Black History Facts

Goddess morning Royals 👑. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

Elijah Muhammed – October 7, 1897 – February 25, 1975

  • Born in the Jim Crow south, moved to Detroit.
  • Converted to Islam and studied under Master Fard.
  • After becoming Master Fard’s Representative for the Nation of Islam (NOI), he became the Leader.
  • Mentored Malcolm X, Louis Farrakhan, and Muhammed Ali.
  • Refused induction into the military during WW2, jailed for 5 years, and is believed to be the inspiration for Muhammed Ali to do the same.
  • Oversaw the largest growth in the history on the Nation of Islam.
  • Established the newspaper Muhammed Speaks, a university of Islam (private elementary and high school), grocery stores, restaurants and more.
  • Purchased and and businesses to provide housing and employment for the members of the NOI and beyond.
  • Authored “Message of the Blackman in America” and “How to Eat to Live”.

Malcolm X – May 19, 1925 – February 21, 1965

  • Muslim minister and human rights activist.
  • Born Malcolm Little; considered “Little” a slave name and chose “X” to signify his lost tribal name.
  • Appointed as assistant minister of Temple Number One in 1953.
  • In 1960, founded the newspaper, Muhammed Speaks, to further promote the message of the Nation of Islam.
  • Terminated relationship with Nation of Islam in 1964 and created the religious organization, Muslim Mosque, Inc.
  • Changed name to El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz and converted to traditional Islam during his pilgrimage to Mecca Saudi Arabia in 1964.

Medgar Evers – July 2, 1925 – June 22, 1963.

  • American civil rights activist from Mississippi.
  • Worked to overturn segregation at the University of Mississippi and enact social justice and voting rights.
  • Secretary for National Association for the Advancement of Color People (NAACP).
  • Worked on voting rights and registration, economic opportunity, access to public facilities, and other changes within segregated society.
  • Murdered by Byron De La Beckwith, a member of the Ku Klux Klan.
  • His murder and resulting trials inspired civil rights protests, as well as numerous works of art, music, and film.

Muhammed Ali – January 17, 1942 – June 3, 2016

  • Professional boxer and activist.
  • Won the gold medal in the light heavyweight division at the 1960 Summer Olympics.
  • In 1967, convicted of draft evasion, sentenced to five years in prison, fined $10,000, and banned from boxing for three years, after refusing induction into the United States Armed Forces, due to religious beliefs and opposition to American involvement in Vietnam.
  • Promoted racial pride for African-Americans and resistance to White domination during the 1960s Civil Rights Movement.
  • Widely regarded as one of the most significant and celebrated sports figures of the 20th century.
  • Ranked as the greatest athlete of the 20th century by Sports Illustrated and the Sports Personality of the Century by the BBC.

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Manic Monday! Violence Is Everywhere!

Goddess morning Royals 👑. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

Something needs to be done! Something must be done! Our men and women; boys and girls; Mothers and Fathers; Aunts and Uncles are dying at a rapid rate. They are being killed by the hands 😡 of our own kind. We are so hungry for what the next man has or is struggling for, that we can’t see the pain or the absence we are about to cause before we pull the trigger. We can’t see the families that will suffer. We can’t see the emptiness we are about to endure on someone else before our actions are already in play. Then the void happens and we could careless because we are now numb to the results. It then drives us to want more and because we are numbed to the aftermath we can’t see it come to us.

When it is your turn, your family all “why,” but they have no idea of your wrong doing or do they? Did they care when it was you or here doing what you had to do to get what they needed? Did they know of all the pain and suffering you caused? Were they aware of the voids you left in families? Were they immune to your emptiness you had within you? Now they want justice and why shouldn’t they if they had no clue, but I’d they did then their cries are just as hollow as the families you left to mourn for their loved ones.

Why so much violence? Why so much poverty? Why do much anger for your own kind? Why so much hate and no love for your brothers and sisters 💔😢😭? Because we bleed like you. We’re suffering as you are! We’re hurting and starving the same! We’re crying for help like you! We’re struggling through poverty! We’re clawing our way out just like you and had you allowed us to make, just maybe we all could have made it, but you stole our way out and now we have to begin again!

In the city of Baltimore, the violence is overwhelming. It looks difficult to see an end when you read things like this: Try better Citizens to be better than what they already call you “savages”.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

Black History Facts

Goddess morning Royals 👑. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

Mary McLeod Bethune – July 10, 1875 – May 18, 1955

  • Educator, statewoman, philanthropist, humanitarian, and civil rights activist.
  • President of the Southwestern Federation of Colored Women’s Club from 1920 to 1925.
  • Founded the Daytona Beach Literary and Industrial School for Training Negro Girls, which eventually became a college, merged with the all-made Cookman Collage in 1929.
  • Founded the National Council of Negro Women in New York in 1935.
  • In 1938, hosted the White House Conference on Negro Women and Children, which highlighted the importance of Black women in democratic roles.
  • Notable quote: “Therefore, there can be no discrimination, no segregation, and no separation of some citizens from the rights which belong to all… We are on our way. But these are frontier which we must conquer…”

Bessie Coleman – January 26, 1892 – April 30, 1926

  • American civil aviator, known as “Queen Bessie”.
  • First woman of African-American and Native American descent to hold a pilot license.
  • In 1921, she received her international pilot license in France because no flight school in America would train a colored woman.
  • Her goals were to expose her people to the world of aviation. She desired to speak to audience, children to inspire them to get involved in the flight industry.
  • In 1926, she fell to get death while practicing for one of her famous stunt shows. Evidence later indicated her plane may have been tampered with.
  • Inducted into National Aviation Hall of Fame 2006.

Fannie Lou Hamer – October 6,1917 – March 14, 1977

  • Voting rights activist, civil rights leader and philanthropist.
  • Worked for the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC).
  • Helped poor and needy families in her Mississippi community.
  • Vice-chair of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party (MFDP).
  • Elected as a national Democratic Party delegate in 1972.
  • Died on March 14, 1977, and according to the New York Times, “None of us would be where we are today had she not been there then.”

Shirley ChisholmNovember 30, 1924 – January 1, 2005

  • Politician, educator, and author.
  • First African-American woman elected to the United States Congress.
  • Inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame in 1993.
  • Was posthumously awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2015 by President of the United States, Barack Obama.

Joan Higginbotham – August 3, 1964 – Present

  • Engineer and former NASA astronaut.
  • Third African-American woman to go into space.
  • Actively participated in 53 space shuttle launches during nine-year tenure at Kennedy Space Center.
  • Logged over 308 hours in space during her mission with the crew of STS-116; her primary task was to operate the Space Station Remote Manipulator System.
  • Mae Jemison was the first African-American female astronaut in space in 1992 aboard the Endeavour.

There’s no place you can’t go and be goal you can’t achieve; no dream you can’t make a reality.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

Black History Facts

Goddess morning Royals 👑. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

Zumbi Dos Palmares – 1655 – November 20, 1695

  • Principals representative of Black resistance to slavery during the period of Colonial Brazil.
  • The leader of Quilombo dos Palmares, a free community of slaves.
  • In 1675, helped defend Quilombo against Portuguese soldiers; known as a great warrior.
  • Replaced Ganga Zumba in Palmares and commanded the resistance Portuguese army in 1680.
  • In 1695, was betrayed, denounced, and beheaded by former companion at the age of 40.
  • Date of death, November 20, is a Brazilian National Holiday, known as Black Consciousness Day or Black Awareness Day.

Jean Baptiste Pointe DuSable – 1745 – August 28, 1818

  • Was born in San Domingo, Haiti, but the actual date is unknown.
  • Frontier trader, trapper, farmer-entrepreneur, peacekeeper and protector of Native Americans.
  • Foundeda settlement that later became the City of Chicago in 1779.
  • Well known for trading goods throughout Midwest; expanded his cabin to a trading post, which later became a small community with a church, school, and store.
  • Had commerical buildings, docks,a mansion house with fruit orchards and livestock in 1776.

The First Black Cowboys – Bass Reeves

  • One in four of America’s cowboys were African-American.
  • Many of the slaves in the 17th and 18th centuries were familiar with herding cattle from homelands to Wear Africa.
  • Federation of Black Cowboys maintained the legacies of Black cowboys in America.
  • Hollywood gave little attention to Black cowboys who made their mark in western history.
  • Notable Black Cowboys: Bass Reeves, Ned Huddleston (aka Isom Dart), and William “Bill” Pickett.

Paul Robeson – April 9, 1898 – January 23, 1976.

  • Athlete and performing artist who became involved with Civil Rights Movement.
  • First Black actor to play Shakespeare’s Othello, on Broadway.
  • Supported Pan-Africanism, sang for Loyalist soldiers during Spain’s civil war, took part in anti-Nazi demonstrations, and performed for Allied forced during WW2.
  • Labeled a communist and staunchly criticized by government officials, as well as some African-American leaders.
  • Blacklisted from domestic concert venues, record labels, and film studios due to his advocacy of anti-imperialism affiliation with communism, criticism of the United States government.
  • In 1950, barred by the U.S. State Department from renewing his passport to travel abroad for engagements.

Always stand sure what you believe in or fall for whatever they tell you is real.

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Saturday, Sit Down With Lady K.

Saturday, Sit Down With Lady K.

Goddess morning Royals 👑. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

I recently had the pleasure of watching a sister in arms go live and I love her energy, her truth, her beliefs, her point of view, her facts, etc. I love her and now choice to follow her. Below I am uploading the most recent post of her live that I had the pleasure of witnessing. Yes it is very blunt and to the point. I agree with her 💯 and strange strong with get on so many issues.

This woman is the truth and the issues she speaks on touched me. She got the nail on the head and so I’m sharing her message. Shame on those who oppose their people to stay faced. I talked about these issues myself and this is why I’m so supportive of her.

I’ll let you all see for yourself what I am talking about. She deep and I’m feeling her

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

Freaky Friday – The Sexual Aggressor And Other Lies

Goddess morning Royals 👑. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

Are you all led to believe that males are physically the sexual aggressor? Well don’t believe the hype! This type of lie had contributed to the distortion in women’s health concepts and relationships. Penis penetration is caused by the hip movement is the man. Women equally have hips and can be by anatomical definition, the sexual aggressor. Anatomically, the man’s penis is compared of sponge tissue while the woman’s vagina is composed of muscle tissue. The penis is passive (lacks muscle activity) and the vagina is active (is a muscle). In other words, a man (male penis) the enters the cave of wonder (vagina) in which is attached by thousands of women (vaginal muscles) could never be considered an aggressive conqueror of the woman. *This belief is based upon rape. During rape, the erect penis can be forced into the vagina. However, during the normal sexual intercourse the male and female hips are both active. The penis is stimulated by the muscular structure of the vagina. An erect penis is classified under the Female Principle, while a flaccid penis comes under the Male Principle. Sexual aggression is culturally defined and based upon the see rituals and ceremonies of a culture.

Orgasms and ejaculation… Men associate orgasms with the good physical sensation of ejaculation and women believe it is the same as a climax. Orgasms is the pleasant holistic sensation caused by a physically stimulating climax caused by the elevation is the mind and spirit. Orgasms can be achieved without ejaculating sperm. Orgasm is a holistic expression of mental and spiritual balance. Orgasm is achieved by men and women when their Male and Famale Principles combine to stimulate the Pineal.

The female has the genetic code of her father (male principle) and the male has the genetic code and physical characteristics (nipples) of his mother (female principle). During holistic heterosexual intercourse, the male and female principle combine in a Holy Union – they become one. The pleasant physician sensation of this union reaches it’s highest height – orgasm during sexual intercourse. Each feeling (touching, hearing, etc.) and emotion (happiness, anger, etc.) has a threshold. A threshold is the lower limit the triggers a sensation and the upper limit whereby the sensation reaches it’s maximum level.

For example – a finger will get burnt (upper limit). Stimulation (real or imagined) of the glans penis (head is the penis) reaches threshold and send a signal to the frenulum (sensation center on the underside of the penis). The frenulum then trigger a climax and/or ejaculation. A climax is not an orgasms. An orgasms can only be achieved by the holistic union of the complementary sexes of male and female. A man with a man or a woman with a woman (homosexuals) can sexually masturbate each other to achieve a climax.

Men have a female principle or gentle or feminine (i.e., gentlemen) quality. A male principle has a feminine emotionalism (not to be confused with effeminate). Men should consciously and emotionally accept the female portion of their Male Principle. They were created by their mother and father, so they have half of each parent’s sexual, emotional, and physical characteristics.

A man can switch to the woman’s frequency during intercourse with the woman. A woman can switch to the man’s frequency. This dissolves and harmonizes the female/male division. This dissolution returns the woman and man to a non-sexual holistic energy level. This non-sexual energy is orgasmic because it is spiritual purity. Spiritual purity is culturally defined and had no beginning and no end. Orgasm is a holistic energy, which is beyond the pleasant sensation of a woman’s climax and a man’s ejaculation and climax. It is safe to say that very, very few men have had an orgasm. They have had a physically pleasant climax and pleasing sensation from ejaculation and not an orgasm.

An orgasm by African cultural definition is achieved by complementary sexes. It is a unit to two different sexes (male/female), which results in the man and woman joined together to form a complement-one unit. The physical being, psyche being, and spirit being join together to form one complementary human being. Man’s spirituality and mentality and woman’s spirituality and mentality join and form one spiritual human complement. Orgasm is the expression of wholism. Wholism is the expression of culture. People will have you believe that men and women are opposite sexes and can achieve a climax by masturbation, homosexuality, rape, sex with children, or electronic devices, masochism, sadism, anally, orally, and through necrophilia (intercourse with a dead person). Climax and orgasm are two different things. Orgasm is God-centered. Orgasms require MA’AT cultural sexual rituals and ceremonies. An African who is not free to practice their culture at all times and in all situations is in some form of slavery (i.e. psychological, religious, physical, oppression, sex colonialism, etc.). They are sexually colonized.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

Black History Facts

Goddess morning Royals 👑. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

Elijah McCoy – May 2, 1844 – October 10, 1929

  • Canadian-American inventor and engineer.
  • Soon of former slaves from Kentucky who escaped via Underground Railroad to Canada.
  • Although a great financial sacrifice McCoy’s parents sent him to Edinburgh, Scotland; he studied mechanical engineering.
  • Noted for 57 U.S. patents, most involved the lubrication of steam engines.
  • Sold many of his patents for a fraction of their worth; never capitalized on his own inventions; the devices he designed made others millionaires.
  • His oil-drip cup invention was so amazing, people termed the phrase “The Real McCoy” which now refers to something authentic and of high quality.

Maggie Lena Walker – July 15, 1864 – December 15, 1934

  • In 1903, founded St. Luke Penny Savings Bank in Richmond, VA.
  • First female bank president of any race to charter a bank in the United States.
  • Served as chairman of the board of directors when the bank merged with two other Richmond banks to become, The Consolidated Bank and Trust Company.
  • She said, “Let us put our money together; let us use our money; let us put our money out at usury among ourselves, and reap the benefits ourselves.”
  • A visionary, she established a newspaper, The St. Luke Herald, to promote closer communication between businesses and the public.
  • Received an honorary master’s degree from Virginia Union University in 1925.
  • Inducted into the Junior Achievement U.S. Business Hall of Fame in 2001.

Claudette Colvin – September 5, 1939 – Present

  • Pioneer of the Civil Rights Movement.
  • Nine months before Rosa Parks on March 2, 1955, at only 15-years-old, she refused to move from her seat on a Montgomery bound segregated bus. She paid the date and felt it was her constitutional right to board the bus.
  • She was dragged of the bus, handcuffed and taken to an adult jail.
  • Colvin is not a much-celebrated figure in the African American Civil Rights Movement, many believe this is because she was perceived to being dark toned and pregnant.
  • Colvin had a child born out of wedlock at the age of 16.
  • On February 1, 1956, Claudette Colvin served as the star witness alongside other four plaintiffs in the Browder v. Gayle case.
  • This landmark federal case, chaired by a three-judge panel, ended the history of segregation on public transportation in Alabama and other states in America.

Huey P. Newton, PH.D. – February 17, 1942 – August 22, 1989

  • Political activist and revolutionary.
  • Co-founded the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense in 1966.
  • Overcome illiteracy and attended Merritt College and the University of San Francisco School of Law.
  • In 1980, he earned a Ph.D. in social philosophy from the University of California, Santa Cruz.
  • Allied for freedom, full employment, decent housing, education, and military exemption for African-Americans.
  • Sponsoreda free breakfast program for children, sickle-cell anemia tests, free food and shoes, and a school.
  • He was shot and killed in Oakland, California August 22nd, 1989.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove