The Family Bond! Chapter 6…Segment 6.

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

As of this moment, stop enslaving your own self and your own people.  Stop, trying to make them work for pennies on a dollar, when you know you wouldn’t even work for pennies on a dollar.  Reason for you becoming an entrepreneur, but you didn’t get there without the black people in the neighborhood.  So, if you are going to higher them then do it with respect and not to show them that you are better than them.  If you cannot afford to pay them more then have incentives wherein you assist them with purchasing a home or fixing their credit scores so they can afford their own home.   Have a program in place to help them get further, don’t fuck them over.  If, you do then they will turn around and rob you or kill you to get your spot.  That is what they are fighting to get your spot.  If you’re a true person of color then you know their mentality is to do what they have to do to get better, even if that mean climbing over you to get it, by any means necessary.  That what it is all about.  Instead of you bringing them along to advance yourself, you try to keep them down and you know that not going to happen.

So, if “society” can do a pyramid scam why can’t people of “color.” You know the scams, that all you people of color jump in line for and still don’t get anywhere.  So, let’s start a pyramid and when you advance you bring up the next person so they can bring up the person trailing behind them.  Meaning when your level advances, so do theirs, when you grow, they grow, we all grow.  Let’s make that pyramid happen!  Other than that, they are going to keep clawing, pulling, killing, scratching to get to the top; not caring who they have to kill to get there.  When they fall prey to their murderer; the next man in line or two steps behind; taking the lead but there will always be others who will kill to get that space.  Because no one is bringing them along and wants growth. Everyone wants to keep the top spot while that underdog suffers.  No longer is that working for the black man, and they are killing even their own brothers to get to the top.   The HNIC should not have to watch his back if he is doing his business right, because he is making away for the next man to become the HNIC while he relaxes and count stacks. Hence forth the pyramid and how it works. But if you aren’t giving them nothing; they will fight and kill to get something, and the less you give the hungrier they are getting.  Meaning more people will die before a lot is fed.  They are definitely trying to eat on these streets and by any means necessary to do so.  They are no longer waiting for someone to feed them, now they are just taking food out of your mouth in a matter of speaking.  If they are killing your bread and butter then your ass has now become the same people you stepped over to get where you are. Now your climb is less than theirs because they are eating your meals right off your plate.  Just feed them, it’s better, safer and less painful to do so.  If, not just listen to how they are telling you in every song they make, every movie they make and every funeral you attend.

The streets will show you the truth while pertraying a lie.

Now we have learned to inflict more fear in the community by killing those who wants to help families of slayed sisters and brothers but we can’t because those who do the dirt has made snitching a the code of the streets.  Well I say if you don’t live in the streets then do exactly what you know is right and regain that fear.  Tell what you know so that the murderers who plague our communities will know that this isn’t acceptable and that we will not have this any longer as a way of living.  If we don’t say anything then we just as guilty of the crime ourselves.  I understand that most of us fear for our lives but even if we don’t snitch then we still have to fear for our lives because we aren’t sure when we are the next targets on these people crime spree.  How can we as a black community protect our children or our community if we live in fear of what our children or their friends are going to do to us.  We need to know how to take back what has been lost and that is dreams, hope, love, trust, and honesty. 

Stop walking around in fear with that same target on your back as that of those you know have targets on their backs.


They sold you coke and you brought it. Didn’t tell you what to do with it so you snorted it. 

They sold you pipe dreams and you fell for it.

They showed you how to cook it and you smoked it.

Now you hooked on it. 

They sold you dope; you went to sleep on it. Didn’t wake up now you’re in hell wishing heaven was your playground.

They sold you water and you drank it, now they have you hallucinating.

Thinking you are alone, making it hard for you to come back home.

Got you thinking family don’t like you, and everyone wants to fight you. 

They all lies, everyone loves you.

Get back to the bond, nothing else is this strong.

Family love can’t go wrong. 

They got you out here chasing. Taking lives, live or die are you debating. 

Go back to your family instead. They really got in your head.  Hours later someone finds you dead. 

With a gunshot to the head!

Why, for no damn reason?  Niggas just out her scheming.  Flash backs of you laying there bleeding.

Nightmare come true, your life is over and now I’m through.  When will this madness stop?  Seeking revenge isn’t an opt, but more bodies will drop.

All because of the fear and jealousy… all I’m trying to do is live and be me.

Don’t hate on what I have you don’t know my struggle or my path.

Walk a mile in my shoes.  Darkness is the path, no food, no clothes, no water, no bath. 

Flashing lights is the code.  Dead body what the mode.  No one knows, no one was there, but in reality, someone is always there. 

Eyes everywhere, but who really cares.  Someone does because they snitched on the low. 

Now their lives on the line and they must go. 

Can’t be a witness because it is confidential.

You must now I can’t remember it’s all messed up in my mental. 

Society is the assailant, and you still the target. 

We right back where we started. 

This is the same thing for addicts or those addicted to drugs.  I hope you didn’t think I was going to leave you all out, now did you?  You watched your parents, uncles, aunts, older cousins, or grandparents get high.  In your heart, you know it wrong but your mind is telling you, they are good.  Oh my, the mind is a tricky muscle.  It will play the weirdest games on you and control your movements, but it only does what the soul wants.  If you know drugs is bad but deep down your curiosity is hungry then you will try it.  Some say I tried it and it wasn’t for me, you are a strong will and minded person.  Others aren’t so lucky.  For those who have weak wills and minds they get hooks on the first try and become so addicted to it that they lose their minds, not getting it.  They swear that they aren’t addict to anything until the stealing and jail time become a factor.  They say one hit is all it takes.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove


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