The Family Bond! Chapter 5…Segment 3.

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

Child Support a black man’s nightmare.  What the fuck is that?  It is the devil and women know it but seriously guys, why do you have to be forced to do what you know you are supposed to do.  No one should be force as a man to take care of his own child/ren.  More importantly mothers should not use child support as a tool to hurt fathers.  Also, name calling doesn’t make it all better either.  Yes, I know she is a bitch and he is a dog, but neither one of you are either.  It is all hurt and frustration from the past, break up and lies from not getting to know one another.  In all fairness ladies, he wasn’t all that when he was giving you his love muscle.  He wasn’t a bad person when he was taking care of you.  Now for you so called men if you don’t want to be on child support then be the same man you were when you were laying pipe and take care of your responsibilities.  You shouldn’t have wanted to hit it and quit it, raw!  You should have used protection to protect your wallet, freedom, and most of all your dick.  Hello, you nor she had any idea what the other had if anything, but hopefully, nothing.    If your motive was to just get the pussy then you should have been the responsible one and protected your life from the drama you are going through now.  If you wanted the woman and the child/ren then do you part and keep that family happy, but if all you wanted was to keep it moving, now you must move that child or those children along with you. 

When you were bumping and grinding you wasn’t being responsible not wearing a jimmy hat.  I know it takes two but that’s more reason why it will take two to raise those children or child.  Don’t punk out now that there is a new life on the way to take care of or already here.  Punk asses!  You are just the bitch who decided not to step the fuck up and be a man and raise your child/ren.  When you don’t it’s like saying kill my bloodline or saying I’m not shit! 

Stop with “society’s” bull shit to force you to pay child support for a life you created.   “Society” say pay and you pay but that’s not supposed to be the reason.  “Society” say don’t pay then they will lock you up and take away a lot of your worldly possessions.  Take note stupid people there was no child support before black were freed.  It is because no one cared if “society” men didn’t care for their children or family.  Now that black is free, they decided we should be forced to pay to do exactly what we should do. 

Please, look at the jail systems all over the United States which is full of predominantly black people and mostly for ridiculous and senseless crimes or misdemeanors.  The prison systems are just as worse.  The federal prison systems are a joke.  They set you all up from the word go and then put you where they think you belong.  Even after all the kicking and screaming you did for help before the system failed you.  No matter how much you beg for help the system finds some way to ignore you until you have fallen prey to their power and they can finance off your down fall.   Which better way to do that then to imprison you and hope that you don’t get rehabilitated so they can have another swing at you, another go-round.  You are a commodity to them and everyone knows you make money off commodities.   Then they offer oh I mean, place you on probation, meaning you still are locked up but without the bars.  They mean they are just waiting for you to do something else so they can give more time on the time that you have left from a sentence you didn’t complete.  In other words, they still control your every movement.  They are still the “slave masters” they have always been just in another form.  Yes, I know that most of your P.O.’s is “black” but the system controls them as well.  See you can be doing good but if they think you are doing wrong, they run down that person’s back to find out what your every move was for the last week or 24 hours.  Why?  Well they don’t trust you nor the probational officer they hired.  They believe that all “black” people are in cahoots together.  So, believe you, me, they are watching them just as close as they are watching you.  What do you think all the cameras in the City is for, to watch you?

This system is designed to keep the black people imprisoned and unaccomplished.  Employers will not hire most people who have been imprisoned even if it was for a misdemeanor.  Let’s explore how “society” even foreigners try their best to bully black but call the police when we fight or strike back the law is always needed.  When we have the strength to stand up for ourselves but never called when we are being stepped on.  Usually, that’s when the “police” are the ones doing the stepping.  Don’t be afraid now that you have started something you cannot handle nor finish.  Stop starting wars you don’t want and making enemies of people you live amongst!  Damn what does it take to keep you off our damn backs! 

Especially, if you’re not sure you can win the war, or handle the consequences.  Most black people know when the battle isn’t theirs. 

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove


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