Weekend Warriors

Weekend Warriors

Goddess Morning Royals.

On this Sassy Saturday I say be as gorgeous or as handsome as you possibly can be.  Walk a little different today, talk a little different today, groove a little different today but be as Sassy as you can be.

Sway only in the directions you choose and not in the direction someone else chooses for you.  Wear your best you and don’t allow anyone to divert you from doing so.  If you feel sexy then by all means be sexy.  If you feel brave then by all means be brave.  If you feel seductive then be seductive but as long it’s you being you.  By all means be you.

Today I like no other day and if this is you all the time then this day be a little more you.  Just because you can.  Enjoy the life you have because no one else is in control of your destiny, life, love nor happiness but you.  Take this moment and look into the mirror and be proud of what and who you see looking at you.  If you can or can’t carry a note, rejoice in the glory of you today.  Grab a partner or a friend and allow them to share in your Sassy Saturday so they can know what is so wonderful about you.  When others are looking and your think they are, don’t be embarrassed nor ashamed.  They aren’t looking to make fun, they are looking because you are wearing you.

Tell me how you plan on spending your Sassy Saturday.

Sending you all love and kisses.  #GoddessLove

Goddess Evening Royals.  Yes today was  hectic but I recovered from it by spending the remainder of the day with my sister.

So first I know that all my days are supposed to be timeless but I try my best to make Tuesday’s timeless because I getting over Monday blues, and know Wednesday is hump is hard to get over if I didn’t nothing to make it worth living that Tuesday.

On this Timeless Tuesday, I took in breakfast with my sister Kinisha and then we have a nice relaxed day after the chaos first.  Not to spoil my day I will not talk nor introduce you to that madness but instead I will share my moments of joy with of my sister and I.

It is always a pleasure spending time with family if you ask me and well even if you didn’t I love to share.  Since I always pick up my granddaughter London from school, my sister joined me in doing so today.  We all went to the playground and played on the swings, and chased each other around.  I felt like old but enjoyed myself like a child.  I know I am going to pay for it in the morning but who cares, I love spending that quality time with my family.  Who know what tomorrow will bring, I don’t so I try to live in the moments given.  Besides it was a warm and sunny, beautiful day.  I will see what tomorrow will offer me and I will share it tomorrow but today welcome to my Timeless Tuesday.

Go and make the rest of you day Timeless and enjoy life as it is yours to enjoy.

Sending you all love and kisses.   #GoddessLove

Timeless Tuesday

20160722_211500.jpgGoddess Morning Royals.  How are we doing this morning?

Well we got swept away last Tuesday, this Tuesday let’s sweep someone else away.

How about a great dinner for two, or a romantic getaway on a budget?  A bed and breakfast will be the perfect little get away.  Just the two of you on a quiet one day outing, filled with excitement and adventure.  It only takes one day for you all to be drowned into each others eyes.  How about a long walk along the beach or a night out with dancing not clubbing but dancing or poetry night.  Either way, don’t allow your relationship to sour just because it is a Tuesday.

Read to one another in the comforts of your own bedroom, snuggle up under a warm fire or on the patio deck to a lemonade, ice tea or whatever your pleasure of drink is but as long as you all do it together, what does it matter.

If you really want to make it “timeless” see how many time you all can make one another smile and that means by all means necessary.  Now I am not saying make a baby because that will be a memory you will always remember but if that is what your family needs then by all means bring joy into your family as you both need and want.  As long as it is mutual and enjoyable then please do so.

Bring life into this Tuesday that will make a mark on your relationship for the rest of your life.  Maybe this is the Tuesday, that you both say I do, or may it is the Tuesday that you ask you to be his wife.  Just be open for anything and all things possible.

Love you all, Kisses and enjoy your “Timeless Tuesday.  #Goddess love

Understand Me

Understand Me

Goddess Morning Royals

My worth is beyond your measures.
My joy is not measured by your happiness
My beliefs are that of my own & shall be treated as such.
My treasure is worth hunting for but w/guidance & respect for rare jewels.
To take me as a fool or that less than I am will only allow you to fall victim to my venomous prey.
I have a poison within me so destructive it can only be cured by pure love.
The devastation that I can release upon someone is unbearable.
Take heed to my warning for I understand me
The closeness of reality I bring makes you realize I’m not here to fulfill your fantasies only your hopes & dreams.
Only when you grasp the importance of my presence will you understand what life have to offer.
I’m not here as a testimony to your success but as a testament of what God can really do.
If he can make a devastation look so calm before the storm and after show you survival of your own natural disaster.
Then your belief in him should measure pass your materialistic things & rattle your soul.
So as I pass by you or intertwine with you, doesn’t mean you survived or passed his test it just mean you are able to withstand a storm.
Rebuilding without heartache or pain means you pass & survived with faith within your Lord.
Then & only then shall I move on either continuing on with you on your journey or alone As he shall have me do because I understand me & my part here on this planet he has been bee n written for me allow my short well lived life upon.

But my story doesn’t end here for it is just beginning and every year a new chapter has to be read because like it told you my story is written.  Don’t jump ahead to the end for you might miss something thinking you know how the story goes and you don’t.  For this book is full with twists and turns to keep the reader interested in the character herself.

Sending you all Kisses and love.  Enjoy life

Timeless Tuesday

Goddess Morning Royals.

Today being whatever it may be whether it’s rainy, cloudy, sunny, breezy, snowy or just hot; take the time with your significant other or just yourself and get lost in the beauty of today.

Rain leads to cuddling and snuggling up together or to a nice warm blanket and a book.  However, allow yourself to get to know one another or that author of that book.

Cloudy sound draining because you’re not sure but that should stop you from a venture out with that someone who can make it feel how you want it to feel.  Besides you are bold enough to take on clouds with the possibility of enjoyment and meeting new people.

If Sunny is your weather soak it up and release it unto the world of those without.  A smile here, a hug there and if there is a significant other than a kiss or two will do.

Breezy don’t fright just go with the wind. Allow it to move you in the right direction while inhaling the freshness of life that could be blowing your way.

I know snow can be cold but it also can be fun.  It can bring people together without even trying.  Helper come and dig with you, cocoa warms the spot and the thought of playing in it is almost without fail.

For me the hotter the better but that’s because I was born in it.  It means water parks, beaches, ice-cream, picnics, finding shade to hide in together or just tanning.

No matter the weather just find someone to enjoy it with, get lost in today and make it a day to remember. Brighten someone’s life and they may offer you a beautiful future.  Possibilities are happening every day.  Just get lost in your own imaginings and you never know what you may find.

It may seem old fashion but make it a timeless classic to remember for a life time.

Sending you all love and Kisses. Stay Royal



Written by K.D. Spann


Twelve will die; twelve has to die, because someone has to pay for what they did to Peter Jones. Twelve years ago, a dozen of citizens including two law officers beat him to death for a crime he didn’t commit.

Ashley Montes lied to the police because Peter wouldn’t take her serious as a young woman, so she told the authorities that he raped her. This lie would soon come back to haunt her and the families of the dozen that murdered him for the rest of their lives.

Now in the future three very different detectives will find out the hard way that no one messes with the dead. They would have to solve the hennas of crimes and murders ever in their careers, but one will die because she knows the truth and is too close to the murderous victim. Will the remaining two solve a twelve-year-old crime before more is killed or will they crack and leave a serial killer on the loose?