Wicket Wednesday! Why So Cruel?

Goddess morning Royals 😷. First give praise and worship to the all High.

Why is the world so cruel? Why as human beings we treat one another like dirt? We rather treat animals kinder than we treat over another! The worst part is it is always someone you love and respect that will do the most damage to your self-esteem!

So I’m conversing with a friend and he’s woman bashing like it’s nothing. He’s like if we’re going to be equals than let us be fair all across the board! It should be mandatory for women to be drafted the same as men! They want to be our equals so they should protect their country as well. I said there are plenty of women in the service voluntarily! He said no it should be mandatory just like it is for our sons! I said well the feeling of childbirth should be mandatory as well! He got defensive and said where did that come from? I said you want to be equal why not? You all should go through menstruation as well.

Then he said I have females that work where I work and do what I do but as soon as one of them have to go to the bathroom, they get a truck or driven back to base to use the bathroom. While I myself being a male have to use public restrooms or take my changes in an alley, which isn’t fair to me if we’re being equals. Me being a woman asked who hurt you because she did a really bad job on you? I told him that women don’t urinate in public because first it’s not lady like; second, we squat to go; third, that’s a gateway for predators and we don’t invite the danger into our life on purpose. You creepy mofos are just out there waiting and some times the masks are more alluring than the person himself.

I then asked him why do we tell our girls to look out for perverts, predators, rapist, child molesters, but never teach our sons not to become those things. We teach our sons to be players, pimps, hustlers, ballers, but not gentlemen so women will know one when they encounter one. We worry about their manhood at the age of 12. We want to know if they still virgins but for girls they better be still virgins. Reasons women start early fighting for equality. For sons it’s okay to get his penis wet but daughters can’t wet the penis until she grown, out the door and married. The same standards should apply across the board from an early age. If he waits then he has to be gay and she doesn’t then she’s a whore. If she waits she’s a good girl and he doesn’t he’s a player, a man.

Make is make sense. If he’s failing it’s ok as long as he has sports, if she’s failing something has to be wrong with her.

Then it’s this protection nonsense, men should protect women is what he says. I asked him as a child did your mother get you from harm? Yes! Did someone rape you? No! Where you abused as a child? No! Did you starve as a child? Where you bathe, housed, cared for, and safe from harm? Yes! Then if your mother did all that then why not protect women? They do it from the start; well those without mental issues! Because let’s face it both parents have done some horrible shit to children and not always their own. Which means that child had no protection from his mother or father?

All I’m saying is this is why the world is so cruel because we self hate and force that shit out onto others who didn’t ask for it nor needed it. We have demons (shit) of our to deal with and that’s fine but don’t push your shit onto others because you are unable to cope! Just ask for help no one will think less of you, nor judge you. I know I won’t but when you bash me and my gender for being different there is an underline issue that’s within you that you need to address.

Take care of you, see you for you before you see others for who they are!

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove


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I am a free spirit! Speak my mind a lot. Published author! Business & Psychology major! AA in Healthcare Administration; BBA in Accounting/Finance. Working on my masters in Psychology. Mother, hairstylist, nail technician and so much more.

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