Thursday – Childhood Memories

Goddess morning Royals đź‘‘. First give praise and worship to the all High.

Growing up in a poverty stricken city with eight siblings and unlimited cousins was fun and depressing. Fun because there were unlimited people to play with, talk to, cry with, laugh with, be around to bond with; depressing because we were poor.

Somehow we didn’t let that stop us from growing up with love in our heart and determination in our drive. We were always a close bunch for most of us anyway. We did have a few who was distant mentally but not physically. In a three bedroom row home that is quite difficult, sometimes thinking was even crowded. Still we managed to have a childhood. We played in the streets like children were supposed to but with supervision. We played hopscotch, catch on catch all, hide and go seek, tag, freeze tag, double dutch, block ball and even played in the fire hydrant water on days it was extremely hot. But most of all we had a childhood, we were children at best.

For some of us we didn’t know where our next meal was coming from but with the friends we had we shared just because we didn’t. When someone has food we all had food, same for candy. We were a community before we knew what that really meant. We stay over one another homes, broke bread with each other’s families and when someone passed the whole neighborhood felt the loss. Still we had a childhood.

We loss childhood friend at young ages to violence, to fires, to lack of parenting, to missing and exploited children. We loss a lot but gain somethings as well. We learned to look out for one another more. We created without knowing the buddy system because we weren’t sure of individuals moving into the neighborhood. We fought together as well as amongst ourselves. We somehow manage to put petty things behind us and still have a childhood.

We danced and sung at block parties. We kept our neighborhood clean. We looked out for our younger siblings as well as our elderly. We ran errands for those who couldn’t as well as for those who shouldn’t. We were children preparing for adulthood without knowing that what we were doing.

We learned to make market early on in life. We learned to wash clothes before we could purchase them ourselves. We learned the value of a dollar as well as life from just being children growing up in our neighborhood together. We watched drugs come in and destroy lives unable to do anything about it. We watched families being torn apart from these drugs. We watched people lives being taken over these drugs. Our childhood was gone and adulthood moved in quickly and for some of us faster than we expected.

Now children these days have no idea what being a child is like because their childhood is taken early and too often. Parents allow your children a childhood don’t rush then they will get there when it’s their time!

Sending you all love and kisses. #Goddesslove


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