Twelve: Death is Inevitable

Goddess afternoon Royals. First give praise and worship to the all High.

She was almost finished just three more pages to go.  She turned the page and it wasn’t a title to it but she read it anyway.  As she read it her facial expression changed dramatically. 

“Guys, I think I know why Mrs. Donnell was killed or killed herself.” 


“This is a letter or a cry for help.”  She then read the passage. 

“How could my husband do this to me?  No how could he do this to us?  This is a disaster and a crime.  He should be punished for what he’s done.  I would go to the Sheriff but I need proof.  This is going to ruin us as a family.  Clearly, he wasn’t thinking about Susan and me when he did what he done.  This is the reason he has been acting so strange lately? This is the reason he started drinking heavily?  I can’t believe he would do such a thing.  I swear you never know someone even in marriage.  I can’t go to the Sheriff; he would kill me if he found out.  I guess I could ask the Sheriff not to say who told him.  I could call and make it anonymous, but everyone knows my voice.  Somehow, I must set things right.  He cannot get away with this.  This isn’t the work of the Lord but of the Devil himself.  Lord knows this man could go the jail for the rest of his life or even worse they could give him the death penalty.  For something like this they would definitely give him the death penalty.  I can’t help anyone kill my child’s father, my husband.  I swore to love, honor and obey him in sickness and health.  This is sick!  This is going to drive me crazy.  I must tell someone but who.  I know I will tell my cleaning lady.  I always can confide in her.  She is a good person and she’ll know what I should do.  I will just leave out the details but I will let her know what happened.  Maybe she even knows the person.  I hope not but then again, I hope so, so she can go and tell the Sheriff.  Still, I wonder will he believe her, considering.  If you ever read this Susan, know that you father is a very BAD MAN.  He did something that I will never forgive him for not in this life or the afterlife.  He will not be making it into heaven with this type of hate in his life and blood on his hands.  I have to go he is coming.” 

“That is a new break in the case, even though we have no idea what he did.   We do know one thing it took place in Baton Rouge.  We don’t know when and what but we know it is something.  I think you are right we do need to go back to Baton Rouge and trace the steps of each murder until we are back here again.”  Mickett replied. 

“I disagree with one thing.”  Hishee’ said. 

“What is that?” 

“We do know roughly around what time this situation might have happened.” 

“We do!”


“The last poem in the book is dated May of 1988 and then the next poem date was going to be written but never was on December of 1988.”  Hishee’ answered. 

“So somewhere in between May and December of 1988, a crime or something like a crime took place against someone, but who?  Because somewhere along that line he told his wife probably in a moment of weakness or the guilt was eating him alive.”  The Commissioner stated. 

“That is broad timeline considering the crime rate.”  He continued. 

“Actually, it isn’t.  We know several things here.  We know Sheriff Cornable was in office.  We know a time frame and we know where it happened.  We also know that crime wasn’t so much back in 1988.”  Mickett replied. 

“Also, we know why BAD MAN was carved in the concrete on the building where Mr. Donnell jumped.  We also know why, and how he became a drunk.  We also know whatever he did, is why he moved out of Baton Rouge.  We also have motive for the wife, “suspicious suicide” that is so not true.  What we aren’t sure about if the mother ever told Susan what the father supposedly done was so horrible.”  Mickett added. 

“Do we have a date and time of Mrs. Donnell’s death?”  She passed December 12th, 1988, which is twelve years before her daughter.  Her body was discovered by her daughter roughly around 12 noon.”  The Commissioner reads from the report. 

“How fucking creepy is that?   Monkeay said.  That’s roughly the time her daughter dies or was murdered and ten years before her husband supposedly commits suicide.  That is not a very good date for this family at all.”  Monkeay joked in a true sarcastic way. 

“Wow all the victims in one family happened to die the same day but in different years!  You’re right Monkeay that is creepy!”  The Commissioner agreed.

“Whatever he did, karma came right around and did it to him and his family.”  Hishee’ added. 

This blew everyone’s mind they all needed to have a seat.  Feeling some way, Mickett now had a reason to make that call.  She excused herself from the room and went into the Commissioner’s office to make her call.  When her mother answered she wasn’t so ignored with the fact that it was Ashley. 

“Hello, Ashley.” 

“Hello, Momma.” 

“What’s wrong?” 

“I’m not sure, but I need your help.” 

“What do you need my help with?” 

“I spoke to Ashlay last night and she told me that she is either losing her abilities or it might just be me.” 

“What do you mean it might just be you?” 

“It might just be me that she is unable to continue using her ability to see or help.   Momma, I’m scared.” 


“Well, I’m working on this big case and the more I know the frightened I get.  It’s like a horror film that I can’t wake up from.” 

“Well, you knew there would be horrors when you chose that profession.  I know you did it for justice to prove to me that you can help others, but Ashlay got your back.  God made sure of that, that’s why he gave her the gift of protection over your life.” 

“Yeah, I know but she is telling me that she is having blind spots in seeing all I see.” 

“That’s impossible.” 

“Momma that is what she is telling me.” 

“Then it must be something wrong with you.  Something that has a hold on you that is more powerful than Ashlay’s abilities.  Maybe you should give up on this case.” 

“I can’t Momma!  I’m in too deep and there is no turning around now.  Plus, I think I’m getting closer to solving it because we just found another break in the case.” 

“All I can say is that if your sister can’t see then maybe you need to stop so she can regain focus of you.” 

“Thanks Momma, but I can’t.” 

“What are you thanking me for?” 

“For being a mother even when you didn’t want to be one to me.  For being understanding and acceptable to me where I didn’t need either.” 

Before her mother could say anything else to derail that thought, she hung up.  She stood there for a few minutes before going back into the room with the team.  She felt at peace and knew now she would solve the cases.

She told them to pack up everything and call for the wagon to transport everything to the plane they were going home to chase the case.  Hishee’ didn’t want to leave.  She found love and wanted to stay, but she knew it was part of the job.  She started putting things back in the case file they were associated with and stacking boxes.  The same went for everyone else.  Monkeay was happy to be going back home.  He wanted to see his family and sleep with his wife before he did something, he knew would destroy his marriage.  The Commissioner wanted to go but he would have to get clearance from the mayor in order to do so.  That request takes up to 48 hours.  He thought even if he put it in would they even want him to go along with them to help solve the cases. 

“Well, guys I guess this is goodbye until the cases brings you all back this way.” 

“You mean you won’t be coming along with us?”  Hishee’ asked. 

“I can’t I have to put in a request to the mayor before it is even considered.” 

“Well maybe I can help.  I could call the mayor and tell her that your services are greatly needed to assist the FBI in what may be a serial killing.” 

“You would do that for me?” 

“Oh course, you have helped us and we still need you so we can solve these cases.” 

This made Hishee’ very happy, but she couldn’t express it, but Mickett knew it.  Mickett once again stepped out of the room and onto the phone.  She called the mayor personally and informed her of the situation. Without hesitation she appointed the Deputy Commissioner as acting Commissioner and told the Commissioner to make her office proud.  He told them he would need to stop by his house and get a few things.  Hishee’ opt to go with him and then bring him to the airport.  Mickett agreed and then she ordered some officers to help take the boxes to the wagon and ready them for transport to the plane.  She also reminded Hishee’ to stop by the hotel on her way to the airport and get her things. 

Mickett then had a patrol car take her and Monkeay to the hotel to retrieve their things and then follow them to the airport.  They went straight to the hotel while Hishee’ and the Commissioner went to his house to pack his things.  Not sure how long this thing might take, he packed a month worth of clothes.  He also called the electric company and had his electric suspended until further notice.  He forwarded all his mail to Baton Rouge, headquarters until further notice, canceled his paper and put his car in the garage, put on the alarm and then they headed to the hotel. 

“I admired your place.  It is cozy and nice for a man.”  Hishee’ complimented the Commissioner. 

He smiles and thanked her.  They got to the hotel but Mickett and Monkeay had already been there and gone.  She grabbed her things and checked out.  Since Mickett fronted the bill, all she had to do was sign.  Then they were on their way to the airport.  Once they arrived there, the last box was being loaded on the plane and Mickett and Monkeay was waiting aboard the plane.  They both handed their luggage to the pilot and co-pilot and boarded.   The Commissioner wasn’t sure who was funding this trip but he knew it was costing someone. 

“I see the FBI takes really good care of their agents.”  The Commissioner said. 

“Oh, this isn’t the FBI plane, this is my plane.  Fine, my daddy’s plane at least which in turns makes it my plane.” 

The Commissioner’s facial expression changed quickly.  They fastened in for lift off and was soon on their way to Baton Rouge.  Once the plane was leveled and, in the air, they unfastened so they could move about. 

“Maybe I had you all wrong.  Maybe you are the daughter of the billionaire Mickett.”  The Commissioner said to Mickett. 

“No, I am not, you had me right the first time.”  Mickett replied as she looked over to Hishee’ and Monkeay with a smile.  Not saying a word, they smiled back.  

They had two hours before they landed in Baton Rouge.  Mickett did what she always does, rest.  Hishee’ and the Commissioner sat in the corner and chatted.  Monkeay called his wife and told her he was on his way home.   A very excited Mrs. Monkeay told him she couldn’t wait to see him.  She always welcomed to hearing those words.  Everyone was happy, even the Commissioner.  These cases could launch his career for an official seat one day, especially if everything turns out right.  Just one thing he had no idea which office he would run for after this.

They landed and it was extremely hot to the Commissioner. 

“I have heard of you all heat but this is not what I was expecting.”  He said as he took off his coat. 

They needed a bigger vehicle to help carry all the case boxes to Mickett’s house.  She calls one of her butlers to get a larger vehicle to the airport so that they can get everything off the plane, except for the Bentley, it stays with the plane.  The pilots help unload the plane into the police cars that were there with luggage but was waiting on the other vehicle to come so they can unload all the case files. 

Monkeay wanted to see if Mr. Jones was still working at the airport like he said he was.  He went inside and asked for airport personnel.  Once the personnel manager came to the desk, he asks for an employee by the name of Mr. Peter Jones. 

“I’m sorry sir, he has never been employed by this airport.  Maybe by one of the airlines itself.”  The personnel manager replied. 

“Maybe?”  Monkeay said and walked away. 

He walked back to the team to tell them of his discovery, but they had no idea what he was talking about.  He decided to find out on his own, since no one really cared, but him. 

“Well now let’s find you a hotel, Commissioner.”  Monkeay offered.

“I don’t think he is going to need one because he is more than welcome to stay with me.”  Hishee’ offered. 

“That would be great, B’Linda.  I think I will take you up on that offer, but only if I won’t be in your way.” 

“If you aren’t afraid of dogs then you are more than welcome to stay.” 

“I am not afraid of any animals, now reptiles are a different thing.”  

“I have to remember that.”  She snickered. 

The van had arrived and they started loading the case files,

“What just happened and what did I miss?”  Monkeay questioned. 

“Well sir, you might have a crush or be in love with her but she doesn’t have the same feelings towards you.”  Mickett whispered. 

“Well did you tell her that I had feelings for her?”  He inquired. 

“No, that is none of my business.  Besides you have a whole family waiting for you.  Be happy about that better yet be happy she is happy for once.  Stop only thinking about yourself.”  Mickett spoke softly. 

The driver of the van then asked, “Where to ma’am?” 

“Take it all back to the house and have the staff help you unload it into the study.”  Mickett replied. 

“Very good ma’am.”  The driver added as he pulled off and headed home. 

“We have to go to the station and let them know we’re back as well introduce them to our guess and new partner.  So, let’s go check in children before Daddy find out we are back and haven’t come to see him.”  She joked about Captain Luckett.

They all climbed in the vehicles and went straight to the station.  Once there, Captain Luckett was shocked to see them. 

“I thought you all were still in Maryland.” 

“No sir, we are here!  The cases led us back here.  Therefore, here is where we shall begin and start to unravel the mystery that is these cases.  By the way Captain Luckett this is the Commissioner from Howard County, Maryland and he is vital to our cases in solving them.  He is very helpful.”  Mickett said as she introduced the Commissioner to the Captain. 

“As long as I don’t have to feed him, he is more than welcome to the case.”  Captain Luckett replied. 

Then he dismissed them and told them they have a lot of work to do.

“What do he means feed me?”  The Commissioner asked. 

“He meant that as long as you aren’t on our payroll then you are welcomed.”  Hishee’ explained. 

“Oh, that is a great question because I am not sure if I will still be paid by Maryland or who.” 

“Don’t worry, Mickett will figure it out.”  Hishee’ said.

They got back into the vehicles and drove to Mickett’s house.  As they pulled up to the entrance gate, the Commissioner asked, who’s house were they visiting.  Hishee’ smiled and said,

“This is Mickett’s house.” 

“This cannot be on an FBI salary.  Are you some rich kids turned FBI or are you guys on the take?”  He asked vicariously. 

“I promise you this is my house and no we aren’t on the take.”  Mickett answered. 

“I’ll explain to you later.  She is just wealthy and doesn’t like to brag about her money.”  Hishee’ whispered in his ear.  He nodded and relaxed.

They got through the gate and then drove the long driveway.  The butler was waiting at the door for her arrival.  He walked to the car and opened the driver’s side door for Mickett. 

“Thank you.” She spoke. 

“Ma’am everything is in the study and is ready for you to work.  I had chef prepare a meal for you and your co-workers.  Also, you have several messages from him and he wants you to return them a.s.a.p. according to his tone.  Will your guess be staying the night?”  He concluded. 

“No, they are just here to work.  Show them to the study and tell chef that we have one more guest for that meal.  I will call him from the parlor, make sure I am not disturbed.”  Mickett ordered. 

The Butler then showed them to the study and ordered chef for one more to be added to the meal prepared.  Then he stood guard at the parlor door while Mickett spoke with her father on the telephone.  He wanted to know how the case progress was going and was there any new leads.  She informed him of her duty as an officer that she could not divulge that information to him.  He then asked was there any new developments that involved him.  She told him no but she will be paying him another visit if it does.  He told her she was just like her mother, stubborn but loveable.   Their conversation ended right there.  She smiled because that was the first time, he ever referenced her mother to her, in a good manner.  Plus, she loved his compliment.  She knew she was doing well without him saying so.

She headed for the study to start working on the case but she saw that they needed to go home and freshen up. Therefore, she told them that they needed to be back in two hours, but no later than three so they can eat and get started on the case that brought them back to Baton Rouge.  Hishee’ and the Commissioner got in the car and drove to her house, while Monkeay drove home to see his family. 

Monkeay called his wife while he was on his way home to see if she needed anything.  She told him all she needed was him.  Then she remembered that their daughter was a little under the weather so she told him to get some cough and fever medicine.  He asked which one of them isn’t feeling well and she said your daughter.  He told her to give her a kiss and tell her super dad is on his way home to save her.  They both laughed and hung up.

Hishee’ and the Commissioner was hitting it off a little more than when she was in Maryland and she didn’t mind at all.  They got to her house and he thought it was too big for one person.  When she opened the door, her to bullmastiff was waiting for her.  They looked at him and didn’t bark she knew he was a keeper.  They enter and he said “you said you had dogs they are small horses.”  She laughed. 

“It must cost a fortune to feed them.” 

“No, they are just like children that’s why they have sitters.  They also have their own room in the house as well as their own sitting room.  They don’t go into rooms they aren’t supposed to enter.  They are very obedient, and loveable.  They are mostly inside dogs but they sometimes hang outside depending on the weather.”  She replied.  

They then journeyed to the bedroom that he would be staying in for his duration there.  She also showed him that he had a private bathroom as well.  She then showed him the rest of the house.  He told her he wanted to freshen up before returning to Mickett’s house for dinner.  She agreed so the both went and got washed and dressed.  They then returned to the sitting room and admired how well they both clean up.  They were no longer in business attire but casual attire.  She liked his style as well as her being fond of his. 

“Shall we return to Mickett’s?”  He asked. 

“Yes, but do me a favor when we aren’t on the job can you call me B’Linda.” 

“Yes, and you can call me Charles in the same manner.”  She smiled and they headed to the car.  She asked,

“Do you want to take the police car in these attires?” 

“Well, it will save you gas and money, am I right?” 

“What do you mean?” 

“You don’t have to pay for gas when the squad car needs gas nor repairs correct?” 

“Yes, so there you have it, gas and money.”  She smiled again. 

“I never looked at it like that at all.  Well, the squad car it is.” 

He opened the door for her as she got in and he would be the driver for this evening as she be his navigator. She thought that was very generous of him.  She told him which way to go and he followed her direction to the word.  When they got to the gate, she called into the house to let someone know they were at the gate.  The gates opened and they drove the long drive way to the door. 

Oh, by the way you didn’t tell me about Mickett.”  He inquired. 

“Do you really want to know?” 

“Not really just came to mind when we got back to the door.” 

They got out and entered the house.  They were escorted to the study where everything had been laid out by cases in the neatest sort of way they ever seen.  They were impressed.  Four chairs had been placed in the center of the room facing each other with little personal tables in front of each one.  B’Linda and Charles took their seats next to each other.  Now all they were waiting on was Ashley and Daniel. 

In walked Ashley in her casual attire as well.  Now all they had to do is wait on Daniel.  The phone rung and it was Daniel telling them he will not be coming because his daughter wasn’t feeling well.  B’Linda wished her well and told him to take care of those babies, then she hung up. 

“That was Daniel he said his daughter is under the weather and he won’t be joining us tonight.” B’Linda informed everyone. 

Ashley replied, “Okay, I hope she feels better soon.  We will be having dinner here and then straight to work, if that is okay with you all?” 

“That is fine with me.”  B’Linda said and Charles agreed. 

She then signaled the Butler that they were ready for their meal.  He then signaled the chef and the servers brought the meal to them.  The Butler placed everyone’s food in front of them and poured everyone’s wine.  Charles insisted only one glass for him because he wasn’t much of a drinker.  The Butler agreed and only gave him a half glass.  As soon as dinner was over the servers collected the plates and exited the room so they could get straight to work.  The butler remained close but not in the room. 

They then got straight to work.  They went over every testimony in the case of Mrs. Donnell’s. 

“At first, they had considered it as murder but then they ruled it a suicide.   They were accusing the daughter of first-degree murder but then the judge ruled it as a suicide after everyone gave testimony against the mother’s mental health.  Amazingly, the daughter was the only one that testified that her mother’s mental state was in the best of shape possible.” B’Linda pointed out. 

“How did we miss that in Maryland?”  Charles asked.

“How did we miss that the daughter was being tried for murder?”  Ashley asked. 

“We saw testimony but we assumed it was to save the father from being convicted.”  Charles answered. 

“Well, we have to go and visit their house.  What is that address to the Donnell’s house?” 

“It says here they lived at 1224 Florida Boulevard.”  B’Linda answered. 

“Then that is where we shall start.”  Ashley replied.

They all got their things together along with the case file and headed to the car.  As they drove through Baton Rouge, they felt like they were being watched.  As if the past were making sure they get it right, this time.  It was an eerie feeling but still just a feeling.  Charles never been to the South and it wasn’t at all like he thought it would be. 

“Why is it that I feel like I am the stranger in a parade and is being focused on to make sure I don’t mess up?”  Charles stated.

“You feel that way too, huh?”  B’Linda asked. 

“Well, I tell you what we have no time for those types of feelings we are here to get to the truth and that is it.”  Ashley said, strongly.

They had arrived and the house looked bad.  Not sure how much evidence would still be in the house they pulled their flashlights and entered.  An old piece of police tape still drapes the door with cob webs and dirt from years past.  Charles being the man took first entry, pulling down the tape and entering the house.  Aware that no one lives at the address, and being a commissioner, he still announced that he was the police entering the building.  They got no response which to Charles was a good thing but for B’Linda and Ashley not so good.  They know vagrants usually frequent abandoned homes and for no one to have entered this one mean there is all kinds of evil up in there. 

They knew that there was no electricity but that didn’t stop them from trying the lights.  Nothing and that still was a good thing to Charles still not as much for B’Linda and Ashley.  They quickly located the crime scene to compare photos and to get what they needed so they could hurry up and get the hell out of there.  They placed the photos according to the pictures where they should go.  Things wasn’t the same and some things were exactly as they showed in the photos.  They stepped back and observed the scene.

Ashley wasn’t sure but something was off about the whole scene.  She looked harder; it was the way the body was laying on the bed. 

“If she shot herself with the gun in her left hand, then her body should have fell to the right by the force of the weapon but if you noticed her body fell left, with the entry wound.  I’m no rocket scientist but that screams foul play all kinds of ways.”  She stated.   

The Commissioner agreed, “You are right if someone shoots their self in the head at close range the body usually falls in the opposite direction.” 

“Therefore, she had a little help in committing suicide.  This has become a homicide investigation and since we have no character suspects to interrogate, we now must search for the truth threw character witness statement who was for the victim in this case.”  Hishee’ mentioned.

They then went through the testimonies of every witness they had for the victim; it was only five. 

“Wow that is a very short list.”  The Commissioner said. 

“This will kind of make our interview procedure a little easy if they all still are alive and living in Baton Rouge.”  Mickett stated. 

They then called into the station to get whereabouts on all the people, all but one was dead.  That didn’t make the case easy at all but very difficult. 

“No character witness to interview mean that we cannot get a fresh statement on what their thoughts was on Mrs. Donnell.” Hishee’ said, sadly. 

They knew where the only living witness alive was Mrs. Martha Ashford.  They knew they couldn’t go to her house this time of the night but they would visit her first thing in the morning.  As they were collecting their pictures, Hishee’ noticed it was a bullet hole in the wall. 

“Hey guys, look at this.”   

They both came over to see what she had discovered. 

“If she killed herself why is there a bullet hole in the wall way up here?”  Hishee’ questioned. 

“I don’t know but that is a very good question.”  Mickett asked. 

As the Commissioner was about to climb on a chair to retrieve it, Mickett heard a noise. 

“Shush, what was that?  Did you guys hear that? It was a noise.”  Mickett asked. 

“No, what noise?”  Hishee’ asked and then it happened again. 

“Shush!”  Mickett went again. 

Everyone stood still and drawled their weapons.   They all then got in a ready position and then it happened. They found themselves in the middle of the scene itself.  It was Mrs. Donnell laying on the bed and her husband and Sheriff Cornable entering the room. 

“Martha darling, look who’s come calling to see if you’re alright.”  Mr. Donnell said. 

Not sure what the hell was going on.  Mickett, Hishee’ and the Commissioner stayed as still as they as possibly could.  They looked on to see what had happened that very horrible day. 

“Oh, Henry I’m not quite decent to receive guest.” 

“It’s Walt, dear.  He’s no guest, he’s, our friend.” 

“Hello, Walt.” 

“Hello, Martha.  How have you been feeling?” 

“Under the weather and can’t seem to shake it.” 

“What is the matter?” 

“Haven’t you heard my husband is a horrible person?” 

“She has been talking like this since I inadvertently told her about the situation.” 

“Walt no way you know what happened and haven’t done anything about it?” 

“Martha, you don’t know what you are talking about.  It is certain circumstance that you just don’t understand involving law enforcement.” 

“I know that what you all did was wrong and I will never forgive neither one of you for it.  I will be writing the Governor to let him know what you all done.” 

“Martha, now you know you don’t want to do that because you can be arrested and tried for accessory after the fact.  That means that you will be facing jail time, if not a hanging with us.” 

“I know you don’t want me to hang now do you honey?” 

“Well, no, I don’t suppose so, but you all have to turn yourselves in or else I will have to take that chance.  I already written the letter; I will do everything in my power not to send it.  So please, I beg of you do the right thing.” 

“What do you mean you already written the letter?” 

“Henry, did you know about this letter?” 

“I had no idea that she written a letter.” 

“You have to take care of this!  We can’t have her going around sending letters or what sort!” 

“I know but what can I do.” 

“You said she is under doctor care, correct?” 

“Yes, but I have already given her a sedative, more than the normal dose.” 

“Then you know what you have to do or you will hang and I will be the one hanging you!” 

To their surprise of the event that came next was horrifying. 

“No, honey don’t do that!”  Mr. Donnell screamed. 

“Martha, no!”  The Sheriff yelled right after.

The Sheriff then grabbed her right hand so she wouldn’t be able to fight and Mr. Donnell took the gun placed it in her left hand and fired the first shot went into the wall and the second into her head.  They then staged the rest of the room and left. 

As they were leaving a few moments went by and in walked Susan from school. 

“Momma, I’m home!”  She said as she was putting down her back pack and then heard a shot. 

When she turned around, she screamed.  The neighbor at the time came running across the walkway.  In rushed Mrs. Martha. 

“My dear what happened?”  She looked and saw Susan crying over her mother’s lifeless body.  

“Oh, Momma why?  Please Momma, don’t leave me.  Momma hold on the paramedics are on their way.  Please hold on!”  She screamed and begged. 

Again, to their surprise the paramedics could be heard coming down the road, but how.  They figured that Mrs. Martha or her husband at the time called as soon as they heard the shot.  They also wondered where that third shot came from and who knew to fire it, but they had all they needed to move on to the next case.  As they began to move, they saw Mr. Peter Jones picture on the floor.  They wondered what he had to do with the case.  Mickett thought that maybe they tried to frame him first for the murder of Mrs. Donnell but then she remembered he was already gone by then, so that couldn’t have been the plan.  The scene was fading and they had the bullet from the wall as evidence but how would they explain that a blur into the past, a vision had shown them what happened.  There was no way they could explain that so they promised to keep that to themselves until they could explain it. 

Subsequently, they had the how but not the full why.  All they know is that Mrs. Donnell had some dirt on them both and she was going to the Governor with her information.  They looked for the letter but it was nowhere in the case file nor in the house.  They figured they burnt it to keep anyone from ever reading it.  To their understanding the case was clear cut.  Susan had not shot her mother in the head but they had no evidence or clue as to why someone would frame her.  They even tried her for the murder of her mother but the character witnessed help her defeat murder, that’s why they ruled it as a suicide and closed the case.  Not to mention that Sheriff Cornable was in charge and since he had something to do with the murder of Mrs. Martha Donnell, he was better off closing the case. 

Now they know why Mr. Henry Donnell took up drinking and why Susan had no idea her father was ever involved in the death of her mother.  The only thing she had was the note in the notebook, from her mother, stating that her father was a very BAD MAN.  The case was gaining clarity and they felt good about it.  They gathered everything and returned to Mickett’s house.  They were excited and worried, that they may have to tarnish a few people names.  Hishee’ and Mickett had to think long and hard about what they discovered.  They couldn’t let the name of the Sheriff continue to be held in good standards as it was but they also couldn’t lie about what they had uncovered. 

“What if there is more than what we witnessed or think it is?”  B’Linda asked. 

“Then you have to do what is right.  Isn’t that what you all told me when I had my officer arrested in front of the whole squad.”  Charles replied. 

They agreed, but then Ashley told him that things in the South is way different from things in the North.  He asked how so.  She told him that in Baton Rouge they uphold their elected officials as God’s.  They believe they can do no wrong.  They believe if they are corrupted that they must be possessed by the Devil himself or evil spirits. 

“You still have to do what you have to do for you to sleep at night.  If you don’t this could haunt you like it is haunting this case.”  Charles followed up. 

They figured to call it a night.  She told them to come back in the morning and they all will head over to Mrs. Martha’s house.

Hishee’ frowned and answered, “Do I really have to go to the evil witch house?” 

The Commissioner then looked at her, “Is she really a witch?” 

“No, she isn’t a witch and yes, Hishee’, you do have to go!  That is an order.” 

“By the way I do have a question not directly related to the cases but indirectly related.”  The Commissioner stated.

“Yes, sir what is it?” 

“Who is going to be paying me while I am working on this case?” 

“I know you will still get your regular pay from you job but as far as expense, I will be covering them as long as you submit receipts.”  Mickett answered.

“Sweet, I didn’t think I would be still getting paid by the state of Maryland.” 

“As long it is a request under the jurisdiction of the F.B.I, you are entitled to your regular pay because technically you are still on duty, but you will only be paid your regular eight hours.  Anything past that I will be responsible for paying you, including your expenses as long as you submit receipts.”  She answered. 

He then thanked her and they headed out to go home.  She reinverted that they should be there tomorrow roughly around nine o’clock so they can get started.  She also informed them that she will check on Monkeay and bring him up-to-date on the case.  They said their goodbyes and left.  They drove back to Hishee’ house to get relaxed and ready for bed.  This would be their first night together and alone.  She was a little nervous and he was scared to be sleeping in such a strange place especially after what he witnessed tonight at the Donnell’s house.  He noticed it didn’t bother Ashley or B’Linda at all.  He wanted to question their feelings on it but it was like they had experienced it before.  He was scared out of his mind. 

She showered and got dressed for bed.  She went to his room to wish him a good night and he was just sitting on the side of the bed in thought. 

“Charles, is everything alright?”  She called out to him. 

“Yes, and no.”  He replied. 

“Fine, if you tell me what’s on your mind maybe we could work through it together.” 

“I am out of my element here.  I thought I was ready for anything but I wasn’t ready for what every it was that happened at the Donnell’s house tonight.” 

“The spirits were showing us the way.  Growing up in certain areas down here you learn to except exactly what life shows, gives and offers you.” 

“I am freaked out about it and think I want to return to Maryland as soon as possible.” 

“I’ll tell you a little secret, I have seen it more than ten times and I’m still not use to it but I know if you break the spirit movement you will be cursed until you accept it.  From where I was standing you did a great job.  I had a friend who broke it and had to go and see a voodoo specialist to help with the curse, but the lady couldn’t help her the spirit was way more powerful than she was.  She was told to allow the spirit to guide you to what it is it’s trying to tell or show you and the curse will be broken.” 

“Was it broken?” 

“Yes, but I didn’t need a voodoo lady to tell me that, most parents teach it to the children growing up.” 


“Yes, do you feel better?” 

“A little better.” 

“Good, well if you need me, I’ll be in the next room.  Good night, Charles”

“Good night B’Linda.”  He replied as he crawled into a fetus position and went to sleep. 

As morning rose, he was afraid to open his eyes thinking he would see spirits, but when he did all, he saw was dogs.  He was happy to see them.  They sat so quietly watching over him.  As he rolled out of the fetus position and into a stretch, he could smell breakfast cooking.   He patted both dogs on the head, rose like it was a new beginning and headed to the shower.  After his shower he got dressed and headed down to the kitchen to greet B’Linda. 

“Good morning, Madame.”  Charles said with a smile and happiness in his voice. 

“Good morning, Monsieur.  You are awfully chipper this morning.  How did you rest?” 

“I am and I really don’t know.  Can’t remember but I know I am alive and well, so to me that is a great sign.  How about we skip Mrs. Martha’s today, I am sure Ashley can handle that?  How about you show me Baton Rouge and its splendors?”  He requested. 

She looked at him.  “Now you know we are trying to solve a big case here.  So how about this, after Mrs. Martha’s we dip and tell Ashley we are going to follow some leads on the Sheriff and some of his other acquaintances.”  She replied. 

“That’s even better.  I think we will be a great team out there putting clues together.”  He said in a very chipper voice. 

She just smiled and handed him his breakfast.   They sat down and ate after they were finished, he washed the dishes and then they left.  She like that he was helpful.  He told her that he would drive after all he wasn’t sure how long he was going to be there and needed to get to know the environment.  She smiled and got in the car.  They drove straight to Mickett’s house where she was waiting and ready to get deep into the case. 

“Good morning, all. I hope you all slept well because we have a long day ahead of us.”  Mickett said as she got in the car. 

“We did, but I’m not so sure you did.”  Hishee’ replied. 

“I didn’t!  It is something about the picture of Mr. Jones at the vision that has me bothered.”  She replied. 

“Are we going to pick up Monkeay as well?”  Hishee’ asked. 

“No, he said he will meet us there.  I filled him in on the case this morning.  He was upset that he missed the spirit’s vision.  She added.  By the way we are going to 6625 Main Street.  B’Linda can show you the way.” 

The Commissioner started driving with B’Linda as his navigator. 

“Well, I was thinking that you and Monkeay could be one team and the Commissioner and I could be another.  We could trace the Sheriff’s past and find out all about him and you and Monkeay could continue on with the investigation as follows.”  Hishee’ stated. 

“You know that isn’t such a bad idea.  Yes, you all should dig in the Sheriff’s past.  After all we know he is dirty, but what dirt will you all uncover.  All I can say is be careful and Commissioner keep her safe.”  Mickett replied. 

“So where should we start?”  The Commissioner asked. 

“Go to the hall of records and start from his birth and then outwards into death.”  Mickett replied. 

“We’ll go right after we leave here.”  Hishee’ added. 

“No, you two go and get that started right now.  I’ll be fine, Monkeay is going to meet me here, so go and report back your findings.” 

They dropped her off and headed to the hall of records. 

“Where is the hall?” 

“We’re going to 100 North Boulevard.  Don’t worry I will navigate you there.”  

“As long as I have you showing me the way I can’t get lost so point and I will follow.”  They smiled and headed out. 

Their mission was to explore while they worked.  At Mrs. Martha’s house Mickett was waiting for Monkeay but she had so many questions she wanted to talk with Mrs. Martha so she knocked on the door and would start without him.  Mrs. Martha came to the door. 

“Hello, Mrs. Martha do you remember me?” 

“Yes, dear I never forget anything nor anyone.  You are Agent Mickett, correct?” 

“Yes, ma’am I am.  I have some questions to ask you in connections to a very old case.  I’m hoping that it will help me solve Mrs. Cornable death.” 

“If it will help my friend, I will help.” 

Mrs. Martha opened the door and invited Mickett into her home.  When Mickett entered she was impressed with all the antiques that was in her home and well taken care of.  She complimented her on her home and all its splendors.  Mrs. Martha already knew she had a great house, she wanted to know how she could help with the case. Mrs. Martha then offered her a seat in her front room.  She told her that this was her favorite room and she would be pleased if she would sit with her. They sat and then Mickett pulled out a file and she saw the name on it was Mrs. Donnell’s. 

“What is this really about?”  Mrs. Martha asked in fear. 

“It is about a very old case.  I do believe you knew the Donnell’s as well, am I correct?” 

“Yes, I did.  I was there you know.  Well, of course you don’t know but I was.  I was there when she supposedly killed herself.  It was one of the worst days of my life, next to me losing Mr. Ashford you know.” 

“Yes, I know you were there it says so in the report.  If you can just tell me what you can remember, that would be most helpful.” 

“Why are you interested in Martha Donnell suicide?” 

“We are investigating it because we don’t believe it was a suicide at all.” 

“In truth I never believe she killed herself either.  Poor Susan had to experience that horror and I thought he did it.   I also suspected that he would kill her and finally done it.  What you don’t know is that Martha and I was known as the Martha’s of Baton Rouge.  Cynthia, Martha and I would play bridge every Wednesday and Saturday.  Not a week went by for thirty years did we ever miss playing bridge.  Well, that is until Martha’s incident.” 

Mickett couldn’t keep up with it in writing so she asked Mrs. Martha could she record the interview from that moment on.  She agreed and so she pulled out the tape recorder and told her to proceed.  Knowing Mrs. Martha doesn’t like to be interrupted because she loved to talk and hear herself talk, she decided she wouldn’t ask questions until the end.  Mrs. Martha went on as soon as Mickett gave her the signal to continue with the story. 

“I will never forget that day.  It was December 12, 1988, it was beautiful outside.  You know not too cold or too hot, just right.  Mr. Ashford was resting like he always does and I was in the kitchen making his lunch for when he woke.  I saw that Susan was home from school early, which mean that she got the early acceptance to college.  She has been planning for college since she was twelve.  For a matter of fact for her twelfth birthday she had her mother take her to the college and fill out applications.  She was smart like that.  We all were proud of her.  She was going to be a doctor because her father told her that her mother had problems that the doctors couldn’t solve, but it was all in his head.  She was fine, but he couldn’t see that because he was always sauced, you know drunk on the stuff.  Anyway, the day of the incident, Susan was singing and she had such a beautiful voice so I was listening to her, and then I heard the gun shot and then her yelling.  I dropped everything and got to her as fast as I could.  I yelled to Mr. Ashford to call the police.  When I got there Susan was holding her mother in her arms, crying.  I didn’t know what to do I just fell to the floor.  Then the police arrived a little after and then locked Susan up and took her to the station.  I pleaded with Walt that she didn’t do it but he only believed what he saw.  I kept telling him that she couldn’t have done it but he didn’t want to hear it.  Then, he stopped Cynthia from speaking to me and told her that I was trying to keep him from conducting his investigation.  Told her that I was nothing but trouble.  Mr. Ashford was tired of it; said that I should stay away from Cynthia.  He told me it would be best so that him and Walt won’t have no falling out.  I did but living right next door was hard for me not to want to speak or say anything to her.  We had been best friends since I could remember.  Our parents were friends that’s how we met.  Then when the family had to fire their help, I knew that it would be hard for her to find work paying what they were knowing she had to take care of the twins.” 

Mickett had to interrupt.  “Excuse me, but you said that their help had a set of twins.  Do you remember the helpers name or the twins?” 

“I remember that they were twin girls but nothing more than that.  They always tried to hide that they had a colored woman helping them because Martha wanted people to think she could cook, but we all knew.  She couldn’t.”

“I found a photo of Mr. Jones in the case as well.  Do you have any idea what that mean in this case?” 

“Oh dear, I guess no one ever wondered what happened to poor Mr. Jones.”  She stopped right there.  “Dear do you mind I have something on the stove.  I need to get it before it burns.” 

Mrs. Martha got up and went to the kitchen.  Mickett turned off the tape recorder while she was gone. 

“Whatever you got cooking sure smells good.”  Mickett said as she walked to the kitchen, leaving the tape recorder on the table in the front room.

“Well dear, if you would like some I sure do have enough to offer?  I never know how much to cook now that it is just me.  I am still not use to Mr. Ashford being gone so I tend to cook for the both of us.” 

“I wouldn’t mind joining you at all.”  Mickett sat down at the table after washing her hands.  She had to know what she knew about Mr. Jones.

As she started eating, the food captivated her attention.  She wanted to know what was in it and clearly got off the subject of the case.  Then she asked for the recipe.  Mrs. Martha told her I have no problem sharing recipes if you share one with me.  Mickett wasn’t much of a fancy cook like Mrs. Martha but she knew her way around a kitchen.  Mrs. Martha sat down, to write the recipe down while eating her lunch.  Before long she was telling Mickett the rest of the story.

“As for Mr. Jones dear, he was the helper’s boyfriend and use to come and get her and the girls and walk them back home but only on good nights other than that the lady drove.  He was such a gentleman and well mannered.  He also was a very good handyman.” 

Mickett froze.  “A handyman?” 

“Yes, and a very good one.  See there was an incident that happened months before Martha’s incident.  A little white girl name Ashley had told a lie on Mr. Jones and said that he raped her but everyone on this side of town knew it was a lie.  Walt and his men got together and killed him.  They never recovered a body for him because they tossed him in the Mississippi River. That is what Martha told us anyway.  She told us that Mr. Donnell as she called him, came home one day sauced as usual and confessed everything to her.   The very next day Cynthia asked Walt about it and he confirmed it. After that we weren’t allowed to be friends no longer.  Short while after that Martha killed herself or supposedly Susan shot her.  It was all a conspiracy to cover up what Walt and his boys did to Mr. Jones.” 

Mickett had the whole story and was in shock but had no proof of it because she didn’t record it.  She couldn’t wait until Monkeay got there so she could tell him.  She asked Mrs. Martha, how many other people know about this story and she told her that she was the only one left.  She asked Mrs. Martha would she feel comfortable in police custody or protection.  She told her that if something was going to happen to her it would have happened a very long time ago and that she wasn’t leaving her home for anything. 

Mickett called the station and ordered twenty-four-hour surveillance on Mrs. Martha’s home.  Then she called Monkeay to see where he was.  He told her he was two minutes away.  She told him; he wasn’t going to believe the break that they had in the case.  Mickett told him that she would tell him about it when he got there to pick her up.  She was so excited that she didn’t care that she didn’t have it on tape.  This was going to make her famous. Mickett finally had the piece to the puzzle and could stop all the murders from happening. 

Monkeay pulled up, Mickett grabbed everything and rushed to the car.  As soon as she got in, a called for a bank robbery in progress came across the scanner.  She told him that the news will have to wait.  They put on the sirens and headed to the location.  First on the scene because they were the closes, she tried to negotiate with the suspect, but he started shooting at them and yelling he wanted out.  They returned fire, took position and waited for backup.   When officers arrived, she called for a perimeter lock down and to have every building around the bank evacuated.  The officers complied.  She then phoned in swat because she knew there was hostages in the bank.  This was ruining her discovery but she had to stay focused on the situation at hand. 

She called for him to lay down his weapon and come out with his hands in the air.  She told him that they had the bank surrounded completely and that he wasn’t in any danger if he doesn’t harm any hostage.  He called in his demands and told them he would start shooting if they didn’t meet them.  Mickett then waited for a hostage negotiator.   In the meantime, she assured him that she was trying her best to get all that he demanded.  To him she was prolonging and stalling.  She was making him upset so he started shooting again.  As she went to return fire, she fell to the ground.  Monkeay looked over from his position and thought she was hit.  He called for an officer down but couldn’t get to her.  They returned fire to give him cover so that he could get to her.  When he got to her, she told him that it was hot and cold at the same time.  Her phone rang and then hung up.  It rang again and then hung up again.  Ashlay was trying to call but she was too weak to speak.  Ashlay couldn’t hold the phone long enough to say anything; she then passed out.  That’s when Ashley eyes closed.  Monkeay yelled out to her,

“Hold on Paramedics are on their way!  Don’t close your eyes on me!  Ashley, hold on, please partner hold on! 

Then he was quiet for a second and then screamed.


He tried to give her CPR but it did no justice.  The Paramedics arrived on the scene and rushed her to the hospital.  The medical staff at the hospital was waiting her arrival. 

“What is that smell?” They asked. 

The Paramedics unsure of what smell, so they couldn’t answer.  The doctor and staff then rushed her into operating room one.  Where they searched for a point of entry but found none so they undressed her and saw that she was burning.  They doused her body with water, but it was too late.  She had burns on 75% of her body.  They couldn’t explain it but they got the fire out and then started an intravenous drip on her through her neck because it was the only other place that still had flesh and veins to utilize. 

The doctor then placed her in the burn ward, knowing her status is pretty much touch and go.  They aren’t sure of her chances of survival but they knew it was slim to none.  They left to go to inform the family and fellow officers waiting in the waiting room of her status.  While they were gone, Peter went in to talk to Ashley.

     “Well child, look at where you are now.”

     “Why have you been haunting me everywhere I go?”

     “Because I have been waiting for you to know that I am dead because of you.  When Mrs. Martha told you that the Sheriff and his friend murdered me like a dog, I couldn’t allow you to go off and tell anyone.  That will hinder my mission to make everyone pay for their mistake.”

     “Did you do this to me?”

     “I did, but only because you caused my death.  If you wouldn’t have told your father where to find me then those men wouldn’t have come to the house for me that night and I would still be alive and living with the love of my life.”

     “I am sorry that I caused you so much pain but did you really have to do me like this?”

     “It was the most effective way I could think of without seriously causing you pain.  Now rest my child and soon you will be at peace with what you did to me.”  He kissed her forehead and she was at peace.

She was stuck in between worlds and wasn’t sure why.

The doctor reached the waiting room and delivered the message that she was in critical condition, unstable and her chances were less than thirty percent of survival.  Monkeay asked could he see her and the doctor told him only for a minute.  As they took him to dress in protective gear to go to view her, he couldn’t understand why.  He then looked up as they escorted him to the burn unit.  

“No, I think you all have the wrong person.  I want to see Agent Ashley Mickett.” 

The doctor told him that that is who they were taking him to see.  When he got in the room and she was in a plastic cage, he fell to the floor. 

“How?  No!  What is this?  How is this?”  He cried. 

He looked closely to make sure it was her and to his surprise it was her.  He couldn’t understand and so he rushed out of the room and back to the waiting room. 

“It is worse than we thought.  I can’t see her like that knowing hours ago she was fine.” 

The Commissioner and Hishee’ rushed to the hospital as soon as they heard it across the wire.  When they arrived, Lieutenant Wilcox was sitting in the waiting room with tears in his eyes. 

“Sir, what happened?”  Hishee’ asked. 

“She was burnt on more than seventy-five percent of her body and no one knows how.”  Wilcox cried. 

Hishee’ then looked at the captain and he confirmed what the Lieutenant just said, also with tears streaming down his face.  Hishee’ with a clear head asked,

“Has anyone contacted her family yet?”  The Captain and Lieutenant looked at each other and said,

“Damn!  This is going to tear her mother up!”  Wilcox said. 

“Her mother, her twin is going to be in the most pain.”  Luckett responded.

Hishee’ then went into the corner and called Ashlay, but she wasn’t answering.  Then she thought that maybe she needed help as well since she feels what Ashley feels.  She called the Captain at the Jamestown home office and reported the incident to him.  They sent a car over right away and found Ashlay unresponsive on the floor by her cell phone.  They then rushed her to the nearest hospital.

Hishee’ awaited the captain’s call but in the mean time she had to find a number on Mrs. Mickett.  She looked it up in Mickett’s phone and called her. 

“Ashley what do you want now child?” 

“No, I’m sorry, this isn’t Ashley.  There was an incident and she isn’t doing so well.” 

Before she could finish the mother asked where her baby was.  Hishee’ said she called the police there and they sent a unit over to Ashlay house because she wasn’t answering the phone.  A frightened Mrs. Mickett sat down and as calmly as possibly asked Hishee’ to explain to her what was going on. 

“Ma’am I don’t have all the details but I gave the Captain in Jamestown your number so that they could contact you about Ashlay as for Ashley it’s touch and go.” 

“Slowly answer this question.  Is my daughter alive or dead at this moment?” 

“Ma’am she’s not dead, but she is fighting for her life.”  Hishee’ responded. 

“Hold on my other line is beeping.”  Mrs. Mickett said as she clicked over to answer it. 

It was the Captain from the Jamestown Police Department. 

“May I speak to a Mrs. Mickett?” 

“Hello, this is she.” 

“Ma’am this is the Captain of the Jamestown Police Department.  I got your number from a Detective Hishee’ from the Baton Rouge Sheriff Department, do her name ring a bell?” 


“Ma’am we have your daughter here in the hospital, after getting a call from Hishee’ about her health.  I dispatched a unit to her house immediately, when they got there, they found her unresponsive.  They themselves then rushed her to the nearest hospital, where I am now with her.  Ma’am are you sitting down?” 


“Your daughter is in some kind of a coma and the doctors cannot explain it.” 

“I can!” She spoke. 

“While I have been on the phone with you, I asked a unit to come and get you to bring you here to the hospital to be with your daughter, is that okay?” 

“Yes, I am ready.  I see them pulling up now.  I’m getting my things and leaving the house now.  Captain, I will see you when I get there.”  She hung up.

The phone rung and it was Hishee’ still on hold. 


“Mrs. Mickett, it is me, Hishee’. You placed me on hold.  Would you like for me to send the private plane to come and retrieve you, Ashlay and your granddaughter?” 

“No.”  She said softly and quietly.  “I have to go to the hospital to be with Ashlay.  I can’t be in two places at one time.” 

“Ma’am I understand.  I’ll will keep them both in my prayers and you posted on what is going on here.” 

“Thank you.”  She replied as she slowly hung up the phone in disbelief that this was happening to her babies. 

The unit arrived at the hospital and escorted her to the captain who was waiting on her.  The captain then asked the nurse for the doctor seeing Ashlay Mickett.  The doctor came out and the captain introduced Mrs. Mickett to him.  The doctor then escorted Mrs. Mickett to the room where they were taking care of her daughter.  She saw her laying there still as if she was frozen in time.  She rushed over to her bedside. 

“Ashlay, baby girl.  I know you can hear me; you must let her go.  You have a daughter here that needs you.  You can’t have her no more.  You must let her go.  I know it’s going to hurt but you can’t protect her anymore.” 

Mrs. Mickett whispered in her ear.  The doctor and staff looked at her as if she was crazy. 

“Ma’am, who do she have to let go?” 

“Oh, that is a family thing.  If you all will excuse us, I would like to be with my daughter, alone!” 

She waited until they were all out of the room and then she went back to Ashlay’s bedside. 

“Ashlay if you can hear me, bring me in.” 

Mrs. Mickett sat on the side of the bed and closed her eyes, holding Ashlay hand as tight as she could.  Before long Mrs. Mickett, Ashlay and Ashley was all together again. 

“Momma, I can’t let her go.” 

“I know baby but she is going to be with the Lord and he knows best.” 

“I told her that and she won’t allow me to go.” 

“It is easy for the both of you because you aren’t losing a best friend, a part of you or a reason to live.” 

“I am the one that is dying.” 

“Yeah, Sable I know but I am going to miss you.  I love you with all of me because you are half of me.” 

“Ashlay, I love you more than you will ever know.  You saved my life so many times and kept me from harm.  I love you because you are all of me and I’m only half of myself!” 

“Momma, tell Ashley, Sable, she can’t go, because I will be losing half of my life.” 

“I can’t.  I always thought that Ashlay would be the one that goes first.” 

“Why, Momma?  Why me?” 

“Yeah, Momma, why her? 

“Because, you have always been the protector and I thought one day you were going to be protecting her and die in the process.  I never saw this coming.” 

“Are you happy that it’s me, Momma?” 

“No, baby girl.  I’m not happy about losing either one of you.   This is the hardest thing a mother has to do, bury her own child.” 

“So, Momma, you do love me?” 

“I will always love you.  I may not like the things you do but I will always love you.  You are my first born.” 

“That’s right Ashlay came a few seconds after me. Huh.”  “I know things between us got rough after Peter but I still and always loved you.” 

“I told you, so, didn’t I?” 

“Yes, you did!  I have bad news though. Mr. Jones was murdered that night by the Sheriff and some other men.” 

“Yeah, I figured as much.  That’s why Mrs. Donnell was murdered as well.” 

“Momma, did you work for the Donnell’s?” 

“Yes, but how did you know?” 

“I spoke to Mrs. Martha Ashford and she told me but she couldn’t remember your name.” 

“That lady I swear couldn’t say my name to save her life.  However, she is a beautiful person.  When Mrs. Donnell died, she offered us money and assistance, but I was too proud to take it.  Plus, your daddy was wealthy enough to provide for us.” 

“Did Daddy have anything to do with Mr. Jones death?” 

“He was the one that came to the house that night and…  I don’t want to think about it.  I don’t want to talk about it.  Ashlay, its time, we have to go.” 

“I am not leaving my sister.  Momma you go I’m going to stay for a while and keep her company.  I’ll let her go when I am sure she can go in peace.” 

Mrs. Mickett exited and left them to be together for the last time.  She woke up in the chair in the hospital room, looking at Ashlay.  She then called over to Hishee’. 


“Yes, ma’am.  I know I can’t be there right now with my daughter, but can you take me into the room where she is.  I want to be by her side in her time of need.  She needs to know that I am here for her even if I can’t be right there for her.” 

“Yes, ma’am.” 

Hishee’ then found the doctor and asked if it would be ok if Mickett’s mother could be on the phone plugged in and place the phone on the bed by Mickett’s head.  The doctor okay the request.  She placed her on speaker phone and told her she was in the room alone with her daughter.  Then Mrs. Mickett started singing to her.  Hishee’ then left the room.

Suddenly, the monitor went off indicating that Agent Ashley Mickett heart, and lungs were no longer functioning.  The hospital emergency response team went into the room and they could hear Mrs. Mickett singing to her.  Then she told them not to try to resuscitate her daughter but to allow her to go home peacefully.  The staff obeyed her wishes, unplug the monitors, and backed out of the room.  Allowing her to continue to sing to her child. 

The doctor then went into the waiting room and delivered the bad news.  A terrifying silence came over the room as the tears poured down everyone’s faces.  With nothing more they could do there, her fellow officers started disbursing to return to their own lives and work.  Everyone left except for Hishee’, Monkeay, Captain Luckett, Lieutenant Wilcox and Commissioner Watts.  They couldn’t just leave her without saying their final goodbyes. 

While Mrs. Mickett was still singing the staff quietly wrapped her body and covered her to receive her viewers to say their farewells.  Hishee’ wanted to go first and so she did.

“Hey, I’m so sorry we left you to go looking for clues.  I feel like this is my fault.  I feel like if I had been there this wouldn’t have happened.  I’m not sure what happened but we will get to the bottom of it.  I will not rest until I know what happened to you.  I know I only known you for a short period of time but working with you was such a blessing.  Without you I wouldn’t have met Charles and I think he is the one.  He compliments me, but now that you are gone, I don’t know what will become of us.  Take care of us, continue to look over us because you know we are still going to need you. I love you.”  She said as she fought back the tears but with hope of not crying.  She rushed out of the room crying as hard as her heart was hurting. 

Next Captain Luckett went.  He entered the room as Monkeay and Charles comforted Hishee’. 

“Well young lady, you owe me a report.”  He said as he tried to smile, but it was hard.  “When you first came to me, I said oh my goodness a rookie with ten solved murders is going to think she is the best.  But when I got to see you and hear you speak; I knew you were just as afraid of life itself.  I had no idea why you got into unexplained homicides but you were ready and you hit the ground running.  You had something to prove but I had no idea who you were proving it to.  Reading your reports was like reading a book.  You were so detail and poised in your writing.  I knew you were sure of what you were saying and wasn’t stopping until the cases were solved.  They told me you didn’t believe in cold cases and when you pulled Mrs. Donnell’s case, I said they were right.  Now that you are gone, I feel as though I should have pulled you off this case and allowed it to be a cold case.  I’m sorry for not doing so, please forgive me.”  He cried as he too rushed out of the room. 

Monkeay told the Lieutenant he could go before him because he wasn’t quite ready.  Lieutenant Wilcox shook his head and went into the room.  First, he just stood there.  He wasn’t sure what to say, because he only knew of her for a short period of time.  As he got closer, he just cried. 

“I’m sorry.  I don’t know what to say.  I’m just sorry I didn’t get to know you better.  I know I could have learned a lot from you.  I could tell from reading your reports.  I never enjoyed reading a report but when it came to yours it was like you had a real story to tell and you were detailed about doing it.  All I can say is I am going to miss that.  Take care Agent Mickett, until we meet again.” 

He walked out less than when he walked in.  His heart was a little weaker and his strength was gone.  He exited the hospital and went directly to the scene of the incident.  He needed to find out what happened.  Charles went next, but his time with her was even less than them all.  He looked at her and all he could see was brilliance. 

“Even in death you still look smarter than me.  I bet you know exactly what I am thinking and what I am going to say.  Huh, probably before I am going to say it.  The way you observed things and gathered information and clues is nothing short of a miracle.  You are like a genius or something.  I wish I could have spent more time with you and got to know you better.  You were amazing and I am going to help them solve your case as well as all the connected murder cases.  Oh, and thank you for Hishee’, she is wonderful. I might even stay afterwards to be with her if she would have me.  I think I love her but I don’t want to scare her away by telling her that too soon.”  He said as he kissed her forehead and walked out the room to be by B’Linda side during this trying time. 

Last was Monkeay but he was nervous and frightened.  He slowly crept into her room, like he didn’t want to wake her. 

“Hey, I know you can’t hear me but I am sorry.  If I would have been there on time like I said I would, maybe this whole thing wouldn’t have happened, you know.  I just was so excited about seeing my girls and holding my wife that leaving them again was like leaving life.  You know what I mean.  I see Hishee’ is happy, I am too.  I’m glad she doesn’t have to be alone anymore.  You were right it was selfish of me to think of her as more than a partner.  Also, while I took time to spend with my family so I could remember why I loved them so much and not why I loved this job more.  All my life has been about putting bad guys away.  Trying to make the streets a little safer for my girls when they got out there.  I wanted to clean these streets so bad I lost sight of why I was doing it in the beginning.  Then when you came along and we were really traveling and putting bad guys away in other states I knew that I was now advancing in my job.  Then the other night while taking care of my little girl I realized I was losing in my life.  To me that was backwards.  I’m not even going to lie when I met up with you today, I was going to tell you I quit and was going back to the beat, then this happened.  And now I know I must find out who, what, and how this happened to you.  I know I only knew you for a short time but you felt like family to me.  I had two families, one at home and one watching my back every step of the way so I can make it back home to my other family.  My heart was blissful.  Now it’s a little torn and I must mend it and make it right.  Don’t worry little sis, we are going to find out who did this to you and make them pay.”  Monkeay said as he exited the room to rush home to his family. 

The doctor then came in to release the body to the medical examiner.  “I don’t know who you are Ms. Ashley Mickett but you have a wonderful set of friends who loves you dearly.”  As the doctor was about to pull the sheet across her head, a figure appeared in the doorway. 

“May I say my final goodbyes?” 

“Sir, I’m not sure who let you back here or how you got back here but this is a private room.”  The doctor said. 

“Doctor, no worries, I own the hospital and this is my daughter.” 

The figure came into the room and it was Mr. Jackson Mickett. 

“Yes, sir.  I’m sorry I didn’t recognize you at first sir.”

The doctor then left the room to give Mr. Mickett privacy with his daughter.  As he touched her forehead, Ashlay pulled him into their thoughts.  He wasn’t ready to face them, but at this point he had no other choice. 

“Daddy, you came!” 

He looked surprised.  He forgot that they could do weird things like this. 

“Yes, did you think I wouldn’t?” 

“Yes, we did.” 

“Well never doubt me again.  I’m sorry that this is how I must meet with you.  I never expected this to happen to a child of mine.  I only expect great things of you both.  We didn’t even get to have our annual father daughter luncheon like we usually do and I am sorry for that as well.” 

“I’m sorry too Daddy.” 

“What for Sable?” 

“I couldn’t solve this case and I know how proud and happy you are with me when you see my name in the papers when I solve a big case.” 

“I do be proud of you but I am no less proud of you right now.  I know you did all you could to solve this case.   I love you no matter what and that is all that matters.” 

“What about me Daddy?” 

“What about you, Sabrina?” 

“Are you proud of me as well?” 

“I’m always proud of you.  You make my heart smile.  You gave me something no one else ever gave me before.” 

“What’s that?” 

“You gave me peace and a beautiful grandchild.  Now I have a question.  If we all are in here, where is my granddaughter?  Because this could only mean one thing.” 

“What’s that?” 

“You have slipped into a coma and your mother is sitting bedside.  Am I right?  So where is my granddaughter?” 

Ashlay never thought about that and knew right then and there that she had to let Ashley go so that she could be with her daughter.  She said her final goodbye and then allow Ashley to go on to be with the Lord.  They both waved as she walked away and then Ashlay woke up and her dad found himself on the floor of Ashley’s room. 

He got up, kissed her forehead and exited the room where his bodyguard was waiting for him.  The doctor and staff then asked could they now release the body.  Mr. Mickett signed off on the paperwork and was about to leave but it was hard for him to walk away from her room.  The staff went in and closed the phone that Mrs. Mickett was singing on, but before they did, she told them that she heard everything wonderful that they had to say about her baby girl and that warmed her heart to the fullest.   The doctor then went back to the door of Ashley’s room and handed her father the phone and told him it was Ashley’s and that her mother sang to her from that phone.  Tears just build in his eyes and he told his bodyguard he was ready to leave.


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