The Family Bond! Chapter 2…Segment 3

Goddess Morning Royals. First give praise and worship to the all High.

Doomed from captivity, many knew they wouldn’t survive, so they warned new comers of the hardship.  Many killed themselves to escape while others just escaped.  Some were smart enough to buy out their freedom.  Most wasn’t sure why they had to buy freedom when they came there as a free man.  They couldn’t believe they were now slaves when so much was promised to them.  Many just wanted on the ship to find a love one that was taken so many years ago to start the mend of a broken home.  Some debated and called those “veterans” liars, thinking they wanted the wealth to themselves, but soon learned there was no wealth only hate and poverty.  Some conformed and traded up on their own kind.  This was their way of escaping harm, death, and sales.

This would soon be a different thought process for most, because they wanted freedom.  They have heard that if you travel north that those black were free.  Some fought back and loss their lives but regained their dignity and self-respect in battle.

C – Condemned their own future for their presence

O – Overlooked things that wasn’t right to avoid punishment

N – Neglected their own families for the sake of themselves

F – Fought with “society” against their own kind.

O – Ostracized themselves from the family to fit in with “society.”

R – Replaced family with “society”

M – Manipulated by “society” to believe they were family and accepted

E – Enforcers made sure everyone stayed in compliance

D – Discriminated against the family to please “society”

Years of being passed around is now embedded in their Deoxyribonucleic Acid DNA.  Now their seeds are all over the place and without a mentor to guide their actions.  Predecessors, successors, are now preordained to continue with the lack of the family value.  For those who do fight the urge society has found new ways of ensuring their demise.  Murders their dreams, hopes, and ambitions by incarcerating, and denigrating their minds.  Make them a prisoner of themselves.  How you ask?

Educate them but with a poor integrated system.  Give them just enough education where they feel as though they have learned by not what society learns.  If they exceed what “society” teaches them then denounce them cheaters, evil, bewitched, but don’t accept them as intelligent or intellectuals.  Don’t allow other blacks to teach them of their heritage, ancestors, culture, or religion because they don’t know anything.

Black list them, give them jobs that only servant workers deserve even with “society’s” education.  Underpay them but overwork them causing depression, frustration, deterioration of their body.  Soon deeming them unable to work.  If a man can’t work he can’t eat or take care of his family.  So “society” think they won again, but black people are inventive and creative.  They are the village “society” will never be.

Let’s define “society:” The aggregate of people living together in ordered community.  An organization or club formed for a particular purpose or activity; association, club, circle, fellowship, lodge, guild, fraternity, brotherhood, sisterhood, sorority, league, alliance.

As soon as black gather together they are gang members, thugs, communed ally’s, united, ruffians, hooligans, hoodlums, gangsters, villains and criminals.  Why is my group different from your group?  Is it because of the color of our skin, the difference in our mindset, or is it the fear from “society” that black people have united and become on one accord?  So now they are terrorist.  Isn’t that what being in fraternities and sororities mean?  Just a group of people who terrorize other people who don’t fit into their club?  Same thing goes for “society’s” circles, associations, and alliances.  If your money isn’t right you don’t belong.

When blacks do it, they are conspiring against “society” and must stop at once.  I’ll revisit this in another chapter, back to how “society” tear away the black man.  So now Dad or the black man is frustrated and need someone or something to take it out on.  Since, home is the only place safe enough for him then home it is.  But even there, “society” have a say in what you as a black man can do, say, or even act out.  Either way you will be punished for “society” actions because of your reaction.

Prosecuted because of your reactions for being in the position “society” have placed you in.  Either you will be sold, beaten, or hung until death but surely you are removed from your home or shall we say the life with your family.

Sending you all kisses and love. #GoddessLove

The Family Bond! Chapter 2…Segment 2.

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

R – Reject them this right because they are poor ass murderers.

E – Ensure they are always in the wrong.

S – Scare them with jail of enormous time for possession.

T – Trigger their violent behavior to ensure denial.

R – Reassure proper “society” that the bad guys is safely put away.

I – Imprison anyone who is Black for possession of a concealed weapon.

C – Constrict their ability to protect their families.

T – Target them as criminals with mental problems.

I – Intrigue them by provoking their natural instinct to protect.

O – Over exaggerate all injustice murdering of these people.

N – Negotiate their lives with others.

S – Sentences them for being black the new slavery technique

They will never admit to our superiority but will admit to massive slaughter of black, but deny their reasons for such destruction of our people.  If we never question their intentions then they will always have the upper hand.  If you never stand for ourselves then they will always put us where they think we belong. 

This is how it starts, first they come with their lies and money in hand.  Promising you everything but delivering you nothing.  They took everything from the Aborigines, pillaged and plundered our people.  After killing all the men of the tribes, the only thing left was to rape and impregnate the women.  Once they were done with them, they sent them off to live in a third world country and to take their elderly and weak with them.  This instilled hatred for the United State of America and brought about a need for revenge. 

Still they needed someone to build the land up for proper living.  Since “society” was so lazy they weren’t about to do the work themselves.  They tried others but came up short and very disappointed.  Their quest for other ethnics to do their will come up short but then they discovered South Africa, which from their Historical readings was already a part of a slave trade system.  What we didn’t know or what they haven’t divulged to us is that they have been enslaving our people since the 6th Century.  They saw the hard work, love, connection, commitment, dedication, and loyalty of our people.

They knew these were the people they needed to build their stolen country.  With lies in their hearts and distrust in their voices they approached the “King” to ask his people to aid them in building their country.  They promised money, jobs, living quarters, opportunities for all.  Their first trick was to show good faith.  The “King” with gold in his face and lies at his back with a good heart said okay.  Not sure of anything but the gold in front of him, he promised his people to the visitors.  Not all was please nor willing to go, but the dreams that was sold, sound good.

Once upon the ship the truth was revealed as they were shackled at once.  Some escaped to warn the King of the visitor’s betrayal, but were murdered before they could reach him.  Then the visitors thought for some to stay behind and keep the people disillusioned.  If anything looked different murder the King, then stay and rule over this land as well.  Many stayed behind while the slave ship took all the men they could from the families whom needed them.  The young and elderly were now prisoners of a “society” who was escaping from their own demons.  Do I pity them?  No, I don’t because of their laziness, lies, hate, and deceitfulness!  They have taken men and boys from their wives and mothers to do them harm and erase their existence, culture, and humanity. 

They robbed them of their chances at life.  They denied them of their dignity and honor just to satisfy their own.  Many died because of this act and the women and children left behind was never aware of their love one’s death.  No notification that their love ones will never be coming back home to or for them.  But, the ones taken wasn’t enough they needed more and since they were now in control in South Africa, they could go and take more whenever they thought necessary or unnecessary.

Then “society” learned that the South Africa’s could read and write so they weren’t as savage or dumb as they originally thought, hence the “The First Eleven Slaves” to sue “society” and win.  Nor was they like the Indians that once ruled upon the land in which they stole.  They also saw the South African worshiping the Sun God.  “Society” needed to use all this to their advantage.  I will admit they are some crafty ass villains.  The evil they lay wasted upon the South Africans will be their own mistake.  For you took away their reading doesn’t mean you stopped them from learning.  Just because you took away their writing doesn’t mean you took away their ability to do so.  You even denied them their native tongue all so you can be a ruler over people who already had a ruler.  You didn’t take away their hope nor their belief that the Sun God had favor in them.  If the Sun rose there was hope, will, and their ability to escape this madness.

Once you couldn’t break that spirit you denied them worship of their God but chose to force your God and beliefs upon them.  They now must learn to read your word and worship your God.  For their God was a lie and did not exist.  When in fact that is exactly what your God is, all lies!  Now you have completely erased their identities and now we know nothing of who we really are but we are learning, growing, and reclaiming our identities once again, even though we will never really know who we are, we can start from where we are now.

Now they are refusing to work and you feel the need to punish them.

W – Withhold their freedom and love ones from them until they beg.

H – Hate who they are but thankful for who they are.

I – Impose yourself onto them sexually.

PPatronize them as if they don’t understand what is going on.

H – Hinder them by brain washing them.

A – Assaulting them for no apparent reason.

N – Negotiate sales for their lives and bodies.

G – Gagging them to silence their cry for your God

B – Belittle them for pleasure.

U – Undermined their abilities to live as humans

R – Restrain them by crippling them physically and mentally.

N – Notarize their life, death, and birth to keep track of their movement.

S – Stealing their joy by making those who oppose your examples.

E – Easing your guilt by detaching yourself from that you have violated

L – Lessen your time on the planet by way of your God

L – Leaving behind a world of pain and uncertainty in those sold.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

The Family Bond! Chapter 2…Segment 1

Good morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

Chapter 2.  Tearing the Black Man from His Home

This isn’t a new thing so don’t believe the hype of a horrible useless, lazy, no good man.  That’s simply isn’t true.  Let me see this isn’t his fault per say but it is his attachment.  Okay, so the United States of American was built on the back of the black man.  Honestly, how can they be lazy, useless, or no good?  You would have to be a self-centered bastard to say such a thing to someone after they have done all your dirty work and you have done nothing but castrated them.

S – Stripped of their manhood and family values.

T – Transferred or transported to another life not of his own.

R – Retrained to think less of himself and more of his slave owner.

E – Embarrassed by humiliation of his character.

N – Nervous for his presences of his captive.

G – Growing weak from his abuse and demoralization.

T – Taught nothing to have nothing but wealthy beyond his means.

H – Hated by all who fears his abilities to better himself.


H – Helping to build one another up.

O – Oppressed no longer by the shackles that once bonded him.

N – Negotiating his own freedom from himself and his captive.

O – Operating his own life and managing his own business.

R – Reconnected with the family he once loss.

This is where they should have regained their pride and dignity of life which was once stolen from them but they couldn’t, why?  Because “society” found a new way to keep them away from all that loves and needs them.  It’s called the Constitution for whites and not for colors.  Oh, but there is more, this was just the beginning.  It wasn’t enough to enslave them now they shall have no rights as a human at all.  I know that you all think that the Constitution of America is for all, but it isn’t.  It is so many Addendums and add-ons to the Constitution but ways around how to allow black people the same rights of those who created it and signed it for their people. 

How can something written when we were slaves, be for us?  Think my people it is only your right as a human being to be able to think past what they have trained you to accept as a way of life!  So “society” took the heart out of the home and left you with an artificial one, “pacemaker,” or shall we say a resourced income.  That’s definitely not the same damn thing.  You can’t really replace a human being with a source of money.  If you think so then you are brainwashed.  This is their figuring of the absent man.

Man Replacement
Father Money
Spouse Dildos
Disciplinary Court
Financial Supporter Child Support
Handyman Handyman Services
Source of Income DSS
Reliability Social Worker
Protector Alarm Systems
Cook Order Out
Cleaner Maid Services

Now that the man isn’t in the home what shall we do with him, nothing because what leverage do, we have over him.  None!  This can’t be right; we need to be able to control him since we have taken him from the home.  Where do we put him because without responsibilities, he is a loose cannon?  Well we can always just let him be that loose cannon and wait to see what his natural destructive behavior brings to the table.  Got to give him a push though.  We gave him drugs and we must allow him to sell them for us, but he cannot be in charge of all that money.  So, we need to create a way for him to pay us back, in comes Child Support.  You think Child Support cares where the money comes from?  No, they just want you to pay your child’s mother needing their assistance where you are absent.

Well if he gets a real job, we deduct it from his check but we will take cash to keep him from going to jail if he makes his money illegal for us.  Either way we benefit from the madness that is the single black man. What if he doesn’t leave the home then we make him work for pennies on the dollar but we give him a pat on the back for staying in his children lives.  We know they all will not stay because the money and chaos will be too great of a deal to them.  Temptation is a mother isn’t it?  What if he gets too cocky then we put him in jail or prison?  We already built the concentration camps because we didn’t want to let them run free in the beginning.  They have masterminded the whole plan and when they came to obstacles, they just simply went back to the drawing board to fix the problem and add a law to make it right.

What about the Constitution, because thanks to Lincoln they now have rights under those laws?  We’ll be bank on them not knowing them all and the right laws that bends the Constitution to our desire, suites our needs.  They have the freedom to speak but not directly to higher power or law enforcement if told not to talk.  Isn’t that a violation not if worded correctly it isn’t?  If their speaking with loud outburst and it draws in a crowd then it is inciting a riot and that is against the law.       

Let’s see the Right to Bear Arms, not for black men or women, because they are natural savages and will murder randomly.  But that isn’t really working out the way they planned.  See they put stipulations in place to deny black the right to bear arms.  With black people killing each other I think this was the plan when they decided to “allowed” them to play with the thought of being able to protect what was rightfully ours.  Oh, you can bear arms only in the comfort of your home but with a permit or license to do so, meanwhile “society” is allowed to conceal them on their person as long as the clip isn’t in the weapon and the safety is on.  Not to mention all-black people are considered to have mental problems based on the drugs that they pushed through the black communities which targeted our young black men in the beginning for ADHD. 

I really don’t remember growing up with males in my family having Attention Deficit Hypertension Disorder.  They were all normal to me.  Now all black young boys are being diagnosed with having ADHD so they can make them sterile and create a mentally ill person with no rights even if he is mentally capable.  Now they are restricted from a lot of things knowing that they shouldn’t be restricted from anything.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

The Family Bond! Chapter 1…Segment 8

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

As for my family and I, we been through it all, but who family hasn’t.  We grew up in East Baltimore in a three-bedroom, row home, with both of our parents in the house.  Unlike most of my secondary family, but their parents were still in their lives in one way or another.  I would say I’m thankful for growing up with two parents but that would be a lie.  In all honesty, my life was a slight horror film that hasn’t been reviewed by the critics and may never be viewed by anyone more than myself. I see life in a whole different eye sight.  I have never been a follower so that will never be a part of my story, but I have been accused of being more than I needed to be at times.  Whatever that mean? 

I haven’t a clue of giving people the satisfaction of controlling my existence nor my presence in any given moment.   I did that enough when I was a child and allowed my parent the satisfaction of my joy and happiness.   Yes, I grinned and bared it because I had to but in my adult life it will never be a factor of mine.  Please, to give someone my joy is like giving someone my soul in the palm of their hands and no one is that powerful to my existence anymore.

I have twenty-four siblings, yes twenty-four but I was raised with mother’s eight, most of my cousins from both sides of the family including my aunts and uncles.  Yes, both sides of my grandparents and wonderful Godmothers.  I cannot forget the wonderful ladies who found prayer and love for my siblings and I, for giving my mother their hard-earned time, love and support in raising and feed us.  I am most grateful for knowing them, because their generosity is what gave me hope in uplifting the next person, whether as a child or an adult.

But even with all that, it still wasn’t a fairy tale.  However, we were a tight knit family with hell of problems.  What kept it all together for me was my Grandfather Robert.  We believed in our hearts as children, the world around us is better than what we are seeing through our eyes and pain.  Our experience wasn’t met without difficulty but we struggled together and made it through.  We as children spent a lot of time together and there were times when we had our little arguments based off our parent’s arguments but we moved on and made our living arrangements work.  Every day, I prayed for my own bed and own space. I’m quite sure I wasn’t the only one.  We had a lot to pray for and even more to be thankful for in our lives.  There were times when we went to sleep in the dark and woke to the dark and never knew when we were going to see light again.  I’m not talking about morning but light, television, electricity of any kind.  For me when anything went wrong Granddad was there to fix all my problems and bond this family together again as one.  My “Superhero” was dyeing and I had no idea, but he wouldn’t allow me to see it either.  I saw him down a few times, but in my mind, I didn’t want to believe that my “Superman” could ever be hurt, but like the fictional character “kryptonite” was killing him slowly.

What was his kryptonite; Brain Cancer?  This Six foot something odd inches man was one of the lucky ones to get it right.  He was until, the Higher Power called him home. He was a family man in every sense of the word.  He did it all; took care of his family, paid bills, worked, cooked, cleaned and raised six children by himself.

Well that is after my Grandmother ran off with his best friend, but that another book.

I give Great Grandma Bessie and Great Granddad Israel along with the Creator the praise and glory for such a great man.  He may not have had everything but he gave them a roof over their heads, clothes on their backs, shoes on their feet and love from his soul.  Like I said I was raised in a house with all my family.  It was crowded but it was rewarding.  There were days when we struggled but there were days when life looked good from my eyes.  I wouldn’t say we had the best life but I wouldn’t say it was the worst either. It was days when we didn’t know where our next was coming from but being with this family made things like that vanish from my mind.  Couldn’t expect much we grew up in a poverty-stricken neighborhood.  Everyone had some sort of issue, whether it was drugs, hunger, health, mental, murder, rape, domestic violence or otherwise, but we were a community still.

I was ashamed that we relied on public assistance to help us but as I looked around my neighborhood so did everyone else.  Then I had the chance to journey outside my environment and realized that we are being played like a violin.  Public assistance was just a way to keep my family in check.  It was a system designed to keep my family from advancing mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially.  It was put in place to help you get up, no it is put in place and designed to keep you down.  They get all in your business and never get out.  They know so much about you that you have to go to them to remember who the hell you are.

I know this sounds strange but it is true.  You just spend their money and then when they need something from you could can’t say no because they are the ones that gave you all you have.  See I see the plan and understand the goal of “society.”  Yes, they allow you to have but only enough that they make you miserable and aware that they control your every movement.  It is very depressing to think that you have something just to realize you have nothing. 

The craziest part of it all is that both of my parents had jobs but still relied on the system to carry them as well as us.  We lived poor as hell but had money, well enough to live better than how we were living.  My parents became a victim of “society’s” hold.  Then when “society” pushed their disease into our neighborhoods and what the next man was doing was the trend, my parents and other family members became entrapped in the web of seduction, called “Drugs.”  This is one powerful bitch and “society” knew it. 

I wish I could say it was a product of the sixty’s flowing into the 70’s; 80’s and 90’s but I would be lying.  For the most part Drugs has been an epidemic in poverty-stricken neighborhoods long before it tidal waved through Baltimore City.  It just when it hit us, it quickly manifested out of control.  The war had begun and not on crime or drugs but on Baltimore’s communities and all its glory.  Slowly the community support and happiness died and the drugs were to blame.  People had lost focus of what family was and had no chances or notion of turning it around. 

“Society” blamed the hippies and needed the world to jump on board so the fingers would dare point to them.  No, it was just the way those hippie babies were programmed by the music, the oppression, and the life style they were forced to endure.  War was and continue to be a terrible thing but we know that isn’t where all the blame lay.  This isn’t all the blame; we have to look at the family as a whole and not as just one individual.  In fact, let’s see it like this. 

Your body have many components but you need them all to be whole, but not all of them to function properly.  That is the same thing “society” figured out when they decided to break the family into pieces.  You know without the major organs there is no way to survive therefore they came up with artificial parts to replace the originals.  They didn’t function as well as the one you were born with but they function with the help of someone or something else to assist its functionality.  Correct!  Now that is what “society have done they took away the major components of the family and replaced them with generics just so what was left could function.  Where you had both parents, grandparents, cousins, nieces, nephews, aunts and uncles are now like Pangaea broken into other parts of the world.  What was whole, is now in piece and being picked apart like a scab.  If you pull to hard it will bleed but if you pull little at a time, then you can get the scab off without hurting anyone, so they thought or really didn’t care.  You be the judge!

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

The Family Bond! Chapter 1…Segment 7.

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

Now remember children learn from what they see.  So, if a young girl only sees men running in and out of her home and no longer is her father there what do you think she is going to want to do?  If a young boy sees men running in and out their home with their mother what do you think they are going to do?  It may not seem like it but it is a psychological cycle of damage and will soon or later be the reason or cause of mental break downs, pain, frustration and unwarranted abuse. 

Women will believe this is how a woman is supposed to get money when there is no man in the house or no education for her.  A man will believe this is the way you treat women who has a lack of education and no man in the house.  Also, he doesn’t want a family nor want to be in the house of a woman who has family whether they are his or not.

First, there was no man without woman since Eve bit the forbidden apple in the Garden of Eden.  Now there is women for women, men for men, whores for everyone, and good people for everyone to dog.  Where in the hell did they start this trend and when?  Sorry it has always been there since black was enslaved by “society” and forced to perform sexual favors to please the master sometimes at their own will and then other time it was taken at the owner’s discretion. 

Someone asked me recently, if Eve came from Adam, when did man start coming from woman?  I stated when GOD decided that since she wasn’t obedient that she would birth the world and suffer the pain and challenges of child birth.  That’s when man became of woman and no long the reverse.

You would think that now that man was of woman that they would act differently and they have.  They have completely decided that they would destroy the very fiber of what woman was since she had destroyed the existence and what man was.  According only to Eve and Adam, because as a Queen I hold faith in my man and only because he is of God and God fearing. 

Families had the man in the home growing the fruit, herding the live stocks, planting the seeds, building the stables, working the fields, and making the babies.  Mothers were raising the children, cooking the meals, mending the clothes, educating the children, making sure they attend to their studies, and they all was praying for the next day, while thanking the HIGHER POWER for the day HE had made.

Some sort of worship was on the Sabbath and then home to start the week again.  Then when the children were of age chores was put into place.  Dad and Mom extended to the children, their know how, boys went out and did what fathers knew and girls learned what mothers knew.  Either way a learning system was formed from generation to generation until the sixties somehow those sixties changed so much about people as well as families.  Men got separated from what family is and then somehow got very close to what Child Support would mean to him from that moment on.

Dads couldn’t be in the homes no more; mothers were doing more to keep the families together.  Grandparents started stepping in more.  The elderly wasn’t retiring anymore and social services was booming with more black families.  Oh, by all means don’t get it misconstrued poor “non-black” families were suffering just as much as the average black family, if not more.   The system was winning and the black families were losing at an alarming rate. 

You think this would damage the average black family but some just adjusted their standards while other adjust their income by working and getting paid under the table.  While some young boys in the home of single parent mothers could look at their mother struggle as much as she did for his family most of them turned to the lifestyle of hustling.  They didn’t just hustle drugs they hustled whatever the fuck they could.  They hustle hustlers if need be.  They rob and stole if need be.  The crime rate was increasing and murder wasn’t their only problem anymore.  Some learned to just take from the same “society” that started the crime cycle.  As devious as they were as criminalizing as colors were.    

Black leaders called out to communities for help and most answered but “society” had their claws in the black families to deep.  We went from slavery to racism to poverty placement, to genocide and now back to mind slavery.  I can see this cycle is about to repeat itself again. 

Where can we go from here?                            

We need real leaders, community leaders not ones who looks like us but act like them.  They’re the ones selling us out now.  They are the ones who don’t care about the black families.  They are the ones who believe we are the minority.  Excuse the fuck out of me but we are the majority that’s why they need us gone.  With us out of the way then they surely would be the majority, but that’s not going to happen.  As much as they want us out for the same reason they need us so badly.

They brought us over here because they had already wiped out our kind and knew our kind would be the only friendliest people they could enslave.  See we were already here just spoke another language.  That’s how they knew what type of people they are really in need of and went in search for them.  They still doing it to this day.  They still go to South Africa “The Mother Land” and steal South Africans from their homes and make false promises to them only to enslave them wherever they end up and sell to the highest bidder.  People lives aren’t an auction and should never be valued as such or less than.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

The Family Bond! Chapter 1…Segment 6.

Goddess morning Royals. First, give worship or praise to the all High.

I know myself, whether my parents wanted to be believed it or not, had plenty of issues and problems.  Because, I was always a thinker, my parents told me it was all in my head.  I was soon convinced that it was all in head but when things happened and my parents was upset, I told them now it is all in reality, and no longer in my head.  This caused me to get beatings but that didn’t solve nor resolve any issues or concerns that I was experiencing.  My parents then wanted to blame everything on someone else instead of taking the blame themselves.   I took the blame and the ass whipping so why was it so hard for them to take a little credit for not listening to me in the first place?  Because then they would have to admit to themselves that they had poor parenting skills.  In reality, “society” didn’t have to tell them this I could have given them this information from my standpoint.  I wish I could say that I had a great childhood but then I would be lying to myself.  Like I said before it was good on the outside but dreadful on the inside.  I lived with my parents most of my childhood and then I stayed with my Godparents other times.  I wish I could say it was much different there but also, I would be lying.  The difference was no drugs or people running in and out all times of the night.  The same was all the fussing and cursing.  No wonder when I was young I could curse like a sailor, it was already embedded in my psyche.

People “society” say all we can do is our best and the rest is up to them.  If that was the case the village was dead long before it began, but that isn’t the case, is it?  We as black parents know that when the road gets rough for our children or family we pull together and find a better way.  We don’t turn our backs on our own kind but we step up to the plate and bat, praying for a home run.  For those families that don’t is why I am writing this book.  Those rips in the very fiber of the family bond is the reason that “society” moves into your psyche and take over.  We have to want to be a family in order to continue on in the black communities as a family.  Right now, “society” has torn the very fiber of the family values, code, honor, trust, love and relationship from the household.  The glue has come loose and the structure is starting to shake, brick by brick, nail by nail, and wall by wall, the black family and community is coming down.  It’s not completely down but it is on shaky ground and the very hate that we now are carrying for one another is the same quake that making it a natural disaster area of hell for all. 

How and when did this start is the question?  I may not have all the answers but I have a theory.  This will open your eyes and for most you may already know this or more than this, but it is worth a try if this mean we get back a bond that should have never been broken.

So back in the day roughly around the early 1700’s or so, black families consist of man, woman, child, plus a grandparent or two.  Why the grandparents, because back then the grandparents were always the wisdom and head of the house, even though they gave the responsibility to the man, they still were the wisdom.  Where do you think you learned of your heritage and understood why the struggle of all those before were important?  Your grandparents taught your parents and now have time and patient to teach you as well. 

See patience is a thing of the past these days.  Everyone wants what they want and they want it now.  Well if you don’t wait on your turn then you are going to miss what is really for you.  You will bypass importance and only receive what you want.  Somehow that have been failing a lot of you and then you want to blame someone but, in your life, you have no one else to blame but you.  So, why am I blaming “society” right? I’m not!  I am taking the blame for people of color because they allowed “society” to enter the psyche and destroy what they knew to be true. Now they are filled with lies, hatred, false hope, and anger but for no reason at all. When all they really have to do is pay attention to the elders and learn from what they teach.  Now days children disrespect what they have to teach and offer, to the point of no return.    

I remember when there was no disrespecting the elders of the family because your disrespect led to punishment by whippings.  Yes, dad would take you out back and give you a switching you would never forget.  Even though he didn’t want to you had to be taught a lesson on manners and minding them. I have noticed that black people disrespect what they don’t know and what they refuse to believe in as far as they are concerned.

Usually it only took the one, because he made sure the understanding was clear.  Your bottom was sore for a while but you thought long and hard before you spoke and what was to come out of your mouth.  This might have silenced children but they knew when and where to speak.  They knew their place and when to step out of it and with whom.

This has always been an unwritten law of the black people.

You earned your right to be noticed by properly implementing your input and where needed.  Now days children curse the parents and elderly as if they were dogs or less than.  The children are telling the parents and the grandparents what to do and how to do.  They also are defining them by not doing what they are told.  They speak when no one is speaking to them.  They voice their opinions to the wrong people and at the wrong time.  They even tell them what time they will be in the house and not where they are going.  Where’s the manners?! Where’s the respect?! Where’s the discipline?! Gone!  Why?  I think because no one is the authoritative figures no longer and children have no clue on how to act when they haven’t been properly taught.  Once again, they learn from sight.  If you do it, they will want to do it.  They learn from what they hear, if you say it then they will say it.  They are the sponges that you don’t want them to be in the time you are being defiant, but they are they pick up on everything we as parents do, even when don’t want them to.  They don’t use it on us until they have used it in the streets and gotten away with it.  Remember our children are a direct reflection of us and everything we do.  When they are out of your sight and being ill-mannered, where do you think they got that from?  

They’re not being properly educated not taught manners.  Our people believe ignorance is bliss but it isn’t.  See in the early day, black family’s Dads was in the house.  Welcome to 1933, the market crashed but because black people on had but so much then lost a lot.  This hurt them because they were really just getting started and what they were making now was gone.  Times got hard and mothers and father were now in the workforce doing what had to be done in order to provide for the family.  Because women were still the minority they couldn’t work and make as much as a man could and jobs were far and few.  What they did in their own homes became work for “society” in their homes.  Roughly around the sixty’s men started disappearing from homes.  These left women to do what they had to do in order to provide.  If what they knew was laying on their backs then this was what they did to provide for their families.  The sixties were about peace and war which is a conflict for all to comprehend.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

The Family Bond! Chapter 1…Segment 5

Goddess Evening Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

Blacks people of the world know there is a:

E – Evolution of frenemies that plague our communities

V – Violence that is forced upon us by those who fear us.

I – Injustice that will never be brought to justice because justice isn’t meant for us.

L – Longing to be like us but hate us at the same time.

You tell me who is the enemy here, “society” or the blacks community?  Seriously, I’m thinking “society” is the problem as well as the enemy that is against the black community.  If we allow them the strength, that they think that have, then we continue to fall victim to their false power as well as promises to the black communities.  We as black people need to gather together and redesign our thoughts and direct our steps for a better life.  Where is our love and strength to ensure the continuation of our own people?  Gone!  Why, because “society” has planted the whole idea of hatred in our psyche.  “Society” continue to sell hatred in the black communities by introducing their drugs and racism by employment as well as other factors, but we have to open our eyes and minds to what is being said.  They aren’t even trying to sugar coated it any longer.  They are giving you the facts and telling you exactly what you can and cannot do as a family, in your own home and your life.  This weakens the family bond in the black communities by 80%.

A family’s bond is made up of the strength of the black man in the home, the encouragement and love of the woman who nurtures the household, the understanding and educating of the child/ren that is taught and received.  We look to the black woman for everything, and then some, when it comes to the problems and hurt in a family.  We rely on the love from the black woman to guide the family and, if not, the bond is torn.

Why are these my first consideration of the bond, because, if a man is strong in his stance, belief, family values, work, discipline, love and judgement, his decision to stay in the home cannot be replaced, and he shall not be removed from his family.

Encouragement from a good woman strengthens the whole household.  A man will never stand alone with encouragement from his woman.  She will empower him and restore the faith in their relationship wherein, “society” has ripped out of him.

Love for her family is an indestructible force to be reckoned with from any direction.  A woman’s love is so powerful it can make and break a man or house if there isn’t a strong man in the picture or a lack of encouragement with a hint of disbelief in her judgement.  Let me clarify what I am saying here.  If she doesn’t believe in you and what you stand for there is no way you will stay with her unless you are weak minded.  A weak man will fall for anything and stand for nothing.  These are the same people that teaches the child/ren they conceive. What you teach your children is very important to the growth of their minds, body, soul and spirit.  What you show them will be embedded in their psyche forever.  What they learn outside the home should always be a discussion not a debate.  If you debate them on what they have learned out in the street, they will evaluate that notion as a road to see where it goes.  If you discuss all the avenues to what they believe to be true then they will understand more and have a clear understanding that, that road isn’t one they should travel.  There should always be rules and boundaries to follow and not to cross.  I say this because parents make rules but then bend them because of certain situation but if you stand strong in your ruling then they will know that this isn’t a breakable rule.  Children’s perception of what you teach them depends on your delivery.  When conversing with your children let them know the difference between and a serious parent and a fun-loving parent.  They will however choose the fun-loving parent all the time but know when the serious parent is in their presence.  

We as people has the tendency of preaching but not practicing.  Children watches everything you do, so be careful of what, when, and where you conduct unsavory business.  When you show them the unsavory side of you, they will think that you are phony and do shady things when they aren’t around.  They will look at you in a very different light.  They might still love you but that trust is out the door and is very side eyed.  They may fear you but they still have a second thought when it comes to trusting you only because you showed them a different side of you from which they have no business seeing in the beginning.  Yes, I understand that you are the parent and do what the hell you want to as long as you are the one that provides.  Let’s look at it like this!

When your child/ren aren’t around you want them to behave the same way they do when you are around, correct!  We also want the morals and values we teach to be practiced not only to us but to other adults and in other places when we aren’t in their presence, also correct!  Then if you start to show them different then when they aren’t in your presence those types of actions will be the unsavory, disrespect and discipline that you see other children do in the streets.  You know the ones that makes you say, “I wish like hell my child/ren would act like that out in these streets,” or “If I was their parents they would act like that because I don’t play with mine,” or my personal favorite “Where’s their parent and who is raising these children?”  Well these are the children that is in doubt of how to be a child or how to behave because of either what they weren’t shown or what they are being taught or there a lack of.

As we know words have power so when you say things hurtful or misleading, you redirect children faith in the family household.  You weaken the bond that hold the family together.  You leave room for unwarranted actions that leads to consequences of hurt and hatred.  A plaque that cannot be removed by one person.  If you are damming them like “society” does or deny them a future also like “society” does then they will become exactly what you have created in them hate, but mostly towards you. Remember children are thinkers as well, maybe not on an adult level but they will one day and sooner than you know.  Keep that in mind when you are address them and their issues.  Let’s think back when we were children their ages and our parents told us we don’t have nerves or aren’t old enough to have problems, but within ourselves we believe that we had these issues and now your children are experiencing similar things.   We need to listen and understand from where we were when we were their age.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove