Manic Monday! Disconnected From Reality

Goddess morning Royals. First give praise and worship to the all High.

Why does Black Lives Only Matter when another race is involved?

I understand the frustration and misconception of living in peace when it comes to other races but I don’t understand the hate for your own race! Yes, I see and live in the struggle but there is no way I’m taking another life to make ends meet.

By any means necessary!

Malcolm X

I don’t believe Malcolm X meant genocide and he wouldn’t be proud of the outcome of his quote in today’s actions of his people. We march in unity for police 🚔 brutality but turn around in that same march and kill a brother because of self-hate. That’s the only thing I can see you killing another man, woman or child of color for. You have a lack of knowledge, love, hope, understanding, compassion, sympathy, empathy and pride for yourself so taking a life isn’t meaningful to you. You are cold! I would say cold hearted but there is no heart there!

No love in killing a man because of what he has and struggled for, but you will not struggle and strive to get or because he is now where you were or with the woman you didn’t want! Killing a woman because she don’t want you, need you, or stop being in love with you! Killing a child because it isn’t yours, or you can’t have the woman that’s attached to the child or because you simply didn’t want the child!

I can’t be your everything and you be your nothing!

Kenya Spann

If you won’t try to be better than what you are for you than there’s no way I can make you better than you are for you! We can’t force a person into happiness, wealth, dignity, pride, equality, compassion, empathy or intelligence! They must walk into it either holding your hand or by themselves. What I have learned is when you force someone into something (i.e poverty, discrimination, injustice, education, love, slavery, life, etc), they rebel against it. They excuse they way out of it just to get from under your control.

People at least, myself, hate restrictions. I cannot stand for someone to put a restriction on me. I do not like to be restrained from doing what I believe will benefit me and mine! So I get it but to disconnect from reality to the point of no return is something unfathomable!

You have to be accountable for your life and actions, just like you want those who harms, or take from you to be accountable. Life is a four way street and you have to know how to cross the street not to get hit, drive the roads not to hit anyone, and look in all directions so you can see what’s coming.

Preparation makes for counteractions.

Kenya Spann

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove


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