fast. He asked where to and she told him, the hospital. She drove as fast she could to the near hospital. They caught up with the ambulance just getting her out of the back.

“What took you guys so long?” “Traffic and she was coding, so we pulled over and got her back so we could get her to the hospital, alive. You know how messing that paperwork can be. We don’t want another incident like that on our hands. Plus she’s a doctor so we have to save our own.” They both replied as they wheeled her in. Johnathon then pulled Sweets to the side and asked why was it so important to be here. She turned him around to see four German men descending upon them. “That’s why? She’s a target now! If we want to solve one case then we have to protect her.”

Join me next week to find out if Danielle lives to tell the truth or not.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove


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