Missing Monday! A Phone Call Or Something

Goddess morning Royals. First give praise and worship to the all High.

#COVID, #Life, #Protest, #Murder, #Ambush, #Health #Love

Just some of the reasons to check on love ones, friends, family, co-workers, neighbors. Not all is strong, not all is weak, some are very vulnerable, scared, unable to cope, miserable, and terrified. A lot of people live in fear everyday all before Covid hit. Most people have a nonchalant attitude about life and use it to create fear on those who believe in love, life, happiness and peace.

Why I’m not sure but it makes for a horrible time right now. Not saying it’s not always horrible to be nonchalant about life but in this crisis we as a nation is facing, it more despicable. We would like to think that people of all color, race, creed, nationality would be understanding, willing, reliable but they aren’t. A lot of people are selfish and the wicked we learn who they are they quicker we can avoid, remove and settle without them in our lives. You know the ones you comes to your house unannounced, without a mask on! Be the same people who comes to dinner without anything in the hands to offer and with a plus one or more. The same people who comes to the cookout to eat or any function and cause trouble, spread rumors, decrease peace and insert violence, then leave like a thief in the night.

The toxic people are the problem the ones that create hostility in your home and then expect you to kiss ass to make it better. Their misery is comfortable as long as there is chaos. Silence is too much for them to bare and hatred is the fruit of their labor. They only know joy when there is malice behavior in play.

We play into these people hands because we love and care for them. We want what’s best for them but in return they give us their ass to kiss. We stay focused on them so much that we ignored those who is in need of our attention. Those who is in fear of this pandemic. Those who live in hostile neighborhoods where racism, hatred, violence and gun play is a daily norm. Those who are elderly and isn’t sure if they are loved anymore. Those who want company but isn’t sure if it safe to even open a window to let in fresh air. Those at risk unhealthy people with underlined health problems who otherwise need care, but fear has taken over. Those who are frighten by medical care from jump who refuse to allow doctors to look them over for annual checkups.

Please take time to check on them because they might need something from the store, market, pharmacy; someone to just say “hello, I was thinking about you.” Offer them what you can and you might be surprised your phone call, FaceTime, DM, Inbox might have been enough hope for them to continue on.

None of us know how long this is going to last or when a real cure and not some depopulation shit will end but to know we reached out as well as someone reached out to us is more than a lot of us could ask for in this situation. Be a hero to someone!

Check on those who have been missing from your life whether it’s through a post, call, letter, quick glance, or hello; because the missing might be dead, then you will feel less than what we all already feel like, alone!

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove


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I am a free spirit! Speak my mind a lot. Published author! Business & Psychology major! AA in Healthcare Administration; BBA in Accounting/Finance. Working on my masters in Psychology. Mother, hairstylist, nail technician and so much more.

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