The Family Bond! Chapter 6…Segment 7.

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

You start selling sex, or trading sex for drugs or money to feed your addiction.  In your eyes though you still can’t see the addiction nor any problem with it.  You no longer want to do this by yourself so then you talk others into your addiction and habits with you.  You have yet to know how you infect those around you.  You convince others who are weak minded that this is the shits and the trend.  Now you have turned others onto your addiction and without completely understanding your lies and deceit has on this person’s life.  Mostly it will be a significant other or a close family member.  You introduce them to a world that they never knew they could fit into and then you leave them to themselves to fend for their own addiction.  They aren’t sure how the game works so they hook up with a veteran, someone who have been getting high for years, and turning tricks since God know when. 

Now everyone is addict to whatever and you want to procreate.  Why you want to do that I will never know?  Now your addiction becomes your baby’s addiction.  No, you didn’t have the sense to stop during your pregnancy because once again your will is weak.  When your child/ren was born addict, you should have found a way to detox your child because the urge will be there especially when they see you constantly do drugs.   It has become so bad that the children are in the streets, in the shooting galleries, in the crack houses with the parents while they are getting high!  I know some of you, dummies, are saying at least they didn’t just leave them on someone else or at least they are still with the parents.  Hell no, either way it’s wrong!  Why expose these children to more horror when there is an urge and addiction laying waste in their systems?  They know more about drugs by the time they are ready to go to school then they know about their name, address, colors, age, date of birth, phone number, or parents name.  You all know that isn’t right!

They are just as lost as the parents themselves.  Oh, but “society” is okay with it because this is an opportunity to test their new drugs on our children.  When the “government” hear there’s children to test their drugs on they pray they are black.  They can’t wait to shove new killer drugs in the black communities.  Just like that, we have our children hooked on all kinds of shit.  Now some drugs are needed I can’t lie but others are just poison and we allow it because we are gullible and easily persuade. 

Now the parents are getting high with the children.  I had a lady tell me one day.  “I rather my daughter gets high with me so I can know where she is and that she’s okay, then to get high with someone else and have no idea.  Besides I know what she is getting high off.”  I wanted to slap the life out of her body so she could see and hear herself but I didn’t I held my composer.  I did however give her a piece of mind.  Dumb bitch makes absolutely no sense.  What you should want is both of you off drugs, and somewhere in a better state of mind.  She just nodded off into her world and I walked away in shame. 

See what we fail to realize is once one addiction is no longer satisfying the “government” find another one to throw into our system.  They give you opioids for pain when ibuprofen, Tylenol, and Aleve was doing just fine.   They knew that they couldn’t really make money off black people with those drugs so they went back to the drawing board and decided opioids would best serve their purpose.  If you had no real complications before then; even though there was an underline problem but surviving; why increase the problem by putting opioids in the mix. 

Now look at our generations!! First, they put cocaine and heroin in our communities which is still a big thing but they knew the children who wasn’t addicted wouldn’t do those drugs, so they shinned and glossed it and gave us ecstasy pills.  “Society” was going out on them to fast, dying at an alarming rate, so task force that idea.  Then they pushed mollies, and Percocet and oxycodone through addicts knowing it would be a fade, a trend, a new high.  The children would think its innocent because the doctor prescribed those, so they must be safe.  Instead of people saying no, they invented pain to get the highest dose possible so you can be the new pushers, and you fell for it. 

So now you are your doctor’s dealer.  Your love one’s, great white hope for numbing their existence.  You say I love my family and would do anything for them; if anyone fucks with my love ones it’s war.  You swear by their lives that they are your heart yet in still you force drugs on them.  You supply them with death itself.  You deal them a fate worse than living.  You take away any hope they may have in life.  You take away mothers, sister, brothers, from your nieces, and nephews, your grandchildren, you own children and yourself, then point the got damn finger of blame. 

We swear we will kick asses for the family, we love but won’t fight the real fight, the battle that is tearing our homes, lives and communities apart.  Now is the time to stop the madness.  How about we start fighting for ourselves and then when we are in a position and the right mind state to stop doing this shit, we know aren’t right?  Then and only then can we fight for those we do harm to and have done harm to and that we have done wrongly by and wrongly to.

We sit here and say yes, my aunt, uncle, cousin, mother, father, brother, sister, grandmother, grandfather, mother, and father are a junkie, but I love them.  How can we really say we love them and watch them kill themselves?  Where is the real love if this is our view on our family members?  How is this love, me watching you destroy yourself and those around you?  We need to fight the enemy, no this time it’s isn’t “society” which they would always be the enemy, this time it’s ourselves.  Yes, people we are our own enemies!  We need to understand our brains and bodies will fight against us when it is tired and fed up, especially if we’re not sure what the common denominator is.  If our common denominator is self-unawareness then how can our numerator be awareness the two cancels out each other?  So how can we be aware of what is really going on?

Of course, we can speak on other’s lives like oh my goodness…, I wouldn’t do that if I was you…, or did you see…,your boyfriend or girlfriend isn’t…, but can’t we see our own shit being delivered to us.  Can we see; how we ourselves are being fucked over?  Can we see where we need to get off our asses?  Can we see when and where we need a push, a helping hand? 

No, because we are so indulged in our bull shit and so stuck in our own minds, we believe that at any time we can stop this.  But when do you want to stop it?  That’s the question!  See that’s how you become your own enemy, by believing that at any time you can stop it, but not right now.  Do you realize that the, people around you are being hurt right now?  It’s not only you that is hurting but every person you encounter.  Your infection/disease is spreading and causing others pain, grief, and illness.

People say what I eat doesn’t make you shit, but that’s a lie.  Your actions have consequences, and effects on other lives.  For example:

  1. Going to jail, need someone to either bail you out or put money on your books, come visit, have compassion and sympathy for you!  You have the should’ve, could’ve, would’ve at this point.
  2. Rehabilitation you need a sponsor, you need money to get from one place to another, or money to pay for your stay, even someone else health insurance to cover.
  3. When you get high you need to borrow, steal, rob, hurt, or kill for your fix so you do what you must, to accommodate that need.

What you eat does make others shit.  Let’s give up on that terminology there.  That one isn’t good.  You decided to take from my home is good for you, but what about my family?  They don’t matter because as long as you are getting what you want others don’t matter until you really need them, in which you still take from other’s family as well as yours.

Stop being a thief and a taker and start being a giver and a loving soul.  Care about someone other than yourself. 

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove


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