The Family Bond! Chapter 6…Segment 5.

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

I’m calling you all out on your bull shit because some of you think your shit doesn’t stink, but it does, it really does!  It smells before you even start it, so please check yourself before you talk about others bull shit!  Your shit is so horrible it smells like a rotting corpse on the hottest day of the summer.  Smell your shit and stop smelling others.  You nor I are perfect but we could do so much better than what we have and are doing right now. 

I am going to go just a little deeper into our mess.  Some of it is generational bull.  Like come on black people, social services.  I know and understand that everyone, even I, need a little helping hand or have fallen on hard times, but some of us don’t even try.  Then our generations before us don’t even push us past them, they just walk our asses up to the counter and then through the process as soon as we turn eighteen.  When they should have been pushing for us to be better than them, not just like them.  The goal, black people are for each generation to be greater than the last, not the other way around.  It has become so bad for our people, that our men rather be on social services than out making an honest dollar.  Our children’s children want to be on social services when they grow up.  I can’t lie though “society” haven’t given us a fair shake either, but they have given us a shake.

Take that fake ass shake and make it more for you and yours, then you can help bring the community up.  If everyone did just a little, we could have a lot.  Stop complaining about what you don’t have and make it happen.  See the problem is we get ours and then leave behind the community.  Trying to forget where we came from so we really have no direction on where we are going as long as it is away from here.  But where is here, the same place that gave you your start and the same place you will most likely end the fuck up again.  See talent recognize talent and you are supposed to recognize where you come from and bring them along with you.  You couldn’t have made it without someone in your corner and now be someone in their corner.  It is a chain so continue to link it together.   We will break a promising chain but keep a declining one going.  Break the negative cycle to introduce the positive link. 

The problem is you all still believe that the slave masters can fix the problems that plague our communities.  No, they cannot fix our problems.  What’s broken is that you think that the slave masters can fix the problem, more or less care enough to want to fix the problems.  All along that’s the problem that’s broken.  See what we have to do is get our mind out of think everyone can solve our problems. No one can solve our problems.  Our problems are not the same as “white” people problems, or “Chinese” people problems.  No, no they’re not!  The reason our problems aren’t the same because we are the ones that they enslaved. They didn’t enslave their own kind no, they enslaved us!  In turn, we think that the people who enslaved us are the same people that can solve our problems.  Yeah, that’s where we are broken.  No, they can’t!

First of all, you have to get out of the mentality that “politicians” are going to save our cities, states, or our streets.  Bullshit! They are only there for the money!  The tax payers, paying them to do absolutely nothing, but make laws that keep you from doing anything.  Their laws are not for people of color.  I don’t care how many-black people you put into those offices, there is no way in the world they are going to allow those black people to control, anything!  Especially, when the majority of the house are “white” republicans.  We had a “Black President” and they fought him tooth and nail on every decision he made. They didn’t allow that man to do anything and he had the power to exercise his right as the leader of the “Free” World, but he didn’t.  You know why because he was a ploy to get black people back in the booth voting or they will have to find another way to show you all that you don’t matter.  They just wanted you all to vote so when they used your social security numbers to borrow against the people, they will have enough people to borrow against.  They just wanted it to seem like you all were doing your part as “citizens” and exercising your “rights” to do so. 

Let me ask you all this what did he say and do for the people of color?  Nothing because they would let him and he knew that going in that he would be able to do nothing at all for us.  He knew that he would just be a figure head for people of color and nothing more.  Just like all the other black politicians who get there by your votes and do nothing.  Now when they were running, they had so many promises for people of color and black neighborhoods.  As soon as they are elected in and have won those ideas and words are memories. They lie on their platform so that you can believe the are the savor. Them they abandon all of the constituents so that they can feed their persona agenda, themselves.  They start off with their sad stories on how they came from exactly where you “the voters” come from and been through the same struggles you “the voters” are going through.  For some they may have but no sooner as they in that seat, they forget their struggles.  They start looking at how they can help “society” who loves the “black” people.  Naw, no, no, no, that’s the problem.  We don’t care if they love or don’t love us, because we know they will never have the deep intimate love that we are supposed to have for ourselves. 

See our minds have become so enslaved that we believe that we can be better than our next black male or female.  When the thought should be that we can be better for your next black male or female and to bring them up.  The fact of the matter is, as much as we keep stepping on them “society” steps on us and that means, they get stepped on twice as much, double the crush.  We’re not helping, we’re hurting!  Revitalize our neighborhoods, but we keep letting these other nationalities come in and buy them; making them rich by continue to rent from them; and then complain about them being slum landlords. The fact is they could really care less about our neighborhoods, all they care about is the money that we kick out to live in these neighborhoods.  If you are ever fortunate enough to visit their homes, there isn’t a crack in the wall, nor is there a roach running about.  There isn’t a corner store to be found, more or less a liquor store or a crack addict swaying on the sidewalk. The water is even different, the taxes are lower, the streets are well paved, the air is different.  You are not paying attention people.  You could live in one of the best cities in the world, but you will always be just the lower, middle or middle upper class, but you never really fit into their “society.”  I don’t care how much money you have; they consider you privilege and you should be so honored to be in their presence.  Oh, sure your money is good enough for them to take but they still will not consider you to be one of them.  You can be one of the top Billionaires and could buy them if need be but you still will not be considered nothing more than a “nigger with money” to them, never nothing more.  They will never consider you to be part of the social circle just an onlooker trying to fit in.  Yeah, you get power but they only give you enough to make you feel good to give them your money.  I’m trying to tell you people that if you don’t do it for ourselves it’s never going to happen and if we don’t do it together for ourselves, it really isn’t never going to happen. 

The first time you mess up they turn their backs on you with the thought I told you he/she was nothing more than a “nigger” with money. Once again, excuse my expression of vulgar language.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove


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